Krissie: What I’m Going to Avoid

I’m not talking about it. There are plenty of places to talk about it, and if we feel the need to talk about it we can. I didn’t even know about it until Mini-me called me, and Alex was here so I didn’t immediately turn on the tv to find out the details. I turned the tv on for a few minutes, saw Obama cry, and then turned it off.
But all that grief and pain can go in a little part of my heart, where I’ll grieve for them. But I also need to bless what I have, treasure it.
I guess I talked about it after all.
Change of subject. That’s me with my hair unbrushed, which I like better. This is me with my hair brushed: Sally likes it better that way. I used some great product in Ohio that made it look great, but we had already left and I had no idea what it was. Need to find some kind of curly hair product (me who had straight hair all my life).

So Alex came over and we made our gingerbread house (photos tomorrow), crescent rolls (he loves them), I basted one quilt and I’ll baste the other today.

Today I finish clearing the downstairs because Sally and Tony are coming over to eat Salmon from Costco and watch A Christmas Story. Gonna bake, and clean, and then try not to be too tired.

OK, no basting today. That’s too much. I can do that in a couple of days.
Today I do need to cook and clean. So that’s my scaled-down plan for the day.


22 thoughts on “Krissie: What I’m Going to Avoid

  1. Redwood Kim says:

    Scaled down plans are the best plans of all. My kindergartener slept next to me all night long. Today’s plan – a little bit of shopping, and some gingerbread houses.

  2. Office Wench Cherry says:

    There’s no point it talking about it because every sane person with a heart and a mind feels pretty much the same way. We might as well talk about cleaning and Christmas and quilts. By the way, you look lovely both ways.

    We’ve started cleaning for when the in-laws come and I’m glad that TB has decided that if things are perfect and someone comments they can stuff it. We will clean and tidy and make sure the place is clean but if the door trim isn’t up and the paint is a little chipped oh well. And that’s a huge leap forward for him.

  3. AuntieJB says:

    I, too, am having my good friends over dinner tonight and am constantly amending my list of “must dos”. It’s more important to have enough energy to enjoy the time with my friends than to have a perfect home.

    Enjoy your evening with friends and Christmas, the season of light.

  4. Lynda says:

    Salmon from Costco is Good. That’s one of the top things on my list for when I start reintroducing real food into my diet in a couple of weeks.

    I did some shopping yesterday at Target and even more on Amazon, then I had Preston, Cameron, and Jonathan over last night while their folks went to a Christmas party at work. So my plan for the weekend is to work on the present-y stuff that needs to be done at home. As usual I’m way behind, but I think I’ll get through.

    God bless us every one.

  5. Liz H. says:

    I have the same hair- curly before brushed and then sort of whoosh. I’m also lazy and don’t own a blow drier. My stylist (i.e. the person who rolls her eyes when I say “eh whatever” when she asks what she should do), turned me on to organic Argan Oil.
    Use a super tiny amount (half a dime sized?), rub it on your hands, and then run your hands through your wet hair. You can blow dry (no other product necessary), or follow me down the lazy road and let it dry.
    Keeps the curly, but adds smooth so it’s not frizzy and doesn’t feel like it needs to be brushed. Also stays really light (as long as you don’t use too much), with no greasy/product-y feeling, and no smell.
    Who knew lazy could look so good 😉

  6. I like your hair both ways, but there’s something that seems to suit you with it unbrushed. I like the look in your eyes in that one. 🙂 You look fab. And I’m so glad you had Alex with you and did all kinds of wonderful things with him.

  7. I too like the unbrushed look. I say go with whatever makes you happy. And I cannot talk about it. Or think about it. Can’t even turn on the TV. I did put my tree up today. Was going to skip it but then Christmas didn’t feel the same so it’s up and so far, no critter has destroyed it. I think we can handle this for two weeks.

  8. I won’t talk about it because I go into rants and this is no time or place for the rage.

    I like your hair both ways, too, and salmon sounds delicious. I cleaned a little. Found out that I don’t need to buy quite as many gifts as I thought – praise be to sweet little baby cheeses. Ran errands, delivered three bags to the local thrift store. Apparently they were thrilled to get my books and asked if I had more current paperbacks. I laughed until I cried. Next year will be one of purging and taking to the local thrift store and the assisted living hospital.

