Krissie: Squalor on the Lake with Sisters

Nanny Ogg, Magrat, Granny Weatherwax

Here we are — Terry Pratchett’s three witches. Nanny Ogg, Magrat (Lani) and Granny Weatherwax (Jenny). I’m the lustful one, of course. We’re off to Kathy’s for a divine breakfast, then to Home Goods, where I don’t need anything at all, and then back home again. I cleaned out my fountain pens so they’re ungunked, and I’ll start the new Rohan book later today.

I turned off the phone when things from home got stressful — before Jenny and Lani could take it away again. They’ll probably steal it, so if someone tried to call me and I don’t answer, that might be why. It also might be because I never carry the cell phone with me because I’m not used to getting a signal.

BTW, my default cell ring is “Ma-na-ma-na” by the Muppets. Very cheery.

My waist is small, I’ve been constipated for weeks, pancakes await. I feel a lot less stressed down here, and it’s so great to have Lani here as well. I miss her so much, but I know what it’s like to have a lot of people need me, and family has to come first. But she’s looking gorgeous and happy, she loves teaching and she’s been doing the couch to 5k chased by Zombies running program, so she just glows with health. Jenny and me, not so much, but we’re getting there.

And Jenny’s house is looking wonderful! You should see the kitchen. It’s lucky she can see the big picture, because I would have given up long ago, but slowly but surely she’s turning her magic cottage into a gem. And man, it has the best mattresses and the best show in the world. Plus the best dogs. And the best friends.

I’m going home on Thursday because Richie is blue and missing me (because he’s dealing with the same loss and he’s a worried and if possible, he loved Phantom even more than I did, but I don’t know if that was possible). And I want to see as much of the grandchildren as I can before they go, and we’re off to the PNW for three weeks in October. Which I hope will help me let go, because it’s a good move on their part.

Anyway, I hear Lani’s wonderful laugh coming from the kitchen as she and Jenny figure something out. Sisters are the best thing in the world, if you open your heart to them.

22 thoughts on “Krissie: Squalor on the Lake with Sisters

  1. Office Wench Cherry says:

    Yay!! You all look fantastic and happy and so glad to be together. If anyone cared how I voted, I’d say Us-ies beat selfies all to hell. Have lots of fun, forget cell phones were invented, and relax.

    Tall Boy sometimes calls up our youngest niece (who just started high school, how did that happen?) and says is ma-na-ma-na and the two of them go through the whole bit. I’ll have to see if I can get that as a ring tone for his phone.

  2. Courtney says:

    You all look so happy to be together. Just glowing with joy. I’m so glad you all are getting a chance to visit and sharing it with us. Have tons of fun!

  3. Lani’s staying an extra night and Krissie’s staying until Friday. Nothing but good times ahead.
    (Also, I had just gotten out of bed when Krissie said, “PICTURE!” which is why my hair isn’t combed.)

  4. Sharon S. says:

    Still looks like a lot of fun. I will have the same thing in November when I meet my dear friends in Vegas. One I haven’t seen since 1993. I’m so happy for you three.

  5. Cindy says:

    I read the entire post with a smile on my face. It sounds like a magical place, full of laughter, love and friendship.

  6. Happy, happy days. I know that there’s something about the PNW that seems to be calling you but I gotta say that I’d pick near the sisters of my heart. I just would. Being with the people that I love is what makes me love the place I am in.

    I’ll shut up now. Enjoy your time together.

  7. Micki says:

    Happiness to see so much happy!

    And I found this line really resonating: It’s lucky she can see the big picture . . . .

    I’ve *never* thought of myself as detail-oriented. I always thought of myself as more big-pictured. But . . . when I get bogged down in details, the big picture just goes right out of my head. Maybe this is what I need — more big picture in my life! (Or a nice rotating schedule of big-picture, little-brush-strokes.)

    Enjoy the joy, guys! It looks like a beautiful day!

  8. What a wonderful, joy and love-filled picture! It is so great to see the band back together πŸ™‚

    (And you are right, Lani IS glowing.)

    My middle sister and I used to do the Ma-na-ma-na routine. Every once in a while it comes up somehow and we both laugh like idiots.

  9. mitchiewitch says:

    They absolutely do – once you get over that dog-and-cat fighting stage of your youth. My sister is always at the top of my gratitude list!

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