Krissie: Grrrr

So I checked Netdiary and I was eating too little. Obediently ate more. Not bad stuff, just more, like a bowl of bran cereal (my body really likes it and that’s all I’m gonna say) and lots and lots of fruit and a huge salad (with too many croutons but wtf).
Missed weighing since the day after I got home, so I popped out of bed, all hopeful and got fucking 243 again!
Now, mind you, my rings are so tight I can’t get them off. And … my clothes are loose. I had to put my bra on a tighter hook, my turtleneck flows around my hips instead of clings, and the (elastic) waistband of my jeans is loose. So I’m not going to have anything more than a temporary hissy fit, stamp my foot, and then go back to work. Haven’t been able to swim (next week) but I found my Richard Simmons sitting dvd (still shrink-wrapped) so presumably that’ll have fun music. And I’m fond of Richard. I know he drives a lot of people crazy but I think he’s basically a sweetheart, and I like over the top personalities.
But mostly I’ve got to ignore everything and work. I’m gonna ditch seeing my mother today because my sister’s former partner always visits on Saturdays. If I can find a little time to sew that would be great, but mostly I gotta put my head down and concentrate on getting work done. First, because it’s overdue. But second, because I always feel better when I’ve written.
But I learned with the last one that I have to watch it. I made myself feel so sick from exhaustion when I finished the last book that I vowed never to do that again. So I am going to make time to swim next week, damn it. And I’m going to do something crafty at least a couple of days a week (either jewelry or sewing). Or I’m going to go insane.
Life shouldn’t be about the destination. Yes, I need to finish the book and come up with a proposal. But I love both of the stories and to beat myself up over them robs me of the joy. And if I take everything else out of life but my duties it’s makes me sad and sick and colorless.
Here’s my challenge. Not to let numbers get me down. They can annoy me, but I’m not going to pay attention.
Get the work done, but do it joyfully.
Go to my sewing machine and play.
I’ll worry about weeding out the clothes and the patterns after next week (when the book is due).
Or … I can sit on the bed watching tv and going through baskets of clothes. Same with patterns.
Oh, and damn, I want to finish the new Teresa Medeiros book, THE PLEASURE OF YOUR KISS, which absolutely rocks! Plus I dug out the book I never read, called I DON’T HAVE TO MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY, which I think might be useful.
Aiyeee!!! Too many things.
Bird by bird, Krissie. Bird by bird.

38 thoughts on “Krissie: Grrrr

  1. Sue says:

    I recommend throwing out the scales for now (or even forever). If your clothes are telling you that you’re getting slimmer, believe them.

    Using scales can be both demoralizing and depressing. And that just leads to more binge eating. IMHO.

  2. Ro Heim says:

    Opt for doing something crafty. Going insane isn’t nearly as good.
    Losing weight slowly is a good thing. You’re making progress and making new (good) habits that will last longer than quick fixes.

  3. Life can be overwhelming in the quiet times. Cut yourself some slack. Treat yourself the way you’d treat Jenny and Lani, with similar expectations. You will get things done but don’t beat yourself up thereby sucking all the joy out of life. Bird by bird, indeed. I remind myself of that all the time. It helps. Hmmm, I wonder if I should teach the parrot to say that.

  4. Gin says:

    I needed to be reminded about this: “I always feel better when I’ve written.”

    I’ve been working so hard at avoiding writing, that it’s leaving me exhausted, when if I’d just write, I’d have energy to spare!

  5. Don’t worry about the numbers, Krissie. Just stay on track with your eating and exercise plans and I’ll bet by the end of next week the numbers will drop. You and I seem to do that dropping of weight thing every 7-10 days. I’ve been exactly the same number, even to the ounces for five days. I smile every day and say, “Sneaky little bastard.” The good thing is I haven’t put any weight on, and I feel good. Off to LA for the weekend, but I’m taking my own food. Hope I can resist what my daughter has in the house. ; )

      • Micki says:

        If you need another reason to go swimming, I often find that the water pressure seems to squeeze me a little, and I have to pee like crazy soon after doing it. If it’s water weight, the water exercise might help in more ways than one. (And if you are working out plot-points while you are walking, it’s all win, all around.)

