Krissie: Onward and Upward

Yesterday was exhausting. Emotionally as well as physically. I blew off the quilt show and just came home. I really didn’t think I’d mind taking her over to the rehab place, but it was depressing. Pushed all sorts of buttons for me, brought back awful childhood memories.
Hmmm. A hummingbird just buzzed by to the pot of lavender in front of me, and it felt like a message not to think of awful childhood memories. So I won’t.
She already sent a message home that she doesn’t need to be in that place, but I’m just going to tell her there’s no place closer at this point, and she needs to suck it up (in the nicest possible way). I’ll tell her to work hard on her rehab and I’ll see if I can get her a new roommate. But she has to put on her big girl panties (in the nicest possible way). And then, no matter how tired I am, I’ll go to the quilt show. And when I come home I’ll go to the first musical run-through for the nuns.
Okay, on to other things. Exercise is going to be tricky, unless have have a hot summer (a mixed blessing if I’m wearing a nun’s habit). If it’s hot I can go to Aunt Alice’s or Uncle Bill’s beach and do water walking there (our white elephant and the bane of my existence is being rented all summer). And I can figure out some water exercises for our relatively shallow pool (42″). I don’t think it’s deep enough to take enough weight off my poor knees for walking, but there are other things I can do. And I imagine I’ll be more active with the show than I usually am so that will help. I’ll also be too busy to keep heading toward the damned goldfish.
Not quite sure how I’ll manage the knees. I know I can handle being on-stage, but standing around can be difficult. Maybe I’ll see if there’s one of those little camp stools I can cart around with me to take a load off. And I can use my cane. My main problems are walking long distances (hence the motor scooters at WDW and RWA) and standing for long periods. I’m determined to manage it. Fortunately I’m a Nun with Character, not an ingenue, so limping or a cane would still work. Hell, I could Glee it and do it from a wheel chair. (Is that the first time Glee was used as a verb? Probably not.)
Anyway, it’s a beautiful morning, the birds are swooping, the air is clear, the sky is intensely blue, and my loins are girded. (Maybe that’s why I have trouble walking. I always have to gird my damned loins!)

23 thoughts on “Krissie: Onward and Upward

  1. Lynda says:

    Please go to the quilt show, Krissie. You’ll be kicking yourself for weeks if you don’t. And think how hard that would be on your knees!

  2. Stephanie says:

    It’s sounds like you have a plan. Sometimes all we need is a plan to help us work out our lives one issue at a time.
    BTW, you look great!

  3. Micki says:

    I think you might be right — the girding adds a lot of extra weight and burden to those poor knees . . . . Keep cool, and keep progressing . . . hard to believe that half of the year is almost gone . . . . Look how far you’ve come!

    (think of all those ellipses as water dots . . . I am enjoying our heat wave, and am just a bit braindead this evening . . . . Hence, all the trailing off, which I do even in the best and coolest of times.)

  4. It’s natural to feel low at this point. After all the stress and organization you’ve had to deal with in the past weeks you’re now dealing with having come to a grinding halt. I think when that happens we look around and go huh? And then we have extra time to dwell on things. So dwell on you and only you. : )

  5. Krissie, my pool is 48″ deep and I’m able to walk and do exercises without punishing my knees too much. I’m 5’6″ so how the depth of your pool hits you will depend somewhat on your height. If the walking is too much, you could try some leg lifts or crouch down so the raised water level gives you more buoyant support and do some gentle stepping, keeping the knees “soft”. It’s worth experimenting! If it doesn’t work, you can establish plan B or C or . . . 🙂

  6. That’s a beautiful blue you’re wearing. Do NOT skip the quilt show! You know you need the stress relief. And I second the fact that it is normal for you to feel flat after all this. So you do really need to go to the quilt show!

  7. Kim says:

    I am with everyone else, you need to go to the quilt show. I spent the last year dealing with hospitals, care centers and rehab for my father in law. It’s really important to have something that is a distraction. You spend so much time worrying about what’s coming next and then about how you are going to fit in all of the other stuff like keeping your house straightened, laundry and writing. You need those few hours away to focus on almost anything else. You’ll be better for it and refreshed to tackle the next thing.

    Enjoy the quilt show and have fun at rehearsal. 🙂

  8. Catherine says:

    I’ve found that when I feel bombarded by past, present and possible future events I can get a grip better by asking myself if a memory, or thought is useful or helpful. Occasionally it is useful. Although really, if it’s nor helpful it can just shuffle on back to the archives.

    If some unpleasant memory keeps surfacing I figure it’s possibly my lizard brain trying to warn me about something as a child/ teenager / young adult I felt threatened by. This might sound stunningly wanky but I give myself a moment to visualize myself whenever that memory occurred and just reassure that part of me that it’s ok that was then this is now and I have skills, slightly mad skillz that will get me through…. I get to move forward more easily.

    I think this is a more loving way to treat myself when I’m under stress.

    I really hope you go see the quilts and let all the colour and patterns and creativity wash over you. Rehearsal yay!

  9. Reb says:

    Krissie, is your pool big enough for swimming? If it is, maybe you can do something like what I do. My shoulders are stuffed, so I lie on my back and swim just by kicking very hard. It’s hard work, so it’s very effective exercise. Maybe you could lie on your back, keep your legs still and just “swim” by using your arms.

    I hope you had a good day!

  10. Kieran says:

    Does anyone know how Jenny and Lani and the gang did through the big storms yesterday? Do they have power? I hope all the ReFabbers have power and didn’t suffer any damage from those huge summer storms that hit from Indiana to New Jersey.

  11. We seem to have had a strong storm here (Va Beach) since I found half a patio umbrella in my neighbor’s front yard this morning. I didn’t hear a thing (never lost power) and even left the windows partially down on my car. Car was totally dry inside by noon.

    I think starting around DC and up it’s worse. Hope everyone is okay.

  12. Hope you went to the quilt show, Krissie. And I’m sure some leg kicks in your pool will be easy enough. Here’s to the first of many fun rehearsals and your mother settling into her new if temporary home.

  13. Nasty storm and lost power. However, it was only for about 4 hours. (I went out into the bug free darkness with a light and potted some plants) A tranformer in the woods across the road put on a good show and lightning took out a sub-station just down the road. In the Big City as of the 6 pm news there were still about a 1000 people without power. (Western PA) The worst appears to be the eastern part of the state and down into VA and out to the coast. I didn’t catch which city (I was in the kitchen) but there are some poor souls that will be without power for up to a week. Yikes.

  14. We had a fast hard thunderstorm and then it was done. No trees down and Lani opened all the windows upstairs and let the storm cool the place down. It was actually very nice.

  15. Good to hear the no damage was done during the storm. We’re seeing some horrific footage of fires…hope everyone is okay.

    Keep truckin Krissie and keep the strength. ANd don’t look back. 🙂

  16. Good idea. I’ll play around — there will definitely be things I can do. And Richie went in last night. I think I’ll jump in this afternoon.

  17. nope, only about 8 feet in diameter. Though I could try swimming around the outside. It’s so small I’m not sure how it will work. Maybe PamB’s daughter would have some ideas.

  18. Catherine says:

    I think I used to push against bad memories. Hard.Trying to lock the lid down tight and concentrate on the positive. I think it was a little like being afraid of the dark. Honestly the more energy I gave to supressing the more it all wiggled and seethed. Now if something floats through I acknowledge it but don’t resist and it floats off faster. That and the reassurance exercise has helped a great deal. I also found hypnotherapy helped with something particularly ugly. It’s not that I’ve forgotten but I’m able to remember without flashbacks.

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