Krissie: Cottage Saturday

Okay, Squalor Holler is getting to me. Problem is, so is my body. My knee’s swollen up (fortunately I see the rheumatologist on Monday) and my back is killing me, but I’ve got the find the other audios etc. that I’m using for my contest. What I really need is another stool that’s not too heavy that I can carry around.
In fact … adorable story time. We went down to see the baby and Alex, and Alex wanted me to come to his playroom and watch him. And without asking he dragged one of the living room chairs over to the door so I could sit there (I usually sit on a toy box or something. That was so sweet of him!

Anyway. My back is screwed, and I need to strengthen my core to get it better and I never do the exercises so I have no right to complain. But I sort of don’t want to go through the trauma of double knee replacement if my back is still going to keep me from standing or walking.

Yes, I know what would help. I’m trying.

But I digress. I’m hoping my camera will charge so I can take a photo of the mess I’m going to attack. What does UFYH say? 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off? I’ll try that. Need some music too, and move a chair over, and just quietly set to work.

In the meantime today’s freebie isn’t very good. I wanted to bundle the three Maggie Bennetts and do them for free, then found out you couldn’t have the same book free in a 90 day period. So then I wanted to bundle them for $1.99. Unfortunately I wasn’t clear and they’re all $1.99. However, I get started detailing the incredibly dumb mistakes I’ve made in my career over at and at least that’s entertaining.

I’m also going to get my hair cut. This is what it looks like now: Photo on 3-29-14 at 11.34 AM We’ll hope thing improve. At this point I’m not planning to cut it short — just trim and shape and get the bangs back, but you never can tell if inspiration will strike.

Let’s see if the phone is charged: Image 1 That’s the wall of cubes I put up against the window I lovely boxes, but everything’s tangled.

And: Image That’s the desktop. I’ll go have breakfast/lunch and then put in half an hour before my hair appointment.
Pray for me, boys. I’m going in.

10 thoughts on “Krissie: Cottage Saturday

  1. Kelly S says:

    I appreciate the bookshelves all around the window. Good Luck getting things sorted and finding the audios! If you can manage to sit and sort, that should be easier on your knees.

    I was going to paint a bathroom today but the Hubby and I had a chat and we’re going to tackle the shower too, so I’ll wait to paint until that is out. So with my newly found free time, I will start on the taxes and hopefully motivate myself to exercise. I too need a stronger core as my back goes out.

  2. Lynda says:

    I love the story about Alex! What a sweetheart! He’s going to be an amazing big brother.

    Good luck on the decluttering. Progress is indeed possible. As of this week you can actually walk into my office and see carpet that hasn’t been visible in many years. Part of my progress has been accomplished by simply dumping every random photograph and slide I come across into big boxes, to be arranged later. (Like by my kids after I’m gone?) Still more work to be done, of course, and I am frustrated by how difficult it is to find a small wall-mounted bookshelf, which I want so I can display my own books from The Olden Days. (My grandkids want to see them, but they’re still packed in moving cartons crammed into a closet.) Anyway, it looks as if I’ll have to wait till my next trip to Sacramento, at which time I’ll go to IKEA, where I think they have what I want. (Don’t want to mail-order, really have to see things in person before I choose.) But anyway, I am making some headway. My sewing room is the huge challenge. I’m honestly thinking about hiring a professional organizer to come in and take a look at it. Not sure what that would cost…

  3. What a sweet grandson!

    Put on some funky music and enjoy the de-cluttering. You can always dance in a chair. ; )

    Off to Michaels to buy rhinestones. Don’t ask. Just an idea I had. Ive planned on a quick in and out, but is that possible?

  4. Micki says:

    I meant to get some cleaning done, and plant some flower seeds, but I got sidetracked. Maybe it’s for the best: it’s snowing again tonight.

    Wishing you luck as you head into battle!

  5. JenniferNennifer says:

    Wouldn’t it be fun if we could teleport and help each other with our decluttering projects? Someone else’s mess is always easy to deal with.

    Wishing all of us my best on our organizing/cleaning endeavors.

  6. mitchiewitch says:

    Lynda – IKEA will definitely have what you want. My honey, who is a fanatic regarding storage, loves IKEA more than Home Depot & Lowes put together.

  7. Carol says:

    Alex is a sweet, caring boy.

    Ah, clutter. The paper is the most daunting clutter in my house. I’ve been ruthless lately and it has been very freeing, letting go of a lot, even furniture and decorative stuff. I guess it is a bit of down sizing before I downsize.

    Hope you find the perfect balance as you sort your stuff.

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