Krissie: Sunday by the River

I’m out on the deck and it’s gorgeous. Birds are singing like mad – so many different ones. The river is calm and deceptively still, the woods smell wonderful, the temperature is cool and lovely, and I’m in a perfect moment of peace and happiness. There’s a lot of happy for me here in Ohio. Then again, there’s a lot of happy for me at home, too. It just comes with a lot of pain.
That’s what it looks like from Jenny’s deck. I can hear ducks from down on the river — noisy suckers. At least three different kinds of birds. We usually have one at a time in Vermont. I can just see the ducks through the trees — there’s a long parade of them, like Make Way for Ducklings, making a helluva racket as they announce their travels. Vermont ducks are smarter — they know someone’s gonna shoot ’em soon as look at ’em. And loons are just crazy.
The sky is very blue. The deck has been powerwashed. We get to skype with Crusie’s daughter and grandchildren today.
It’s Sunday by the river and all is well with the world.

33 thoughts on “Krissie: Sunday by the River

  1. You look beautiful! It’s good to get some straight-up happy. It makes it easier to deal with the muddled happy at home. Enjoy the nature and the company!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time! Now to transition spaces and times of serenity back home.

    I’ve been in Boston all weekend for the joyous occasion of my nephew’s graduation and soaking in time with family. Just a little shell-shocked by all the people everywhere and the cars, cabs, etc. I’m used to less in the Keys. I miss my peaceful porch.

  3. O Happy Day for you, Krissie. There is nothing like the peace the sound of a calm river or lake can have. The view reminds me of my Aunt’s home on the lake, with the water through the trees. Enjoy your days on the river.

  4. Kelly S. says:

    The birds are many and noisy here in Michigan too, or so my parents have commented.

    Enjoy your time in Ohio!

  5. I’m so glad you are in a peaceful happy place. I’m lucky. I only have to go five minutes down the road to get there. I need to focus on my good fortune more.

  6. jinx says:

    I just have to say that is one GORGEOUS deck fence. Is that the one Jenny got on sale at Wal-Mart?

  7. Pics of the view are peaceful & lovely, but gotta say love the colours of the house. The different shades really work well together. Also find the windows with the small squares above interesting–those separate pieces done as an insert or built-ins?

  8. Thank you. I picked those colors by matching the main color to the trees and then going light for the trim. I had a PLAN.
    The windows are all wood-framed panes, no inserts.

  9. Lynda says:

    You look so beautiful, Krissie, relaxed and happy. I want to see you looking like that all the time.

    Oh, just for the record, I sat up till 3:30 this morning finishing WARRIOR. So if I’m groggy, it’s all your fault.

  10. And it was a good plan. Looks peaceful, eco friendly, and chic.

    Windows appeal to me too because they’re clear at the bottom so there’s a nice view out, but still have character with the bits at the top. Your house may have a few pillars inside that pose challenges, but you’ve absolutely made the most of all its assets. Really homey.

  11. Great photos. You look gorgeous, happy!
    I can imagine the tranquil river slowly passing by would be very relaxing. I can see it all, early evening, the sun’s going down, glass of wine, easy chairs and great company. Sigh. Lovely.

  12. Melanie says:

    A gorgeous place. The deck is amazing. I get that the house is sort of problematic, but it sure has a fantastic setting!

  13. Jill says:

    Is this where the Kale Discussion happened ?

    Try: Kale. It’s fibrous, low in calories, rich in dozens of beneficial flavonoids, and is one of the most nutrient-dense greens. Chop it into vegetable- or bean-based soup, blend it in a smoothie, or add it to salad or pasta dishes. To bake kale chips, tear leaves into bite-sized pieces, sprinkle or spray on olive oil (one tablespoon per cookie sheet), and add some sea salt.

  14. Micki says:

    There’s something so peaceful about blue and green — the water and the sky and the green of spring. The schools I go to always have big windows, and they almost always have a beautiful view . . . the plum trees are blooming right now.

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