Krissie: Tuesday, Make it Or Break it

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But first, a commercial. The new book, NEVER KISS A RAKE (as opposed to the gardening book, NEVER KISS A HO’) is officially out. Here’s what it looks like. (Hey, I made it, so it qualifies!) link You don’t have to go buy it, but I think you can go “like” it. Oops, no, they seem to have dropped the option. Well, you can forward the link or something. Or hell, you can go out and plop down money for it because God knows I’m worth it!
Can you tell I’ve got my moxie back? I’m not feeling pitiful and irrelevant any more. This is a damned good book. It won’t cure cancer, unlike one or two of my other books, but it’s sexy and fun and admit it, there are some of you out there who’ve never read a book I’ve written. Come on, admit it. You know who you are.  You’ve read all of Crusie five times over, each one of Lani’s at least twice, and not a single one of mine. It’s time to start. And my godfrey, as the old Vermonters would say, you can get the Kindle and Audible versions for a combined price of $6.99 ($4.99 for the ebook & add-on Xe Sands wonderful narration for only $1.99). BTW, that’s a great way to get cheap audio books — I’ve done it several times with authors I love. Okay, end of commercial.

So I’m here in NJ and happy as a clam or a lark or whatever. Why are clams happy? Because they have a pearl inside? They’re going to be eaten. But I digress. While I’m here I’m going to learn amigurumi (pronounced amigrumi because the Japanese like to smoosh some vowels together, don’t they, Micki?). Jenny’s already making a baby blanket for Alphonso (Richie’s name for the little one, even though we don’t know what sex) and I think I’ll start with a little kimono type thing. Crochet and write and watch movies, with the occasional shopping excursion.
I want to show what you guys are making, so Jenny came up with a great idea. I’ll start a dropbox folder you can upload your photos too, and maybe some thoughts of how or why you did it. I’ll set that up later today and give you a link tomorrow. And don’t worry if you don’t have dropbox already. It’s free, it’s the best program around, and when you sign up I get even more storage space.
But first.
I never go to my post office box, and when I finally went down there I found a fabulous present from our Lynda! Too late for rehearsals, but I shall wear it with pride. I don’t know how she did it — she must have some kind of software and/or machine so she could make the template, but it’s cool as well and I want a dozen t-shirts with sayings of my choice.
But here’s Eulalie’s T-shirt:
Shit. It’s not on this computer — how helpful is that? And if I’d already set up the dropbox folder I could have put it in there. You’ll have to wait till next Tuesday to see Eulalie’s T-shirt and Sister Margareta (who precedes last year’s Sound of Music but I renamed her in honor of my first role).
Not too helpful today, am I? That’s all right. I’m excited about my book, excited to be here in NJ, it’s a beautiful day and I have a nice big piece of crumb-topped coffee cake that I’m going to throw out instead of eat. If I can eat wisely down here I can eat wisely anywhere.
Pray for me, boys, I’m going in!
I’ll set up the dropbox folder and give you guys a link later today. Little Krissie is in a happy mood today (which is nice, because it’s easy to get edge and gloomy when a book debuts)).

33 thoughts on “Krissie: Tuesday, Make it Or Break it

  1. Deb says:

    You sound quite giddy! Have a marvelous time down in NJ.

    And clams are happy cuz it’s high tide. The full phrase is “Happy as a clam at high tide.”


  2. Jen Wyatt says:

    Krissie, I’m so excited about your new book! I hope there’s a “hard” copy coming down the pike because as much as I love my Nook, I want your books in my hands!
    On a slightly related note, have you heard the song by Florence + the Machine from the Gatsby soundtrack? It’s called Over the Love and you must download it NOW. If I was writing a climactic scene in a book, per se, I’d have this playing in the background for sure!!

    Happy days are here again!

  3. Carol-Ann says:

    Done 🙂 Now to get home to let my Kindle do it’s thing. I’ve read your Ice books and the Kristina Douglas books, but I’ve never read any of your historicals (it’s not my first port-of-call in the genre), but this seems a good place to start 🙂

    Glad you’re feeling happy!

  4. I’m back! Had to go to Amazon and order (the link here did not work for me) but anyway, good news, I got the book. : )Now I have to find the time to read. Edits first, read second!
    Glad you’re in NJ. Have a great time.

  5. I did read your prequel to the Rohan books and it was good. I think I read a little bit of one of the Ice books, maybe a “Click to look inside.” And I tried to read another book, the one about the mother with a daughter who remarried, then she meets his brother. I could tell from the beginning that the daughter was going to be in jeopardy because the new hub was probably a pedophile. Can’t read that kind of book. I might try the Ice books again, but they are pretty intense for me. And while I’ve read a few historicals, I’m not that interested in them. Those are really the only reasons I haven’t slurped up your books like I have Crusie’s and Lani’s. The ones of yours I’ve come across are darker and more intense than I tend to read. But I will try again because I adore you and would like to support you more by buying your books too! (Mind you, I can read certain kinds of horror, especially involving giant sharks, and watch monster movies, especially those involving monster sharks, and I loved Pacific Rim, but that kind of intensity doesn’t seem to bother me like human-on-human scary or intensity. Weird, I know.)

    Love that you are at Crusie’s and are happy and having a good time! Yay for sister time!

  6. Congrats on the new release! And we’re publisher mates. How cool is that?? (Not that we’re talking about that aspect of writing that shall not be named.)

    I’m still making the book. Rethinking the last bit and will likely add one more chapter. There be some loose threads I need to tie off.

  7. Jill says:

    Not making anything right now. I did embellish 2 flower pots recently using shells I collected on Bald Head Island when were there for my niece’s wedding. Sent them to my sister. I have lots of quilts in my roundtoit pile.

