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We need lights for our friends today. For the new ones, like Cara the Mother Superior in Sound of Music and Cakemaster at Bien Fait Bakery (Isn’t Cakemaster a fabulous title?). I don’t have a whole lot of physical friends (as opposed to virtual ones like you guys) but the ones I have are choice. Sally, my BFF since we were 8 years old. Crusie and Lani, my sisters. My cousins, Helen and Emmie and Ginny. Marph, my old roommate. Lynda.

There’s Kathy and BK and Sister B and Jo and Lynn and Alicia and so many others who are writing friends. There are you guys, even though I’ve never met most of you. I guess I have more friends than I realize. Let’s really light this sucker up with our friends, even the difficult ones (and we all have ’em).

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  1. Shelly, Theresa, my two oldest school pals. Catriona, battling cancer, Sheryl and Claire from university, Sue, who used to be glum, but is not any more, Rebecca, who started as a virtual friend, but is now a true buddy, Diana, who started out as the only other working mother of all of the mothers from Minion No.1’s class ten years ago. Those are my real buds.

    And my best friend of all, the DH.

  2. I have a big group of friends, and keep meeting new people and adding more. So my tree is aflame, or overloading circuits.

    But my closest of the close are R, J and Z. This year, R gave me a Christmas prezzie that said, “God made us best friends, because he knew our moms couldn’t handle us as sisters.” She the one who got the “Be reasonable, do it my way” sign I’d linked to.

    I just ran into J at the iStore, we both bought MacBooks today. We’d talked about it but neither had made firm decisions. (I’m still freaking at the cost. But it was a needs must thing. Either MacBook or iPad- now or never.)

    Z is the centre of our high school group, because of her, EVERYONE else sticks together. She ensures we meet for dinner and barbecues and thus we all (about 10 of us) still keep in touch. Not bad for a diverse group that’s been out of school for about 14 years.

    All 3 are a blessing to me and are often listed in my gratitude often.

  3. Tammy, in Colorado – I’ve known her now longer than I haven’t known her. Tony and CJ, who met during a production of The Rivals that my hubby directed, 25 years ago. (We had dinner with them last night.) Wendy, my best friend in 4th grade, who still puts up with me. Sam, a new friend, who feels like the best of an old friend. Gary who totally believes in me (and vice versa) – another person who’s been around since before any of us had kids. My brother Greg, who has turned into a wonderful friend and a restful place to hide.

    There’s Linda and Julie, from middle school. Tally, the gal I taught how to be kissed for the first time (as Juliet) while I was 8 months pregnant. Darrell and Janet, the nurses around the corner from us.

    Then there are my writing friends, both in-person and online, as well as the friends here I’ve come to recognize. I am blessed.

    Thanks for this one, Krissie. My heart overflows!

  4. My quilt group buddies, particularly the Kindred Spirits because we share the troubles that come to visit but mostly laugh and laugh.

    I’ve just reconnected with my best friend from childhood days and it was so wonderful to talk to her and realize we still have so much in common.

    And there’s ReFab, too, which is such a lovely meeting place!

  5. Kelly S. says:

    First and foremost, my DH.

    From college, Chris (my BFF), Michelle, Ray, Steve, Jeff, Gus, Andy, Tess, Amy, Scott, Greg, Tim, Michael, Bob, Mark <– I went to an engineering college.

    From church, Bill, Jill, Laurie, Jon, Tim, Heather, Tony, Jim, Arnez, Katherine, Eric, Shana, Steve, Steve, Doug, Sabrina, Josh, Marc, Star, and many more.

    From quilting, Linda, Kay, Heather, John, Dan, Dara, Vickie, Johanne, Carla, Denise, Kate, Mary, Helen, Deb, Jean, Coreen, Clint, Rosemary, Betty, Louise, and many more.

    From work, Rachel, Terri, Lisa, Elizabeth, Ranti, Kathleen, Jenny, Christine, Emily, Leah, Ben, Nathan, Devin, Hailey, Nancy, the ITLP group, and many more.

    Virtually, ReFab and tweeps.

  6. Redwood Kim says:

    This is the first virtual community that I’ve really joined. IRL, I’m going to put K, S, and S on there – best mommy friends out there. And I’ll throw in my coop preschool crowd, because they get me through a lot, too. And my next door neighbor, K.

  7. My Seattle friends S, L, M, & C, who want me to move back here so badly. Plus my new Seattle-area friend Bette Noir who joined the move back choir.

    My Oregon friend H and my mom’s friends P, D, and J. They are like extended family.

    My Betty friends whom I’ve met, J, S, D, G, and M, and all the Betties and Refabbers I haven’t yet met.

    My best Houston friend B, even though he doesn’t have much time for me anymore.

    These are people who add light to my life and make me feel cared for and important, which are essential to me.

  8. Hmmmm? I had to stop and think about this one. Who do I immediately notify with good news? Who gets my back in time of need? I’ve moved around a lot in my life so no strong anchors except for family.

