Krissie: Back to Reality

Well, I did almost everything, and most of it by noon. Did Not get the diabetes stuff, but Jenny said she still had her meds (and that I couldn’t get them anyway) and that the testing stuff was just that — a test, not a treatment, and she’d find them. But I did get the wireless printer working, Jenny and I got the white book case into the kitchen, moved the fridge to the car and returned it. I took a shower, I’m almost packed, having written yet but hey, the night’s young. No, it isn’t, I’m exhausted, and I’m going to crash early. And then catch a bus tomorrow, first a two hour trip to NYC, then across town and a five hour ride to Hanover NH (and a two hour drive home). Next time (next month) I drive down.
Tomorrow I’ll probably sleep and write and read. I’ve got dramamine on me, so that’s good.
And then focus on the writing, and settling back in, and making sure no one gets the dread disease. Change the sheets, catch up on laundry and food shopping. Focus on real life again.
But I’ve really missed Richie dreadfully, as well as missing Tim and my house and my recliner. So it’ll be good to be back, and I’ll be driving down next month anyway. Richie asked why? I said “to visit.” We’re not used to the idea of doing something simply because we’d like to. And I may have suggested that I was getting collaborative work done while I was down here. Neither of us are used to doing stuff just because it’s fun.
So, back to work, back to the real word, while Jenny deals with all her stuff. At least she finally gets a bed — I’ve been sleeping on the tempurpedic in the bedroom while she’s slept on a blow up bed in the living room. (And trust me, we are now far too intimate with each other’s digestive systems, since the bathroom door didn’t close properly (I stuff a washcloth in the door to try to keep it closed). No door on the bedroom yet, and it’s a very small house. Every lurch of our digestive systems was heard by the other, and there were many lurches.
But we’re good now.
Jenny will focus on dealing with Milton, who’s going to need very expensive surgery, and getting her darling cottage sorted out, working on her college work and the new book.
And I’ll concentrate on NEVER TRUST A PIRATE.
Oh, and since you’ve listened to me wail and bemoan my financial state I should also share that I got an unexpectedly healthy royalty check, just when things were looking particularly desperate. So we get a little breathing space, thank god.
We’ll see what I get accomplished on the long journey home. No photo, because I’m packing up the computer tonight so I’m ready to head out at the crack of dawn. Hell, ten AM.
And Crusie’s getting a bit snappish. Just because I sing the same phrase over and over again and never finish a song (first thing in the morning) is such a harmless little foible. (Some day a roommate is going to strangle me).
Houseguests, like fish, begin to stink after three days.
But she’ll never find her jeans again.

5 thoughts on “Krissie: Back to Reality

  1. Reb says:

    I’ll bite. Where did you hide her jeans??

    Have a great trip back – or at least a bearably comfortable one. And enjoy seeing Richie and Tim again!

  2. She didn’t hide them, I kept losing them in the sea of boxes here. And yes, I have a couple pair of jeans, but again, sea of boxes. Also these don’t fit any more and keep sliding off.

    I miss Krissie.

  3. Kelly S. says:

    I’ve had a roommate that sang loudly first thing in the morning. It is a miracle she didn’t die then.

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