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Photo on 1-16-13 at 8.59 AM So I thought maybe I was overdoing it on the curls. Using a curly shampoo and then a spritz in conditioner and crunching. So — I used moisture-rich shampoo and moisturizing conditioner and didn’t scrunch.
Curls. I got curls.
And you know, I like ’em. I’m not going to have time to get them shaped (I don’t think) but maybe Crusie and I will find someone in NJ (I sure the fuck am not going to get my hair cut in the city).
So, maybe that’s my Wednesday fabulous.
Say it loud, I got curls and I’m proud.

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  1. Kieran says:

    Every woman needs curls at least once in her life! When I moved to Scotland my junior year in college, I got a perm–a double perm, I had so much hair! And I went from being a straight-haired girl to looking like a blonde Amy Irving! It lasted a whole year, and I lurved it.

    Now decades later, if I don’t dry my hair, I have waves, which I like. But everyone else says my hair looks like a bush. Oh, wait. Everyone else is really just my mom. So…I’m going to ignore her and do my thang, the same way I did in Scotland.

  2. Think of how much women pay to have curls! My hair is wavy/curly when it is not too short but not too long. I’ve embraced the curl and if I want straighter hair, I just blow dry it straighter. I have options!

    I think your hair looks great, but it needs to be what you are happy with. After all, it’s your hair!

  3. I loved the woman who cut my hair when I was in Vermont with you, Krissie, but you’re right, it’s time to find somebody down here.

    How do you find a new salon? I ask because so far I haven’t seen anybody’s hair that I thought, “Oooooh.” Everybody looks fine, but not “ooooooh.”

    • I ask other hair dressers. Perhaps the one in Vermont knows someone in New Jersey? What about your daughter? Hmm, that might be a delicate question, eh? Never mind. The other thing is to go to a mall and sit down and start looking at women and their hair. Then you stop the one that makes you go “OH!” and ask about her hair.

    • Cindy says:

      I usually go to a salon that looks nice. I make friends with the person working in the front, and I ask her who she would recommend…who their best stylist is. I’ve lucked out every time.

  4. My hair was dead straight all my life–the completely flat, fine, perfectly smooth hair that would have been terrific had I just been a teenager in the 1960s, but was not remotely in style in my own adolescent decade of layers and feathers. Then…something happened. It’s not exactly curls but my hair when short goes cowlick-y all over the place. I sort of love it. It looks a mess, but it’s fun to have hair that does something more interesting than just lie flat.

  5. German Chocolate Betty says:

    When short which my hair has not been since my senior year of high school — gaaack!! that’s 40 years ago this year!! gaack!!! — wait a moment, I have process this…..

    (whines, keens and moans)

    Okay, I am back. When my hair was short it was fairly curly and wavy. Right now, and pretty much uninterrupted since I moved out of the house to go to college and didn’t have my mother nagging me to cut my hair, it is about hip length.

    For many years I wore a long braid. For the last 15 or so, I have coiled the braid and pinned it up. When I let dry on its own, there are wide, soft waves — and it is very, very full.

    Love the curls on others. Love the short haircuts on others. Moi?? I am too lazy and cheap to go to the hair dresser (trim myself once a year) — plus I absolutely hate having hair around my face (no bangs).

    Oh, yeah, and it’s going quite grey. I stopped coloring it about 5 years ago. I now have a silver Bride-of-Frankenstein streak going on on top of the underlying mousy dark grey.

    But it shines, people tell me it suits me. I once wore my hair down to a family thing and the next time she saw me, my sister-in-law said, oh, thank god, you’re back — (I only recognize you with it up!

    Sorry. Wandering there. Brain cells in burn out from dissertation work!

    • Jennifer.nennifer says:

      I would love to have hair to my hips – over the years mine just stops growing earlier and earlier. It sounds beautiful, and I am having vicarious pleasure.

  6. When my hair is real short It appears straight with a few spiky bits. : ) When shortish the waves show up. When longer the weight of my hair pulls those curls straighter but I have deep S-waves.

