Krissie: Indulgent

I was gonna say I defy anyone to feel rotten during such glorious weather, but that’s ridiculous. For one thing, without chemical intervention I’d get viciously depressed every spring. Suicide rates rocket around here. I think people feel that they’ve made it through the tough winter, and for what?
But since I take a cocktail of meds that work really well, I greet the glorious weather with a relatively light heart, and push the worries to the back.
238.5, which is still in the right ballpark. My weight always fluctuates so wildly that I’m okay if it’s in the right 5 pound range. As long as it’s between 235 and 240 I’m good. Now I need to get between 230 and 235. I’ve been nibbling on too many crackers, not paying good enough attention to NettieD. But I will.
The sleep was better last night, as was the stomach. I’m a little worried about what’s screwing up my stomach but there are a number of possibilities, including the aspartame that’s in the lemonade and iced tea I drink (not tons, but with less in my stomach it probably makes me more sensitive).
Of course I have the normal dark fears, but I’m not going to let that get me. I refuse to have a dread disease.
So I was thoroughly indulgent on Sunday and Monday. I worked a bit on the pillows for my mother, broke the needle on my serger and couldn’t find the screwdriver to change it so shifted back to the sewing machine (and I can’t find the extra feet for that but I made do with the basic one). Then went through a huge stack of sewing and quilting magazines (a banker’s box), keeping a few, ripping out quilt ideas from a few and putting them in plastic and tucking them in a 3-ring binder and piling most of them to give to the library. So that was decluttering and creative pleasure.
Yesterday I got up, went swimming, came home and spent the day downloading free quilt patterns on the internet. I highly recommend it. Just google the fabric makers, like
They have great patterns for quilts both simple and complex. I like stuff like this one:

plus purses, aprons, Christmas stuff, dog beds. Almost all the major fabric sites have free patterns, so I got to indulge both my quilting self and my shopping self, all without spending a dime.
I’m gonna work this morning, go swimming (PT today), then sew this afternoon. I’ll show you what I’m gonna sew tomorrow — I saw a simple idea for a new quilt for Alex, something to do with the bunny panels I bought right before my hysterectomy (I went into the quilt shop in a daze when they told me I was going under the knife in 5 days and bought fabric). Plus I need to plan what to do with the leftover ’30s 9-patch squares.
Fortunately none of this requires money besides gas to get to PT.
So life is good here.

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  1. Micki says:

    (-: Sounds like you are in a good place right now! Hearing about your crafting really inspired me and I tried making a daisy today. It’s a little lopsided, but the next one will be better. I miss working with fibers . . . .

    Enjoy your equinox tomorrow/today!

  2. Ylva Hedin says:

    Sounds like you really are going from strength to strength! Oh i didnt know of the free patterns… I really want to make my own apron!

  3. And when you discover all the blogs that have tutorials for incredibly cool projects, there goes the rest of your life! Glad to hear you are feeling good. I’d love to see pictures of those projects you’re working on.

  4. Krissie, I found a new-to-me product by Crystal Light called Crystal Light Pure. Instead of aspartame, it sweetens with a little sugar and stevia. The calorie count, while not 0 is still really low. I’ve been using that. I’ve cut back on the lemonade though because my stomach does better with less acidity. They have other flavors, too. Post-surgery, even almost eight weeks out, my stomach is still more sensitive than it used to be. Things that never bothered me before affect me more, so I’m working on being more cautious.

    Thanks to you, I started reading up on water-walking. I love water aerobics but can’t get to the local classes because they conflict with my work schedule. On weekends, my pool is warm enough for me to work out in. (It’s small, so swimming laps isn’t an option.) On Sunday I walked, did lunges, jogged, and did other exercises for at least 30 minutes. I plan to increase that time on my next water venture.

    In another month I’ll be able to go into the pool after work pretty much every day. My pool isn’t heated, so it needs to warm up just a bit for me to go in later in the afternoon.

