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‘Morning, children. Our plumbing woes have deepened. The guy flushed everything out and discovered we have a cracked pipe going to the dry well. So that when the dishwasher runs or both sinks (bathroom and kitchen) run water bubbles out of the ground. Considering it can get to 30 below and occasionally worse here, that’s not good. We also can’t dig up the whole line when the ground is frozen.
So we’re having the plumber come by and do a temporary bypass the so the gray water goes into the septic tank instead of the dry well and the leach field. am I speaking Greek? I’m married to someone who’s effectively a contractor. He knows plumbing, electricity and most of all carpentry, which means nothing gets done because he can do it all so we hate paying for someone to come in and do it.
But I digress.
So the debts keep mounting. I’m catching up on all the dishes and we’re going to push paper for the winter, since the septic tank, though emptied a couple of days … oh, hell, you don’t want more plumbing details.
I’ll tell you what I did yesterday. Went to my therapist, did some shopping, came back and went over to Sally’s to sew. I finished the iPod/iphone bags except for the closure (did the straps and flaps), did the trim on the purse I made for my mother a previous year, and then did something I’d been planning for three years. (And then I just went into details about my present for Mini-me, including a photo, before I remembered she reads here. So I saved it for later. If I knew how to do a spoiler thingie where you can mouse over to see what’s hidden I woulda done that, but I have trouble even uploading videos. Anyway, I’ll get everything wrapped and off for them, clear off the dining room table and get the stuff moved down to the basement.
Uh oh. the dishwasher is moaning.
Anyway, masses of work ahead of me. My older child, Kaim, is coming home on Sunday night, and I’ve got to slog out her bedroom, which of course has become a store room. I’m not allowed to talk about her on the blog, and she’s very very internet savvy (she understands Anonymous and Foursquare – I think that’s their name) and all that stuff. She’s in school learning to design video games, so she could find anything I put on line, so I need to tread carefully. Plus, of course all her friends are totally internet savvy, so if she missed something someone else could find it.
So busy busy busy, and Alex may come over later. But what the hell. I’m just going to enjoy myself. Clean, wrap presents, bake, play Christmas music loud …
Or maybe I’m setting myself up for frustration — maybe my plans are too scattered and ADD. Maybe I ought to narrow it down, but there’s just so much to do.
I guess the most important, as always, is to keep decluttering and straightening the living space. I could bring in a card table for wrapping and do that sort of thing after dark. For some reason I tend to shut down after dark, and dark comes early nowadays. But I can wrap at night.
So maybe I’ll focus a little more. Otherwise it looks as if I’ve accomplished nothing.
OK, neaten living/dining room first. Then kitchen. then sewing if I can.
I’ll work on Kaim’s room tomorrow, when Richie can help move the heavy stuff.
But I’m up for all this stuff. I’m excited and feeling Christmas-y.
You know what — I’ve been eating sloppily. I think, along with everything else, I’m going to push veggies today. Have a big salad for lunch, not nibble. And while we’re having fresh salmon for dinner, I’ll make something interesting for veggies and be sure to eat them first. Aha!

I have a plan. Maybe I need to work on a plan every day. I’m not really ADD, but I think it’s a bit of an ADD kind of season.

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  1. Eileen A-W says:

    Sounds like you have a plan. But remember bird by bird. Plus, take it easy on yourself as we tend to overdo this time of year. All will get done eventually. Start with what’s the most important and work down from there. Me, I need a major recharge this weekend to make it through one more week of teaching before our shortened winter break & a trip to visit my 83 year old mother. It’s been over 10 years since it was just the 2 of us & I was NOT the favorite child. I also need to get some baking done this weekend. We are supposed to get a snow/rain/sleet mix on Sat so that will be a good day to cook.

  2. Having a plan is always good but then something creeps in out of no where throwing a wrench into things. So I’d say have a plan but be prepared for anything. Sounds like “anything” is already coming at you from all sides! Sorry about the plumbing issues. Does this mean the ground is already frozen up there?

  3. julianna says:

    Sorry to hear about your plumbing problems. Yuck!

    Your daughter has a very pretty name. I know you don’t want to talk about her on here, but I was curious if it’s pronounced like “came” or like “kime” ( or something else entirely?).

  4. stephanie says:

    I love hearing about other people’s plans almost as much as I love having a plan of my own. Yep, I’m a “J” 🙂

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the plumbing issues straighten out quickly and painlessly.Really.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

  5. Lulu says:

    It really is an ADD kind of season, isn’t it? There are Shiny Things EVERYWHERE!!

    My DH is also a very competent DIY, so he also hates subbing out (and paying for) work he could do himself. Unfortunately, when he has the time to do the work (read: unemployed) we don’t have the $$$, and when we have the $$$ (he’s working) we don’t have the time. I have, on occasion, gotten him to see reason and hire out giant jobs that really needed to be done in as short a time frame as possible – like moving the electrical breaker box & installing a new heating system + additional ductwork to the upstairs, in the middle of winter. It still took a team of 4 professionals the better part of a week to get everything done. If it was like the rest of our DIY projects it would have been _4 years_to finish. I wasn’t willing to live with that, which is saying a lot, considering what I’ve tolerated over the years.

    Hang in there, Krissie. Enjoy the enjoyable and shrug off the crap as best you can — which is hard when the septic system goes kablooie!

    Best wishes!

  6. H says:

    I’m sorry about the plumbing. boo.