    I’ve often asked women in stores or movie lines about their hairdresser. These days I just go to Supercuts because I don’t want to pay $100+ for a cut and color. I color it myself, but I’m getting tired of that thus the bouncing back and forth from zebra look to color, to growing it out a bit, to getting frustrated, to shoving in more color…and so it goes on. The inner boss voice keeps telling me to make a choice and stick to it but that’s only good until I have a bad night and get scared when I look in the mirror the next morning.
    I know…cover the mirrors. : )

  7. I asked my top boss who cut her hair. She does it herself, so that’s no good. I don’t think she’d be into doing other people’s hair! We have a great hairdresser in this town, who I love. But I can never remember when she’s at work so I can call and get an appointment.

  8. My sister has curls and hates them. I have mostly straight hair which I can get to curl only if I bring in the heavy artillery. Hmmm. The curls look great on you!

  9. I would kill for curls. My hair is bone straight. It won’t curl. Even if I gel it and sleep on it in pin curls, they will only last a couple of hours if I spray the crap out of them.

    The only way I can get curls is to perm my hair. And if I haven’t in awhile they have to perm it twice close together to get it started. And then I have to keep perming it every three months on schedule. Be glad you have natural curls.

  10. Look at the curls! I love that. Very sassy. And fabulous, which goes without saying around here. I’m letting my hair grow out after having really short hair for more than ten years. It’s slow going and drives me nuts most days, but I’m hoping I can put it in at least a little pony tail by summer.

    Of course, I’m getting it trimmed tomorrow (after coloring tonight!) but only a trim. Good luck finding a hair dresser. I’ve been here nearly 9 years and have been through several. Finally found one I can stick with. Now she better never close shop.

  11. Love your curls. Covet the curls. I am in the bone straight school but I have LOTS of it. I have tons of hair and actually do not know who sheds more, me or the cats.

    I pay to have it cut and colored. The women in my family all color our hair. My mother is 77 and still colors her hair. I’ve been coloring mine since I was 16 and I see absolutely no need to stop now. In fact, I’ve had people ask me what my natural color is and the truth is that I’ve never seen my natural color as an adult. I know that I am getting gray’s and silver’s but it doesn’t matter because I color my hair and will ’til the day I die. I live by the motto:

    “Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

    I am pretty sure that Dylan didn’t mean hair color, but we all have to rage in our own way.

  12. Chris S. says:

    I have seriously curly hair: boingy, ringlet-like curls. People often ask me if I wish I had straight hair. Great gods, no! Then I’d have to learn to actually DO something with it.

    Curly hair: nature’s way of helping the truly lazy/helpless look all right without trying.

  13. Micki says:

    Isn’t it funny that nobody seems to really like what they have? (Except well-adjusted Chris, of course, LOL!)I have wavy hair, which I like fine, but I yearn for Rafaelite curls. My baby had R-curls, but absolutely hated it and actually cut off her hair when she was three. She wanted straight hair like her sister. And her sister wanted waves like mine.

    And my husband lives in fear of baldness!

    I love the curls . . . some days just turn out like that!

  14. I have thick, wavy, coarse hair. Down here in the humidity of South Florida and the sun, I worry about it getting too dry and too frizzy.

    Back in 2009, I started doing expensive keratin treatments which definitely got rid of the frizz and made my hair straight and “swingy”. I loved the new look but, over time, grew to not love the amount of time I had to spend on it. I like wash and go hair. With the keratin I needed to blow it dry and then, usually, flat iron it too.

    Last month, my stylist and I thought we’d try embracing my natural waves and curls. Now I wash my hair, put in some Diva Curls product (Great name!), scrunch and go. It took a little time for me to get used to the radically different look, but now I love it. I’m back in touch with years ago when I used to perm my hair to bring the thick waves under control.

    The key, I think, is that my stylist did a great cut with good texturizing that plays to my natural hair.

    I don’t know if it’s a woman thing, but when my hair looks great, I feel even greater.

  15. I had a hairdresser I loved. She did the best color. Then she quit to go back to school cause she was getting carpal tunnel.
    Took me forever to find someone new that I liked.
    I really like this one and she doesn’t seem like she’s going anywhere.
    I don’t have curls. I have waves. I used to hate them but now I like them. I keep my hair short and I don’t have to do anything but wash and brush it. Oh, and color it, of course. When I don’t color it, my gray looks like stringy horse hair.

  16. Eileen A-W says:

    I love your curls!!! I have them too & enjoy the compliments I get on them. You are looking really good Krissie. Have fun with Jenny.

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