Krissie: Wednesday, Bloody Wednesday

Well, I’m trying to upload a photo and it’s not working, so screw it. Got up and worked on taxes for three hours and am now in a foul mood, so I’ll think about something pleasant. Like the hero of the utterly ridiculous Sleepy Hollow. Doesn’t he ever change his clothes? Doesn’t matter — when he stands in a graveyard with the wind blowing through his hair (which has to be a wig since it was short at ComicCon) I’d follow him anywhere. Perfect avatar for my current hero. The show is ridiculous but pretty funny if you can wade through it. And, oh, my, the hero.
The avatar for my heroine, and always has been, is the character Maxie on General Hospital. I don’t know why, but when I pictured Sophie, pretty, selfish, wounded Maxie was the one I envisioned. You know, Jenny usually knows who her avatars are, and she makes the most astonishing collages. For me, I sometimes start with someone, sometimes not. And of course, they soon become their own characters.
So, tv.
I’m loving The Blacklist, of course, not won over by S.H.I.E.L.D. yet, and thrilled by my old friends, like Person of Interest and NCIS (damn you, Ziva!) and the Mentalist. Too much good stuff nowadays, and I’ve got taxes to get done. Aaargh!

I’m wondering if Barbara and Toni are locked out of Refab. With the constant troubles they may have gotten lost in the shuffle, but we’ll see what we can do to get them back. Crusie’s overwhelmed, and I moan too much. Trying not to, but life certainly can be a challenge. We need Barbara’s good advice on moving our butts, and Toni’s rehab inspiration.

I keep looking for the Meaning of Life. I don’t know if life has any meaning — I wrote a series of books where God gave freewill and then took a powder, leaving someone bad in charge. I think that tends to be my general belief — so many wretched things happen that a loving god would interfere. Therefore he’s sunning himself on some beach on the Caribbean with no cell service while an evil archangel is in charge, dispensing plagues and war.

NOT that we should talk about theology or politics or we’ll all start fighting. (Krissie immediately zips her lips about congress but you know what I think).

I wish everything didn’t feel so out of control. I think I need to get someone in to help me on the house — someone who can stand for a long time and carry things, etc. No one can do the taxes but me, no one can write the books but me, but damn it, I can get help with the other stuff, can’t I?

OK, that’s my goal. To call the woman who was going to help me work on this place and see what I can do about it. That, and maybe drag my husband out to work on the storage areas.

But first, I gotta write. Because if I write, the rest of the world is manageable.

But man, do I hate taxes.

36 thoughts on “Krissie: Wednesday, Bloody Wednesday

  1. Sharon S. says:

    Well, I agree with you about Mr. Crane on Sleep Hollow and its funny, but I said the same thing to my cousin while we were watching…”Don’t you think someone would have given him some clean clothes by now?” But as you say, who cares. He is dreamy…but for me, dreamier yet is Captain Hook on Once Upon a Time. OMG…move over Remington Steele and LeRoy Jethro Gibbs…I’ll take the Hook. Hmmm, that sounds bad, but you know what I mean. Sorry about the taxes, Krissy. Do your writing. I’m reading To Love a Dark Lord right now on my Kindle/Droid. Finished Moonrise last week. LOVED it. I must say, I love your writing. At first I was afraid I would be too afraid with the darkness…but I’m finding I love your books. Thank you.

  2. Hmm. I remind myself to be thankful when I pay my taxes. Thankful that I live in a country where we can peacefully change our government every couple of years. Thankful for things like the CDC, interstate highways, Head Start, etc…. Taxes are the price that I pay to ensure the rule of law. I am okay with it and I think government is a good thing, but I am weird that way.

    You should totally hire someone else to get the house done. Especially, if they help you weed through it all and get rid of stuff.

    As for the meaning of life, I tend toward “I am a spiritual being having a physical experience.” I get to decide what I label things. I think that we humans tend to label things negatively when in fact it isn’t negative at all. An example of this is when animals attack humans. The newscasters always call the attacks vicious. It’s ludicrous. Animals aren’t vicious. They are animals doing what animals do. Yet, it is labeled vicious and suddenly it’s okay to run around hunting a “vicious” mountain lion.

    Yes, you’ve experienced loss and a great deal of it. You look upon the loss. You could choose instead to look at how blessed you were to have those people in your life. You get to decide what you look at. Each of us gets to make that choice and we can make it every single day. You can choose differently every moment of every day.

