Krissie: Food redux

Photo on 11-12-13 at 9.47 AM Barbara Samuel is going to do Make it Tuesday  as well as Move It Wednesday (I don’t know what she calls it but that’s how I think of it). She’s created a whole new writing personality as well as a whole new book, and wants to talk about it, and I want to hear. In general we’re not about publishing, but we’re certainly about writing and creating along with other things.   Before I come up with a family (that’s all of us) Make It Post I need to go through the folder and see which projects I’ve talked about and which ones I haven’t.  Upload your Christmas ideas/gifts/crafts.
Okay, brace yourselves, Maggie. (Punchline to a bad joke). I know weigh 242.1. Pretty ridiculous. Then again, I had a stomach bug last night. Yesterday I had oatmeal w. raspberries etc., lunch was at the health food store and I had a whole grain baguette with lean roast beef (not a lot of it), gorgonzola (asked them to go light on it) and caramelized onions. A little indulgent but hey, a health food store? On my way home started feeling sick. I think the gorgonzola hit me, even though I took a lactaid at the end of the meal. I should take it at the first bite of dairy but I can usually manage that much or the amount on a pizza. Maybe with my stomach less full I’m more sensitive. So after an unpleasant time in the bathroom I went to bed and watched vampire tv shows on my ipad (Dracula and the Originals). Came down and had a slice of homemade bread, which I’m now having without smart balance and a huge apple.
I have felt dizzy the past two nights but surely I’m having enough food. Yes, the last two dinners were pretty spare but the lunches have been large. Not enough veggies yesterday (you know, we out to switch to the Brit/Australian term veg. It’s easier).
But then, things weren’t sitting well so I didn’t want to push last night. I did buy a cauliflower though. Lynda Ward gave me a great recipe for roasted cauliflower soup. Problem is, you start with cutting the cauliflower into flowerets, toss them in a little olive oil and salt and pepper, and roast them. Then you make the soup from it, but the roasted cauliflower is so good we don’t want to waste it on soup. Yum!
But it is soup time.
But I digress. I’ll have oatmeal for breakfast (shortly) and then some hot tea while I work. Things have calmed down now. And the blessed thing, for me at least, as I said yesterday, and how many clauses am I going to add, is that I’m in the zone food wise. I’ve got a couple of unopened Smart Balances I need to give to Erin and Tim (I think they’ll use it).
So, that’s how things have been going. I think my face looks a little thinner already, probably because this is mainly water weight. But I need to feel better, and less weight means less pain on my back and knees, and it means my pelvis exams will be more reliable.
We need to get Toni back to talk about re-hab. We lost her when the server went belly-up, and I miss her.  And why Toni would follow pelvis exams in my mind is quite beyond me.

11 thoughts on “Krissie: Food redux

  1. Sorry you’re feeling crummy. Hope it eases soon and your body adjusts to the new reality.

    Also, I really want the roasted cauliflower soup recipe.

  2. To pull a teeny-weeny topic out of your post: I streamed the pilot of The Originals, based on your mentioning it when you were in NJ, and was immediately hooked, which pretty much no other show (except Sleepy Hollow) has managed for me this year. I’m not hearing any buzz about the show, so I hope I’m just not running in the right circles, and people are loving it and it will be renewed, b/c I thought it was great fun. Not up to the brilliance of BTVS, but solidly fun.

  3. Yes, Klaus is growing on me, the bad guys are all sort of sweet in a rip your head off kind of way (like Klaus). And of course I want Klaus and Cami together. Nothing like an idealist and a monster as partners.

  4. Sure Thing says:

    Sorry you’re sick but yay for yummy vegetables.

    I spoke to my family doc and she says I have nothing to worry about, so I am not worried.

    Finally got my bone density done. Boo – borderline osteopenia, yay, I picked it up early. I’m in my 30’s fuck yeah early! This one I suspected for a loooooong time but everybody told me not to do the scan – I’m too young. Is it wrong for me to want to wave the (admittedly negative) result in their faces with a big “I told you so!” I’m feeling all Spike Milligan with his epitaph – “I told you I was ill!”

    I’m glad I have a good sense of humour so I can laugh at the absurdities.

  5. Lynda says:

    I love cauliflower. To be honest, I’ve only gotten to the cauliflower soup stage one time because I usually eat it as soon as it’s roasted. The funny thing is that the recipe says the soup is better the second day, and my thought is, But who can wait that long? Anyway, I’m glad you’re enjoying the soup. The template–roast, then blend with some chicken stock and a little dairy–works pretty well with most cruciferous vegetables.

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