Krissie: Coughing and eating and going through stuff

That’s Krissie coughing. You can tell by the redness of my face that it’s not staged.
I think I’m feeling better though. At about 80%. We spent yesterday going through Jenny’s massive amounts of clothes, and now I have a huge pile to go through. But I’m scoring Christmas presents for my kids, which is splendid. A book of Fillmore posters from 1966-1970 for my son, a great messenger bag and fabulous shoes for my daughter, vintage Hawaiian dress for my Erin, and policeman thingy for Alex. Very cool, all of it.
The Kindle book kicked ass! Maybe I’m not the sad, forlorn, forgotten has been/never was I was feeling (depression, and also That Which We Shall Not Talk About). It’s also great to have a change of scene and be with my sisters, and we’re very busy going through scenes and I’m scoring clothes but even more important, fabric! So all is good.
And it’s going to be so great to have Jenny near-by. I’m really thinking 6 hours is nearby.
It’s so do-able on a whim.
No photos yesterday, though Lani has a few to share. She and Alex toted loads and loads of stuff to Goodwill. Since they’re young and strong they do the toting and Crusie and I do the sorting. I control my magpie tendencies and we do just fine.
Today more sorting, then an outing to our farewell visit to Steak n Shake, Hobby Lobby and Jenny sends stuff via UPS to McDaniels.
The sun is shining, though it’s cold. The truck gets here tomorrow, we load Wednesday and take off Thursday. We gird our loins and Sally forth and all will be well, all manner of things shall be well.
And I’m excited and happy to be here. More pictures later today, but here’s what the house is looking like, which is a vast improvement. And this is more of the goodwill stuff. Lani’s take most of the furniture Jenny doesn’t want, I’m taking fabric and clothes and alijibres (some of them). It’s going to be glorious!

17 thoughts on “Krissie: Coughing and eating and going through stuff

  1. Wow! You guys are rockin’ it. That’s a lot of work. Glad you are feeling a bit better. Don’t overdo! What am I saying? Lani and Jenny will keep you from overdoing.

    BTW: What is an alijibre?

    Hope Jenny is feeling lighter as her piles grow smaller.

    Have lots of fun!

    • jinx says:

      Alijibres?! How cool for you! I have an armadillo that I love and three wounded cat/dog objects (missing a tail or a paw here or there). I love them. You are both astute as well as accumulative!

      [tried to insert a link but it’s way too long. Do a google image search for the word, Skye.]

    • I have a weakness for Mexican folk art so the house was filled with it. Now I’m moving to a smaller house, so I can’t keep most of it. Fortunately, Krissie now has a weakness for Mexican folk art.

  2. G and T says:

    I went through all of this about a year and a half ago before moving from the Rockies to New England. I stashed a bunch of stuff there until I land permanently permanently here, but it sure was a lot less than I had in my house. Now that I live in a place where I have minimal room, I find I am the goldfish principal in action — with a smaller place, I have less stuff and the rate of acquisition is gasping along at historic lows!

    Hope the move goes well, the health goes well and the work goes well!

  3. Looks like progressing is being made. And score on those Christmas presents. Sounds like we could have all shopped at Chez Jenny and cleaned her right out.

    Take it easy and definitely tried that tea with honey recommended above.

  4. Good for you! I did some major cleaning yesterday too, but sounds like you, Jenny and Lani had much more fun.

    If your sinuses are still bothering you, you might try nasal lavage. Lots of techniques available but I buy saline in a bottle at the drugstore or Costco -it comes with a nosel (sp?) that you can pull off and through the whole thing in your suitcase. A couple of squirts a day will help reduce the inflamation in your sinuses and also help keep your ears clear, so they don’t hurt on the plane trip back.

  5. That is an awful lot of floor I’m seeing there! WOOHOO! Continue to heal up and enjoy the love and laughter of your sisters. Smooches and hugs to all of you glorious beings at Squalor on the River 😉

  6. I wish I had the energy for a major clean out. Once done and dusted it must evoke a feeling of tranquility … well that’s how I see it … hope to get my act together soon. It’s amazing what you’ve accomplished. 🙂

  7. You guys rock! Glad you’re feeling better.
    Just remember when those voices in your head are doubting your work – DEPRESSION LIES. Your body of work is nothing short of amazing and anything else is a damn lie!

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