    “It’s a good thing.”

    (Not really a big Martha Stewart fan, but I do love that saying.)

  3. julianna says:

    You do know there are people who do taxes for a living, right? Even if you’re too close to the deadline to hire someone this year, maybe you can plan on hiring someone for next year. And definitely hire someone to help you out with the house!

  4. So funny! Since I hit college I haven’t really watched much television, but in the past two years or so my husband has gotten me to watch a few things, and this season–for the first time ever–we’re actually watching several shows together: The Blacklist (love it, even with James Spader chewing the scenery constantly), Sleepy Hollow (we had the same discussion about his clothes), we’re marathon watching Person of Interest because we had to wait for season 2 to be available on Netflix (we’re DVRing the new episodes so we don’t have to wait–AGAIN), and DH and Son are mad about S.H.I.E.L.D. We did the NCIS thing for a while but lost interest, although it gets left on, even now, if I’m ironing or something and just want a distraction.

    Good to know that if a bunch of us get together we won’t fight over what to watch. 😀

  5. Therese says:

    Ugh. Sounds like your taxes are in the same state as my husband’s expense reports! My eye starts to twitch if I think about how far behind he is and how much $$$ his employer owes us. His schedule has ZERO room in it for doing paperwork and he travels extensively over 4 western states. I’m thinking I’m going to hire someone to do all that for him — totally worth it!!!

    And I’ve been TV-free for over 30 years, but I’ve gotten caught up in Scandal (great strong women characters!) & am watching the previous seasons via netflix so I’ll be ready for tomorrow’s season opener. Although I don’t know where I’ll watch that — doe netflix even carry current season episodes? I haven’t seen any for Sherlock, for instance.

  6. Debby says:

    I was actually going to suggest the same thing. I have used an accountant for over 30 years now. I still have to get all the information together for him – easy with the businesses, as we use an accounting program in the office that does a lot of the sorting for us. But my personal taxes are always a long voyage into crazy getting things together for him. My accountant is a good one though, and it is his job to know all the laws and the credits I’m entitled to much better than I do.

  7. I was pleasantly surprised by Sleepy Hollow. Mostly, I like the little throw-away bits where Crane is shocked by stuff in modern society that we take for granted, like sales taxes. The plots themselves are pretty ridiculous, but I do like the interaction between the two leads.

  8. Lynda says:

    I watched the first episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW and realized it wasn’t for me, but, yes, the hero is extremely yummy. In general I’ve enjoyed the things I’ve watched so far in the new season–although the CASTLE people had better get Beckett back to New York quick, because this Washington plot Just Isn’t Working–but one thing I’d like to recommend is THE HOLLOW CROWN on PBS, the four Shakespeare plays about the War of the Roses. Even if you don’t care for Shakespeare, the casting is incredible–Patrick Stewart, Jeremy Irons, Tom Hiddleston, many others–and I’m really really enjoying it.

  9. Netflix doesn’t cover current seasons. But it now has Sherlock (first two seasons). Some shows are just one season old, some don’t come on until they are several seasons old (MythBusters drives me insane because I’ve just about memorized the available seasons and they only just came out with the 2011 season shows).

  10. I haven’t started watching any of the new season’s shows except Castle, and I watch current season shows on Hulu. I do want to watch S.H.I.E.L.D. I have only just heard about Blacklist. I want to try several shows (usually am only interested in Castle and Project Runway) this year. So we’ll see.

    Krissie, I don’t know if you can afford an accountant, but they certainly are helpful if you can. My accountant is far from cheap, but I can’t even balance my checkbook and I often transpose numbers, so she’s much cheaper than the alternative. Plus, she knows all kinds of deductions and stuff.

    And I enthusiastically support the action of getting some help with putting your house in order. When I hired a professional organizer back in Houston, she not only helped me physically, but she helped me develop some new routines for dealing with my stuff. Plus, when my house was all organized and tidy, I didn’t want to mess it up. I had a couple of messy areas, but they were very small compared to the whole. It used to be that every once in a while, I would have my BFF over to help me set things to rights. He can be very focused and organized (when it’s not his own stuff, of course) and is great at picking things up and moving them. 🙂

  11. Jen Wyatt says:

    I noticed the hotness of Ichabod right away. I especially enjoyed the bit where the woman asked him if his nickname was Icky.
    Gru from Despicable Me has a slight tinge of an Anne Stuart anti-hero to me. I love him and I love his transformation. I think I adore those movies more than my kids do.
    Jim Caviezel has won me over with Person of Interest and the guy from Justified is such a fantastic bad-ass. Brilliant, brilliant show.
    But yet the main characters on Bones leave me cold!

