Krissie: To bang or not to bang

I got my hair trimmed on my birthday while my mother had her hair permed. I wanted a cut to make my suddenly curly hair be curly, but to trim my bangs to cover my long, lined forehead. My usual person, Tracy, is out, having given one of her kidneys to her sister, bless her, bless her, bless her. So I had Hannah, who’s also done a good job, do it. And I loved it, but I don’t like the bangs. But I’m open to opinion. Maybe they need to be shorter. Wispier. Dunno. What do you think?
Today is Green Up Day (do you have that in other states?). Everyone gets out and cleans up roadsides, etc. This year we’re concentrating on Hurricane Irene mess. The more I travel around our tiny state the more devastation I see. Amazing. So I’m dragging out all my ancient printers etc. for Richie to take to recycling (free today). Decluttering!!!
I got my butt to swimming yesterday, after writing 1500 words. It’s 40 minutes away (about 26 miles but there’s road construction) and arrived and no one was in the pool. It was smooth and gorgeous looking and I was filled with contentment until I got to the locker and discovered I hadn’t brought my bathing suit. At first i tried to be all Zen about it — if I forgot my bathing suit I wasn’t meant to swim yadda yadda yadda, and I was all set to go home.
And then I said fuck that and went down to the fabulous plus size clothing store they have in that tiny town (Elizabeth’s Large Size Fashions — if you’re ever in northern Vermont and wear size 14 up go to St. Johnsbury!) I was gonna get the cheapest suit I could find, even a size 5x as long as it covered me, but I ended up finding an adorable suit on sale, size 18. And since I’m moving down from 22 to 20 to slightly less then I’d need to buy a smaller one anyway. It’s very cute even if it doesn’t have a skirt to hide my butt.
So I overdid, walking for an hour, but damn, did I get a lot accomplished on my MIP. I came home and hobbled around like I’d been for a 2 miles walk, which maybe it was akin to. But it felt so good.
I’m most definitely in the zone. And tomorrow I get to celebrate my birthday by having everyone over for a cookout, and I’ll eat a piece of cake and I won’t feel guilty. So there. (I’ll also send the rest of the cake home with my son and my mother).
So life is good until the next crisis. With luck I’ll ride this one a little better. I was 231 on the scale. Don’t remember if my lowest was 230.5 or 231.5 (I think it was the latter) but it’s staying down and creeping toward the 220s.
Nothing but good times ahead.

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  1. Kieran says:

    Wow, great on the exercise! You’re inspiring me!!! I’ve been terrible lately. I gave up on Counch to 5K. It hurt my knee. So then I felt sorry for myself and did nothing but eat Ghiardelli’s dark chocolate with sea salt caramel and almonds, or something like that, 4 to 5 a day, and told myself it was healthy, which it is in moderation, but I have to do other stuff, too.

    I think you look younger with the bangs. I see you with an artsy look. I’ve never been big on hair products, but some of them are amazing these days! If you were out at a conference, you’d look good with some mousse in your hair near the top to give it some fullness and lift. Keep the hair short and sassy. Scrunch some mousse in there and let it look tousled and cool around the symmetry of your bangs. No wispiness allowed. Statement hair. And then if I were your stylist, I’d put you in really cool 70’s throwback clothes with one colorful 70’s piece and the rest just understated chic style. No “old lady” cardigans and “these-will-have-to-do” pants for you. And the final touch would be new glass frames. I’d want to see you in bolder frames. REALLY bold!

  2. The bangs are not bad but how about sweeping them to one side? I think you have a natural center part so if you do off center to the right you should get a little lift at the crown and then a longer side bang. It’s worth a shot. : ) Anyway, I had mine cut short again and it took three washes until I stopped looking like a shrub that had just been pruned.

    Congrats! on the exercise and weight loss. I hurt my back and have been out of action for a week. It’s been so hard not to be all self-pitying and over eat. No exercise. Hard to concentrate on writing. The day moves too slowly. At least I have books. : )

  3. Yay for the exercise and the better mood and finding a good swim suit! And happy birthday, one day early.I think the bangs are a little too long and a little too full.

    Robena, I’ve had back issues for over a year, and another unpleasant thingy that makes it hard to exercise. I feel your pain. No, I mean, literally.

