Krissie: Comfort Food

Not a great picture but I’m distracted.
Yesterday we were talking about my epic battle at fighting off the Blues, and someone suggested doing little things to make me happy, to comfort myself. And I realized that for most of my life that’s been food.
Food is comfort, albeit temporary. Think about all the lovely things — a nice big macaroni and tuna salad with hard-boiled egg. Mrs. Fields Cookies, hot from the oven. Cereal. Birthday cake. God, I could go on forever.
I think it comes from when you’re a little baby and you feel empty and alone and you cry and someone picks you up and holds you and fills that emptiness inside you. And from then on you keep looking for it.
Especially if there’s no one to fill the emotional emptiness inside you. If there’s no one to pick you up and hold you when you cry, even if you’re not hungry.
So food was always my friend. In particular starches – nice, soothing starches. I could eat whole loaves of bread, plain. Potatoes and rice and noodles. Anything bread-like made me feel a little less alone.
Ridiculous, but then, when it comes to feelings of abandonment and pain common sense doesn’t make any difference. When I was talking to my therapist yesterday I was saying “I know this is irrational, and not true, but I feel this way!” (Accompanied by wails, of course). Maybe I need a more powerful mind. A more powerful will.

That’s one of my favorite images. I’m big on the Salmon of Correction. Stinkin’ Thinkin’ gets us nowhere.
But lord, it’s a battle this time.
So … comfort food. Watermelon slices. Gotta be careful because watermelon gives me terrible stomach cramps if I eat too much. But if I’m reasonable it’s a treat. Ditto cherries.
Goldfish — 55 goldfish are 140 calories and fit in a 5 oz. cup and I take my time eating them, splitting them in half with my teeth and then letting them dissolve in my mouth. Not the same as a plateful of cheesy pasta but a good substitute.
Home-made whole wheat bread. One slice. It’s usually enough. I think my main problem has been grazing. I start to feel anxious and I wander out to the kitchen and grab something. An extra handful of goldfish. An extra breakfast bar (also a good substitute for Entenmann’s raspberry twist coffee cake).
But I need to look for comfort beyond food. Because if you look to food for comfort the relief is only temporary, and then you need more, and then your stomach hurts, etc etc.
One thing I’m going to do is work up a new playlist, a comfort one. I did a happy one years and years ago, when I was going through infertility and had to drive 65 miles to my doctor. I used to listen to Celtic music and sob all the way, and then I decided enough was enough and made a mix tape, starting with “Wouldn’t it be Nice” by the Beach Boys.
So, a comfort tape. “No Woman, No Cry” by Bob Marley (“Everything’s gonna be all right”). “You got to Walk That Lonesome Valley” (“ain’t no one can walk it for you” – great for helicopter parents). “All Shall be Well” by Terry Gold (musical version of Dame Julian). I need some more “hold on, it’s gonna be all right” songs.
Any suggestions?

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  1. “Firework,” Katy Perry
    “Everything, All the Time,” Styx
    “Fooling Yourself,” Styx
    “The Good Catches Up,” Gowan
    “Shake It Out,” Florence + the Machine
    “All You Need Is Now,” Duran Duran

    (Can you tell I have an inspirational playlist? 🙂 )

  2. Ali says:

    Just about any song on Jack Johnson’s In Between Dreams album. The whole album makes me think of sitting outside in the warm summer sun with green grass and tree leaves moving in the breeze.

    I also think scents can really be comforting. A vanilla candle, some lavender pillow sachets, etc.

  3. I always listen to “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles when I’m trying to come out of a funk.

    I also play a little-known bluegrass song that I just love called “Second Wind” by Claire Lynch. (“I’ve been surveyin’ the shape that I’m in, Wasted and weary and wearin’ and thin, I know where I’ve been but who knows where I’m goin’, I feel a second wind blowin’, blowin’ my way”) It reminds me that I’ve still got gas in my tank and that I can power through to better times. Plus, she just sings like an angel.

