Krissie: NJ Day Three

That’s Jenny at her new workspace and Lani in the kitchen while they madly discuss Keurig coffee makers (the rental came with one and we’re all in love). That’s me looking skeptical. Don’t know why I’m skeptical, but I am.
I’ve been eating like a pig. Not buying anything fattening, just eating everything provided. But I had a salad for lunch and a low-cal sandwich for dinner, so things are good. Gotta get back on track.
I even got 1000 words written yesterday. Gotta find some time today, and starting tomorrow I hunker down. Maybe I’ll go downstairs and see if there’s a good spot for me to work.
The depression is back. I don’t think it went away, but I was just so busy being sick and packing stuff up and helping with the move that I haven’t held still long enough to feel it. It first hit me again when I was swimming at the hotel, and it’s hovering around my shoulders like a bad angel (and not the sexy kind). However, things are going well at home, and the good news is I know I can feel better. Back when I saw the doctor I didn’t feel like this was going to pass. Now I know it will. Intellectually, at least.
The one thing I don’t want to do is bring Jenny down. She’s under so much stress, and chipperish-speaking Lani leaves tomorrow, and I’m worried I’ll not only fail as a cheerleader but I’ll bring her down too.
Ah, well. I yam what I yam. Gotta bring in the bags of stuff and go through them, because it sounds like my son is coming down with Richie to pick me up, and there’s not going to be massive room in the car. I mainly scored Christmas presents so I’ll make sure those get back.
In the meantime, I suppose I need three things that make me happy. Jenny being out of the rut she was stuck in. Spending time with Lani. Uh … hell, pumpkin muffin tops from Panera. But I gotta get away from food making me happy, damn it.
I got a great email from my BFF, telling me I gotta think about me right now, and not saving everyone else. And damn, she’s right. I really have to concentrate on me.

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  1. I went to a bookstore last night. This is not really a good thing per se, but I was looking for a specific book on eating clean and came across this book which is why bookstores are not necessarily good places. I love them, I do, but I always spend too much.

    Okay the book is by Cheryl Richardson titled THE ARE OF EXTREME SELF-CARE: Transform You Life One Month at A Time. It is not a thick book at all, but it talks about how to re-define yourself from “Caretaker of the WORLD” to one of balance, the book calls it “An Upgraded Life”. I thought when your post was about taking care of yourself (again) that perhaps something new might help. Perhaps your local library could get it for you?

    Anyway best wishes and have fun with the Christmas gifts.

  2. Krissie, it’s okay if good food makes you feel happy. It’s when that’s where you go when you are unhappy or afraid or in any unpleasant emotional state that it becomes a problem. If it were a delicious apple that made you feel happy, would you feel bad about it? (Love honeycrisp apples!) Panera pumpkin muffins and muffin tops are one of my happies and one of the best pastries I’ve ever had! I just don’t go there if I’m feeling out of sorts and need a pick-me-up because that’s when it leads to fat and using food as a mood-regulator.

    I agree you need to focus on yourself, which includes all the good time you are having with your sisters and will continue to have with Jenny when Lani goes home. You’re going to be alright.

  3. Let’s talk Keurig. I know they’re expensive, and I was expecting great things. Had one at the B&B we stayed at a a week ago.
    I was not impressed at all. Thought it was kind of loud and slow and I couldn’t get the right cup for the amount of water that came out, despite three different settings.
    Do you really love it?
    I bought a cheapie one-cup coffee maker at the grocery store for one of my kids, and we used it here for a week before he left. I thought that was just as easy and quick, and I could get the right amount of water for the cup.

  4. Smoosh your face into that bright yellow wall o’sunshine and tell yourself that it’s ok to feel however you’re feeling. And it’s ok to enjoy the food you put in your body for nourishment. And it’s ok to enjoy your time with your sisters despite being depressed.

    Smooches to all of you!

  5. I love my Keurig. I bough a Keurig Vue last winter. I really wondered if I was going to regret it given how much it cost, but I really do love it. Ours makes great coffee. We got some Starbuck mugs that fit the 10 oz drink size perfectly. I use ours everyday. Not only that, I like how when we have company, everyone can choose their own thing — decaf, French Roast, hot chocolate, light, strong, whatever.

    But then, I’m a gadget girl (as my sewing room can attest).

    I don’t know that you have to actually feel chipper but I know it made a big difference in my mental landscape when I made a deliberate choice to look for the positive. It felt odd at first but soon it just became the way I operated. Though I am also a big believer in useful medications and wise therapists.

    Hugs and hope you feel better.