  6. Krissie,
    Only way I ever got to the point of exercising regularly was to ignore the scale. To tell myself I don’t do it for the scale. I do it because I want to be strong, and I feel better when I exercise, and I have muscles and a firmer butt and thighs and arms.
    I can do it for that reason. Can’t do it for the scale, because then if the scale doesn’t move, I get discouraged and want to quit.

  7. Krissie, I’m so impressed with the work you’ve done and continue to do. I must give up sugary treats because not only do they put and keep my excess weight on, they put me into a coma nowadays. So it’s really bad if I have cookies for lunch because then I’m sleepy for my drive home from work! I would be delirious to have my clothing fitting better — it’s my goal, alone with Teresa’s strength and better muscles.

    Ignore the numbers and give yourself huge kudos for the tighter bra strap and looser clothing. Woo hoo! You go, girl!

    • I’m 90% sure that my weight loss is from cutting out sugar. I’m not watching fats at all, but I’m keeping an eye on the kind of carbs (no white flour or rice, etc) and cutting out sugar almost completely and the weight kind of fell off. It was weird. I think the Metformin takes weight off, too, but mostly it was not eating sugar.

      • I was on Metformin for a few years and it never took off weight, so my vote goes to your weight loss being due to cutting out the sugar. Good for you, Jenny!

        Krissie, I truly believe that it will help you to separate from the scale for awhile. You’re eating right and exercising whenever you can. You are definitely losing weight, regardless of what the actual numbers say.

        What if you keep a check list so at the end of the day you’ll have written evidence that you followed your food plan, exercise, etc.? That might be a good way to positively reinforce yourself for sticking to the plan and it will get you through the times when the scale numbers don’t cooperate.

      • Jill says:

        The Dr Gott method of weight loss is no sugar and nothing white. I could do the nothing white but could not give up my chocolate. I have lost 20+ pounds since August. Not on purpose-the result of some meds I was on and am now off. I think I have put 4 pounds back on. At least my pants stay up now.

    • Skye, have you had your blood sugar checked recently? You sound suspiciously like I did before I was diagnosed with diabetes. If your blood sugar is creeping up this would be a good time to catch it and correct before it’s beyond return. YMMV.

  8. Courtney says:

    Congratulations on all your non-scale victories (NSV), Krissie! Ignore that old stupid scale!

    And yes, definitely spend some extra time crafting and enjoying your amazing creativity. You deserve it!

  9. JulieB says:

    Look at you positives – you obviously have been using a lot of mental will. You’ve cut the Diet Cokes. You cut calories (albeit too far, but now you know and can correct that). Your clothes are looser. You’ve navigated your travels and managed to make healthy choices. You’ve racked up a lot of gold stars.

    As for the swollen fingers – maybe some more water or non-caffienated tea would help. Or maybe some asparagus. 🙂

  10. Merry says:

    Net Diary is very useful, but some days I don’t want to look at the Daily Details tab. Every time I scroll down and read the recommendation, it wants me to exercise several hundred calories more per day. I keep /telling/ it that it’s ok for my weight to go up and down : that’s the way it works and it’s ok, so long as the net movement is downward.
    “Ah, no.”says NetDiary. “Water weight does not compute. Go exercise 900 calories more for the day, and that will make me happy.”
    Grrrr indeed.

    • I call her Nettie D. Every time I have an egg, she screams about my cholesterol and saturated fat. I think she has egg issues, possibly something from her childhood. I feel for her, but I’m not giving up eggs, that’s just crazy talk.

      • They did a scientific study on eggs, and they aren’t nearly as bad as everyone thought.
        Eat your googy-eggs and enjoy 🙂

        (goog pronounced the same as book) 😉

  11. Krissie you are a wonder! I’m so glad you are planning sewing and jewelry as well as writing. Those activities are also good for the soul.

    You are an inspiration to me. Balance. Work within time restraints without killing myself by working way late into the night. Make time to write everyday, but it’s the journey, not the destination – so make the journey fun.

    • Meant to add, I talk to my scale sometimes. Usually I cuss at it. Sometimes, I just rant.

      “What do you mean, still XXX? Are you crazy? Have you seen how good I’ve been?”