    My mom and ex-mother in law are friends. My sisters are friends. My adult kids are friends. I have writer friends, beta reader friends, critique partner friends, virtual friends, book club friends, but as far as one best friend, I don’t have that any more. At my age death, illness, and relocation cause friendships to come and go.

    I’ll light a light for friends past, present, and future.

  9. pamb says:

    My husband & my daughter. Lucky, lucky me!

    Lots of friends, but Cheryl’s the sister I didn’t have until I was 44 and Teresa’s filled a gap I didn’t realize I had–not a sad gap, just a gap.

    The online group that’s been together over 20 years, willing to be naked, anxious to support, rowdy as frat boys when there’s reason to celebrate.

    Our high school gang who plan the reunion every 5 years, but meet for dinner 4 times a year during the “off” years. Most of us have known one another since junior high days, over 50 years. A lifetime of shared highs & lows & realities. Our kids are good friends. Strings that form a net.

    I live one of those sappy, cozy romances. 🙂

  10. Dee–my dear friend who is fighting a ferocious battle with cancer–we raised our boys together. She got to see Son and meet Grandboy yesterday, a day that included lots of laughter through tears. CL–who is my rock. Mae–who always makes me smile. Di–who inspires me to adventure. Sister PJ–who is the best woman ever.

    My new lake ladies–whom I treasure more every moment.

    All my friends from ReFab and IRWA and online buddies–I love this community…thanks all of you for being here!

  11. KellyR says:

    Jane is my oldest friend, Cyndy is my closest friend, and I also have my beloved Tina from my last job and the fabulous Alexis and Hillary at my current job.

  12. Lois says:

    I am so lucky to have many friends. Some much closer than others. The three I met over 30 yrs ago and have become family: B,L,&S.

  13. Micki says:

    I have two good friends in another town, but one has decided to stop talking to the other. Her reasons are her reasons, and it’s not my place to judge them, but I feel very caught in the middle, so I don’t see either of them as much as I’d like to. So I’m giving them two pretty blue lights in hopes that they can find some way to move beyond this.

    My green friend, Elizabeth, who also is my gardening and cooking friend. My pink friend, Hilary, who is my writing buddy. My silver friend, Myron, who is one of the wisest people I know. And a whole string of tiny golden fairy lights for my friends I know through work or through the internet.

  14. Oh my gosh. I am so blessed with friends that I could set the tree on fire with their candles.

    There are those I’ve known since we were 4. Those from high school and college. Those I first met 20 years ago. Still more with whom I’ve become friends through writing. Now let me add my work family and those people who joined my life in the last 7 years.

    Thinking of all these people who are so dear to me makes my heart smile.

  15. Redwood Kim says:

    I’m double-posting, because right after I posted the first time, I quit my bunko group. And I thought of another friend, Olympia, with whom I worked for a very short time long ago, but who left me with these two observations: “You’re kind of hard on yourself, aren’t you?” and “Your reasons are your reasons, you don’t need to justify them.” So I’m putting her light on the tree, and throwing another lump of coal underneath. My bunko group got me through some hard times, but the dynamic has changed for the worse. So I’m saying goodbye.

  16. Carol says:

    J – my bff since I was 22.
    S – my bff from 12 – 22, who miraculously came back into my life this year.
    Best husband ever.
    The online group that knows where all the bodies are buried.
    Crochet friends E, B, L, J, N – who help me while away Sunday afternoons with yarny goodness.
    H – who walks with me and listens
    Too many others to name, but let’s just say, it’s gotta be a big tree to hold all the lights!

  17. This is one area in which I lack these days. I have some very good friends I’ve met through writing who have become very important to me. I just hate that they all live so far away. Mo in Cali. Hellie in MO. Marn in NJ. J in NC and S in NY. S in FL and J in AR.

    I do have a cousin here in town and we’ve been working at becoming friends. She came over and hung out today for the first time ever and it was nice to sit and talk.

    I like Roben’s sentiment. My word for 2013 is openness and I’m hoping by being open I can more more local friends. So I’m putting up lights for friends past, present and hopefully more in the future.

  18. Love this one.

    Suzanne, who heard me say that visiting Belize was number one on my bucket list and that I couldn’t make my way out of this depression, put 1+1 together, and is going to drag me to Belize in March despite myself. Getting passports on Wednesday. Definitely.

    Pam, who says she’ll let me move to Seattle (aka give me a bed to sleep in indefinitely) as long as I get on antidepressants first. The carrot and the stick. Everyone should be so lucky.

    Christine, who sent me chocolate and a book for Christmas, and who can’t curtail her cutthroat WWF instincts. (Words With Friends, not Worldwide Wrestling Federation.)

    I’ve enjoyed, so much, thinking about others as well. But I’ll stop with these bright lights and let the other lights simply glow in my mind. (That said, pets? When do I get to admit that my dog is absolutely the star on my tree? Love, affection, responsibility, a reason to get out of bed in the morning, and oh, yeah, more love?)

  19. Deborah Blake says:

    For a woman who rarely had more than one or two friends as a kid, I have an astonishing blessed abundance these days.

