Krissie: Celebration Time

Yeah, I know I don’t look that celebratory but I just went to see my doctor to check on whether my meds are working or not and that precipitated a weep-fest.
But I am good, because I finished the draft last night about 1 am. It’s too long (which is rare for me but gives me up to 7k words to cut) and it’s a clusterfuck, but I can fix it. In fact, I’m discovering important stuff about the characters while I think about it. So I take the day off, think about things, and dive back in tomorrow.
There’s a certain someone on the list who has her first audiobook out, which makes me super excited because I am totally hooked on audio books, but since she doesn’t link to her website I don’t want to out her unless she wants to be outed. But I’m celebrating (you know who you are, babe).
So, I think we need to celebrate. This isn’t just gratitude time, or happiness time. This is “let’s throw a party and dance around the room with the music up real loud and a glass of champagne in one hand” time. I bet you can all do it.

Even trapped with broken leg like Kate, I could celebrate more time to read, and making people wait on me.

So have at it. Including Miss K. and her audiobook. We need to celebrate! Come on, guys, chime in. Good feelings breed good feelings.

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  1. Congratulations to our mystery writer who has her first audiobook out! I am all for a celebration at any time: it breaks up the monotony. 🙂 Bring on the champagne! Bring on the dancing!

    And you are looking good, Ms. Krissie!

  2. Fab news about our sister author and her audiobook! Hope it turned out just right.

    I’ve listened to my share of audiobooks and sometimes they add a whole new element to the book. Love the woman who reads for the Plum series, for example. She’s done loads of other stuff and movies like Notting Hill, but I’m still most impressed with the range of voices she brings to the Evanovich books.

    Here’s to our sister author reaching more readers/listeners 🙂

  3. Danielle says:

    Well, I feel like celebrating, too. My mom moved across the continent in August and has been having a very difficult time getting adjusted to her new surroundings. She just emailed me to say that she is thinking of moving back to her (and my) hometown instead of waiting it out. This makes me happy – she will have people to look out for and people looking out for her. My sister is there and when I go to visit, I will be able to visit everyone all at once.

    I am very relieved – so much so that I could cry (here at my desk, at work).

    So, let’s dance!

    (First-time audiobook…that’s a big deal, no?)

  4. Lois says:

    Krissie, you look great!

    Today is pins and needles day (or the other way around) – a day to celebrate sewing. So along with the audiobook celebrating, I think we should sew or knit or look at patterns or something. I haven’t done any sewing in a long time but when I get home today I will 🙂

  5. Lulu says:

    I’m celebrating all the things I have to be thankful for – from food in the cupboard to a job that I have had for nearly 5 years and still love – and it’s one that I’m good at! Plus, a healthy husband and son, both of whom have big hearts and are gainfully employed. Son just took a second job as a snowboard/ski instructor on his days off from his full time job! He’s making his hobby pay for itself, and then some.

    Congrats on the new audiobook, listmate, whoever you are! I love audiobooks too, especially anything read by Joshilyn Jackson – either her own novels or anyone else’s that she might read!

  6. A finished book with extra words that are turning out to be a gift in that it’s helping with characters? Woot!

    Congrats to re audiobook whoever you are. I felt an odd twinge of envy. I don’t mind envy, it tells me what I want when I’m hiding from what I really want because I think I can’t have it. But I written nothing that would warrant an audiobook.

    Makes me think of that SixChix cartoon – “Honey, I know you’re depressed your book hasn’t won an award, but bear in mind you haven’t written it yet.”

    With that. Hugs to all in need of healing. I feel your pain. No, really, there’s this ache in my shoulder…


  7. Well I can celebrate the fact that the leg appears to be healing and it looks like they won’t have to remove the piece of bone that broke off! Yay!

    I have my first audio book coming out in December, and I’m excited about that, but it’s not out yet, so it’s not me. Also I link to my website, so doubly not me!

    Congrats to our first audio book author! It’s so exciting!

    AND I’m going back to work tomorrow with my pretty purple cast and I’m sure to get more sympathy there than I do at home!

    Hmm appears to be a day for extra exclamation points.

    • Auntie JB says:

      I broke a bone in my hand a couple of weeks ago and amy thrilled with the color options they’ve given me. My first cast was hot pink. The second one is light blue. I brought a rainbow of Sharpies with me to Thanksgiving and let all the kids (12 of them) sign my cast. Some of the adults signed them as well so I smile every time I look at the cast remembering the joking around that went on during the signings. I’m grateful the break is limited to one bone that seems to be healing well.

  8. Barbara Cameron says:

    I am beyond thrilled that you finished the draft — and have extra words which I never do — in spite of all the trauma of the last months!! Yes, a glass of champagne is very much in order! It would be super cool if you can whip that into shape and have the holidays to just relax and enjoy.

    Congratulations to the audio book author as well! I had two books produced as audio books after publication as paperbacks and it’s so exciting to hear your own words.