  4. Denisetwin says:

    Hold On by Wilson Phillips – the best hold on everything’s going to be okay song! Here is the first verse and chorus, but the whole song is great.

    I know this pain
    Why do lock yourself up in these chains?
    No one can change your life except for you
    Don’t ever let anyone step all over you
    Just open your heart and your mind
    Is it really fair to feel this way inside?

    Some day somebody’s gonna make you want to
    Turn around and say goodbye
    Until then baby are you going to let them
    Hold you down and make you cry
    Don’t you know?
    Don’t you know things can change
    Things’ll go your way
    If you hold on for one more day
    Can you hold on for one more day
    Things’ll go your way
    Hold on for one more day

  5. Rose says:

    “Message to Myself” Melissa Etheridge
    “Your Life is Now” John Mellencamp
    “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
    “Dog Days Are Over” Florence and the Machine

  6. I don’t do inspirational so much as bright and fun. Dancy. Things like

    Girls Just Wanna have fun, Cyndi Lauper
    Walk Like an Egyptian, The Bangles

    and lots of fun stuff from the 60s and early 70s.
    Incense and Peppermint
    Wild Thing
    Do Wa Diddy

    Stuff that makes me smile or laugh and move.

    My musical tastes are embedded in the old, but that’s partly because today’s alternative music is usually sad or angsty (rather than early alternative like Adam Ant and Frankie Goes to Hollywood) and partly because I don’t know the names of some of the stuff I hear on the radio (and it’s unsafe to use my cell phone to get out Shazam and figure it out).

    I do have a little inspirational music.
    It’s a Beautiful Day, Queen
    Here Comes the Sun, The Beatles

    Stuff like that.

    Hope you put together the just-right playlist for what you need. And avoid the food thing. I am currently in the “wander the kitchen waiting for cookies to appear” stage, so I get it. it will pass, it truly will, especially now that you’ve seen it and it can no longer hide.

    Take care.

  7. Rose says:

    Oh, and “Lift” by Shannon Noll. And “Taking Chances” by Celine Dion. Pretty cheesy, but sometimes cheesy works.

  8. Tricia Halliday says:

    Do you like to do any crafts other than quilting? You could do latch hook or knitting or something. You put it on the table and whenever you feeling eating, pick up and work on that for a while. When you are done you have a lovely item that you made and no weight gain.

  9. stephanie says:

    I’m not a great help with music since I listen so infrequently but when I do listen to music it MUST have energy to it. Otherwise, to me, there’s no reason for music. I just a soon be silent in my own head.

    My workout playlist [when I was working out on a regular basis] had a lot of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, especially I Wanna Be Just Like You (Jungle Book Song) (Live), Susan Greenbaum’s “Everything but You”, and Eddie From Ohio [especially “Old Dominion”, “Great Day”, “Eddie’s Concubine”, “Walk Humbly, Son”, “Stupid American” and “Fifth of July”.

    I react a lot not only to words but to rhythm so I need music that moves. Mozart gives me this, too. I get a lot of energy from Mozart.

    Best of luck finding some good happy tunes.

  10. “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina & the Waves
    “This Old Heart of Mine” by the Isley Brothers
    “Give Me Just a Little More Time” by Chairman of the Board
    “Day-O” or “Jump in the Line” or “Matilda” by Harry Belafonte
    “Caravan” by Van Morrison (well, a bunch by Van Morrison)
    “Jump” by Van Halen
    “Good Thing” by Fine Young Cannibals
    “Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon (for silly)
    “Up on the Roof” by the Drifters (LOVE this)
    “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys
    “A Man is in Love” by the Waterboys
    “What Did You Do Today” by Equation
    “Frederick” by Patti Smith
    “Bubbly” by Colbie Caillat
    “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” by They Might Be Giants (more silly)
    “Vahevala” by Loggins and Messina

    some music is for inspiration, some because the music is upbeat, and some because it’s so silly I love it

    I am so looking forward to seeing inspiration here! And hoping it works for you!

