Krissie: Back to the Airport

Great hotel room here at the Richmond airport, though I couldn’t sleep. Everything decided to hurt last night, so I was flopping around like a landed fish. However, I’ll sleep on the airplane and start to snore and wake up with a jerk. (Well, it depends on who’s sitting next to me. Chortle). Rinse and repeat.
I do hope we don’t have delays going this way — I might not be so sanguine.
Traveling is always a hassle, leaving the comforts of home a challenge, but it’s always worth it once I get going.
Here are some things I learned.
1. Chris Pine is incredibly hot in “Unstoppable.”
2. You can make your own kaffir/kefir/whatever
3. lots of people of faith down here who don’t make me feel uncomfortable to say I’m a Christian. I always have to put the caveat that I’m an ultra liberal Christian, so no one thinks I’m cursed with being narrow-minded and judgmental, which seems to go along with way too many people of strong faiths, no matter whether they’re Christian or Muslim or whatever.
4. I had so much in common with the various people who carted me around, including our own Stephanie. Adoptive mothers, dog lovers, women who loved being out in the country. Sheer serendipity, I would guess, but it was a special treat talking to Stephanie and Mary Anne and Mary.
5. There were other things I marveled at, things people told me during my talk, which I’ve spaced right now but will come back to me.
So in the end a most educational, entertaining, friendly way to spend the weekend, with the bonus of some great food. I managed to resist the lure of wicked Chinese food (there was a bowl of fresh fried noodles right in front of me that was absolutely killing me, but I never gave in. Had chicken and asparagus and steamed brown rice while those around me had General Tso’s ((sob), and last night some really divine seared tuna and asparagus (don’t you love asparagus season?) followed by fresh berries without the whipped cream.
A few too many goldfish to nibble on (I really need to give those up entirely) but hey, a good job of eating while on the road. Only concession being a second DC at lunch, but after talking for two hours my will was weak.
So back I go to the land of snow.
Go over and post the three things that make you happy, and then read everybody else’s list. It’s a great way to begin and end the week.

13 thoughts on “Krissie: Back to the Airport

  1. I love your photo, you look about 14 year old spaced out teenager … I mean that in the nicest possible way. It’s gorgeous!

    Okay three things;

    Our family dentist went on holidays the exact day I needed him. But lovely dentist Clare fixed my teeth and now I can go on my trip to Tasmania without worrying.

    Went for our early morning walk and on our way back saw a hot air balloon floating over the hills behind our house. Miffy (dog) bounced around all excited.

    Can’t eat chocolate and DH bought me some carob coated licorice. And he made us vegetable soup for lunch. We had crusty rolls to go with it…which I can chew because I went to the dentist 🙂

  2. Yay for you, Krissie! You did terrific.

    I’m leaving the RT Convention hotel in a few hours to head home to Florida. This was my first extended trip away since my surgery. I’ve learned the importance of preparation and putting myself first. Fridge in the room meant I could keep milk and make protein drinks for breakfast. I brought cheese wedges and small to-go cups of peanut butter with me because I must eat something small every few hours. I let myself get dehydrated on Thursday which was NOT good so I kept a water bottle with me at all times for the next two days. At meals I was always able to eat the small amounts of food I needed and then leave the rest.

    It felt SOOOO much easier and less painful to do all of the walking back and forth and around the convention hotel now that I’ve lost weight. Loving it!

    All in all, a terrific, fun time and I also gleaned some good info that I can use. Got to listen to the wonderful Susan Elizabeth Phillips on a panel and speak with her after — always a treat! Also met Becky, Kieran, and Shannon from Argh/Bettyverse/ReFab.


  3. German Chocolate Betty says:

    Ah, Krissie you look either pensive or tired and happy (or possibly all of the above at the same time).

    “…Had chicken and asparagus and steamed brown rice while those around me had General Tso’s …”. You know, I have learned to make a lot of my own stirfry and chinese stuff which I can do, I swear, much healthier than in the restaurants. As a matter of fact, I have gotten to the point that I don’t look forward to restaurant chinese as much as my own. Maybe you just need to experiment with your own General Tso recipe…?

    Be that as it may — kudos for not falling prey to temptation!

  4. Lynda says:

    The conference obviously agreed with you. You look tired but great, and years younger than in some of your earlier photos. I’m so glad you had a good time, and I’m impressed by how virtuous you’re being foodwise.

    I’ve never seen UNSTOPPABLE. Will have to take a look.

  5. Micki says:

    (-: I really, really liked today’s photo, too. Trying to figure out what’s different, but I can’t. Best wishes on your travels, and glad you had a good convention.

  6. Rachel says:

    Ditto on the Chris Pine thing. Although I thought that the best part of Unstoppable was the cameo of the groundhog running across the tracks ahead of the train-hilarious!

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