    I am feeling better about the holidays again until I think about that which shall not be discussed. Sigh. I know! I am going to go design my t-shirts.

    • Alis says:

      OMG, now I have to go and buy BabyBel cheeses and make stockings for my friends that have tags that say “Praise be to sweet little baby cheeses.”

      Thank you! You’ve made homeschool mom gift giving MUCH easier for me this year. 🙂

  9. Eileen A-W says:

    My chore for today was baking, Cookies, bark, haystacks, fudge & bars. But I need to not eat them. Sure, she says. 🙂 That which is to remain unsaid it really too horrific to talk about. Being a teacher I know the drill, but do not understand the thinking. It’s raining her, reducing the already fallen snow as we await the new snow that is to come tonight.

  10. Last night I posted an entry on my blog all about quilts and then I wondered afterwards if I came across as insensitive. Of course, I thought about it all day. I cried. I mourned. I watched Obama and cried again. And then by late evening, I needed to reconnect to my own small world again. As Office Wench Cherry said, we all feel the same pain. So, yeah, quilts and Christmas and cooking. And, by the by, you look fabulous in both pictures.

  11. Kieran says:

    I have to say something because I’ve been bursting with this all day…the fact that this boy had Asperger’s Syndrome is NOT why he killed people. I hope people will not suddenly fear those diagnosed with this disorder. Lanza’s mother stockpiled guns and belonged to a Doomsday Prepper group…he had all sorts of issues that needed addressing in his life. In addition to being totally devastated for those families, this whole situation breaks my heart for MY child and anyone else with Asperger’s. The stigma of being different is bad enough already.

    • Micki says:

      Kieran, I’m so sorry that that kind of aspersion is in the air . . . . I hope you’ll feel better that only fools and people who can’t remember the last disaster will think that way. People are trying so hard to figure out why, why, why. I think most of them will draw different conclusions.

      As for me, I’ve shut down all thinking. It makes me so angry and there’s really nothing I can do about it from here.

    • As soon as that was put out Kieran, my thought was “bullshite”. Ergh! That poor boy had many, many issues and the “anonymous” police source was an idiot for saying anything. We won’t even go into the stupidity of any news source using 1 anonymous source to make such a claim. Ergh! Nope, make that a triple ergh!

    • Amie says:

      Really late to the discussion – That was my first thought as well. I don’t have anyone in my life who is on the autism scale, but I have known people and my aunt works for a non-profit rehab center for children and I have met many of the kids there. I’m afraid people will jump to conclusions about anyone with Asperger’s, but that is absolutely ridiculous. It’s like thinking all 20 year old white kids will be horrible. Good luck with your son, and, be sure to known that here is at least 1 person who will speak up if I hear anyone making generalizations!!

  12. Micki says:

    And now I’ve gotten that out of my system, I need to make a gingerbread house this week, too. I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! I need to wrap and mail my gifts (-:. Thank goodness, EMS is cheaper than regular airmail . . . .

  13. Hugs! I was driving up north and for half an hour on Friday listened to the news. Then I turned it off and deliberately didn’t think about it, just spent the weekend with my big brother and his lady and breathed in the rural atmosphere of Tehachapi (so different from Los Angeles). I refilled my personal well. Got home and sadness has been a constant presence. Now I see it’s time to say my prayers for them all and let the sadness go, too. It doesn’t help anyone.

  14. Amie says:

    I’m really late responding. Crocheted like crazy over the weekend to get thru Xmas presents. Krissie, I’ve had wavy / curly hair since puberty and if I don’t plan on applying heat to tame it(i.e. add curls on the end or straighten it) I do not brush my hair out. I end up looking like a frizzy fuzz ball. And, I say wavy / curly, because my hair spirals underneath and waves on top, so its completely un-uniform and can look horrible whenever it decides to. Hence, the need for heat on many of days 🙂

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