Krissie: Before I Go

I’m rushing around looking for last minute things like my tarot cards (writing exercise) and the new Tom Tom and my brilliant Kindle that Jenny decorated, but I’m popping in to announce the wonderful news that I weigh 237.5. Now most of you will see that and go, oh, no, she gained a pound and a half, and give me words of encouragement.
But the thing is, I’m an old hand at this game. And weight never simply plummets. Well, it does if you weigh once a week, I suppose, but the scale tends to be my friend. When it was giving me trouble last month it was trying to tell me something, namely that I was eating too much, even if it was healthy.
So I pop on every day or so, just to remind myself that I need to be honest.
And the brilliant thing is, I never trust low weights. I finally cracked the 230s (squeaking down to 239) and that was lovely, and then everything went to hell and I didn’t eat and had … er … gastrointestinal upset (we’ll have to decide how honest we want to be about such things) so I knew I’d be down a lot and I was 236. Which I didn’t trust. So getting on the scale and being at 237.5 feels like a real triumph, a real weight. It’s not going to go up from there — well, you never can tell given water weight etc. but it’s unlikely. It’s going to go down. And I can now celebrate being well and solidly out of the 240’s, not just dipping down or being freaked out.
So I’m off to the wilds of Syracuse with a happy heart. The child situation seems to have stabilized again, which reminds me — I’ll talk about anger when I have time. It’s a loaded issue for me, and for a lot of you too, and at the heart of my relationships with my mother and son.

Because this year is about losing weight, and decluttering my house, and getting healthy (oh, god, colonoscopy here we come), getting finances in order, creating fun things, trying new projects, and getting my relationships in healthy order.
All this refurbished fabulousness just waiting to burst forth.
Nothing but good times ahead.

19 thoughts on “Krissie: Before I Go

  1. Colonoscopies are never anyone’s idea of a great time, but I’ve learned that they’re best approached with a sense of humor. If you’ve never read Dave Barry’s hilarious column on the subject, just Google Dave Barry colonoscopy.

    I think I’ve mentioned before that I hit 50 before several of my friends so there are routine tests that I’ve experienced first. I jokingly refer to myself as their canary in the coal mine. I go through the experiences and then explain to them how they’re not so bad.

    Get your test done and then you can bask as a Goddess of Good Preventive Care!

  2. You are doing fabulous and you are encouraging me to exercise and eat better. I’m also writing everyday (a little or a lot but not freaking out about how much I have to do.) Thank you for this blog and try to not let your son and mother make you crazy. Then they win.LOL
    But I’m serious. Do what ever it takes to not let them make you and Richie crazy, even if you have to turn off the phone or shut the door. You deserve peace.

  3. MJ says:

    Have a wonderful trip! Car time is the best.

    Coincidentally, last night I pulled “Tarot for Writers” by Corrinne Kenner out of the stack next to my bed, got out my favorite deck, and messed around with ideas for my main character. That book is packed with prompts and inspiration. I highly recommend it.

    Finally, thanks for the continuing inspiration.

  4. Gwendolyn says:

    You seem better, that’s good, and the continued weight loss (down from 239) is even better. I don’t trust my scales either, sneaky little dickens always adds weight every time I eat a pie. Over three or 4 days for breakfast and supper but a pie nontheless. The scale is unforgiving. You have a fabulous trip!

  5. Yay you! I wish I’d known earlier that you were going to be in’s only about 2 1/2 hours from me.

    You sound great. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  6. Gin says:

    “this year is about losing weight, and decluttering my house, and getting healthy … colonoscopy …, getting finances in order, creating fun things, trying new projects, and getting my relationships in healthy order …”

    That’s a LOT for a single year! Any one of those would be a major challenge!

  7. THANK YOU for the recommend! According to the new guidelines I need to get one pronto, which is Not Awesome 😉 Humor is always the best way to deal with things and I love Dave Barry 😉

  8. Chicaboo, you are still rockin’ like a rockin’ thang, and you’re an immense inspiration! Smooches and traveling mercies and have a glorious time as only you can do!

  9. Melanie says:

    Have a great time, Krissie! And congratulations on being well and truly in the 230’s! I know exactly the kind of happy you are about that. These, um, GI things can have happy weight results that can’t be trusted. So you’re doing so well in spite of all the stress. You ARE a goddess!

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