Krissie: More Progress

Photo on 2013-02-20 at 08.58 So, did I mention I kept the weight loss from Ebola? At Jenny’s I found I’d been eating so much that I’d oinked up to 241.5 (assuming her scale is right). After Ebola I was 231.5 (where I’ve been hovering for the past nine months). I got on my own scale Monday and I was at 231.3. So good for me.
I’ve kept my vow to do Netdiary every day. Two days at about 1500, and that’s being relatively careful. So I’ll try to start cutting that down a bit.
Can’t swim today because I’ve got a full day of grandson, but that’s okay. What I need to do is work while Alex is here. No, not write — that’s impossible. But some decluttering while he’s playing. No reason I can’t do that.
And Tim continues to do well. He came in yesterday, we asked how he was and he said “Just wonderful.” Me, being dense, said, “Oh, how nice.” Then realized he was being sarcastic and said something like, “oh, sorry.” And he, instead of thrashing around, pulled himself together and said “it’s not that bad” and went and did something productive (he’s been working in the woods). And there was another time when he stopped himself from letting his temper fly.
So good signs abound.
Got some writing done yesterday, though not a lot. Did some office decluttering (emptied two tubs of stuff I’d brought over from my mother’s). And then Richie and I went to bed early and read. It was very nice (he was reading about retiring to the Pacific Northwest, I was reading the new Ilona Andrews Edge book).
We did have a funny moment though. Tim was out, I was lying back in the recliner and Richie and I were being racily demonstrative in our affection when we heard the front door open. He and I jumped back as if a disapproving father had walked in on teenagers. (And it was pretty racy. We kiss and snuggle in front of the kids all the time — this was groping).
All in all, a good day, and today’s going to be excellent as well. It’s cold and snowy and blowy and I’m picking up Alex at McDonalds so Erin can make it to work on time (they had dentist’s appointments that she couldn’t break). So I’ll feed Alex junk food while I eat salad and we’ll have fun.
And I’ll resist the siren lure of French fries. It’s pretty easy to avoid burgers now — I just think of the pink slime they put in them and my stomach turns off. Ah, but fresh mcnuggets.
Down, krissie. Salad.
I’ll weigh myself next Monday. I hope attention to detail will start things moving downward again. It’s time.

20 thoughts on “Krissie: More Progress

  1. Kieran says:

    Great about everything, Krissie! Especially the mad groping!! :>)

    You can find basal metabolic rate calculators all over the internet, so enter in your numbers and see what your body needs every day to carry out basic functions like breathing. (Your basal metabolic rate is how many calories your body burns if you were lying in bed all day). In fact, on Net Diary, it should have told you what yours was.

    If you go below that with calories, your body won’t function well. And it will fight to keep on every calorie. Your moods will worsen, you won’t be able to think straight, and you’ll feel weak all over.

    If you range about 1500-1700 calories a day for a long time, your weight *will* come off. Instead of thinking of this as a diet, think of it as starting over with food and how you approach nourishing yourself. So please try not to do a crash diet low in calories. Do it slowly. And remember, reputable studies show that people who eat the same thing for two meals a day lose weight and keep it off better than people who eat completely randomly.

    Finally, a plant-based diet rich with good carbs like oatmeal is proven to be the healthiest diet of all. Too much protein wreaks havoc on kidneys and livers, and often that damage is irreversible. Say no to Paleo and Atkins. Eat good lean protein, but balance it with good carbs and good fats like olive oil and avocado. Try to eat a monosaturated fat every day. I actually slice up an avocado and eat a few slices a day. Nuts, too. Every day.

    People who eat plain Greek yogurt also sustain weight loss better and lose faster than people who don’t eat Greek yogurt. Grapefruit, too, helps with burning fat.

    Stay off real and artificial sugars, too, if at all possible. I indulge with a teaspoon of honey in my plain Greek yogurt (I add raspberries, too).

    Good luck!!!

  2. I wish we lived closer. I’d send you tons of grapefruit.

    I have to harvest my ruby reds today or tomorrow. They’re so huge and sweet and I’m allergic. And the tangelos this year are the best ever. I did have an ocassional one of those even though my lips tingled for hours afterward. : )

    So boxes and boxes will be transported to the food shelters. I guess it’s all good.

  3. Good for you! Horrible about how the weight came off, but it’s off and staying off. Whoot! Enjoy the little one and know you have cheerleaders out here waving pom poms for every accomplishment.

  4. Deb says:

    Hey, just to follow-up on what Kieran wrote….you might enjoy a program “Forks Over Knives”. I watched the dvd (available on Netflix) and found it very interesting–all about the benefits of a plant-based diet. Now, I’m a total carnivore and will never go completely vegetarian; but the evidence they presented was though-provoking. I highly recommend it.

    On the other hand, a 5 Guys Burgers just opened up near where I work and watching Forks over Knives hasn’t overcome that addiction AT ALL!

