Krissie: Another Day, Another Dollar

I’m keeping up with the daily photos because it’s kind of a statement. As Crusie says, Photobooth is terribly unflattering. Plus the lighting is bad (those swirly-ecological bulbs) and I sit here first thing in the morning, face unwashed, hair unbrushed, usually in my jammies. It keeps me honest. And it keeps me from getting too vain. It’s sort of like saying, this is me, warts and all. I’m here to be honest, not prettified.
I got through the tough day yesterday. Funny, how anniversaries can pass and we pay tribute and move on, and then others just kneecap us. Yesterday it kneecapped both me and my niece (though my falling apart may have made hers worse). Still, it’s good to cry. To remember. And then to move on, with love.
So …
I didn’t get on the scale this morning — figure I’ll ignore it for a week while I eat well and exercise and give NettieD her due. I may measure myself though. Many of my bras are getting way too big, I’m having to fix the straps and move the hooks in on the ones that aren’t made for honeydews. I’m more cantaloupe size right now. But my pants are looser, not just around the waist but around the legs. All these usual signs of loosing weight, when I haven’t gotten to that point in as long as I can remember.
It’s kind of unbelievable that all these clothes are going to fit, are going to be too big. In fact, it’s probably just as well not to focus on it, but take it one day at a time, eating well.
I finally figured out the best way to make steel-cut oatmeal — the crockpot. I cooked a shitload overnight, have it stored in the refrigerator and I can scoop out some and nuke it. I’ve been having it with splenda brown sugar mix and frozen raspberries, which thaw in the hot oatmeal, and it’s divine. I’m measuring (1 cup of cooked oatmeal, but it was soooo good). 2 cups of whole wheat spaghetti last night. Both of which may be too high an amount but if I count and pay attention to the other things it’ll be okay.
And damn, did I buy veggies last night. Tons and tons and tons. (Plus our home-made spaghetti sauce is mega-veggie).
So, I think I need to add a little protein to breakfast, which I can do with almonds, and veggies for lunch. That should be easy enough to do. I’m going to make up a bunch of mini-salads the way Crusie did (she bought me a set of the bowls to do it with) so I can always grab one of those with lunch. If not that, then nuke something, have half and give Richie the other half to thicken up his Healthy Request soup that he has most days.
Oh, and someone mentioned soup, glorious soup. I’m going to be making more soups. I dug out a great soup cookbook I bought but unfortunately every recipe called for 2 cups of heavy cream. Whoever heard of putting heavy cream in fish chowder? Chowders have milk in them — they’re not cream soups. Tsk tsk.
But I love bean soups. And non-cream chowders. And I had the most divine chicken gumbo on the way back from Syracuse.
So it’s time to make soup.
And I worked my ass off in the pool. Physical therapy (and I found that one thing I was doing, swinging my leg back and forth, was hurting my back. I should only be moving it forward). I did their stuff and then I did my stuff and I ended up working out for and hour and 45 minutes. Damn, I was tired! But it felt good.
When I water walk I think about stories. I plot out stuff, daydream about characters and backstory and scenes, and I sort of hate to stop, it’s so much fun. Which is why I worked for so long yesterday — I was in the midst of a good daydream and didn’t want to leave it. It’s the sort of thing I used to do when I went driving. Great to know that it works even better when I’m water walking. Now when I need to work something out I won’t go on a shopping expedition, I’ll go to the pool. At least most of the time.
Hey, a girl can’t be perfect.
So I’m ready to charge ahead. The scale really is my friend, because it gives me a wake-up call when I’ve gotten sloppy. I know that it doesn’t work for everyone — it can be tyrannical and destructive. For me it’s a tap on the shoulder to remind me to pay attention. At this point in the getting healthy game I can’t afford to trust my instincts. I need to be very careful on amounts, no matter how healthy.
I get my grandson today! And as I probably mentioned, the roller coaster with my son is leveling out, at least for now. I love my little boys so much, my nephew, my brother, my son, my grandson. Even my father was my little boy too, since in alcoholic families the roles are often reversed.
I remember the lost ones with love, and love the ones who are here with a fierce passion. I just have to remember to give them some space.
So life here at Squalor Holler is good. Once more, dear friends unto the breach! Breech? Beach? That sounds like a lot more fun. Once more, dear friends, unto the beach!

27 thoughts on “Krissie: Another Day, Another Dollar

  1. So glad that you are feeling better today! Taking things a day at a time is about as much as any of us can do.

    As for the scale, I would suggest on weighing yourself once a week. You’ll fluctuate a bit day by day with water and… other stuff (ha!) so weighing in once a week ought to be a good check of overall progress.

    I love soup – how could I not love a one pot meal? Now that it seems to be warming up I’ll probably be shifting to my summer menus however, for which my son will be grateful. He’s not much of a soup fan!

  2. Glad you’re feeling better.
    I love soups. I keep canned beans, canned crushed tomatoes, and low-sodium, fat-free broths in the house and frequently concoct soups with whatever else I have in the fridge/freezer. Broth-based or tomato based soups are very good for you (as opposed to cream/milk based soups).

  3. LOL – I did that last night, tossing in all those things in the fridge that might have been getting on the last edge of fresh. I call it my Junk Soup and we have it at least once every 2 weeks 🙂

  4. Agree about soup–love it! My fave is pureed style. Super easy because I don’t even have to chop the veggies in any particular shape or too small since they’ll get whipped together once cooked.

    If you want to steer clear of recipes with unnecessary fats, you may want to check out some vegan books. Just a shortcut tip–loads of regular cookbooks have good soup recipes too, but these just put them in one place.