  12. Kathleen G. S. says:

    It might be useful to unpack this notion of why you hate taxes so much. I assume you are not a libertarian/anarchist who does not think that the government should provide the kind of services that Maria mentioned above. People with those political beliefs are going to hate taxes.

    So how much of it is that you don’t like what the government does with our money? Or are you stressed because this is one more huge bill when your family has lots of other claims on its resources?

    Or is it that you don’t like everything involved in submitting the tax forms? (And even if you use an accountant, it is still tons of work.) Do you resent having to account for your financial life to an authority figure (even if that authority figure is a piece of paper)? Do the numbers on the page seem to be a grade card — that you didn’t make enough money? Or are you judging yourself for your imperfect accounting systems? (f you even have an accounting system, you are ahead of me.) Do you wish this were more of a joint burden?

    I am suggesting these questions because your intense loathing seems to be a pulsing undifferentiated mass. I have found, any number of times, that defining and therefore narrowing my revulsion of something makes it easier for me to hold my nose and just do it.

  13. Susanne says:

    I get all sweaty and my stomach twists when I think of taxes, so I’m with you, Krissie, on this front.

    I had a wee issue with filing regularly, and when I married, my husband (who was appalled that I hadn’t filed every year) basically said it’s not okay to miss the deadline for filing. We took the accountant route, but I still have to pull everything together and every year, it’s a last minute thing. What I need to do is do is a quarterly update so it’s not all crazy for me at the last minute. Yeah, that’s what I need to do.

    And don’t get me started on filing out forms. All those boxes!!! My stomach lurched just typing this.

    Hopefully you’ll feel better when the taxes are done, Krissie.

  14. Kieran says:

    Krissie, taxes suck. I was in trouble with the IRS at age 21. Something about my exempt status was incorrect. I had to write a big long letter to them to avoid getting in trouble. I got into trouble with the State Dept. the same year for traveling across the ocean without a passport and not paying a fine for doing so. I left my passport in Scotland bc I’m severely ADD *and* I was madly in love–a very bad combo. I was a military dependent, so after I cried at Heathrow, they let me fly to NYC with my military ID in hand (you can imagine how long ago THAT was). I was a slouch and never paid the $75 fine because I was a poor, starving college kid. Then several years later, I joined the CIA and got in trouble there, too, dropping my ID in a bad location that was occupied with non-CIA personnel. Big federal agencies and I don’t do well together, although I loved the CIA.

    I really like Kathy’s suggestion (hello, Kathy!!) that you pinpoint exactly what you hate about taxes. In the South, people go bowling or shoot beer cans off a fence (with a BB gun, of course–nothing more lethal) when they frustrated with the IRS. Not really, but that’s what *I’d* do! (Dear God, I hope the NSA’s not listening! That would be my fourth federal agency!!!)

    Right now, I’m letting my husband handle all the money, so I can stay pleasantly in denial. I’m sure that’s bad for me, which is why I keep re-reading Geneen Roth’s book about losing all her money to Bernie Madoff and having to face her money fears.

    Krissie, please get that housekeeping help. I suspect that one reason you’re having trouble is that the house is too cluttered.

    Jenny, (insert evil laugh here) Oct. 2nd was National Kale Day! These recipes look pretty palatable.

  15. Kate, I wanted to join the CIA too! Or the FBI. Especially after reading the Mrs. Pollifax books, lol! But then I realized that I have issues with authority and they’d probably figure that out sooner rather than later, so ….

  16. Kelly S says:

    I also like Castle. I like that the resolution to the cliff hanger was “and” but I also agree get her back to NY. The DC job is too serious.

  17. Kelly S says:

    I dislike doing taxes as in filling out the forms, gathering the data, etc. it is time consuming & not entertaining. It is boring, drudgery type work. I generally shorten my phrasing to “I hate taxes” too instead of “I hate filling out forms to be able to submit my tax paperwork”.

