Krissie: Transition Time

It took me five photos to get one with my eyes open. Jeesh.
3000 words yesterday. Mostly crap, but I’ll whip ’em into shape later. And this morning Jenny and I are about to go off and see Mollie and the kids, so that will be a treat. Richie and son are driving down today (god, how many times did they change plans!) and Jenny gets to meet the son. She’s promised to be nice, because he’s a sweetheart and I love him even if we have issues.
I loved yesterday’s posts. Agree with everyone about Spike. Oh, my God.
How about Dr. Who? Marry Eccleston, fuck David Tennant, kill Matt Smith (sorry, Lani).
I know what Jenny and I will be playing during the drive to Mollie’s.

Anyway, off we go. Things that made me happy this week: yesterday’s posts, the sex scene in Homeland, watching old tv episodes (Eccleston’s Dr. Who, the Remington Steele pilot, the X-files Xmas episode with Ed Asner and Lily Tomlin). All while quilting. (Well, I put the quilting down for the sex on Homeland).
And Mini-me was actually close to Damien Lewis! Be still my heart!

Okay, off we go. I’ll report back.

10 thoughts on “Krissie: Transition Time

  1. Thanks for posting the game. My response was automatic.

    I’m saving good tv for vacation. I think I’m only on season 4 of House. And 3 of Castle. I’m making ’em last. Like I am with Lie to Me. Lord, I love Lie to Me. Maybe I’ll start Homeland… in a few years. I don’t do well with cliffhangers and suspenseful endings that go into next episode. I like things neatly wrapped up.

  2. I’ve read most of the posts I missed out on while away in Australia, but have to admit yesterday’s post was hilarious. Glad you’re doing well and have TG all figured out. I drove back from L.A. yesterday and have to take care of business and then drive back up for TG. Jetlag isn’t too too bad. Did a little wander at about 2am but think, all things considered, it was fairly easy this time.

  3. Yesterday’s game was fun. Interesting to see the different opinions.

    Glad you get to have an outing today. It sounds fun. It sounds like you’ve had a good time with Jenny in general, and now you’ll finish smashing that book out into another bestseller. Seems like you are getting your juice back, too, just like Jenny.

  4. I second inkgrrl, Yay for visiting Molly and the kids. Whoohoo … have a ball with them. 🙂
    Brilliant amount of writing done, got to be happy with that. Sorry no nothing about Eccleston or Homeland. But then I don’t watch much TV.

    Drive safe 🙂

  5. Katie says:

    Have fun on the visit. And yay for Remington Steele 🙂 I fell in love with that show when I was 5. I wanted to be Laura Holt when I was little.

  6. Cindy says:

    I have to answer the Dr. Who question. I’d marry Eccleston, I’d fuck Matt Smith, and I’d kill Tennant. But that’s a really hard choice.

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