    I’m a potage gal, though, and tend to work with whatever’s on hand rather than following a recipe. With a couple slices of bread–gluten free for me–soup makes a great meal:)

  5. Kieran says:

    Dr. Oz said yesterday to put two tablespoons of peanut butter in your morning oatmeal for protein–he said it would take you to lunch. Well, I put in just one, and I got to noon without a problem! Not only that, it was delicious! I added fresh raspberries, and I loved it so much, it’s my new favorite morning meal. I didn’t even need honey, it was so good.

  6. German Chocolate Betty says:

    My mom also used to make “leftover” soup — she had a (home-canned) stock which we made from tomatoes, carrots, onions, etc., from our garden, as a basis then throw in whatever leftovers (corn, peas, noodles, chicken breast…) she could find in the fridge that were still good and would work in the soup. Never two the same, but seldom went wrong.

  7. Ylva Hedin says:

    I think you are beutiful even early in the morning. My self well… not so much. Acually a guy I lived with once was scared of me in the mornings… well..

    Soups I looooove them! make them all the time! even desserts. raspberry soup with vodka! mmmmmm…. not that fattening… 😉

    I never use cream or milk in my soups. I make a peppersoup that feels creamy anyway… mmm… think I go and make some now!

  8. You know, I hate oatmeal–it’s mushy, bleah–but I love oatmeal cookies. Maybe if I tried some oatmeal with peanut butter and chocolate covered raisins, it would be like a cookie.

    Maybe not.

  9. Danielle says:

    Hi Krissie! Almond milk (the unsweetened, non-vanilla variety) works surprisingly well in chowders, by the way! It is delish!

  10. The oatmeal was a breeze. First, make sure you spray your slow cooker with … Pan? Pam? Brain fart here. Anyway, spray or you’ll have a helluva mess. Then two cups steel cut oats, eight cups water, set the crock pot on low and wake up to ambrosia! There are all sorts of other things you can do with it. Hey, I’ll go do a separate post!

  11. I try to make soup at least every 2 weeks – good for lunch at work and freezes well. Even when I ate dairy, I didn’t care for milk in my soup – a small potato cooked and pureed will act as a thickner; so will 1/2 to 1/2 long grain rice cooked with your vegetable/broth mixture and pureed(white works better; I use basmati). A stick blender will get the soup really smooth – better than a blender or food processor.

    I had planned on posting my “What’s in The Fridge” minestrone soup recipe on Monday but my son has been ill and needed some MLC (mommy loving care). Will finish it and post tonight. Super easy and good for you.

  12. Kieran says:

    I make soup a lot because it’s incredibly cheap (99 cents for a bag of dried beans), goes a long way, is cozy to come home to, impossible to screw up (I throw random leftovers in mine all the time), and I tend to make it high-fiber with lots of beans and veggies. Now that I’ve discovered the new Swanson’s no-salt chicken or beef broth, I’m even more into it.

  13. I am considering combining the remains of a pot of black eye pea stew with the remains of a pot of Junk Soup for the ultimate leftover soup concoction. Mwahahahaha!

  14. No. It still sounds bland. If I put pecans and chocolate covered raisins and peanut butter in it, maybe. Off to look for a recipe.

  15. I’m not big on oatmeal because of texture but I like baked oatmeal with “fried” cinnamon apples on top. My step-mother also adds cream, but I find that TOO rich.

  16. Minestrone soup and crusty bread roll, is the best on a cold winters night, or day.
    Enjoy your day with your grandson. They grow up so fast.

  17. Ooh, thank you for the tip! I need to be doing oatmeal every day, and just discovered a wee crockpot at the back of a cabinet that looks perfect.

    I’m getting brave and calling the aquatherapist people tomorrow. Time to get back in the water.


  18. molly says:

    Wow. This place is wonderful! You go, Krissie. And thanks for reminding me how much thinking I got done while swimming. Why do I stop doing the things that make me feel better? I cannot figure this out.

    Mostly commenting here to recommend my favorite soup cookbook– Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone” by Deborah Madison. Includes just one chapter on soups, but the way she puts it together gives you infinite options and the cooking tip sidebars throughout are worth the cost of the book. It really isn’t just for vegetarians.

  19. I believe in SEP’s book (Molly & Kevin’s story), Molly makes a baked oatmeal dish that everyone loves. Oh wait, it might be Match Me if You Can in the Wind Lake scenes. Whatever, it’s at the campground and Molly makes it. Maybe SEP has a stellar recipe!

    I don’t like cooked oatmeal but I bet I’d like the baked dish if someone who was a reallllllyyy good friend of SEP’s managed to get the recipe. Not that I’m hinting or anything.

  20. Ella says:

    If you’re looking for tasty, healthy & filling soup recipes I recommend carrot & ginger and roasted red pepper. Also leek & potato (aka cock-a-leekie aka vichyssoise) which you *can* add cream to but totally don’t need to.

  21. Cissa says:

    If you have a soup that really does seem to need the cream… I’ve had really good results subbing in evaporated skim milk for the heavy cream. Less fat and more nutrition, and it keeps the basic flavor profile and texture similar.

  22. Ashley B. says:

    I LOVE my oats for breakfast, but I also need to up my protein. I like peanut butter in my oats, but it adds too much Fat to my tracker, so my new fave…

    I dump a container of yogurt into my oats. I nuke my oats plain with water and salt, so this makes them creamier, adds sweetness and provides a secret protein punch.

    Round it out with a veggie sausage patty and it’s poifect. I get my fill of sweet & savory plus it holds me until lunch.

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