  11. JulieR says:

    Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” makes me feel stronger every time I hear it. Hard to be depressed when you’re feeling strong!

  12. JulieB says:

    Early Beatles – think beach music mix.
    The Go-Gos
    They Might be Giants.

    I think you’re on the right track by thinking of comfort foods that you like that are healthy. You can help make your associations with those, and it sounds like you are being deliberate, which is also good.

    Also, you’re on the right track with thinking of non-food comforts, such as music. Do you have any comfort clothes (soft moccasins, or favorite shirts?) What about special scents to wear? I can’t wear too many perfumes, but I do have a lavender body spray that is not too strong and is calming. (Actually, I have to go buy another one; mine is finally empty!)

    What about a talisman? I have some REALLY BIG earrings that were a gift from a friend who claimed her beauty and intelligence and sexuality. When I put them on, I think of claiming all those things.

    And, a nap is often a good idea, especially if you balance it with a walk outside or a swim.

  13. “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield is one of my favorite songs because it’s all about taking control of self.

    Reaching for something in the distance
    So close you can almost taste it
    Release your inhibitions
    Feel the rain on your skin
    No one else can feel it for you
    Only you can let it in
    No one else, no one else
    Can speak the words on your lips
    Drench yourself in words unspoken
    Live your life with arms wide open
    Today is where your book begins
    The rest is still unwritten

  14. Lynn says:

    Comfort foods are literally comforting, at least last time I read recent scientific research. We have neurons (a hundred million or so) in our gut that communicate directly with the emotional center of our brain — comfort foods send comforting signals, and some foods literally lift our moods more than others.

    Eating comfort foods is not a failure of willpower or character, it’s not you being ridiculous, it’s a natural biological mechanism.

    Of course, there are other ways to get that chemical kick while still respecting your need to be healthy (and without the guilt-trips that go along with over-eating). Your music idea is excellent! I hope you can find the right balance of being gentle to yourself and firmly carrying on, and come out the other side with your bright peony petals flying high. Or other imagery of your choice 😉

  15. Maine Betty says:

    I Gotta Feeling (that tonight’s gonna be a good night) Black Eyed Peas
    The Este Mundo album, Gypsy Kings
    The Marriage of Figaro, Mozart. The whole thing, what a joy, happy ending.
    The Barber of Seville, Rossini. Silly.
    Aretha’s Gold (singing along with hairbrush recommended)
    Steppin’ Out: Astaire Sings
    Dixie Chicks in general

  16. CourtneyZ. says:

    I just made a “feel good” mix for myself–and, boy, does it put me in a good mood!
    “End of the Line” -Traveling Wilburys
    “It’s Alright” -Huey Lewis & the News
    “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” -Month Python
    “Rockin’ Robin” – Bobby Day
    “Little Bitty Pretty One” – Bobby Day
    “Somebody’s Cryin'” – Chris Isaak
    “Life is So Peculiar” – Louis Armstrong & Louis Jordan
    “Dreams’ – Harry Nilsson
    “Solsbury Hill” – Peter Gabriel
    “Southern Cross” – Crosby, Stills & Nash
    “Beautiful Day” – U2
    “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin'” – Scissor Sisters
    “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
    “Hear Me Lord” – Bonnie Raitt
    “Forward In Time” – Jennie DeVoe
    “Galileo” -Indigo Girls
    “Exit 229” – Jennie DeVoe
    “Little Bit of Feel Good” – Jamie Lidell
    “Holes to Heaven” -Jack Johnson
    “Learning to Fly”- Tom Petty
    “You Can Call Me Al” – Paul Simon
    “Cecelia” – Simon & Garfunkel
    “Naked People” – Jennie DeVoe

    In fact, if you’ve got a p.o. box, I’ll send you a copy!

