Krissie: Three Dog Night

IMG_1026 So I’m in NJ, staying at Crusie’s while she goes and impresses at Princeton, which is the family school (father, uncles, BIL, cousins, cousins-in-law, BFF’s husband … plus my grandfather and BFF’s grandfather were professors there — mine was Classics, hers was Archeology). But I digress. While Jenny strides through my old haunts, which, until the time I was 18, were all male, I’ve been playing with the dogs and writing my ass off. The first thing I did, after she left, was strip down to my tighty-whities, put on “Old Time Rock and Roll” and dance around with a broomstick.
Then I wrote. And wrote. Jenny’s new computer arrived. And I wrote. And I went out and bought food. And I wrote. And then I watched three episodes of “The Originals” and I’m falling in love with Klaus, and three episodes of the original “Life on Mars” and then I went to bed with three dogs on the bed and Wolfie on a cushion on the floor. And we’re talking a twin bed, folks, with a large woman. We slept very well, thank you.
Now i’m up and writing like a madwoman. I want to see how much I can accomplish before Crusie comes back in the evening. I’ll go out to lunch to break it up, but right now it’s just me and the dogs and work work work.
And behold, life was very good.

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  1. This is a good story. My favourite bits are the “three dogs on a twin bed” and the “writing like a madwoman.”

    Dog muses at work here I think;)

  2. That sounds like a great life. My pooch sleeps with me every night, but now one or two of the cats have joined us. It’s fine, except I can’t move my legs without hitting a heavy object.

    Write like a madwoman. I need to do that. Happy Friday!

  3. Sharon S. says:

    I, fortunately, have a queen-size bed that I share with a Pomeranian, Doxie-mix and a 20lb cat, who, by the way is bigger than both dogs. Add to that a little Doxie-mix who snores…loudly, a Pom who snorts in her sleep and a cat with sinus issues causing even louder snoring. Even if I had a man in my life, there would be no room for him! LOL Gotta love the babies. You sound like you’re having a great time. BYW, I’m reading Lord of Danger. I think that’s the name, I have it on Droid Kindle and part of the name is hidden. Really loving it. Thank you.

  4. Oops, I lost my post. Apologies if you get two, but like Mum always says, better two than none. : )
    So happy you got some writing done. I’m envious. Kind of stalled here and thinking I might need to toss this one and start something else.
    Doggie love! That’s the best.

  5. My dear friend, Janet, and I went and listened to the amazing Ms. Crusie last night and she did, indeed, impress! I forgot to tell her to pass a hug your way even though I knew you were down watching the dogs. Stand still, here’s the hug ((( ))).

    See how productive you can be in New Jersey? You should just move here. All the cool kids are doing it 🙂

  6. Oooooh, that’s one of my favorites. I know it seems like I always say that, but when it’s a book I’m not as crazy about I just don’t say anything. I loved my wizard hero, and my heroine as well. I wish I could get these out in audio!

  7. Ha! I grew up in Princeton. Richie grew up not too far from where Crusie lives. Been there, done that. Though if I ever were to move to NJ this would be the place.
    Where do you and Janet live?

  8. I miss having a furry friend to share the bed with (a cat, not a man, although I would say no to the latter). A couple of times the housemates’ cat has curled up with me before I’ve turned out the bedroom light, but he always heads for one of their beds when lights go off.

    Glad you are being kept warm and are writing like a madwoman. When you move, remember to stay within driving distance of Crusie! Maybe you should move to Oneonta NY and live near Deb Blake! She loves it there. 🙂

    Seattle is too far away from Crusie, of course, and it’s VERY expensive to live here (not tax-wise, just living expenses-wise). I need to find a very well-paying job to live here the way I want. (And to eventually afford a house.)

    Have fun with Jenny!

  9. Diane says:

    Don’t fall in love with Klaus. He’ll pretend to be your friend and then snap your neck. He’s just like that.

  10. Eileen A-W says:

    Sounds like this is the best medicine to help you along. Keep it up & enjoy your time with Crusie.

  11. Maybe you should bribe Crusie to go away and leave you dogsitting more often 🙂

    And I have three cat nights–also cozy and nice, but difficult to move (and I have a queen-sized waterbed).

    Write! Write! Write! [And welcome back, Jenny. Hope you had a great time.]

  12. Hello, pretty babies! (They always look adorable.)

    I have a king-sized bed that I share with a husband, a boxer mix, an 18-pound cat, sometimes also a 70-pound Aussie and if things get really crazy, a collie.

    The collie’s only 2 and a bed-hog. Everyone else shares pretty nicely, although the cat sometimes climbs on top of me and sleeps there.

    Dogs are extra-happy at bedtime when Daddy’s away, because then everybody gets a spot in the bed with me.

  13. I’ve been away for a while. Another book has been accepted and a children’s book launched. But reading Krissie’s post, thought this is great!! Lots of writing getting done, surrounded by fluffy, happy friends. And in a great place. Made me smile 😀

  14. Janet is in New York, but she grew up one town over from me. I’m in Denville, but I always tell people I’m near Morristown. It has greater name recognition–lots of Revolutionary War sites. I know Jersey is a tough sell, but it would be great if you moved closer!

  15. Micki says:

    What a good, productive day! Sometimes it’s really, really nice to have a change of scenery, and if the scenery includes good friends and cute pets, all the better.

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