  4. Happy Birthday, Krissie! I hope you have a wonderful day and a truly fabulous year. Also, might I add, I am so jealous of the new swimsuit. I need a new one so badly but I can’t bring myself to try one on. Yet. And there’s a beautiful pool right below my balcony that I love to swim in. I’ll just have to suck it up and get shopping.

    I like the bangs on you. I have a truly high forehead, plus I come from sturdy Anglo-Saxon/German stock so I have to be careful with bangs or I look like the little Dutch boy on the paint can. What I’ve found works is to have my bangs cut slightly (very slightly) on an angle instead of straight across so that I can sweep them to one side. Also, I blow dry them just a touch to give a little body to them.

    I read everyone’s impossible things. Since I have no plans for this weekend, other than my daily walk, I’m going to do some of my impossible things today and tomorrow. Here’s a couple:

    Fold the towels that have been sitting in a heap. Somehow they have become a thing that I’m resisiting.

    Clean my balcony and windex the sliding glass doors. Boy, do they need it.

    Put my new little bench together and put it on my newly clean balcony.

    Someone in the comments (I think it was here) that she eats all of her daily servings of fruits and vegetables before having a treat. I want to try that.

    I have impossible things ad infinitum like a good over-achiever but I’m mentally limiting myself to these in order not to feel overwhelmed before I start. If I finish these, I can do some more. But I will put on some music and dance while I do them.

    Laissez les bons temps rouler!

  5. Oh, forgot to say, there is a very powerful full moon tonight. (Depending on where you live in the world.) So it is a great night to go outside and soak up some of that energy and think good positive and healing thoughts. I’m going to walk (with care and after taking an epsom salt bath and slapping on a couple of SalonPas patches) to the bench at the end of the lake and do some meditations. You know, do the old crone’s walk. : )

  6. Clancy says:

    Congratulation on the Suit! Adorable and on sale must be your reward for not giving in to circumstances.

    I once paid twice what I meant to when the first suit I tried on was perfect. That would be rather than the more common try on every suit close to my size and then decide whether or not to settle for the least bad.

    Bangs…I like the first picture best. When I have bangs I try to keep them short of my glasses keeping in mind bang, frame and eyebrow so the lines don’t clash. Maybe a loose sweep instead of straight down?

  7. What Kieran said about the bangs, mousse, and bold new eyeglass frames. I love the whole Statement hair idea, which is why I let my own grow out to shoulder length (with bangs) and am having a blast trying different ways to wear it–braided, swept to one side, clipped up with wispy tendrils hanging down (Husband’s favorite). You’d look fabulous short and sassy, Krissie, and the understated colorful chic is genius! Kieran, do you hire out as a personal stylist? My wardrobe could use some help. 😉

    Working at the lake today–kinda fun to have the neighbors dropping by now and then as I plow through this edit. That never happens at home…

  8. Your hair is adorable. I think the bangs are just a little too long. I don’t know that I’d angle or wisp them, but definitely don’t cut them straight across. Perhaps vary the lengths a little to jazz up the look?

    Definitely a good cut/style on you, Krissie. Very flattering, and with the weight loss in your beautiful face, the whole effect is a double shot of fab!

  9. Kieran says:

    Notice Ellen has some fullness at the crown and it falls sleekly. You can do that by blow-drying your hair upside-down or using a little hair volumizer product and scrunching the hair.

  10. Kieran says:

    I’d love to go shopping with you, Nan! Now remember, I’m a little weird because most of the year I wear the same khaki skort from Target paired with the same couple tennis shirts–it’s been five years now, and the hem on the skort is raggedy-ass and getting better and better–that’s my green statement–I hardly have any everyday clothes!! When it’s colder, I wear the same pair of Levi’s, and interchange a couple hoodies. I save my super stylin’ for conferences and fancy parties. But if you’re in Anaheim, let’s get together and have fun with little makeovers!!! I love the sound of your new hair style, by the way.

    Krissie, IMO, needs to show her sass a little more on the outside. As you go down in weight, Krissie, and you keep getting bolder and bolder–thumbing your nose at anyone or anything that doesn’t validate you and who you are–I hope you’ll reflect that boldness in your personal style. And boldness doesn’t always mean big color and prints–it means being bold about what you like and showing it on the outside, even if what you like is understated. I think some of the strongest fashion statements are understated. There has to be a sense of irony involved to make understated interesting, and you have that, Krissie.