  17. JenniferNennifer says:

    Fun question. Itunes thanks you for good suggestions I now want to buy!

    All I Need To Know Linda Ronstadt – not bouncy but comforting

    I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor

    Walk Don’t Run The Ventures – instrumental and magic

    But my number 1 suggestion is:
    Red Rubber Ball They Cyrkle ancient and fabulous! available from Itunes

  18. Flo says:

    Zac Brown Band has had a few songs I listen to when I need to lift my mood- “Toes”, “Keep Me in Mind” and “Knee Deep”- but I think “(Ain’t In) No Hurry” would perhaps fit the mood you’re dealing with now best

    If you look up any of the other songs I’ve listed to see the music videos on their official channel, be warned it’s a whole world of in-jokes and bad acting.

    And there’s a 100 “feel good songs” listed here: There’s a number I couldn’t use- “What a wonderful world” makes me teary every time, I’ve heard it at too many funerals.

  19. Catherine says:

    When it’s not almost 3am I’ll be able to come up with more, but the song that has endured as a pick me up since the teenage years is Fleetwood Mac’s ‘ Don’t Stop.’

    Music is a great way to alter mood to an upswing. The beat, the lyrics… Sometimes the lushness and utter beauty of sound. Way more sustaining than chocolate 🙂

  20. Sonja says:

    For energy: “Don’t stop me now” – Queen
    For fun: “7 days to change your life” – Jamie Cullum

  21. Kat Peterson says:

    I have the ‘Snap out of it!’ picture framed on my desk at home. It frequently works a treat for me.
    My song suggestion = ‘Lifetime Party’ by Cecilio and Kapono.

  22. Marcia in OK says:

    The Stones – “Can’t Always Get what you Want” . . . but sometimes you get what you need.

    Pink – “F*#&in Perfect” or the clean enough for radio version

    The Big Chill Soundtrack

    Meatloaf’s Bat out of Hell

    Greatest hits compilations from the 50s or 60s or 70s or 80s. (I got my copies in the bargain CD bin at my local Dollar General store!)

    Nickelback – “Gotta be Somebody” or “Rockstar” or “If Everyone Cared”

    Martina McBride’s – “I am so Blessed”

    I know, music all over the place and not always “appropriate”. But, sometimes I am all over the place and music can almost always affect my mood. Especially if I am driving in the car, or cleaning or decluttering at home.

    Pool filled yet?

    And Krissie, no one can take better care of you – than you can. Keep trying to you find what works for you. Trust yourself. You CAN do this.

  23. Egads says:

    “Feeling Good” – Nina Simone
    “Always Tomorrow” – Gloria Estefan
    “Coming Out of the Dark” – Gloria Estefan
    “Reach” – Gloria Estefan (1996 Summer Olympics)
    “All Star” – Smash Mouth
    “Perfect” – P!nk (or “F**kin Perfect” if you prefer explicit)
    “Bad Day” – Daniel Powter
    “Dancing With Myself” – Nouvelle Vague or Glee version
    “Little Wonders” – Rob Thomas
    “Stand By Me” – Playing For Change version
    “Up on the Roof” – James Taylor
    “What a Wonderful World” – Louis Armstrong
    “You’ve Got A Friend” – Carole King or James Taylor

    And you can cheer up with people doing good things.

  24. Lois says:

    Aaahhh comfort food. Feeling loved and taken care of by eating. I now try to remind myself that eating in a healthy way is really taking care of myself. I have had to stop buying some of the things I crave, like potato chips (even tho I was buying the olive oil ones). There is no good substitute for that oily/salty/crispiness so I just miss them. Because of allergies/celiac I have had to give up wheat/gluten, corn, most legumes, bananas, etc. However I will not be giving up chocolate in this lifetime! You would think I would be thin with all the can’t haves but I am not. So I’m now drinking water before I eat something based on emotions rather than hunger.
    As to music: I put a 1/2 hr of Lady Gaga songs on my i-pod that are the speed I walk. When my sister was dying I would try to walk every day and I really think it helped me cope. Now that she is gone I can’t seem to get the motivation to do much of anything. Maybe a mix of Katy Perry, Rhianna, Pink, Black Eyed Peas, and some from the lists here would be good background music to help the major de-cluttering I need to do.