  18. I’m echoing everyone else saying that getting help with the house is a great idea. The house is my haven. Over the years we have de-cluttered more and more. I find the less visual noise around me, the more content I feel. I also think that you should pick one room you can call your retreat — like your office, perhaps — and get the clutter out. Toss stuff in boxes and take it elsewhere. No sorting, just getting it out of that space. Even if you clutter more elsewhere to do it. Then at least you have one clean calm place to retreat to. You can marshall your forces from there and go tackle the rest of it bit by bit, but you always have your corner of zen.

    Still, I have to say, I speak as someone who really, really hates clutter. I have a friend who really likes stuff. She is happy when her space is crammed to the gills with it. It makes her happy and to each her own, but I notice I feel jittery by the time I leave her house. So my saying “get a cleared space now” is coming from my own sense of how much it would undermine me if I had nowhere clutter free in my own house. So, yeah, that’s just me.

  19. H says:

    I agree about getting help – plus it’s nice to get someone who’s not attached to the stuff they’re sorting. It goes faster.

    I’m disappointed in S.H.I.E.L.D. too so far, and it makes me sad – I actually don’t watch a lot of grown-up TV, and I had high hopes.

    Our tax lady (an independent CPA) is one of our favorite resources. We keep a tax-stuff file going during the year, and in January my hubby pulls it all together and we go see her. It’s probably saved our marriage! And it’s a good balance for us – I do daily bills and stuff like that, he manages the big picture things like annual taxes.

    I’m not sure about the meaning of life. I’m not sure life needs any meaning in particular, other than to be good to each other. It’s certainly going to take me a lot more time to really learn that lesson… 🙂

  20. Micki says:

    I really like having stuff around me. It makes me feel safe and . . . wealthy? LOL, that’s so strange, considering most of it’s books and assorted cheap stuff.

    It also makes tax time an exercise in angst. I know the general area where my wage statements are kept, but . . . . Ugh. And even when I get my statements, my forms, and my other forms all together, then it’s time for the hunt for the envelope, and the stamp, and the glue because Japanese envelopes don’t have glue . . . .

    In the past, I had some success by throwing a “tax party” — five or six of us got together, filled out the forms, and then had lunch. But, the one guy who is our shining role model prefers to do it by himself, and the rest of us can find ANY excuse to delay doing our taxes. None of us make enough to be taxed, so it’s easy to be stupid and not do them.

    I’ve got to get mine done. Just got to bite the bullet and do it.

  21. Oh, I have someone who does my taxes. But I have to enter the checks and credit card expenses into a program so he can see what deductions I have. Someone has to do that nitty-gritty grunt work and that’s me.

  22. Oh, I’m a sort of liberal anarchist democrat. I believe in throwing money at problems and don’t object to high taxes if they’re spent on health and education, etc.
    No, my problem is the doing of the taxes and never having the money to pay them because I’m self-employed and the money never stretches far enough even if I’m good and put 1/3 in a tax account. And the waste of accountancy time when I’d rather be writing. And how incompetent the IRS was when we were trying to work out our old debt (paid off now). I don’t despise taxes per se — they go for many good things despite the crappy stuff. It’s the bureaucraxy etc.

  23. Apparently the “like” buttons were one of the things that were screwing up the website. Don’t know why — as Root would say, “Bad code.”
    (Person of Interest)

  24. The problem for us is that Richie has ADD, has heart problems so can’t take the meds, and he’s in charge of paying bills and keeping the records (all over the place). It’s such a massive effort that it leaves me overwhelmed, but the stuff that he does already takes him too much time and effort and stress and I really can’t put one more thing on my plate.

  25. Sharon S. says:

    I’m with you, Lynda on Castle getting back to NY. This DC-thing sucks. But the previews for next week looks like they are back in NY and “Cuddy” is with them. Love Patrick Stewart. Love James Spader too and I forgot to record his show. Darn! I can’t stay up late because I have a long drive to work, but I record nearly everything.

  26. Lynda says:

    Ditto on the exercise. In the past few days I’ve only just begun doing medically-prescribed physical therapy–the goal being a non-surgical solution for my wonky knees–and even though it’s really not that much work at this point, I’m amazed at how quickly I can feel a difference. Maybe it’s just psychological, but it’s a definite improvement.

  27. Hannah says:

    About clutter – today i was wishing I had someone who would just come and deal with this! I have so much stuff that could go on ebay but I feel like I need a big chunk of time to deal with it. Taking photos – my new computer can with a photo program I’m not used to. I wish they’d stop “improving” things. Anyway, I’ve gotten rid of a lot of stuff, but it doesn’t seem to make a dent in how things look.

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