Krissie: Home Again, Home Again

Lani and Alastair are taking me to the airport at the crack of dawn (or maybe a little bit before dawn). We’re leaving around 4 am. Turns out I’ll see my son — he flies out in the evening, so we’ll be ships that pass in the night, but I’ll be so happy to see him before he goes.
And then I’ll be home, facing reality. Our house will be ours again — no trauma, no “are they going to break up or aren’t they?” going on. Well, I’d prefer the question to the reality of breaking up, but if it’s always going to be the unhappy ending I’d just as soon have it fast.
But I’ll see my darling Richie. And I’ll sleep on the plane, and all will be well, I’m sure. I’ll check in when I get home, probably weeping copiously.
I really, really prefer happiness over sadness. And I do think happiness can be achieved if you work at it and can let go of things. The serenity prayer had it right — accept the things you cannot change, change the things you can.
So I’m off into the friendly skies tomorrow, leaving Squalor on the River for Squalor Holler. I’m going to miss them so much.
It’s good to know when you have sisters to watch your back. A place you can run to, where you’re safe. Do you have any idea how rare that is?
Of course you do. How many of us have that to count on? Well, some of you may have families to turn to – mothers or sisters or such.
I’ve got my sisters here by the river.
Thank God.
update — here’s me in Washington, waiting for my next plane. I do look like something the cat dragged in — I only slept an hour. It really will be good to be home, no matter how much I hated to leave.

17 thoughts on “Krissie: Home Again, Home Again

  1. Huh. My first — very negative — thought was that you can only depend on your German Shepherd. And even then only if your neighbor isn’t holding a lamb chop.

    Reality suggests that Home is, indeed, the place that “when you have to go there, they have to take you in.”
    I find my relatives intensely irritating, fundamentally unable to grasp a clue, and sometimes –ah, just sometimes — a refuge in times of trouble. Even if they are the ones who initiated the trouble.

  2. Well…all I can say is HUGS all round. Hope all goes well with your son.
    Jenny better make sure her vibrator is where she left it 😉 I’m off to shower and bed with Crazy People. 😉

  3. German Chocolate Betty says:

    Krisse has no need for Jenny’s vibrator — she’s got Richie again!

  4. I’m happy that you had a healing trip with your sisters. Safe travels. Glad you get to hug your son before he leaves. That will put you both in a little better place. Then literally kiss him goodbye and get back to life with Richie, and some much needed peace and quiet.

  5. Hope the flights are/were swift and gentle. I bet you’re going to be so happy to sleep in your own bed. Give the kiddo a hug, embrace the all-too-deserving Richie and keep smiling!

  6. Ylva Hedin says:

    Great that you have had a good time and to come home again is always nice! You look fantastic! 🙂 As always!

  7. For all the problems and sorrows in your life, you are among the luckiest to have the sisters. Envy is destructive, so I don’t envy you, but–what’s a non-bad word for thinking how nice it would be to have that? I do rejoice in your richness!

  8. I woke up and the house was so empty. Only Lani, Alastair, Sweetness, Light, Wolfie, Veronica, Milton, and Mona. The place just ECHOES without you, Krissie, come back!
    On the up side, I get to go find my vibrator.
    We really do have to move someplace close to each other. This planes, trains, and automobiles stuff is getting old.

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