Krissie: Ohio

I’m in the vast living room of Squalor on the River, it’s early morning and I’m stretched out on a chaise, watching the river run. It’s gorgeous. The flight was completely painless — Richie dropped me off with my suitcase and went to park, when I realized I’d left my phone and cane in the car. I tried to chase after him but he was already gone, so I checked in and waited, knowing I’d have to send him back. He arrived a couple of minutes later, carrying the phone and the cane. The man knows how to read minds.
Lani picked me up, and there was much joy in the land. When we got back to the magic castle Crusie was there in all her magnificence, and much hugging ensued. We set off for dinner at Outback (garlic mashed potatoes don’t have that many calories!) and massive food shopping for veggies and fruits. It’s strange to be here with only one day’s warning. As Crusie said so memorably – “there was no foreplay.”
Only two bad things about being here. Lyle’s not here. Well, he is in spirit. But I miss him.
And I kicked Crusie out of her bedroom. I hadn’t realized she’d moved upstairs again, and I feel awful about dislodging her and sending her back to the basement. She assures me it’s all right, but I could have slept in the living room quite happily. I can sleep anywhere quite happily as long as it’s at Squalor on the River.
But hey, I forgot. This is a guilt-free trip. So suck it, Crusie.
(Not that Jenny would ever want me to feel an iota of guilt. At least, not seriously.)
So I shall revel in the room. And the divine shower (that’s my hair wet — I used Crusie’s shampoo of choice, BedHead. We’ll see how it does).
We’re going to see Dark Shadows and Avengers in 3D. We’ll go to Hobby Lobby and yes, Jungle Jim’s has just opened next door! And JoAnns and Target (no Targets in VT) and it will be blisteringly hot.
Oh, and I made a discovery today as to why no one is telling me how skinny I am. My clothes are too baggy. I put on my favorite shirt and there’s about ten inches of ease. My shirts are all 2x and I’m a little smaller than a 1x — maybe close to an XL.
And Crusie has a great scale that shows tenths of a pound. The sucker told me I was 232.6 this morning. I’m retaining water like mad and bloated from the plane ride, so I’m not upset. But you know me — I’m gonna weigh myself every day. I want a scale just like that.
Crazy, I know. But scales keep me honest and I don’t overreact to the fluctuations. I’m not upset about the 232.6. Just determined.
And I’m pretty sure we don’t need the ritual Steak N Shake visit this time. I think I shall roll in veggies and fruits and lean meats and there will be joy in the land.
Thank God I’m in Ohio.

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  1. Micki says:

    (-: What a great treat for yourself . . . and while pounds don’t mean a whole lot to me, going from a 2X to just about an XL means a lot! Congratulations!! That really is great.

    Is there an easy way you can alter your clothes? Jeans would suck, but if you have knit pants, would it be easy to run up a few cm. up the sides? Put darts in your t-shirts? Or would you just wind up with baggy shoulders and odd elastic that way?

    So exciting for you!

  2. Katie says:

    Enjoy a wonderful, guilt-free visit with your wonderful family–after all, the best families probably are the ones we choose ourselves!

  3. Go buy yourself some new shirts at Target! You’ve earned them.

    I am checking into a hotel Saturday night because I need twelve hours of uninterrupted writing. Between the vomiting, the viruses, and the traveling husband I’ve accomplished nothing this week. Well, except for keeping everyone alive. The Hampton Inn is no Squalor on the River, but you have inspired me to do what I need to do FOR ME. Thanks!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Glad your safe and having fun. We have a great scale we got from Costco. It does a great job of weighing. Unfortunately I’m not doing a great job of eating well.
    Enjoy your visit and soak up the good vibes

  5. You look positively peppy! I’m from Ohio and never knew that state could do such wondrous things. Though I know it’s more the company you’re in. 🙂

    Yep, the baggy clothes are the problem. I learned that several years ago. I was the queen of frump! All my clothes were two sizes too big, mostly because I saw myself that big in the mirror. Then a coworker brought me a stack of jeans size 12 saying she thought I could wear them. I scoffed!

    But I took them home, walked past them for weeks, contemplated. Then I tried a pair on. They went up and zipped and I didn’t even have to suck it in! Let me tell you, I danced a gig around my house. LOL!

    Of course today I’m back to a 14, but it could be worse!