      Although a simple, “Fuck you!” is usually sufficient and highly satisfying.

      • Merry says:

        I was given the Mary Lou Retton scale for a blog review. It’s a scale that doesn’t care what your total weight is; it is only concerned with a window of 10 pounds above or below your original weight. (if you lose 10 pounds, it resets to make the new weight a starting point.) the scale says out loud, in Mary Lou’s voice, how you’re doing in regard to your starting point.
        It’s a neat idea if you get overwhelmed at the thought of all the weight you have to lose, and it’s great for maintenance, if you want to focus on staying in a certain range. But it’s got the fatal flaw that the scale speaks to you in Mary Lou Retton’s voice, which is insanely perky. Hard to take first thing in the morning or if you’ve been eating too much. The FAQ specifically states that you really should not shoot the scale.

  12. Okay, I’ve got a few addictions. Sugar–Yup, I’m a white powder druggie. Books–the crutch guaranteed to make evil things disappear. Electronic Cigarettes–smoke free for 26 yrs, and then I slipped back. 4 mgs of nicotaine in a cartridge. Sucked down whenever I write, or am on the phone with my MIL. Expensive Underwear–The girls enter a room 5 minutes before I do. I’ve got to spend major dough on a very good bra. Pedicures–Because you never know when you’re going to get hit by a Mack truck. Lush Bath Bombs–Because they make me happy. That is all.

    These are all coping mechanisms.

    And my final, and most recent addiction: Reinventing Fabulous–Because it makes me think; because it introduces me to a whole bunch of thoughtful and funny women; and because it speaks to me in a way that is both meaningful, and thought-provoking.

    Thank you, Krissie. Thank you Jenny. And thank you, Lani.

  13. Kathryn says:

    I remember reading something from Rita Mae Brown years ago (maybe from “Writing From Scratch?” I don’t remember). Anyhoo, something about how important physical excercise is to writing, because no matter how many people think all you’re doing is slouching around, writing can be PHYSICALLY hard work.
    To have the stores of endurance required, she scolds new writers to excercise every day. The brain requires it, therefore the writing requires it.
    Me, I’m already on my feet 6 days a week in a physically demanding job, so the best thing I do for myself is plant myself on the floor and ssstreeetch. The legs, ankles, all of it. Can’t get to the pool? Stretch it out. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel. Arms, shoulders, woohoooo!

    And, yeah, ditch those scales. Once a week is plenty. It’s how you feel that’s important.Every day? That’s just a mind fuck. (oh, dear, excuse me)

  14. Jen says:

    I’ve lost over 100 pounds, and can tell you…sometimes your weight loss won’t show up until the next week. Just keep doing what you’re doing. I would stay the same one week, then the loss would show up as 2 pounds the following week, stay the same, 2 pounds…slow and steady lifestyle changes WILL win the race.

  15. I know from experience that it is easy to get addicted to the numbers on the scale, when it is really how you feel that it is important. Rather than weighing yourself every day, perhaps only get on the scale once a week? Focus instead on the fact that your clothes are looser and that you feel better.

    Giving up sugar made a huge difference for me. I had aleady given up dairy but I still felt lousy and was getting horrible migraine headsches. I didn’t lose a lot of weight according to the scale but I did lose a significant amount of fat just about everywhere, without a great deal of extra effort. Over 2 years, I went down 2 dress sizes. And I felt much better. Double bonus.

  16. Karen says:

    I second, (third? fourth?) both quitting the scale and giving up white things. Jenny if you want to see more about eggs and fat and ditching the sugar, check out the Schwarzbein Principle, she’s an endocrinologist, who treats diabetics and says we need healthy fat. My weight is definitely better following a plan like that, seems like yours is too.

    Krissie, you’re doing great, the clothes are what’s important. You’re getting healthy and changing your habits and must be visibly smaller and anyway, the scale is the devil.

  17. Ylva Hedin says:

    Sounds like a good plan! If you find ways to feel good, then the chores and boring stuff gets easier… I have always been “dessert first” kind of gal… Not just in eating but in life. If you make shure you have time for fun the other stuff often get done faster…

    Sounds like a good book!

    And dont get depressed over the weight… thats just a number if you feel like you lost weight you probebly have!

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