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I can do anything I want today. I’ll probably do some sewing, maybe go through the slides a bit more, work on decluttering the living room, maybe list some stuff on ebay. Right now I can have weekends off, and since I did 4k words in the last couple of days I earned it. And the book is moving in the right direction.
Funny that I would think of working on the house as playtime. But part of it is because it’s fall. I do major nesting in the fall. I’ve already hung up different pictures, I’m sorting through stuff. ready to make some progress.
Though I have to admit, going through the slides yesterday was hard.
We seemed to do slides back in the early seventies (though I found some from the mid-forties). There are slides from my wedding, slides of my grandmother, slides of Richie and me and our dog. Tons of photos of the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley (trashed those), tons of photos of Newfoundland (trashed those). Tons of photos of my sister’s wretched boy toy from forty years ago.
But pictures of Mini-me and Stuart, darling Stuart (and darling Mini-me). The two of them, ages 2 and 4, ages 4 and 6, such sweet babies. And my sister with them, looking so pretty. I’d forgotten how pretty she was back then. I sat there crying yesterday, looking at all the people I loved who were gone. So maybe I’ll give myself a break today, and not look at more.
It’s funny, though, because as I was going to sleep last night I could suddenly remember exactly what our house smelled like. The house we bought up here, the one I moved to in 1971, the one my sister bought. The smell came back with perfect clarity, and with it such a sense of nostalgia. And then I could remember what our house in Stannard smelled like, the first house we bought. Slightly creosote-y, with notes of barn-board and old wood and old house smell. Strange that that should come back so strongly.
Anyway, I’m just going to play around the house. Maybe use the timer so I don’t get overwhelmed (20 minutes work to 10 minutes play — I got that from – great recommendation!).
I’m just gonna do what I want. And if I change my mind and want to cry over old slides then I’ll do that as well.
Today is for me. I’ll do exactly what I want.

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  1. Hi,

    Was watching Katie Couric’s new show Wednesday, because the Bloggess was on, and her first guest made me think of the people on this blog and Reinventing Fabulous as a theme.
    It was a woman I’d never heard of before: Brene Brown, who has a book called Daring Greatly. (
    She said we all hit points in our live where we start to feel vulnerable about what we’re thinking of doing, and most of us at that point will get scared of being hurt and pull back. But that the key to doing great things is to hit that moment and push through. That we have to let ourselves be vulnerable to truly do great things and to live our lives the way we’re meant to do it.
    Made me think that writing takes a great deal of courage, that we know we have the ability to push through vulnerability and fear because we’re writers.
    We just have trouble applying the same principles to our daily lives at times.

    What would you be doing right now, if you weren’t afraid?

    I’m doing one thing. Have a new book coming out next Saturday, my first that I’m publishing all on my own! So excited about that. A little scared, but excited.
    I walked away from Silhouette after publishing with them for 20 years, because of their stand on e-book, the publishing rights to older books and their royalties on new ones. Just couldn’t bring myself to give them any more of my books.
    Didn’t know how that would work out, but so far, it’s good. Really good. 🙂 Silhouette royalties have been going down for years, which made it easier to walk.
    Now I get to see what I can do for myself. It’s a great feeling.

  2. I’m sewing today too, and I’m at my favorite part of quilting – the pieces are cut, and now I’m sewing them into blocks. Every two or three blocks finished get added to the design wall, and I love seeing the whole come together.

    I also miss seeing your quilts on the back of your chair in the daily picture. I may not post much, but I DO care and lurk a lot! Have you ever thought of trying for a different expression each day in the pix? You could caption it: Petulant. Remorseful. Sly. Come-hither. 😀

  3. Good for you Krissie, we should all have days when we do what we want. Lucky for me what I want to do is finish revisions! Because that’s what I must get done.

  4. A day off! Yippee!

    Me, I’ve been doing all kinds of spring cleaning at the end of summer. I’m all messed up this year. But it’s still good because stuff is getting done. More work today, but first a swim.

    I love how you were able to pull up that memory of how your house smelled. You must have gone deep into your memory bank when looking at those slides and photos.

  5. Lois says:

    I also do the fall nesting thing. I can’t bear facing the long winter with so much clutter. To hell with spring cleaning tho – I’m outside so who cares about the mess inside 🙂

    Sewing for me tomorrow. Today is soccer (grandsons) and a small Celtic festival.

  6. Lynda says:

    Sounds like a good day, Krissie. About the slides, if/when you can afford to have them digitized, you should do it. A few years ago, when my parents celebrated their 65th anniversary, my gift to them was to have hundreds of slides from the ’50s and early ’60s digitized and printed for them, because I knew they had no copies of them. Lots of treasures there, such as a dark but viewable shot of all four of my grandparents sitting together in a back yard, and yes, some were painful to look at, but I’m still very glad I have them. Now I just need to get the slides that Larry and I took in the early days of our marriage digitized, too.

    Later today I’m taking Dan and his two older boys (11 and 8) to see RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK at the IMAX. I’ve only seen that on the big screen once, when Dan was about 8 himself.

    As far as nesting, Monday will be the neighborhood trash pickup on my street, so I’m going to make the guys put out a few things for me. Who needs a box full of well-worn cassette tapes anymore? They served their purpose at the time, and I do have several of the albums on CD.

    Anyway, I hope everybody has a good day, doing whatever pleases you.

  7. Jen Wyatt says:

    Teresa- Congrats on the new book and I want to get it! I also sent you messages about your new bathroom to the wrong Teresa. (D’oh!) I hope all is well.

  8. Jen Wyatt says:

    Krissie, that memory of smell is so powerful. Isn’t it amazing how we remember, how something can trigger such vivid memories?!
    Here’s to finding a new place with new aromas, and starting fresh.

  9. I saw something on a show recently that gives this smell thing new meaning. An expert in spirits said they’ll often send you a powerful smell as a tap on the shoulder to let you know they’re around.

    It struck me because I have my grandmother’s old jewelry box and once in a while, I’ll open it and get a whiff of something nasty. I thought I’d done something wrong to it but it’s never been wet or near anything that smells bad. Then I saw this guy and realized it was just Nanny letting me know she’s around.

    So, maybe someone was letting you know they’re around. Enjoy your day off.

  10. Alis says:

    I was hesitant to say this, so I’m really thankful you did. I didn’t see the show you mention, but the smell thing has always been associated with ghosts in my family. When several family members reminisce there’s always a story about scents and who they’re attached to–roses, or woodsmoke, or overripe apples… they’re strong, and sudden, and sometimes right on the edge of consciousness or dreaming.

    I think you’re not as alone as you feel. *hug*

  11. Barbara Cameron says:

    Whenever I smell lilacs — in perfume or room spray or whatever – I’m transported back to the evening when Mom and I sneaked into a vacant lot that was going to be cleared the next day and we picked so many lilac blooms we could hardly carry them all home. That scent was unbelievably beautiful … she gave me her Depression glass basket and I have it on my dresser with silk lilacs.

  12. Hi,
    I swear, I tried to send you something, too. The pink tub in pieces. 🙁 The guys who did the demolition said there was no way to get it out intact. Poor thing. It was so cute, too.
    But we do have a new bathroom. Took much longer than they said it would, and the guys who did the install had never installed the material before. But they were nice and made it work.
    And I love the shower material.
    So sorry about the tub.

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