  25. German Chocolate Betty says:

    Probably Monty Python — Flying Circus days, I would guess. Does sound like a Python line.

    Douglas Adams — nope. I have all of his books (including the posthumous one by Eoin Whasisname), which I have read a gazillion times at least. Definitely no Salmon of Correction…

    (I only have part of the old Flying Circus on tape, so can’t definitively say “yea” or “nay”.)

  26. Brand-new Jason Mraz song, “Livin’ in the Moment,” is awesome! Some of the lyrics:

    I will not waste my days
    Making up all kinds of ways
    To worry about things
    That will not happen to me

    The upbeat tempo, great rhythm, and constant repetitiveness of the word “peace” (“peace in my heart, peace in my soul”…) all make this my new feel-good song! 🙂

  27. One of the things that I’ve been trying might sound counter-intuitive, but it’s actually been working really well for me. For ten to twenty minutes or so (you can set a timer) in the morning, I “meditate” but really, I let myself feel my feelings. I close my eyes and just let whatever wants to come up, come up. Sometimes its money and anxiety and stress and I acknowledge those feelings and mentally pat myself on the head, but I mostly wind up crying, tears and snot and gross misery and all. I don’t try to change the way I feel or talk myself out of it or look for comfort, I just let myself feel as crappy and as miserable as I feel. And the really odd thing is that later in the day, I generally feel okay. Sometimes even cheerful. I think I can honestly say that I have felt happy three or four times in the past couple weeks. I have also cried every day, but before I started this little morning routine, I was just miserable and trying to get over it 24/7. Now it’s like I’ve concentrated my misery into that period — in which I’m not trying to think of how I’m going to feel better or what I’m going to do or how I’m going to fix my feelings, I just give myself permission to feel them — and then for the rest of the day, I can kind of let it go and get on with things. It probably sounds like it won’t work, but…well, feeling happy has felt pretty radical. It’s been worth the ten minutes of feeling horrible.

  28. Darling ReFabbers–a quick update and I’ll read Krissie an Lani’s blogs and comments when I get to the lake. Dee’s biopsy is done and she’s doing well. They had a pathologist on site for the test because they needed to make sure they had good samples and he told the doc that he didn’t see any signs of malignancy in the tissue samples. YAY!! Not time for fireworks and champagne yet, but when the doc came in to talk to us, he said it could simply be fibroid scar tissue. How wondrous would that be? We’re being cautiously optimistic until results from stains, etc. come back next week. Keep sending healing energy, that ReFab magic is working!! Bless you all!!

  29. Lynn says:

    Thank you for the update Nan — I’ve been thinking about you & Dee. I am SO GLAD that they didn’t find signs of malignancy, and hope it does indeed turn out to be scar tissue. Fingers crossed, and many healing thoughts coming your way!

  30. Music!

    I love “Poor Poor Pitiful Me” by Warren Zevon as I’m a great believer in laughing myself out of self-pity. (“I’d lay my head on the railroad tracks/And wait for the Double “E”/But the railroad don’t run no more/Poor, poor pitiful me”) It’s very peppy. Right, consulting my “Up” playlist (I have one, and it’s 208 songs long at the moment)…