  6. Carol says:

    Love my Keurig. Newman’s Own coffee, decaf & full octane – love, love their coffee. Tulley’s half cafe when you want a bit more of a jolt over the decaf. And then there is the Nespresso for lattes and espressos.

    So sorry you are feeling so blue, go stand against the yellow wall.

    Safe trip home for all and a smooth transition for Jenny.

  7. Courtney says:

    Love my Keurig too. My parents gave it to us as a gift two Christmases ago. We use it every single day. We mostly use it to boil water for tea or hot chocolate. You don’t have to get the little K cups though. You can get a doohickey (technical term:-) at Kohls for about $15 that allows you to fill it up with whatever coffee you choose. Worth its weight in gold!

  8. Lynda says:

    My kids love their Keurig. I’ve never seen the attraction, myself. I use a small Mr. Coffee that I’ve had for years, and I know exactly what amounts of water and coffee beans it takes to make my requisite two mugs exactly the way I like them every morning. Takes no time at all. But different strokes, and all that.

    That sunny yellow does seem to suit you. Not a color I would have guessed for you, but then, I don’t usually think in terms of yellows. Among the goodies you’re taking home, do you by chance have a blouse or anything in that color family?

  9. Micki says:

    That’s a beautiful place.

    Moving is just a stressful thing, even when everything goes as planned. You’ll be there for a few more days, so you can see things settle down a bit.

    I think if you settle on a simple plan of eat well, write and do what you can to help, you’ll be OK. Maybe not fantastic, but it’ll be OK. All of those worries back home should be worried about back home. You have sufficient worries right here and now.

    Gee, I’m just a ray of sunshine (-:. Good thing you have those walls to cheer you up! They go so well with that wood, I think.

  10. Keurig lovers: do you think the coffee is better? I don’t do coffee, but I do love tea, both hot and cold.
    I guess I expected something miraculous for the price, but as I said, I got a cheapie one-cup coffee maker for my son at the grocery store, and it seemed to work as quickly as the Keurig and I could fill the water reservoir with the mug I was going to make a drink in. So I had just the right amount of water.

  11. jinx says:

    Jenny’s new workspace is gorgeous and cheerful. Have the three of you had any time to goddess-collaborate, or has it all been packing, cleaning, moving and coping with stress? If so, I’m surprised you’re just depressed and not totally homicidal.

  12. Stephanie says:

    I have no opinion on coffee makers. Can’t drink the stuff.
    Hopefully the feelings of overwhelm and depression will leave soon. I know you’ll enjoy Jersey. Eventually.

  13. Love the yellow on the kitchen wall. I’m going to have that color again someday. I hope I didn’t give the people at Crime Bake a stomach bug, Apparently I have one.

    No saving the world today for me – must stay close to the bed and the barf bucket.

  14. We did research, Keurig’s get clogged and you have to do something with a paper clip to make it run smoothly, or you don’t get the right amount of coffee. If you keep up with that then you’re good. If you don’t then the suckers only last a couple of years and only work like a dream in the beginning.

  15. Molly says:

    Keurig — TV Stevie & I were talking about these last night. They break down. All the time. We have several at the Day Job . . . ours have 3 cup size presets (not B-C-D!). But all those used K-Cups create an environmental nightmare. I might like it better if I still drank coffee or if there were other tea options besides Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger, which tastes like lemon Pledge, and I totally understand why they’re convenient for the workplace (no one ever wants to make the next pot of coffee), but pros and cons — nope. Not a good investment.

  16. They have all sorts of tea options: green tea, chamomile, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, etc…. The person who is buying for your office isn’t looking for the right tea if that is all s/he is buying.

    Our Keurig also came with a little filter that allows you to use your own coffee and not use the plastic tubs at all. We’ve had it for a couple of years now with no problems. We also always use filtered water which may help tremendously. It does with regular coffee makers.

  17. Anjemon says:

    My company buys an orange tea that goes in the Keurig, and it’s delightful. I’m not much of a tea person unless I’m sick, so I’m pretty picky. But the orange I love.

  18. Hope you get better soon, Kate. There’s nothing worse than, (well there are but…) will I, won’t I vomit.

    The rental looks good, lots of light and sun. Amazing how you all pulled this together so quickly.

    Perhaps, Krissie, swimming regularly would help. When DGD swam and trained 50 meters up and down, up and down, she said it was like meditation. Her body did the work, but her mind was relaxed and elsewhere. 🙂

  19. Jill says:

    I like my Keurig-the selection of hot and cold beverages, a fresh cup of coffee in 3 minutes. Joe drinks regular, I drink decaf.
    You do have to use the paper clip every so often 😉 and descale it. I gave a single cupper to our daughter and to a friend in the nursing home.

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