Krissie: The Rollaway

For some reason I always end up on the rollaway. Whether I’m a guest or paying my full load, I end up on the rollaway. Last night was reasonable — Jenny was paying and Lani had been driving a 16 foot Penske truck. And I always insist on the rollaway. In fact, I tend to sleep there just as well as any place else. But one time I went to a conference, talked a third person into sharing our room and brought an air mattress and slept on the floor. I think next time I share a room with someone and I’m paying I’m taking the fucking bed.

Except that I don’t mind the rollaway.


We had an interesting trip yesterday. Only 6 hours on the road, and Jenny did all the driving since she didn’t trust me after almost getting us creamed at the airport the day before (we had to drop off Lani’s car). Mistakes were made.

So we decided to eat at Bob Evans rather than Steak N Shake. My hair was gorgeous: After we took off, we drove an hour and I said “I need to stop. Now.” We found a McDonalds with a bathroom, Jenny went to get gas (I already had some) and I spent an not-so entertaining time on the toilet. We got drinks and left. An hour later Jenny said “I need to stop. Now.” We found a nearby Cracker Barrel (the restaurant, not a wooden tub) and Jenny made three trips to the bathroom, emerging every now and then and disappearing once more. I found nothing to buy, believe it or not. Well, I found things to buy, but I didn’t. Finally we were on the road again. As I said, mistakes were made.

We got back, Jenny bought Lani some wine that tasted like old socks, I went swimming, and then I put on my night gear, much to the amusement of my heartless sisters.

Mind you, we’re all awake before 6 in the morning. We’ll be on the road in a while and we’ll be in NJ before dark. Yippee! (Who would have thought we’d say “yippee” about being in NJ?).

In the meantime, we’re ready at an ungodly hour. Who would have thought it.

And for Lani’s Try-it Friday, try driving to NJ in a big honkin’ truck (no, the truck isn’t really honking, you know what I mean).

33 thoughts on “Krissie: The Rollaway

  1. You’re a brave woman to be photographed in your CPAP, sleep mask and whatever the band is around your head and chin. Braver still to post it on the Internet.

    Glad you’re almost in New Jersey. Gladder still that the three of you are together for Jenny’s Big Move.

  2. Micki says:

    I’m glad you posted the cpap picture! Mine is a little different — it only covers my nose.

    I have a question — the cpap company rep told me not to wear my thing when I’ve got a stuffed up nose — but so far it’s OK. (And life is so much better since I started using the cpap — I’m afraid to sleep without it now!) What do you do when you’ve got a cold?

    It sounds like the trip’s been a little rough, but you guys will make it fine!

    • Rose says:

      I’m only guessing here, but my thought is that when your nose is stuffed up you’ll automatically breathe through your mouth, so the CPAP with a nose-only mask would be useless in that case. When I had my first sleep study I must have been a little sinus-y. They tested me with a mask that only covers the nose and told me I had to keep my mouth shut, but I kept trying to sneak breaths through my mouth, which of course their equipment showed them. They soon changed me to a full-face mask, which is more obtrusive and uncomfortable, but still works for mouth-breathers. So to speak.

      • Micki says:

        I have a nose-mask and when I open my mouth, it makes a weird sucky kind of feeling in the back of my mouth . . . I’m finding that even if I’m stuffed up a little, it keeps the nasal passages open enough that I can use the machine. (-: Just wondered if it was going to blow phlegm into places I didn’t want phlegm (or other things I hadn’t even considered!).

        • julianna says:

          My husband has a CPAP, and when he uses it with nasal congestion, he always winds up with a sinus infection. So now when he gets a cold, he stops using his mask — which means his sleep is messed up and it takes him longer to recover from the cold. It totally sucks.

    • When I got mine I asked what happened when I got a cold, and they said use it if I could. In fact my nose hasn’t been that stuffed up. The whole thing is weird — the nose isn’t stuffed or running that much. But I was told to go ahead and use it if I possibly could.

  3. Maine Betty says:

    Maybe you’re good on the rollaway because you have to sleep on your back. It’s when I try to roll over on a rollaway that the roll AWAY part becomes clear.

    How unkind, you’ve taken the rollaway, and still you get mocked. On the bright side, you’re not covered in dachshunds.

  4. What’s a travel trip without stories that you can laugh over … some day? I think you are all very brave for making the trip, especially Lani with the honkin’ big truck, which I hate driving and hope not to do again.

    Next time you can take the bed. 🙂

  5. Sadly that trip sounds like how my morning went today. *sigh* And I hadn’t eaten anything. My Friday is behaving like a Monday and I’m guessing this is just because I have Monday off? If Tuesday looks anything like today…

    Safe journey!

  6. Diane says:

    I imagine if the rocket scientists ever invent a way to send people to far off planets, that they will travel there in stasis and wearing a protective mask that would greatly resemble your nightwear. So you are actually ahead of the times.

  7. Ann says:

    Sounds like a good road trip overall – I second what Tai said: the fact that you’re all still friends though “mistakes were made,” you have something special. Enjoy your trip to NJ – it’s my homeland, and I have made that trip many, many times. If you take Rte 80, notice the bridge to nowhere right after you pass through the Delaware Water Gap – it looks like a Roman relic.

  8. Lynda says:

    I really admire yours and Jenny’s courage in driving a truck. That’s something I’ve never done, except for a small pickup. Stay safe, you guys!!

  9. Do I want to know why there are post-it notes on your headboards? Is that a metaphor for something?

    Hugs and clear sinuses to all your entire trip/visit/journey/pilgrimage/move/thingy.

  10. I frequently speak with cpap wearers in my j.o.b. I once had a sweet conversation with a woman who had been married for 50 years. She and her husband both wore cpap masks. She said the masks made them look like aliens so they had made up their own planet.
    I love the idea that they just embraced the weirdness and ran with it.

  11. steph says:

    I have never driven a big Penske. But I did drive a 1970’s VW Bug from CA to FL and it was packed to the roof with all our stuff and a 3 year old in tow! It was a long 5 day drive. lol

    Good luck on your trip. I hope Jenny enjoys her new place. You all be careful, drive safe, and have fun.

    *I am dying to know what the post-its say. LOL

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