    Hand In My Pocket, Alanis Morissette
    I Love Myself Today, Bif Naked (a little aggressive though)
    Now They’ll Sleep, Belly
    (Don’t Fear) The Reaper, Blue Oyster Cult
    Dying Day, Brandi Carlile
    The Shoop Shoop Song, Cher
    Walk of Life, Dire Straits
    I Get a Kick Out Of You, Dolly Parton
    The Lady Is a Tramp, Ella Fitzgerald
    1234, Feist
    Big Bright World, Garbage
    The Whole World Lost Its Head, The Go-Gos
    When I’m Up, Great Big Sea
    Ordinary Day, Great Big Sea
    Be OK, Ingrid Michaelson
    You and I, Ingrid Michaelson
    Everybody, Ingrid Michaelson
    Oh My My, Jill Barber
    Me Myself I, Joan Armatrading
    Wavin’ Flag, K’naan
    Hello Dolly, Louis Armstrong
    The Safety Dance, Men Without Hats
    Gimme Sympathy, Metric
    I Wanna Be Sedated, the Ramones
    Oops! I Did It Again, Richard Thompson (that might be just me though)
    Little Bit of Red, Serena Ryder
    Cecilia, Simon & Garfunkel

    (OK, going to look at everyone else’s list now – I’m always up for more cheery music!)

  31. Lois – so sorry you lost your sister! When my mom was sick, I was a powerhouse, getting things done. Since she’s been gone ( 2 years coming September), I’ve been in such a slump. I finally hired a professional organizer to help me declutter, put things away, and so on and it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. I’m still in a slump to some extent, but it helps that my surroundings are getting better! And yes, we play music while we work!

  32. Lois says:

    Thanks Skye. At this point I could probably use an organizer full time! I bet being accountable really helps. Otherwise it is so easy to say ‘maybe tomorrow’

  33. Flo says:

    And I know Country’s not always popular, but I think George Strait’s “Love’s Gunna Make It Alright” is a perfect song for when I’m down.

  34. Kathryn says:

    Ditto on the above Florence + the Machines, plus one more: “Heartlines”
    And one from Ani Difranco, though you may want to shove this over to the “when I need an ass-kicking” playlist. “If Yr Not”
    It can be nurturing, depending on the day…Ani is one of the few folks in the world who I let be the boss of me.

  35. Danielle says:

    “Take It Easy” – Jackson Browne

    Also, can I just say that you guys are the best? Because you are. You really are.

  36. Man, iTunes is going to love you. I know my credit cards going to take a hit after this. Though, got to say, after scrolling through my stuff, I realize that I listen to either in your face southern rock or melancholy alternative. But I found a couple of morsels. A bit of something from new school to old school:

    I Won’t Give Up–Jason Mraz
    F**kin’ Perfect–Pink
    Never Give Up–Robin Thicke
    Yo Hello Hooray (Everyday)–USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker)–Approved
    Walk On–U2
    We Are the Champions–Queen (best listened to with a neck brace)
    Sweet As Whole–Sara Bareilles (okay, this is not P.G. or even up beat, but sometimes you just have to sing this chorus. *grin* And it starts out soooo sweet).

  37. Tabs says:

    “Ooh, Child” is my go-to comfort song. When Nina Simone sings “Ooh, Child, things are gonna get easier…” I just believe her deep down in my bones. That songs is just full of beautiful lyrics.

    Another favorite of mine is a version of “Trouble” sung by Inara George.

    “You yelled hey when your car wouldn’t start
    So you got real nervous and started to eat your heart out
    Now you’re so fat your shoes don’t fit on your feet
    You got trouble
    And it’s tailor made
    Well mama lay your head down in the shade
    ‘Cause your eyes are tired, and your feet are too
    And you wish the world was as tired as you, whoa
    Well I’ll write a letter, and I’ll send it away
    And put all the trouble in it you had today ”

    The putting all of the trouble in a letter and sending it away part is the repeating chorus and it never ceases to make me feel lighter and less weary.

  38. jinx says:

    It can be hard to figure out what someone else would find cheery, but here are some things on my list:

    Ontario Sucks by the Arrogant Worms.
    Surrender by Cheap Trick
    Galileo (live version) by Indigo Girls
    Viva la Vida by Coldplay
    Whole Wide World by the Proclaimers
    Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga
    Soul Shake by Delaney & Bonnie

    Sing! Dance! Celebrate the solstice. And yay for Nan’s friend and her positive news.

