Krissie: And Now a Word from Our Sponsors

It’s the Kindle Daily Deal (finally). A brilliant book which needed an editor (mainly just some word repetitions) with a gorgeous cover thanks to Ms. Mollie Smith. I’m feel rather desperate about That Which Shall Not be Named, so if you’re feeling so inclined, buy this for yourself and anyone you know who has a kindle or a kindle app. Lots of sex and violence and a happy ending.

12 thoughts on “Krissie: And Now a Word from Our Sponsors

  1. Got it when it was full price (yes, yes, I’m always happy to do my part!), but I’ll share the news on FB and pass it on to my kindle buddies!

    Hope the sinuses clear up soon, baby!

  2. Trilby says:

    Once you buy the kindle daily deal you can then get the audible version (read by Xe Sands, an excellent narrator) for $3.95.

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