  5. I’m on the Interweave Crochet mailing lists (there are also other Interweave lists, such as Sewing, Quilting, and multimedia arts called Cloth Paper Scissors), so I get a lot of free crochet patterns and I load them into Adobe Digital Reader on my laptop. Then I can read it via that, put them on my nook and read them that way, or just read the PDFs. When I get around to them. I also have a few book patterns from Cloth Paper Scissors because I want to make some handmade books. I have to learn to collect fewer patterns on paper (boy do I have a lot of books and booklets with patterns) and more digitally, or at least bookmark them so I can look at them later.

    So you want free patterns and links to cool sites and fabrics and yarns and stuff? Check out Interweave. No, they don’t pay me. I just love their stuff. Especially their crochet patterns.

    Right now there is a thunderstorm rumbling and tumbling outside and it’s almost as dark as night. We have not been getting sunny days a lot yet, but it’s been too warm for this time of year here in Houston. Looks like summer may be a killer.

  6. Tricia Halliday says:

    Thanks for the quilt websites. That love one is beautiful.
    Your face is is looking much thinner 🙂
    It is also a nice day in Scotland, it is a lot harder to get upset when it is nice outside. Have a great day.

  7. Yeah, the acidic part of the lemonade probably isn’t good for me. I used to like strawberry-kiwi. Or I can go with iced tea. There’s green tea with splenda (I think I’m okay with splenda at this point).

  8. Ah, Interweave. Great magazines. I’ll go look. I’ve also decided (decided when I was in Ohio) that it was time to cull my patterns. Haven’t gotten to that yet, but working on my quilting books. No more new patterns until I go through what I’ve got.

  9. A nice day in Scotland? I’ve been told it rains and snows every single day in Scotland. Clearly someone’s been tricking me.
    You guys! Scotland and Sweden and Germany and Australia and Japan! I want to travel!

  10. German Chocolate Betty says:

    Hey, Krissie, come and visit! Here on the banks of the Rhine we have room for a guest or two!

    If it’s any enticement, we look out of our bedroom window across the Rhine (about 100 yds away) to the ruins of an 11th century castle, at the base of which is the vineyard where we buy our “house” white. (We tell people we keep an eye on the grapes all summer long.)

    Today we have sun and warmish temps (60s). I am leaving work early to work in my garden. The snowdrops are gone, the crocuses are fading, daffodils are out, primroses in full glory and everything else is starting to peep out. I just bought a bunch of new bulbs (lilies, dahlias, etc.) and want to get them in the ground.

    BTW, I am also sunny because in less than two weeks I get my new poochie. She’s near Salzburg (Austria) and we are driving down weekend after next to pick her up, making a stop at my SIL’s in Munich on the way. Yoohoo! Nothing happier than a new dog!! (The 3 months without were TORTURE!)

  11. Hi,
    I think sometimes just having the sun shining and a blue sky and perfect temperatures is enough to make any day better. Hard to feel bad when it’s so glorious outside.
    Go out and enjoy.

  12. Ylva Hedin says:

    Yes come here! Its sunny today! 🙂
    Ive took a long walk with the dogs down to the lake! Wonderful!
    Ah but I love scotland. Been there a few times and it only rained once… 🙂

  13. Lord it is beautiful today. I took one of my classes outside and we played musical games instead of learning songs inside. If it weren’t for the gigantic car eating mud holes on my road the day would be perfect.

  14. Robin S. says:

    Glad things are looking up, but coming here is making me itchy twitchy to work on crafty stuff and I really need to work outside!

    Good luck on going through your stuff. That’s always a tough one for me and takes forever ’cause I browse as I go. 🙂

  15. I love Interweave, too. They really are the gold standard for crochet Well, them and the Japanese. Japanese crochet books are like crack.

  16. German Chocolate Betty says:

    Same as the one I just lost: Australian Cattle Dog (red). She’s not quite 5 months old, so will be a bundle of energy (they’re high power dogs). I hated being without one too…. My husband never had pets before, so he’s got a surprise coming with the new baby (had 5 years with the old one, who died at 17 and was, of course, for the breed quite placid.)

    What kind of dogs do you have??? (My dream is a whole PACK!!!)

  17. Right there with you in wanting an entire pack of dogs! HEH – The Prince was somewhat disgruntled to find out that “puppy” isn’t the calm, mellow, obedient part of a Labrador’s lifecycle. He’d run away with a circus if we got an Aussie dog LOL. Enjoy all that brilliant puppy energy!