  39. I have written To Do lists along those lines:
    1. Bitch
    2. Moan
    4. Mow the lawn
    5. Do the laundry

    It sounds silly, but there’s something cathartic about crossing it off the list.

  40. Wow I have a great list. Thanks for asking this, Krissie!
    I will add This Too Shall Pass by OKGo. If you don’t know it, watch the youtube first cause it is funny. Then put the song on your ipod.
    Also Jungle Animal by Pomplamoose
    And I love Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel. It always makes me smile.

  41. Kathryn says:

    I love seeing everyone’s suggestions–here’s some songs that I didn’t see mentioned that I really find comforting. For some of them it’s the lyrics, some the music, some the particular performance.

    *”One” Mary J. Blige with U2 (I’m not a big U2 fan, but this particular version of their song “One” is amazing)
    *”Furr” Blitzen Trapper
    *”Lean on Me” Bill Withers
    *”1,2,3,4″ Feist
    *”Sleepy Maggie”, Ashley MacIsaac
    *”How Deep is the Ocean?” Billy Holiday
    *”Hesitating Beauty” Billy Bragg & Wilco
    *The whole Buena Vista Social Club album by Ry Cooder and an amazing group of Cuban musicians
    *”Our House”, “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” and “Teach Your Children” CSN&Y
    *”Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” & “It’s too Damn Hot” and practically anything else Ella Fitzgerald sings
    *”Sisters are Doing It for Themselves” & “It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back)” Eurythmics (and Aretha Franklin for Sisters)
    *”Cheek to Cheek” The Good Lovelies
    *”Half Acre” Hem
    *”Absolutely Cuckoo” Magnetic Fields
    *”Shut up and Kiss Me” Mary Chapin Carpenter
    *”We Shall Not Be Moved” Mavis Staple
    *”A Little Love” Meaghan Smith
    *”House at Pooh Corner” & “Watching the River Run” Loggins & Messina
    “Chuck E.’s in Love” Rickie Lee Jones
    “I’m Aglow” Sarah Harmer
    “This Land is Your Land” Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings
    “The Power of Orange Knickers” Tori Amos

  42. Yay for good news! I hope you managed to talk Dee into coming to the lake with you. Enjoy the lake (lucky you). Will be keeping you both in my thoughts.

  43. Micki says:

    It makes for an entertaining google! My favorite find from “define ‘salmon of correction'” was “The proper fish-based response to obscure puns is being smacked by the Salmon of Correction.” I think it’s a heartier wake-up call than “100 lashes with a wet noodle.”

  44. Micki says:

    (-: Barber of Seville reminded me of the Bugs Bunny classics. Not exactly comforting — unless you think, “well, a crazy hunter could be chasing me” — but so very funny. What’s the one with Brunhilda and Elmer Fudd with his magic hammer? Wagner.

  45. Micki says:

    (-: So many good ones on this thread! Well, I hope I don’t repeat any, but here goes:

    kd lang: “Wash Me Clean” and “The Water’s Edge” (or anything really — I find her voice so comforting).

    Natasha Bedingfield: “Freckles” (a face without freckles is like the sky without the stars — good for when you are having image issues)

    Sheryl Crow: “Soak Up The Sun”

    ?? — from The Wiz: “A Brand New Day (Everybody Rejoice)”

    ?? from Hairspray (well, just about anything from Hairspray is a mood lifter): “Big, Blonde and Beautiful” and “I Know Where I’ve Been.”

    I don’t know if I should add the Book of Mormon — I really think they are making fun of 19-year-old boys, not so much any religious group. But, a lot of the songs deal with denial and facing up to it. “Turn It Off” is such a BAAADDD idea (-:.