  6. I just had two pairs of pants taken in by a couple of inches. Putting on pants that actually fit, as opposed to ones that are bagging off of me, really does make a difference in how we look. I’m so glad that you’re experiencing the reality of your transformation, Krissie!

    In packing for a part-pleasure/part-business trip, I shopped my closet again. This time I was ruthless in putting shirts that are now way too big for me into the “Donate” pile. Funny that I’ll have pants altered but not tops. I guess it’s because I have more of the latter in different sizes so I can now wear ones that were more snug and tight before I lost weight.

    Have a fabulous time with your sisters. Keep up the good, healthy choices!

  7. You look fabulous, Krissie. Your skin is glowing. Hope you have a blast with the sisters. I bought a fabulous long white t-shirt at Target that has a big gold owl on the front. It’s supposed to be a beach cover up but I wore it to book club yesterday with crop pants and flat white sandals. Everyone admired it so I had to share how cheap it was, and what it was intended for. : )

  8. I wanted to offer to take in your shirts for you, also pants, but not jeans – but then I thought, “Kate, when will you have time for this?”

    So, if you have a need for alterations after the third week in June I’ll be a little freer then. We can trade for something. Like maybe blue toile fabric, or heck I don’t know. I could just do it because I’m a betty…

  9. She doesn’t have to alter anything. She’s in Squalor on the River which is full of XL clothes, some of which she is about to try on. We’ve got so much stuff here, we’re like a mini-mall.

  10. Roben, I got a beach cover-up (tie-dyed) at Burlington Coat Factory the other day and thought immediately how cool it would look with crops–may have to give that a try. Fun to make our clothes play roles other than what they were intended to play, isn’t it?

    Oh, and I tried on the strapless sundress last night and got rave reviews from Husband, who thought it was quite lovely and by the way, he likes my freckled shoulders. A win-win!

  11. Jill says:

    Love and hugs and happy dancing to all at Squalor On The River !

    I have lost almost 25 pounds-not on purpose but I’ll take it. 16 pants and jeans are too big but I wear a belt. Especially with my Harley jeans. I do not want to(will not) buy a bunch of 14s and then gain the weight back. I found Signature Levis at Wal Mart that are perect. 14 with stretch.

    People commented on my weight loss because of the baggy jeans. 🙂

  12. Echoing JulieB “And the Refabbers rejoiced!”

    There’s no doubt, you’ll all have a fabulous time together. Hope we get to see some photos again.

  13. Micki says:

    (-: Let’s play shopping mall! What a wonderful activity for a rainy day . . . or any day (-:.

  14. Danielle says:

    So not to turn this into “all about me” time, but I just found out that my own “sister” is coming to see me this weekend. She is actually my cousin but we grew up together and she just had a baby that I haven’t yet met. She lives in the prairies and I’m on the east coast of Canada, so I only get to see her a few times per decade.

    She totally surprised me – I had no idea she was coming and she just called to tell me that she’ll be here (with little Dominic and her man) tomorrow night. I’m so happy, there are tears streaming down my face. I’m such a sap.

  15. That’s a great article. I spent at least 20 minutes walking around stores. I think I’ll plan to stand up every half hour when I’m writing. i can’t stand much but it sounds as if the change of simply moving will be good for me.

  16. Egads says:

    Good article. I’d never heard of inactivity physiology–really helpful. Thank you, Toni.

  17. Excellent article. Thanks, Toni. Three days ago, I moved my laptop to the kitchen counter to check emails, etc. I’m three days into a new habit and better health. Yay!

  18. Kieran says:

    We got rid of all sitting down places for our computers last year. I have the kitchen family computer elevated on the same old desk but with a Target plastic storage box to lift it high and a scrap piece of wood to serve as the new tabletop. I wrapped some pretty vintage white lace pillow cases around it to disguise the storage container.

    Don’t forget if you want to look into treadmill desks, they are much more affordable these days:

    They used to be triple that price. Lifespan is good because the motor won’t burn out at low walking speeds, and the desk is separate from the treadmill, so your laptop won’t rattle. I finally invested in this one after my dad had made me my own treadmill desk that was great–except that the desk laid across the bars shook slightly. And the old treadmill, which was a regular one, couldn’t handle low speeds for hours and hours without overheating.

  19. JulieB says:

    I would love a treadmill and treadmill desk, but I really like the idea of moving the laptop to the kitchen counter! I think I’m going to do that, but I will also have to look at options for clearing a shelf in my office, so I can alternate sitting and standing when I work!

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