    Never Kiss a Rake is a wonderful read. It deserved the RT ****HOT review. Interesting gutsy heroine, tall dark hot hero. This the first of a trilogy, right ? Please.

    Good times in NJ !

  8. If you wrote “never kiss a ho”, I’d buy that.

    I like your books, you write in third person, first person often a dealbreaker for me so you get reread more than Lani and less than Crusie. I can quote Crusie.

    Now look what you made me do! Comparing who I like more tut tut. 😀 All in fun tho’.

  9. Debby says:

    I think it should be “Always Kiss A Ho”. 🙂

    As soon as I click “submit” I’m off to Amazon to download your newest. I’m looking forward to reading it – I like your style. 🙂

    Tonight in front of the TV I’m making the last two blocks for my granddaughter’s afghan. Then I’ll figure out how I’m going to put all those hexagon blocks together. Hmmm – not as smooth and easy as square blocks, but I’ll figure it out.

    I don’t do dropbox – but I can learn.

    Enjoy your week – I always look forward to reading your posts (and Jenny’s) when you are together.

  10. Dropbox is easy. Takes a little playing around with, because they don’t give a lot in the way of instructions, which is probably because there isn’t a lot to explain.

    I use it religiously for keeping back-ups of my manuscripts and for moving stuff from my desktop to my tablet, but haven’t used it much for sharing with others.

  11. cathy hineline says:

    your wrong. I’ve read every one of you books. Most of them, numerous times. Keep writing and i will keep buying.

  12. toni says:

    YAY on the new release!

    And I missed a step somewhere… what new little one are y’all making things for?

  13. Micki says:

    (-: You are so happy today! I’m a little tired, but I cheered right up seeing you so bouncy!

    This is a bit of a hassle, but if you go here: you can hear how they really pronounce amigurumi. She first says it at about 31 seconds, then she explains that it’s a stuffed animal (nuigurumi) but you “net” it (amimono) so it’s “amigurumi.” (Second time is about 40 seconds).

    Transcript: ” . . . kuma-chan no amigurumi wo amitai to omoimasu. Nuigurumi nan desu kedo, ma, amimono na no de, “amigurumi” to iu mitai desu.”

    Translation: bear-dear amigurumi want-crochet I think. stuffed-animal but, well, crochet-work so “amigurumi” is called it seems is.

    Purty English: So I’d like to crochet a dear little bear amigurumi. It’s a stuffed animal but, OK, we crochet it so it’s called “amigurumi.”

    LOL, I am SUCH a nerd. But it’s a 10-second clip. The vowel doesn’t quite smoosh there — I think it’s more important to remember that the “r” is “flipped” — kind of like the British “very.” You know, “We are veddy, veddy proper.”

    Sorry for geeking out, but it’s such a very, very fun word to say. It’s like a little roller coaster for your tongue!

  14. Terrie says:

    Congratulations on the new release! And, hey, congrats to me, too — because I get to read a new Anne Stuart! It’s downloaded onto my Kindle and the wine is breathing — looks to be a lovely evening.

  15. mitchiewitch says:

    Skye – where did you find the prequel? Anne Stuart’s website lists it as a web novella but I don’t see it on Amazon

  16. Lois says:

    Because I love Crusie, I found you and Lani and so many other authors here. It is fun to read books by women I “know” 🙂

    Years ago I reupholstered my pull out couch but never covered the cushions. Once I got as far as the muslin undercover, which has since worn out. So this week I plan to get at least as far as another underlayer. I figure the extra kids and dogs are gone so maybe it will stay clean at least long enough for me to finish the real cover. I’m planning to move the sewing machine into the living room to save myself the running up and down the stairs.

  17. I’m not a fan of most historicals so I haven’t followed those titles, but I love the Ice series. I also like that you write more hero-y stories rather than heroine-y stories. I mean… you’ve got nice heroines, don’t get me wrong, but your heroes are definitely my favorite parts.

  18. Office Wench Cherry says:

    Make it Tuesdays – okay, so I made peach jalapeno BBQ sauce (6 cups), plum sauce (10 cups), two batches of jalapeno corn muffins and three batches of buttermilk biscuits. I also put away most of the preserving, cleaned the living room in the basement, did laundry and two loads of dishes and got the kitchen cleaned up. Now my back is sore and I’m exhausted. It was a big Make it Weekend.

  19. ruthie says:

    Au contraire, Krissie. I have been reading (and rereading) your books for more decades than I care to admit. My mom loved your books, and it was she that got me started. The family that reads together and all that. I will be looking for this new one today. So glad I caught your post.

  20. OMG, I love this. I sent the video to my daughter who’s beginning to learn Japanese. She already loves to crochet, so this was useful territory for her.

    Thank you for sharing your geek. 🙂

  21. Andrea S says:

    I think the garden gets to count as something you make. Take a picture and put it in the dropbox!

  22. Glad you are happy to be visiting Jenny in NJ! I rushed off after reading this post to go buy your new book! Now I need to lock my 5 kids in a closet so I can read it! lol (jk) Have fun!

  23. Also, I forgot to tell you that you are totally wrong because I love to read your books and wish you wrote faster. I particularly LOVE the Ice series. They are all brilliant!

  24. I bought it! My copy came yesterday – I was soooo happy to find it when I searched New Releases! I read a few pages but couldn’t let myself get sucked in. It’s going to be my airplane read when I head to Portland, Oregon on Friday.

  25. German Chocolate Betty says:

    Oh, Micki, I loooved your explanation. Probably ’cause I explain stuff that way too. Nerd-sisters…LOL

  26. Katie r says:

    Out of the three of you, your books are the only ones I’ve read and I started when I wasb 14? maybe 15. Thanks for 10 years of great reading!!

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