Krissie: Tough Times

I’m having trouble concentrating. I know you gotta accept the things you cannot change, etc. but all this drama and uncertainty is making me a little … no, a lot crazy. I want to lose myself in my book but I have all these things dragging at me and now, for some reason Erin isn’t answering my phone calls. Maybe she thinks it’s Tim calling, or maybe she thinks I hate her or maybe she hates me because I …
well, fuck it all. I’m having a hard time trying to shed all this stuff. I can’t even run away because I have such trouble walking and even driving.

So I was going to talk to you guys about acting and the interesting aspects to it and how I think it’s widening my creativity (the only thing I want widened about me) and I was going to talk about weight loss surgery and eating (it’s 1:30 pm and I haven’t eaten yet and I don’t feel like eating. Don’t know what I want to eat).

But I’m just too scattered and anxious and blue and worried and … you know the drill. I could get all involved with a pity-party but I’ll spare both myself and all of you that particular irritation. Bad things are too bad to waste self-pity on. And if it’s not that bad then why bother?

I’ll figure out something to eat, even though I’m not hungry, and I’ll TCB for a while. Maybe that will help.


7 thoughts on “Krissie: Tough Times

  1. Jen Wyatt says:

    I was thinking about your comments from yesterday and realized that the saying “if mama ain’t happy, no one’s happy” can also apply conversely. As mama bears, how can we sleep peacefully and be happy if our children are miserable?
    I’m so sorry about what’s going on with Tim and Erin.

  2. Lynda says:

    Hugs, Krissie. I don’t have much to offer here, except to point out that right now Erin may well be avoiding everybody’s phone calls, not just yours. With her engagement in tatters, she’s probably shell-shocked and trying to hunker down and regroup, and she doesn’t feel like talking to anybody. Just a thought.

  3. Carol says:

    I would add I kind of cringed at “calls”, especially if she’s hunkering down. 1 call, leave a voicemail (in a loving voice to counter-act any possible she-hates-me thoughts on her part) with why you’re calling.

  4. Claudia says:

    Eat. How about tea and a piece of fruit or tea and a hard boiled egg. Don’t make me come and get you. It is a long drive and I don’t fly.

  5. Yes, I leave loving messages in most cases of heartbreak or loss and don’t push it. This whole damned thing is and always has been complicated by the babies. But she did call back – she wasn’t ignoring me – because we have to keep our relationship open. But Scarlett’s going to write her book and think about that tomorrow.

  6. Sharon S. says:

    Gotta love Scarlett. My best friend. I’ve said this before but it repeats saying because I love it…My mother says I live in a Disneyland world, but I tell her that’s okay because they know me there. Go where you are known…right here. Hang in there, Krissie. We’re all right behind you.

  7. pamb says:

    I’m with you, Sharon!

    The bills get paid, the loved ones loved. If I want to frequent Fairy tale Land, it’s my choice.

    I think they’re just jealous. 😉

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