    I have witchy friends–my coven, who are like family (we’ve even taken vacations together, complete with hubbies and kids for those who have them). And my editor at Llewellyn, Elysia, who is as much a friend as she is an editor. She makes working with her a joy.

    And my writer friends, including my critique partner Lisa who has become one of the central support beams of my life, and lots of writing friends who are further along the path than I am who have been a cheering section for years.

    My best friend Ellen, who has known me for almost 30 years. She was my ex’s friend first. When we divorced in 1987, he got the house and I got her. I definitely got the best of the deal. She’s the kind of friend who will drive 15 minutes in the opposite direction from her home every day to help hold my sick cat while I give her fluids. And doesn’t think it is a big deal.

    All my ReFab and Betty friends, who I adore–especially Skye and Sierra who watch Castle with me online every week, and my fabu former roomies Kate and Megan. And the lovely Lani, of course.

    And my pal John, who has also known me almost 30 years, and somehow still likes me 🙂

    My sisters, who are also friends, as is my mom.

    My pal Ellie who founded The Artisans’ Guild with me 13 years ago, and always has my back. And the many artists who turned out to be friends too.

    Plus, of course, Magic, Mystic, Minerva, Angus and Samhain. Friends… furry slavedrivers…what’s the difference?

  20. Chris S. says:

    Can’t stress enough how lucky I have been in my friends. I don’t always see some of them as much as I’d like (and possibly see some others more than is good for either of us), but kind hearts surround me.

    There are friends I’ve known and laughed with for a quarter century — and doesn’t it just freak us out to say that? I have friends I work with, friends I live with, and friends who are related to me. Plus, I have a friend I could call from a third-world prison who could actually do something about it (really). What more could I possibly ask from life?

  21. Thea says:

    Do doggies count? Current two, Shredder and Petey, are besties to each other and me. Oh, and hubbie. Meaning they are besties to him, and he is bestie to them and to me. None finer.

    Grace, who came down to join us at a heritage rose event – she’s the one who introduced us to the old ones way back in Laguna Beach days, uni days.

    All my surprise friends, the ones I’m surprised to have because who woulda guessed. With those I’m lucky, none of them were predictable. I hereby vow to their cultivation and cherishing come 2013.

    The onliners in various blogs, love ’em all. Yes, all, because all are willing to risk exposure to tell what’s true to them.

    I live such a golden life, surrounded with such friends! Thank you.

  22. I can’t possibly name all the Betty friends, but they are very much a part of the fabric of my life now. A string of fairy lights for me too.

    Buffy and her family. Sara. All the ladies in town who make me laugh. Peg, Doreen, I have a whole pasture full of twinkle lights!

  23. Eileen A-W says:

    Krissie your posts have been so timely for me lately. Today I received a call from my BF Jan who retired & moved from Minneapolis to California to be closer to her daughter. We talked, caught up & reminded each other how much we miss each other. SHe might be back in Minnesota next month so we can meet again. My other friends are my all part of the lunch group that Jan was also part of. We were forced apart & moved to different schools to teach, but we continue to meet once a month for dinner and support. These are the friends I’ve always wanted. Then there’s a couple of my newer colleagues who always have each other’s back, no matter how bad a day we’ve had. Lastly there’s my sister, my daughters & my DH in addition to all these virtual friends I’ve met here.

  24. One for the brightest light in my life,my daughter. When push comes to shove, she is always there to help me shove back. She’s my partner in crime, and my “attorney” when I get caught. I can’t even think about life without her.
    Another for my wonderful son, who would do his momma’s every bidding, up to and including hiding bodies.I was so blessed with my children. Now, if they would just get along with each other, we could begin to take over the world.
    And a few strings of every color to represent the many people who brighten my days, be it in real life, or online. What a village we create for ourselves as we grow older. And what a privilege it is to be part of it.

  25. Jill says:

    Friends are the part of your family you weren’t born with.
    I was raised in the military so I do not have lifelong friends. Went to 4 different high schools-so no long time friends there. My nursing class in college was close but we have lost touch. My sister lives 800 miles away. My daughters are only 2 hours away. We are close.

    But the friends I have made since we moved here are wonderful, beautiful sisters. Then there are church friends, HOG friends, and God bless the www , internet friends. The time spent traveling across the country to see my internet friends irl is a joy for me. Not the traveling -seeing friends. 😉

  26. Whoo-hoo I raise my glass to friends past, present, and future. Right now my friends are DH, daughters, son’s in-law. My friends I’ve kept in touch with all through the years who live in other states, but when we get together it’s as if we live right next door. Kaye, Soo, Robyne, Danielle are BFF. 🙂

  27. Kim says:

    Sully – I wouldn’t get through the day without my best friend and soulmate, my husband.

    G! – my BFF, the ‘sister’ that I met in college, we chat daily via Facebook.

    A – met in Russian 101 and always pick up where we left off.

    Lighting it up for all of them and a few more.
    My ReFab and Betty friends, who have helped me through this last year even though I lurk more often than I post.

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