  9. Kieran says:

    OMG, this makes me so, so happy! Thank you, Krissie! Part of me still wonders if it’s another Miss K. Maybe it is, LOL! But I’m going to step up anyway and claim this celebration. Because today my first audiobook came out: LOVING LADY MARCIA. And I adore the narrator, Alison Larkin, a British comedienne and author. She wrote me and told me she especially loved reading this book, and that made me happy, too.

    I feel very honored to be mentioned by you, Krissie. I think of you as an iconic writer, in a whole other league than me when it comes to writing chops, so I’m very humbled by your sweet declaration. Thank you. And it came when I was sitting in my car in a very ordinary yet also important moment. I was eating Chik-Fil-A chicken strips and fries and wondering this big question, “Do I really believe that no one can stop you from your dreams?”

    I had to think about it really hard, because I can’t lie to my son–the one with Asperger’s. He had just contacted me this morning to tell me he failed a re-test in Accounting in college. And he was very upset. I was, too, on his behalf, so I went to Target with the evil Target credit card and bought all their Christmas placemats. All of them. And then I put them back on the shelf and rolled my cart away. Then I came back and got them all again, along with cloth napkins and little napkin rings with chalkboards on them so you can write people’s names. I, too, have a thing for things, especially linens.

    So anyway, I was sitting in the car crying and feeling despair, and it was raining, when I took out my iPhone and read your post today. It was the boost I really needed. Because I never, ever in a million years thought I’d have a book or an audiobook out. And audiobooks are special to me, too. Especially when the woman reading it sounds so perfect and cozy and English.

    So it was like the universe speaking to me through you, giving me strength, and I was able to contact my son and tell him that no one and nothing can keep him from his dreams. If it takes him ten years, he will pass Accounting and get a degree in International Business!!

    So thanks a lot, everyone, for your awesome support. And thank you, Krissie, for being my angel today. I’m glad you went to see your doctor. There’s nothing wrong with a weep fest. I think people who can’t weep must also miss out on joy when it comes along. I guess it’s the price we pay. But it’s worth it!!!

    I’m going to go dance–I love Madonna!!–and then it’s back to work for me.


    • I knew it was you, Kieran, because I saw it on FB! YAY! You rock, baby!

      Krissie, you’re an inspiration today…I’m so exhausted from working 67 hours in 5 days that I can barely function, so I’m celebrating, but it’s pretty quiet. Just got back from Freelancer lunch and now I’m going to light a fire in the fireplace and sit down with the last 4 StoryWonk podcasts (I got behind!) and my Kindle–I have about a zillion books on there to choose from and this afternoon is going to be a vegging time. Tomorrow, I make lunch for my mentor, which will be good fun and then I go back to my WIP.

      Maybe I’ll add a glass of wine to the fire and the Kindle…hmmmm…

    • Oh, big congratulations and happy hugs to you Kieran! How very exciting! Good for you for telling your son that no one can stop your dreams and that he will achieve his, too. You rock!

    • Hang in there, babe. My son has severe learning differences, and I know what it means to hurt so much for them you can’t bear it. (Know about retail therapy too).
      But I’ve already bought the audiobook and cannot wait!

    • Amie says:

      Congrats!! And, the fact that your son has a dream and goals to accomplish it is amazing, especially with Asperger’s. Good luck to both of you 🙂

  10. stephanie says:

    I feel like saying something like, “ReFab: Brought to you today by the letter K”

    @Krissie – congrats on finishing the book.
    @Kate – glad to hear that you’re leg is healing well.
    @Kieran – I’m so glad that the post today, and the AUDIOBOOK, are a Silver Lining for your day!

  11. Congratulations, Kieran. That is wonderful, and your post made me tear-up because I find the universe works in the most mysterious of ways. Originally wrote woks not works, but yeah, maybe it woks too. Now I have to go find a tissue… .

  12. Carol-Ann says:

    Congratulations to all our Miss K’s on their achievements. Krissie, well done on getting more than you needed. Kate, glad the healing is going well. And Kieran, congratulations on the audiobook, that’s fabulous 🙂

  13. Kieran says:

    Thanks, everyone! Still assuming I’m Miss K–maybe there’s another one!

    I’m in an old theater in Charleston, SC, about to hear Temple Grandin speak. Am with my son. She’s speaking on “Different Kinds of Minds.” She’ll be good inspiration for us both!

  14. Thea says:

    Yes, Temple Grandin just the antidote. And, Kieran, congratulations on the audiobook. Yowaz wowza! And other K, excess words happy dance! And other other K, heal, baby, heal. And watch out for that air.

    • German Chocolate Betty says:

      Fingers crossed! And remember, you only need one interview if it’s the right one.

      (For the job which enabled me to move from where I was living when I met my future husband to here so I could get married, I sent out resumes for 15 months and got only one interview in all that time. But it was the right interview: I’ve been working here now 6-1/2 years. FWIW…)

  15. Woo HOO! I’m late to the party but letting off confetti cannons anyway! Huge congrats to Krissie for finishing AND having wiggle room to cut instead of add; to Kate for healing; and to Kieran on her audio book! And fingers crossed for Brussel Sprout on her job interview!

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