Krissie: Banner Day

My heavens, yesterday was a frabjous day! I had a lovely (though exhausting) time. We filled Sally’s Subaru with with bags and boxes for Goodwill, and we stopped there first. Then we slogged through Bed Bath & Beyond (3 coupons), AC Moore (1 coupon), Marshalls, Toys R Us (15% off toys coupon), then Japanese food for lunch. Then, god help us, Walmart. Off to the bead store to get onyx beads for Kate, and then, by god, we got pedicures, and man was that nice. Massage chairs, nice women massaging our feet, nice rest, and adorable results. Here are Sally’s feet from FB: Mind you, Sally has gorgeous feet. I have better fingernails, but she thinks her feet are her best feature. Not true, of course.
So we were very festive as we went to Costco and I spent $460 (mainly stocking up on food and meds) and went into shock and then we drove home, still feeling very merry and bright (This was an 11 hour day since the shopping place is 65 miles away and it doesn’t even have a Target — none in the state, in fact.)
And arrived home to hear Jenny’s fabulous news!
She’s definitely felt like she’s turning a corner, Lani already did, and now maybe I’m ready to. It’s fragile, but hopeful.
I see my therapist today, and we’ll talk.

Of course, our household trail of disasters has been disheartening. Richie dug up the septic tank (almost as bad as digging a grave in frozen ground and we got that drained (the dishwasher and sink were leaking). Then he found a sagging waste pipe and he fixed that. Still water gushing everywhere. So now we have the VT equivalent of Roto-rooter here, (Hartigan) flushing out our pipes. I shudder at the cost of all this. The hot water heater is rusting and leaking so that will need replacing (do we go instant, which is expensive but saves money). The tv was acting wonky but I’ve fixed that (I think). Our kitchen sink is rusting through. We’ve been in the house 26 years and we put on a 20 year roof.

But hey, I’m not going to think about it. I’m gonna have a Holly Jolly Christmas, god damn it. Tonight I’ll go to the Advent sessions we’re having a church (prayer and meditation and music). Speaking of which, I still can’t sing from all the screaming. Probably shouldn’t try for a while, though I do love to blast out “Joy to the World.”

So, a wonderful time shopping with a dear friend (that’s what Lani and Jenny did yesterday too). I’m feeling merry and bright, and I’ll have a dishwasher and sink back. What more can a girl ask?

To quote Bob Marley in “No Woman No Cry” – “everything’s gonna be all right.”

And then we ended up with the Who and the Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger saying it was the largest collection of old British musicians ever gathered, and I sent money, of course (Sandy Relief).

So all in all a stellar 12/12/12. How was yours? Any of the rest of you turning corners?

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  1. You look terrific and sound great! I hope you have turned a corner. And it sounds like you had a fun but exhausting day. Well, it would have exhausted me!

    I turned my corner in late summer or early autumn, only I didn’t really realize it until just the past month or so. My therapist is proud of me and the progress I’ve made, my blog commenters are proud of me, and I’m proud of me. It’s taken a lot of time and effort, but it’s worked and that’s been both new and nice for me. I do hope you are in a similar place, finally seeing the hard work pay off. Isn’t it nice to have a therapist who can give you reality checks that your loved ones can’t always?

    Fingers crossed!

  2. Carol-Ann says:

    You sound a whole heap better. Hopefully now the worst is behind you and it’s all good times ahead 🙂 Glad you had a lovely day.

  3. Sending good voice vibes. I only realised what a good voice I had after sinus drainage surgery. Recently had bad infection that clogged me up and roughened my voice, so I know what it feels like to miss it.

    Yay for dropping stuff of at Goodwill, and necessary purchases.

    As Sonja (Pintester) tweeted, it was supposed to be a “clean all the things” day but became a “read the Internets” day.

    This where I got lost: fair warning, you’ll lose a lot of time. And search for the Browncoats one with the kid. It’s from Scotland

    You’re welcome. 😀

      • Toldja! And I think they might be worse than potato chips because they fulfil an emotional need, a void that chips just can’t fill 😉

        I particularly love the ones where kids school grownups and managers back their staff. And where busybody types and smartarses get their gomeuppance.

        Now after reading till about 1am my time I need to get moving. I am on vacation but I need to be waaaay more productive and I need to catch up on my sleep, not miss more!

        For the record my toesies are black and read, on each nail – very easy to do, read coat first, dry. Then half a toe covered in black from cuticle to tip. Really cool.