  18. Mary Anne in Kentucky says:

    Red! Yay! (Can’t reply below.) I’ve decided my next ACD must be a red. Happy puppy breath to you!

  19. Gwendolyn says:

    Yes, it’s lovely outside … if it were summer! It’s the first day of spring, where’s the snow, the ice, the sleet! I’m not ready for summer, I’m a freaking redhead, so pale when I’m alseep people check to see if I’m still breathing. Do you know what this sun can do to fish belly white skin? And let’s not get into what the high pressure system can do to my fibro. On the other hand, I’m getting the itch to pull out my planters and see what plants made it through the “winter”, making bright green pillow covers, bought plastic green apples because the real ones bring on the fruit flies. So, even though I would prefer a smoother transition from winter to summer like say SPRING you are right iti’s a lovely day and who can feel anything but optomistic?

  20. German Chocolate Betty says:

    I know, they are such cool dogs. Like the blues as well, but started with a red and now hooked. I have bought some puzzle toys and plan to do agility with her. Good for both of us. And with the Rhine a few steps away, she can swim to her heart’s content (there are bays formed by fingers so I don’t have to worry). Fun, fun. My poor hubby thinks he knows what’s waiting, but he’s got NO idea. I warned him, and he was absolutely positive he was okay with it.

    I’ll keep you posted…!

  21. Ylva Hedin says:

    Oh I have australian terriers 3 of them! <3 I really like the cattledogs too… 😉 I dont think I will own one… Im to much like a terrier myself… 😉

  22. Ylva Hedin says:

    The best thing about puppies… they grow up! 😉 I really want one tho… but I dont think anyone else in this house is with me on that… 😉 our yuongest dog is just 12 month…

  23. It’s great to see your happy face, and positive attitude to spring. We’re in Autumn now, but makes no difference I sneeze any season.

    We’re going through our stuff room by room, starting with the walk-in robe. I have to wrestle accumulated stuff out of DH’s grasp…he might need it one day…but when he does, he can’t find it. 😉

  24. Jen Wyatt says:

    Is that the same as an Australian shepherd? We had one and he was a lovely, wonderful dog. Blue merle color. Sweet and loving 24/7.

  25. Reb says:

    and you’ve got NZers here too. We’ve got a spare bedroom. Come visit! My city’s a bit of a hard sell since last year’s quakes but things are settling down.

  26. Ylva Hedin says:

    Jen: no… there are australian shepard, australian cattledog, australian terrier and mabye a heeler too?!? Not sure about that…
    very comfusing when all this breeds are called “aussies” for short! 😉

  27. German Chocolate Betty says:

    Ylva, “heeler” is an alternate name for a cattle dog. That’s because they drive cattle by nipping at their heels. My first ACD used to try to “drive” my husband and me by nipping at *our* heels and, once she followed me down the stairs and nipped at my butt! However, we discouraged her from her herding instincts and she stopped with the nipping. She did, however, continue to try to “herd” our six cats — with the expected (lack of) success! (smile)

  28. German Chocolate Betty says:

    Yes, Micki, I agree. The next time we are gone on a more extended vacation, I will let the Re-Fabbers know that there is a lovely house on the Rhine available for housesitting (comes with dog and cat)… Maybe someone will want to have a cheap vacation here!

  29. Ylva Hedin says:

    Ah ok! So then its 3 australian breeds then. Ofcourse Australian shepard isnt from Australia at all but from the US… 😉

    Ah! I see… our oldes aussie is quite a herder but the terriers was used in a pack and some of them was on the ground “heeling” and some of them jumped from back to back on the sheeps! 😉

  30. German Chocolate Betty says:

    The Australian Cattle Dog does come from Australia and is in fact part Dingo. My recently departed ACD looked quite dingo-like (even had the diamond at the base of the tail like dingos do, which you can only see in red ACDs). People sometimes asked if I had a fox on the leash. Just before she passed on, we were in a shop at the Baltic Sea with her and another patron came in, looked at her a moment and said, oh, a little fox! (smile)

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