Krissie: Squalor on the Lake

Photo on 8-22-13 at 11.44 AM Oh, my, look at the time. I’m sitting here in my nightclothes, Jenny’s still asleep. Sloth!
Well, I did wake up and read email on the iPad and then played a few hundred games of slingo before putting the Cpap mask back on and going back to sleep.
I get to feel so deliciously self-indulgent here.
Though I need to write some more, and I have to get dressed to do that (I almost never write in my jammies — don’t know why. But then, I don’t like going around in my jammies. I have no idea why.) I think we’re staying home today though I can always be lured into a quick dash to a store or Kathy’s. I toned down the food yesterday — not great but at least fifty per cent better than the day before. Nibbled carrots last night, ate cherries instead of cookies. If I can eat better down here I can triumph!
We’ve been talking about writing, talking about crocheting, our dysfunctional family relationships, our cars (I haven’t even taken a photo of Eulalie for you guys to see — she’s a beaut!). I need to write a discourse on celebrity, on finance, on god knows what. My brain gets going when I’m here — Jenny and I stimulate each other. Tonight we’re watching movies while we crochet — we couldn’t find the remote controls beneath the yarn last night. We’re starting with Warm Bodies, which I’ve seen twice and absolutely adore, and maybe the first disc of the Tenth Kingdom.
Ah, life is good down here in steamy NJ. And I intend to try mountain climbing down to the lake and jumping in. But not today, when thunderstorms threaten, because once we get down there we’re not getting up very quickly. Particularly if there are bears between us and the house.
Life is an adventure down here in the tropics. If you read about two women in eaten by bears in NJ you’ll know we died happy.
And you can fight over our yarn.

15 thoughts on “Krissie: Squalor on the Lake

  1. Well, I certainly hope we won’t be hearing about your being eaten by bears (who will car for all those doxies?), but maybe Mollie could be convinced to hold a lottery for different lots of yarn! 🙂

    It’s good to be with someone who stimulates your mind and your creativity. (I’m not currently. Mostly they enable my sloth, unfortunately.)

    Can’t wait for pics of Eulalie! I don’t even know which car you bought!

  2. I love that you named the car Eulalie! Can’t wait to see her. Enjoy the movie and the yarn and the lake, but avoid the bears. Or maybe you could give the bears a spool of yarn as distraction. Just a suggestion.

  3. Rouan says:

    It sounds delightful. I hope you two have a fun and creative visit. I’m looking forward to seeing a picture of Eulalie too.

  4. Lynda says:

    I’ve added WARM BODIES to my Netflix queue. It’s not something I even thought about seeing, but if you guys like it, I probably will, too. (Speaking of Netflix, right now I’m working my way through the MISS FISHER MYSTERIES, an Australian series based on Kerry Greenwood’s Phryne Fisher stories. They’re very well done, and I don’t think they’ve ever aired in the US. Available only as DVDs, but worth the wait.)

  5. You deserve to relax and stay in your pjs for as long as you want. It’s a vacation! When my writer pals come to visit we talk for hours and hours and hours…darn, I need some visitors but it’s still too hot here.

    We had book club yesterday and discussed Nora’s book Whiskey Beach. First time my desert pals have left their air conditioning to venture over to the clubhouse this month. Our town becomes a ghost town for three months of the year. It was great to sit and chat about books and writing. I think I need to get out more…but did I mention it’s hot? : )

  6. Cindy says:

    I just added these to my queue. Are they at all like the latest Marple? I really enjoyed watching the series. The acting was great.

  7. What fun you guys are having!

    I can lounge in pj’s all day long. When the quilt book came out, the publisher scheduled for me to be on the Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. Alex wanted to warn me about something and gave me a call. It was an absolutely surreal moment. I thought, “I can’t believe I’m standing here in my pajamas talking to Alex Anderson on the phone. Please God let me sound adult and professional and not like the starstruck fangirl wearing her penguin pj’s at three in the afternoon that I am.”

  8. Lynda says:

    Instead of being an elderly lady in a village, Phryne Fisher is a rich, sexy beauty in 1920s Melbourne–but I think she and Miss Marple would love each other.

  9. Micki says:

    What’s a house party without a lot of sleeping in? This sounds like so much fun! Sleeping, movies, yarn and most of all, talk-talk-talk.

    (I also love the image of a bear playing with a spool of thread like an overgrown kitten. It’s a black bear in my imagination, and the thread is actually red and looks like cable . . . . What the hell, let’s put an adorable red ribbon around Buzzy’s neck. And give her a super-power that’s specific to certain black bears — honey-dowsing, maybe.)

  10. Deborah Blake says:

    So, you got a car? Congrats! Which one did you go with?

    And I don’t like to hang around in my pjs either. Go figure.

    Enjoy your time at the lake and don’t get eaten by bears!

  11. Terrie — you have a quilt book out? That’s a make it Tuesday triumph! Send me a link, photo, title, whatever. You wouldn’t believe how many quilt books I have.

  12. Yup, they’re black bears around here (and up in VT). Much nicer than Brown Bears or Grizzlies or Polar Bears. Just keep away if they have their babies with them.

  13. Chris S. says:

    I loved the movie — something I never thought I’d say about anything featuring zombies. It made me read the book, which was… powerful.

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