  46. A tasty and healthy substitute for the oily/salty/crispiness of potato chips is kale chips. Yes, kale! Wash a bunch of kale and spin dry. Tear the leaves off the center rib of the kale and tear into large pieces. Toss pieces with a bit of olive oil and a pinch of salt. Spread out in a single layer (important! crowding will steam rather than crisp the kale) on two baking sheets covered with parchment paper. Toast in a preheated 350 degree oven for 10-15 minutes until the edges just brown. Watch carefully ‘cause the line between toasted and burnt is very narrow.

  47. I already have Fiirework. I’ll check out the others. I can tell I’m about ten years older than you (hence, Duran Duran and Styx)

  48. Oh, Bwoohiwda, you’re so wuvvvely … yes, I know it, I can’t help it … Kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit
    One of the most brilliant works of art of the 20th century. I’ve even got it on my iPod.

    That’s “What’s Opera, Doc” for those who may not remember it.

  49. Interesting. I’ll try it. Coz really, sometimes I can’t help it.
    Actually that’s similar to going to my therapist. There I let it hang out and weep and we figure out why certain buttons are pushed and accept that certain things just hurt a helluva lot and I leave feeling like some of the pressure is off and I can cope a little better.

  50. Excellent. I hope Dee has gone to the lake with you. I sat by the lake with Richie on Thursday (I even dunked my body into the chilly thing). There’s something so restful about a lake.

  51. Thea!!!! You love Richard Thompson too? He’s my most favoritest musician in the entire world — the soundtrack to half my books. Great stuff on your list. Ramones – definitely.

  52. I howl “Trouble” a capella (Well, how else would I sing it, but it’s a great a cappella song) in times of need. Inara George? It was written by Lowell George (Little Feat). Is that her father?

  53. MJ says:

    So many wonderful suggestions!

    For that soaring feeling, “Cast Your Fate to the Wind” by Vince Guaraldi. Followed immediately by “Linus and Lucy,” the best three minutes of music ever.

    I’ve also read that it’s effective to start with music that matches your mood, then shift to music that matches the mood you want.

  54. MaryG says:

    One more to add to the list – Andy Grammer’s Keep Your Head Up:

    I’ve been waiting on the sunset
    Bills on my mindset
    I can’t deny they’re getting high
    Higher than my income
    Income’s breadcrumbs
    I’ve been trying to survive

    The glow that the sun gives
    Right around sunset
    Helps me realize
    This is just a journey
    Drop your worries
    You are gonna turn out fine.

  55. Great playlist (you guys have cost me so much money). Huge fan of Ella. Here’s another that always makes me smile: Mack the Knife.

  56. Recently (although I typically don’t care for her music) The Climb is working for me.

    I can almost see it
    That dream I am dreaming
    But there’s a voice inside my head saying
    “You’ll never reach it”

    Every step I’m taking
    Every move I make feels
    Lost with no direction
    My faith is shaking

    But I gotta keep trying
    Gotta keep my head held high

    There’s always gonna be another mountain
    I’m always gonna wanna make it move
    Always gonna be a uphill battle
    Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose

    Ain’t about how fast I get there
    Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
    It’s the climb

    More lyrics:

  57. Sorry, mistaken identity – I’m Robin, not Thea (although I see I have unaccountably left Thea Gilmore off this list, must fix that). But yes, Richard Thompson is amazing!

  58. Kelly S. says:

    I expect you won’t know many of the ones I’m going to suggest and dur to posting this late, you may not even see them.

    Awesome God by Rich Mullins
    Be in the Light and Kiss Me Like a Woman by Charlie Peacock
    I’m gonna be aka “500 Miles” by the Proclaimers
    O.C Supertones most of the songs on the Hi-Fi Revival album try Go Go Go and Radio Plays
    Abba – Dancing Queen, Mama Mia
    Barenaked Ladies – One Week
    Evanescence – Bring Me to Life

    I am sad because my happy music playlist was destroyed with the last iOS upgrade to my phone, but at least here are a few.

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