  11. Oh, Kieran, how I’d love to get together for some shopping in Anaheim, but I’m not going to be there. While you are RWA-ing it up, I’ll be further north in SF meeting my new grandson–our very first grandchild. But I’ll be in Atlanta next year if all goes well. Plus, maybe we could do it virtually until then…interesting that you’re into the skort thing. I have a khaki one, also from Target, that I put with one of my 8 or 9 white ribbed tank tops. If I really want to dress up, I toss a blouse over the tank. In winter, it’s black yoga pants, the white tank and as you say, one of several hoodies. That’s the most comfortable way to work for me. I can dress up–ask Lani. I wore great jeans, a really cool filmy top and a khaki jacket when I met her and Alastair for lunch in Cincinnati. Plus, I wore my sandals, not my tennies. I can clean up…truly!

  12. Lotta bang for the buck there. I like it. I agree that wispy or angled sideways might be fun.

    Coffee tastes better when you drink from fine china. I’ve decided that weekends count as a special occasion 🙂

  13. Balcony is swept and cleaned, except for a small corner of potting stuff. Bench is put together and now sitting proudly on my clean balcony. Sliding glass doors are cleaned on the outside but I found some drip marks running down from the ceiling on the inside. I need to have our maintenance guy take a look at them on Monday and see if he needs to check for leaks before I clean the inside.

    The towels are starting to mock me, I need to fold them NOW.

  14. Kieran says:

    Nan, I live in Charleston, about 6 hours from Atlanta. I’ll definitely see you there! And I love that you have your skort, too . Yes, we can play virtual dress-up!! That sounds fun! We should do that on Pinterest. But here’s the thing: I hate actual shopping. I go do it all in one day for my conferences/workshops/parties. I have a couple stores I go to, and there. I’m done. The sales girls love me. They help me for about 45 minutes, I try one thing on after the other, I choose, and I leave, having spent several hundred dollars on the store card so I get a discount. But since I only do it once a year, I don’t feel guilty. I try to wear the same things year-to-year to conferences, but my weight keeps going up. However, I told my husband I refuse to look dowdy at any weight, and if I have to choose between too tight and too loose, I always go too tight. What does that say about me?!? Haha!!! When it’s too tight, thank God for thongs and fake Spanx (L’eggs “spanx” work better for me). I have one thong I bought at Victoria’s Secret 23 years ago when I married my husband and still wear when my pants are too tight. I finally broke down and bought another thong a few weeks ago. TMI? Sorry!

  15. Krissie, come to Ohio. I have a ton of hair products and we can try different things. I agree, sweeping them to one side would be more rakish and therefore more you.

    As for glasses, I buy my frames on eBay. Search for “funky” or “retro” frames. The damnedest things turn up. I’m getting new glasses Monday (YAY) and I found the best frames I’ve ever had on there. They have a horrible prescription in them now so I can’t see what I look like in them, but I love them. Bonus: Except for once when I was seduced by designer frames, I’ve never paid more than $30. I also like to have several pairs because I put them down places and then walk away, and that helps with the cost.

    Don’t get me started on sunglasses.

    Edited to add:
    I did a search for “vintage 80s.”
    Kahn was a famous designer in the 80s, I used to have a couple pair of her sunglasses:

    Okay, if those are too funky even for you try:

  16. misspiggy don'twannabe says:

    Happy Birthday.
    Best wishes on the continued weight loss.
    Ever since I read Family Circus yesterday I’m wondering if the three little pigs are Miss Piggy’s uncles.

  17. I love, love, love those Kahnh glasses (#1) they’d be perfect for me. Unfortunately I just got a new prescription, new glasses for computer and transitional glasses for driving. Not sure I can spring for another pair this side of National conference. But I love them…whine, whine, pout. Maybe I’ll get them and put them away until later in the year when the budget doesn’t have to be so strict. There’s an idea. : )

  18. On eBay, as at T.J.Maxx, it pays not to wait.
    Although equally weird stuff shows up all the time. Eyeglass frames are almost always a bargain on there, even the ones that are comparatively expensive.

  19. Nonny says:

    Well, I meant to reply to Merry that, in my experience, lace, ribbons, and other fripperies are extremely dangerous!

    I shall blame it on the double vision.

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