    I need to carve out time to get christmas-ready, too. We need a tree! And lights! Somewhere to put presents! Etc. No idea when that will happen, though – we’ve hardly been home thanks to work and school and various holiday events.

    When I am truly overwhelmed, I just do whatever is right in front of me. It’s random at first, but once I get going it starts making sense. I need to do that in my office, actually… but it won’t happen today, I’m needed elsewhere today. Maybe next week.

  7. I understand about the plumbing. My question is about the bypass. Are you bypassing to keep costs down or is the ground actually frozen up there that quickly? I don’t think you’ve had enough cold weather to freeze your soil down 3 feet yet. Anyway, everything else I got. I hate septic issues, but they’re forcing us into sewage where I’m at and just the tie-in is $3700.00. It’ll be close to another $3,000 to hook-up. There are a whole lot of unhappy campers down here.

    You don’t have ADD. “Tis the season” as they say. You should make a list of all you want to do and then arrange it with the “have to’s” at the top. I love your idea of wrapping at night. It is so easy to get sloggy after dark. Go Krissie!

    • The ground is most definitely frozen, and it gets so cold here that the lines are four and five feet down, not three feet most places.
      I’ve seen (once) the thermometer go to 42 below zero for a brief moment (stayed mainly around 37 below). Froze the beer in the stairs. We often get a week of 20 below. This climate’s not as bad as Northern MN and the Dakotas but it’s close.

  8. Boo to plumbing issues!! YAY to Seasonal ADD!! There is so much to do that’s shiny and fun I’d think it’d be hard not to feel scattered this time of year. And curling up and shutting down after dark feels right too – ’tis the season for sleeping in our caves.

    Child and plumbing issues aside, what fun to have a house full of family for the holidays! I haven’t had that for years and I do miss it. I’m even un-Grinching a wee bit.


  9. I had plumbing issues earlier in the year. Hate them. And it cost an arm and a leg, maybe two legs, to take care of all of it. And of course homeowners insurance didn’t cover mine because those pipes were external to the house. Darn. Anyway, I’m hoping the bypass surgery holds you for a while and it isn’t too expensive.

  10. Yes, you sound a bit scattered, but as you and everyone else has agreed, tis the season! You also look and sound good, so that’s great. Wrapping at night is fun because it is a cozy, nesting kind of activity. Have fun!

  11. Kelly S says:

    Also have a DIYer of a hubby. He’s putting new rear struts on my car today while I drove his car to work. His hobby of working on cars has saved us in labor costs almost as much as he has spent on tools. 😉

    Enjoy your day and hope the plumbing continues to work at least enough!

  12. Maria Powers says:

    I grew up with a father who was a plumber, did carpentry and worked in construction. While I do have a secret crush on Mike Holmes, I sometimes wonder what his house looks like. I’ve never met someone in those fields whose own house is a show place. I am sure that it’s possible, but it hasn’t been my experience. This is why whenever a friend tells me that her husband wants to do the work, my childhood self comes out and says, “No!” loudly. I am a big believer in forget waiting for the person in your family who knows how to do this to get it done. It won’t happen or it will but only enough to “fix” the problem.

    The stories that I have like a front sidewalk that was completed except for the last slab at the curb. Dad ran out of cement and then couldn’t afford anymore and then got a job and twelve years later mom finally hired a kid to finish it up. The complaints about the kid’s work ethic spurred arguments for months. I am not sure how dad brought up anyone’s work ethic when he hadn’t finished the job for 12 freakin’ years, but there you have it. I won’t tell you how long we didn’t have a front door because he decided to “move” it and the door ended up in the middle of the garden while there was no other entrance made. The stories like this are endless.

  13. Tracey says:

    DEFINITELY an ADD season! Krissie, my son wants to design video games too — I know you don’t talk about yr daughter here but am wondering if you cld just email me the name if the school she attends. I’m at THANK YOU!

  14. Happy de-cluttering. I feel as if I’ve gone the other way …I brought out the Christmas decorations. The tree’s up, the bannister has been titivated with baubles and ribbons, a couple of sparkling reindeer made out of wire, a bargain and a few other trinkets, and there’s a string of lights on outside. I have scaled it down a lot. There was a time when every bit of furniture had tinsel draped over it with baubles,ribbons and candles decorated too. I love Christmas 🙂

  15. I’ve started to think that it’s more about slight adjustments that eventually reset us.

    Little changes that we gradually adjust to are longer lasting that sweeping turnabouts. (Frog in increasingly hot water is a myth, fyi, but a well-known metaphor)

  16. Micki says:

    I am sooo happy to see Saturday! I want to get some Christmas stuff done this weekend, and I’m stealing the “wrap the presents after dark” idea.

  17. Lois says:

    I am here procrastinating wrapping gifts! I got everything out to do it earlier, then had to wait for my daughter to bring other parts of the gifts that need to be mailed, then said ‘oh, after dark’ – yet they are still not started.

    My husband is also a do it yourselfer. The latest project being the basement stairs. We’ve had temp. ones for 25 yrs. Last Jan. when I went out of town he ripped those out and has not put in the real ones. So for almost a year I have to go outside to get into the basement to my freezer. Plus he did not tell me he was going to rip them out and I had things stored under there. Like sewing things!

    Yay for doing fun Xmas stuff. I just feel pressured because Xmas at my house is this tues. The good news is I found the dining room (not the table yet). Hopefully I can get the tree up on Sunday.

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