Krissie: Ugh

Not that I’m seriously complaining. Who could, with such a glorious new granddaughter? I still can’t quite get over it.
Nevertheless, real life is intruding and I’m here to bitch. This comes perilously close to That Which Shall Not be Named, but it’s still okay.

Here are Jenny and Lani and my fast and loose rules about Refab. It’s not for us pushing our own books. It’s not for promo for other people. It’s most definitely not for complaining about sales and the publishing business and all that sort of misery. But it can get kind of gray. We want to celebrate when we’ve accomplished something, but it gets a little tricky when so many of us are putting out books. So we try to stick with cool stuff, like Kindle Daily Deals and the like, or audio versions, or stuff that looks like fun. If it’s occasionally unfair blame me. I’m just trying to keep us away from commercialism.

We can talk about managing to get words down, the problems with writers block and writing, though Jenny has for discussing writing and publishing. I have drama queen at which I seldom use but will use more often for the next month, and maybe I’ll get in the habit, but in the meantime if I need to bitch about not getting my words down or crow about writing a shit-load it’s gonna be here. And I’m happy to hear the rest of you talk about how many words you did or didn’t write if that’s what you’re doing.

Today I’m gonna bitch about promo, and it comes close to That Which Shall Not Be Named. But you know, I gotta crab to someone and you guys are it.

I’m celebrating my 40 years as a writer. Well, as a published writer of romance novels. My first book came out in April of 1974 when I was in utero (ha!) and I’ve been writing ever since. So Jenny and I were brainstorming on how to celebrate it and she came up with 40 days for 40 years, which made sense. Of course it’s taken me forever to get it together and time was running out so I’m starting it on the 21st (tomorrow) of March and going all the way through April. Not here, though, guys. On Facebook, and twitter and my website.

But all this stuff is a phenomenal amount of work. I came up with the list of prizes and freebies etc. a few days ago, and it took me about an hour (for only 9 days worth — I thought March had 30 days). Then I had to send the list off to my agent who handles some of the books, then make some changes. Today I had to write up tweets and FB entries for the first 10 days (hence discovering there are 31 days in March). Now I have to go and write blog entries for those ten days. Then I’ll have to go and scan photos and contracts and letters and book covers and the like. And get the prizes that aren’t Amazon deals together and ready to go (Richie will do the labeling and sending them out, thank god). Man, this is so much freaking work! I want to write books, she whines.

But how many writers are still going strong 40 years later? And still writing really good stuff? It’s worth celebrating, and no one else could write my blog entries, which are going to talk about my history and the business and stuff. Maybe I just need to accept the fact that I’m spending the rest of March and April doing this, and it’s worthy work. Except I never feel okay unless I’m writing. And that kind of writing doesn’t count.

So many people I know can afford assistants. Not me. Which ties into the very basis of all my mental health issues going back to my childhood. Which I’ll be happy to talk about but it’s too detailed to go into now. Bottom line is that it’s all up to me, and this stuff really is (it’s all the other stuff that isn’t, but I feel like it is).

But I digress. Coming here is fun and feeds my soul. Writing the other blog is usually a duty. But I’m hacking away at it, bit by bit, and maybe I’ll learn how to love it. Maybe.

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing today, instead of writing something new or finishing up my great-nephew’s quilt. Grumble grumble. But Alison is coming home today — my son has gone to pick up his partner and their new baby at the hospital and is bringing them him. Such magic words! So that’s enough complaining for today.

Babies are calling.

18 thoughts on “Krissie: Ugh

  1. Ah. I vote that writing, all writing, including scathing letters about large corporations’ lack of understanding about what creates good customer service and their failure to trust their employees, counts.

    Your 40 Days for 40 Years totally counts because those are the blogs that may get you new readers, or returning readers. It’s too bad you’re not making it to RWA because I’d say a 40th Anniversary party would be FUN!

    This is what you’re celebrating, a 40th Anniversary.

    Hip hip hooray! You’ve made it to today.
    Let it all go; float with the flow.
    Enjoy your gift; it’s such a lift.
    Mark the time; that ends this rhyme.

    (My rendition of a cheesy Hall ‘maria’ mark card)

  2. Kelly S says:

    Happy Anniversary!! 40 years is quite the accomplishment!

    I get what you’re saying about how writing for one thing is a chore and writing for something else is fine and possibly fun. I find I don’t get to the chore until I absolutely have to and then I kick my past self for not having already taken care of it. Good Luck!

  3. Debby says:

    Congratulations! Happy Anniversary! That is amazing.

    “But how many writers are still going strong 40 years later? And still writing really good stuff?”

    Just that. 🙂

  4. Bernie says:

    Congratulations on your 40 years as being a published author. You Rock! …and because you do blog (I got hooked on ReFab thru Argh & Bettyverse) I now have a great new writer to enjoy with lots and lots of stories for me to catch up on!

    And you know surviving these next 40 days sounds biblical and epic.

  5. Terrie says:

    What a great achievement forty years is — Congratulation! And, hey, while I’m at it — thank you!

  6. Forty years is freakin’ awesome! Congratulations! I say forget about writing new words, celebrate every aspect of you for forty days, and I’ll bet something new and glorious will come out of that. Maybe a different book than you’d expect. Or new readers snatching up books from your back list.

    I do understand your frustration though. Promo can seem like such a time sink. Just reframe the negative messages about social media and and put “celebrating my awesomeness” in front of everything and have fun.

  7. I bet if you had to do 40 Facebook posts on Alison, they’d be done in five minutes. Because, hey, JOY.

    Congratulations on forty years, babe. You really are a goddess.

  8. Carol says:

    Wow, forty years calls for a big celebration. Well done, Krissie. Here’s to backlist sales and wonderful new books to come.

  9. Susanne says:

    Forty years of experience. Wow. Just wow.

    Congratulations and thanks for bringing such joy to your readers.

  10. JenniferNennifer says:

    And even if you are not finding that other blog writing as fun, you are still bringing joy to others (said Pollyanna)

  11. This is a serious week of hits of happy for you–a new grandbaby and the marking of a writing anniversary. Congrats! Think 40 days of celebrating is a fab idea. Wishing you lots of fun with it.

  12. Bad Poet says:

    There *still* is a goddess named Anne
    Whom no one is feistier than.
    Forty years she has twirled
    Through the Unnamable World
    Writing books, stealing hearts from her fans!

    She’ll never go gently; don’t ask.
    In splendor she’s destined to bask.
    When it comes to persistence,
    She’ll surely outdistance
    Her peers and pretenders unmask.

    So strong is this novelist’s light
    Her books keep us up through the night,
    If you think she’s a genius
    With pecs, abs, and penis
    Well, love, you’d be certainly right.

    So huzzah for Krissie the Great!
    Good thing she was listening to Fate.
    She was born to tell stories
    For love and for glory
    She rocks hard, so let’s all celebrate!

  13. Micki says:

    Congratulations on your forty years in the business! That’s a big milestone, and we should be popping virtual champagne here on the big day!

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