  5. Kieran says:

    I just talked to Dr. Ann today, and she said the ideal weight loss per week is 1/2 pound. That way you’re not losing muscle mass and you’re more likely to keep it off. So slow and steady wins the race!

    Robena, I wish I could have that grapefruit! That’s so nice that you send it to homeless shelters. :>)

  6. Sounds like a good day.

    And I’m lining up behind Kieran as well. And I’m going to add to her list – illness. Dropping your calories too low will impact your immune system and you’ll start catching everything walking by. And, no, vitamins alone won’t fix this. I had a friend who wound up in the hospital when she figured if she just loaded up on vitamins and cut back on food she’d be fine. She nearly died. Your body NEEDS actual real food to function. Take your time losing weight. Slow is fast. {{{HUGS}}}

  7. What! Darn it we already had our February meeting. I love Ruby Reds and eat them like an orange. I’d definitely take some off of your hands but I probably won’t see you for another month.

    Timing is everything.

  8. I just finished Wheat Belly and while some of it was okay other parts were just idiotic. This guy goes so far as to quote some PhD that the rise of the agriculture of wheat created sexism. OMG! Sexism is caused by wheat growing? Really? How’d they develop it in places like China and Japan then? Ergh!

    However, I am cutting wheat based starches out of my diet. I am not gluten intolerant or celiac or anything else, but I started this yesterday and lost 3 pounds (water weight) in a day. No starches after 3 p.m. and only starches like brown rice or quinoa or spelt or amaranth and only in their whole forms so no bread, crackers, pasta or stuff. I don’t actually miss most of it. We’ll see how it goes.

    The other idiotic thing about the Wheat Belly stuff was this Dr.’s insistence that it doesn’t matter what type of protein you eat because our ancestors ate proteins. Uh-huh. Pretty sure that my Paleolithic ancestors weren’t eating protein fattened up in a slaughter yard somewhere. Pretty sure it was game that they were eating which roamed around until it was killed. Game proteins such as venison, etc… are usually much lower in fat. What a doofus.

  9. Oops. Forgot to say that I love The Edge series by Ilona. I take it you’re reading Steel’s Edge? Fabulous read and now I can’t wait for the next one which probably won’t be out until next November, darn it!

  10. Micki says:

    (-: Good to be skeptical about claims like this. But the sexism thing? You could argue that it happened in Japan and China because of rice cultivation. Anyone can go out and hunt and gather, and I believe I read that in modern traditional hunter/gatherer societies, most of the calories eaten come from women gathering (and men hunting is sporadic and a huge bonanza sort of deal).

    But, pulling a plow? With a baby on your back, and two toddlers underfoot? It can work in a very fertile area, but once the fertility has worn out, it’s back-breaking labor, and I’ve read a lot of studies that say that agriculture was actually a step down from hunting-gathering once it really got rolling (in terms of calories).

    I would be suspicious about the wheat belly stuff. But . . . I’m also interested in giving it a try, because it doesn’t seem exactly harmful, and I could eat brown rice and amaranth and stuff for a month to see if it helped my problems. It does sound like SUCH a lot of work, though.

    (-: If you hunted squirrels and sparrows (my MIL was talking about how canned sparrows were a delicacy when she was a child last night!), you’d definitely lose weight. Bet you burn more calories learning how to trap the critters than you get in eating them . . . .

  11. Micki says:

    (-: Love the term “racily demonstrative”! Yay!

    I’m going to join the bandwagoon about your daily calorie intake. Does your doctor recommend that you go that low? It might be OK for a week, but definitely not for a year.

    OK, I did a little research, and looks like as long as you don’t feel sluggish, they recommend 1200 a day for women.

    But be careful with it, eh? A sendentary 5’10 male needs 2150 calories to maintain 230, one google’d source said. So, if you feel like eating 1500, you’d probably still lose weight.

  12. Sally Mettlesome says:

    Woo hoo to all the progress, healthy eating and groping! I am trying to get back on track with menu planning and planning to eat healthy. If I don’t do that, I start out good in the morning, forget to eat, then get too hungry and just eat whatever.

    I am reading Fat Chance by Robert Lustig (has a famous youtube video, I think; I haven’t seen it). I haven’t gotten to his recommendations yet but according to the TOC he will recommend fiber as supportive of satiety and exercise as important for health (but not much of a factor in weight loss).

  13. Reb says:

    Great to hear you’re making such good progress. It really does sound like things are picking up with your son.

    I’m impressed you’ve kept off the Ebola weight. I lost a pound from eating nearly nothing in the last couple of days. You’ve just inspired me to try and keep it off instead of catching up.

  14. Fantastic to hear your son is trying hard to control his temper. Sometimes maturity kicks in and suddenly they work things out for themselves.

    Being careful will certainly get things moving again. It’s not a diet it’s a healthy eating plan. I tell myself. 🙂

    My sister in-law found lactose free ice cream and bought me a tub. Eating it is naughty, but I haven’t had ice cream for a very long time. Still, I’ll have a little with berries and forgo something else.

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