Krissie: On the Road Again

That’s my look of utter terror at the thought of all the stuff we have packed in the car and all the stuff we still want to fit. And all the stuff I didn’t manage to get packed. So my task when I get home is to clear out, clear out, clear out, and make way for the new!
I’m packing grapes and carrots for the trip. And cough drops. Lani’s already left with the huge ass truck. Pray for us and the others on the road.
And all will be well, and all will be well, all manner of things shall be well.

I’ll have photos tonight when we stop in PA.

19 thoughts on “Krissie: On the Road Again

  1. jinx says:

    Follow the macadam road! Follow the macadam road. Follow, follow, follow, follow…oh, you know the drill. Head east is what I’m saying.

    Also, watch out for trees hurling apples.

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