Krissie: Moving Day

Photo on 2013-03-08 at 09.12 So Crusie was saying we’d been so busy I hadn’t commented on the posts. And we have been busy. Tuesday we tried to go to the storage area and bring some of the stuff home, were De-nied, salved our wounded souls with Jo-anns, Ruby Tuesday, Marshall’s and Barnes and Noble. I have now completely caught the crocheting bug, even though my hands hurt, and am gleefully making off with all sorts of lovely yarn that Jenny is culling from her enormous stash (she has more yarn than a yarn store). So lots of nice, calming projects ahead.
Wednesday was laundry day (7 loads) and dropping by Sarah’s divine and expensive yarn store, where I bought Japanese yarn for … well, I won’t tell you. One of those rash moments, but I don’t regret it, and I had a little money tucked aside.
And then yesterday, the Move. Jenny, her realtor, realtor’s husband and son and a Budget rental truck made the hour-long trip, unpacked the storage bins and somehow managed to cram everything into the house. We’re trying to wend our way through things, my car is already back to the gills, and the dogs are so confused that Veronica and Wolfie ended up sleeping with me. And Milton, god bless him, is a trouper, getting stronger and better each day, plus Mona’s my girl.
Today we drive through a snowstorm to get a shot in Jenny’s eye, then come back and hunker down. I’m going to make chili again, so we have lots of nice, luscious stuff.
I only had a few hours sleep (too hyped up and in too much pain) so I’ll probably fall on my face in a couple of hours, but I need to wait until we get back home.
Here’s what the place looks like: Photo on 2013-03-08 at 09.11
I haven’t moved since 1986. Maybe I ought to rethink this whole relocating thing.
No, I’m decluttering. I’m good. And I know my colors, or at least the main ones.
More of that later — gotta get dressed for the doctor.

23 thoughts on “Krissie: Moving Day

  1. Maine Betty says:

    Oof. I sympathize. And kudos to Jenny’s realtor and family! One thing at a time, and ibuprofin for all.

  2. JulieB/Julie Spahn says:

    Yes – pace yourselves! I am prone to going until I drop – which can be OK, but not if you pull a muscle in the process.

    Krissie – just think of this as a testing ground for a happier local in the future. You can do this.

    Happy hunkering to the both of you!

  3. Carol says:

    Krissie – what kind of Japanese yarn? Noro? Habu? Inquiring crochet minds want to know!

    I do love yarns stores. My happy place.

  4. I don’t envy the moving stuff in, but it will all settle and everything will soon find its rightful place. And like childbirth you’ll forget the pain and discomfort. And maybe what you’ll take from all of this is that your own place is wonderful just the way it is. ; )

  5. Good luck with the snowstorm and the stuff storm now raging in the house. That is the one setback to moving. Though I love finding homes for things and making the place mine. Too bad I didn’t do that this last time. No wonder my house makes me anxious.

    I also wanted to point out that in that little tag word cloud thing the word HAPPINESS is now the biggest one. I’d say that’s a good sign. 🙂

  6. We are in our fourth house in the same town. We’ve moved about every three years and the last time it took three full-size box trucks and six moving men to get us from the last house into this one. In my defense, we acquired several children and a set of in-laws along the way from house #1 to house #4. It took me over a year to fully unpack, which is why we’re not leaving here until I shed a few kids and their stuff.

    Good luck to you both. Pace yourself. Stay in tag cloud happiness mode!

  7. Rouan says:

    Oh does that bring back memories! I am so grateful to be fully (well, nearly, there are some boxes II can’t unpack- nowhere to put the contents…yet) settled in. There was a time when I thought I’d never be settled.

    Good luck with organizing everything. And good luk with the trip to the doctor in the snowstorm!

  8. Friend CL came by today and helped me go through all my clothes, shoes and purses. We culled 4 trash bags full for the women’s shelter and good lord, my closet and dresser are so gorgeous and organized, it looks like the OCD fairy has been here. (oh, wait, she has!) I’m down to just the clothes, shoes, purses that I absolutely adore, nothing more. She was wondrously ruthless–if I hesitated longer than ten seconds, it was outta here, and some things, she simply said, “That looks awful” or “That looks like old lady, bag it…” It was grand! I’m seriously thinking of bringing her back for my kitchen. If you don’t have a hyper-organized friend, I’d consider renting her out…

    Oh, Kieran, she even matched up my bras and panties and folded each into a set…wow!

  9. Lynda says:

    Congratulations and sympathy on the move!! When we left Sacramento, we’d been in that house 26 years, so I know exactly what you all are going through. I swore then that I’m not leaving the current house until I’m carried out, and I remain steadfast in that vow. What’s sad, I guess, is that there are still a number of moving cartons that have never been unpacked, even after more than eight years here.

    I’m really glad you’re there for Jenny, especially while she’s getting her eye treatments. As important as the move is, I can’t think of anything more important than restoring her vision. Hugs and a bottle of Advil for both of you!

  10. That’s a hell of a lot of work. I remember my moves. This time is easier because I only have an apartment full of stuff (the rest is in a storage unit in Oregon, remember?) and it’s going into storage. Once I get job and either a small house, a duplex, or a 2-bedroom apartment, I’ll bring up the stuff from Oregon. THAT will require a bit of unpacking a buying new bookcases and all of that. But that is not for now.

    I hope that finding the right place for everything is a pleasant experience for you both. And do take care of yourselves and your aches and pains.

  11. Kieran says:

    Haha!! She sounds wonderful, Nan. My only matching set is all folded up nicely, but I told my husband I need an entire drawer for more of them, so he’d better watch out–I might be throwing all my socks into HIS bureau to make room. I don’t hear him complaining!! :>)

  12. Deborah Blake says:

    I have to say, you look great, especially for being in post-moving pain! And the house is very cool, and will undoubtedly be amazing once everything finds its proper place.

    That’s some realtor, too!

    Kudos to you and Jenny, and happy yarn-ing 🙂

  13. Jill says:

    The effort will be worth the comfy home. But , do not overdo. I did when I moved books and albums into my added on sunroom/library. I hurt my back so badly I spent 3 days in the hospital on drugs a drug addict would sell their soul for. My first and only ride in an ambulance. Be warned !

  14. Eileen A-W says:

    Glad the move is over. I hate moving and have been moving adult children yearly the pass few. There’s always too much stuff. Declutter is not a word in my husband’s vocabulary. We have to work on that. Krissie you are looking great & I love the look of the living room, in spite of all the boxes.

  15. Micki says:

    Moves are so painful, but a lot of good can come out of them. I need to pretend-move . . . get rid of a bunch of junk. We still have boxes from 17 years ago in the back of a container we bought to keep our “important stuff.” I don’t suppose it’s all that important if we haven’t touched it for 17 years . . . but I know there’s a copy of Don Quixote back there.

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