  4. You deserved this wonderful day with a good friend. I’m so happy that you’re happy. And those toenails certainly are festive.
    I’ve turned a few smallish corners. The big one awaits me so I’ll report back in oh, about six months. Which makes me ask…are you keeping this blog going after your year is up? No pressure. Just wondering. : )

  5. I turned a corner into something not very pleasant. Hopefully I won’t have to stay here long.
    It makes me happy to hear that you had such a wonderful day. You sound so upbeat!
    I was also extremely happy to read Jenny’s news.

  6. Huzzah for all the good days. And kudos to Sally on the toesies. I’d never flash my feet on the interwebs. I don’t even wear sandals!

    We may have turned a corner with the kiddo situation but still too early to tell. Either way, 2013 is going to be a very stressful year. Good and not so good stress. But we shall prevail!

  7. romney says:

    A vote for the instant boiler here!

    We got one after years of various hot water tank systems in various houses. Aside from the cheapness over time, it was worth it just for the ability to always be able to top up the bath with hot water while you’re in it! The boiler takes up a lot less space. Also, it means our central heating is now superfast – which means you can use it less.

    • German Chocolate Betty says:

      We have the instant boiler at our house too. Particularly noticeable on those mornings when there are multiple (serial) showerers (and/or houseguests) — no-one is stuck with an unpleasant cold shower or washing their face with tepid water because the supply of hot water “endless”. Also, no-one having to wait a half-hour to have their turn. Plus I can run a tubful of bubbles to relax in, knowing I am cheating no-one of hot water. Can only recommend.

      By the way, we have radiant heat, meaning warm water pipes running under the floors (always warm feet!). The boiler feeds that too. When it gets warm in the spring, we just switch it to bath/sinks, then in Oct or so when it starts getting cold, we re-activate the central heating.

      I looooooove it. Wouldn’t have it any other way!

  8. stephanie says:

    Awesome news!!

    I got my haircut this morning and I love it. I no longer get annoyed by my hair getting caught up in my scarf ’cause there’s no hair back there anymore.

    Oh, and I think my eyes are fixed. The headache is subsiding. I have another pair of contacts to try, just in case, but this RX is definitely better than the first.

  9. Lynda says:

    What a joy to see you so happy!! I can’t tell you how glad I am that you and Sally had a frabjous day. 🙂

    I turned a couple of corners yesterday, one very big, one small but nice. At my weigh-in last night, the doctor told me that he was changing my medical records because I am no longer classified as “severely obese.” I really don’t know what the practical ramifications of that category change are, but it’s a huge deal to me. I came out of the conference practically dancing.

    The other corner I turned yesterday is that after weeks of frustration, suddenly the crystal design software I’ve been working with is making sense to me. I have a long way to go before I can say I’ve mastered the software, but this is real progress. And about time, since I’ve been counting on using it to create a lot of Christmas presents…

    Big hugs to you and Richie on the plumbing woes. I’ll add my vote to those who say you should go for the on-demand water heater, if at all possible. I’ve come to realize that it’s almost always better to spend money up front and go for quality. Frequently “cheap” proves just the opposite in the longrun.

  10. Maria Powers says:

    A fabulous day! No corner yet, but I am getting there. Yes sirree bob. And let me add my voice to the chorus. Yes, please let’s stay together for at least another year, or two or possibly a decade, eh?

  11. Micki says:

    Yes, I hope we aren’t winding down to the end of the blog! (No pressure, but . . . it’s always pressure isn’t it? OK, let me change that to a feather-tickle of a suggestion that if you are up to it, I think we are too.)

    Hmmm, turning corners is something I need to think about. It always feels a little bit like a corner has been turned at New Years, even if no significant milestone has been erected. I guess I turned one corner this summer . . . but it still feels like I could turn around and run right back to where I was at before, if I’m not brave and proactive.

    I guess I’m kind of sittin’ and thinkin’ right now. But it’s like I’m on a lava flow, so even if I’m just sittin’ and thinkin’, I’m still movin’ (and worrying about my butt getting burned unless I get up and go).

    OK, that’s enough mixing of metaphors for one day. The posts these last couple of days have cheered me up (-:.

  12. Eileen A-W says:

    No corners turned here. Love Sally’s toes. Am hoping you continue this blog as it continues to inspire me. Cannot wait for the weekend to arrive, despite the snow/rain/sleet mix predicted for Saturday.

  13. German Chocolate Betty says:

    Looking good, Krissie. But I join the others hoping that we are not hearing a hint of “fabulousness reinvented, end of blog”. We would be soooo sad!

  14. I’ve turned a huge corner, massive!
    Harlequin Escape has accepted one of my books.
    And they’re happy to re-read another book once I’ve made a ‘romance arc’ change. The struggle has been a long one, and a huge learning curve for me. There’s no other way to describe *one* of my feelings, and that is, I feel validated. 🙂
    As they say here, I’m a happy little vegemite. 🙂

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