Krissie: All About You Thanksgiving Edition

The family is here (or most of it) sleeping downstairs, Jenny’s still asleep upstairs, and here I am, hard at work. I think Jenny scared my son. We were out at dinner (Jenny wanted to stay home and work) and talking about the automaton, and I mentioned that Jenny had been an art teacher through every level of school. I said she could scare the piss out of her students.
My son said he could see right off that she could pretty damned scary. I don’t know if they’ll ever get warm and cozy — Crusie’s too pissed at what he’s put me through — but time helps everything. He’s my son, and I love him to pieces.
Hmmm. Remind me to talk about parenting tomorrow.
Anyway, my week starts with today. I need to write, I need to get stuff ready for Richie to take to UPS or Fedex, I need to show the family Jenny’s house and Jenny how to use the washing machine and Dragon Dictate. We head homeward tomorrow, and here’s what I really have to do.

Deal with going back to everything that hasn’t changed. The money situate. The books isn’t finished (though I’m a lot closer). The upcoming holidays. My mental health. I have to see if I can get in to see the doctor (I think I have an appointment).

I think my main task will to get the book done and take it easy on myself with the other stuff that seems to out of control and simply is what it is. So, write and work on ways to compensate and ways to deal. And see the doctor.

Not sure what we’re going about Thanksgiving. I think not doing a big turkey meal on the day, but possibly going out. Though I don’t know if that would make me feel more mournful. Getting through the rest of the week is first priority.

What’s yours? Not fighting with the relatives? Letting go of making three pies and going with two? Letting other people do the work for a change (can you tell that’s me with the last two?).

What’s on your agenda?

41 thoughts on “Krissie: All About You Thanksgiving Edition

  1. Molly says:

    Enjoy my daughter’s company while she’s home.

    My mom asked me to make either a squash dish or a sweet potato dish for Thanksgiving. Must grocery shop for this (as I thought I was done until X goes back to college).

    Write. I really and truly need to buckle down and do this.

  2. I find that there are stages of a book that I just cant do anything much but write. It takes a lot of energy to finish. maybe you’re there?

    I mailed my book on Thursday and now have space in my head, so I pulled out the recipes for the things I want to cook. Everyone is coming here on TD, my injured sisters and my parents, both sons, Morgan, and BABY.

    I feel joyful and thankful. My lost cat is home. My granddaughter is such a treat, and Life Is Good.

    I do have to gut my office. It’s a big wreck.

  3. stephanie says:

    @Barbara – sounds like a busy and fun day at your house!! And with the kitty home it’s one more thing to be Thankful for.

    I went away this weekend so I could write. It was great. I didn’t count how many new words I got but the best part was having enough time to immerse myself in the story long enough to get things straightened out. Not having it organized – in my head or on the page – was driving me nuts. Plus, I learned more about the story as I was going and I love when that happens.

    Now that I’m home I realized I have to get ready for Turkey Day. Like, buy a turkey. Most of the rest of the stuff will be easy, especially since my mom is helping with the shopping. And I’m seriously thankful for that!

    • I’ve got scary-teacher-face too. Heck, it’s even nice-teacher-face. And I can still use it in nice-teacher mode with teacher-stare to make a restless (running around) child sit still in the ENT specialist’s waiting room.

      I did it so well, his mother commented that she needed to learn to do it so she wouldn’t nag so much. And another patient backed my method up because he does “the stare” at his children and it works.

  4. Last year, Thanksgiving fell on what would have been my mom’s 68th birthday. The day before Thanksgiving, my sister’s closest friend, Sharon–absolutely her Jenny, her safe place to run, the person who talked her through all the dark places–died in the night, either heart or asthma so bad that she couldn’t call for help. If it was fiction, I’d be like, “oh, come on, that’s just stupid, coincidences like that don’t happen.” But, alas, not fiction.

    So this year, we’re all going to be pretending in our various ways that the holiday doesn’t exist, and we will not be gathering for the traditional turkey and pumpkin pie. That said, I cooked the traditional meal last week, Thursday, for just my dad and his wife, my son and me, and the food was great, probably the best Thanksgiving meal I’ve ever made — possibly because I made everything I liked, the way I liked it, and didn’t do anything because I felt like it had to be that way. So we had roasted little potatoes with parmesan, garlic, & herbs sprinkled on them, sweet potatoes with pecan and goat cheese from Smitten Kitchen, and pumpkin cheesecake, instead of the traditional mashed, candied, and pie. It made me realize that I like the idea of Thanksgiving be about eating a food that you really, really like and would rarely indulge in, whether because of the effort or the calories.

    So I’m going to eat something delicious (although I don’t know what yet) on the real day and be thankful that I never have to live through last year’s Thanksgiving again.

    • Carol says:

      This year is the 20th anniversary of DH’s mother dying on Thanksgiving. We were gone for the day so got the message, then the call, when we got home (ah, the days before being constantly connected by cellphone). Made Thanksgiving tough for a few years, and it is still bittersweet. We spent quite some time just getting through, so I totally understand. Take good care of yourself this Thursday…

      • German Chocolate Betty says:

        My grandfather died the day AFTER Christmas. I have always been grateful that it wasn’t the holiday, because, bizarrely enough, for whatever reason, it isn’t “loaded” like the actual day.

        My first husband died 6 days before our first anniversary. When I got married the second time, 10 years later, I called my new husband (who was on a business trip) just before midnight 6 days before our anniversary to make sure he was okay (he was).

  5. Redwood Kim says:

    I’m going to get out my little blue book and track again. Had a bad bout of reflux last night, and I totally deserved it. Get a clue, self.
    I need to find a brussel sprouts or parsnips reciepe, because that’s what I’m bringing to the party with new friends. I’m also going to bring a bowl of peas, because my daughters will eat those. And if I can get to See’s, I’m going to get three chocolate turkeys for the littles, too.

  6. Cindy says:

    My oldest is feeling well enough to want to eat some thanksgiving goodies, so I have to prepare some gluten-free and dairy free stuff thanksgiving things.

    My youngest will be cooking with me and my neighbor on Wednesday.

    We will be celebrating by ourselves more than likely, but I’m okay with that.

    Possibly doing some Black Friday shopping with my neighbor…but being good.

  7. I’m going up to Dallas to spend Thanksgiving with my friend Sierra! I have a bit of driving anxiety, which almost made me miss this opportunity for fun and friendship. But another friend helped me with that so it’s a bit better now and I decided to go for it. It’s just a long drive.

    After my stepdad died, my mom, grandma, and I started going out to dinner for Thanksgiving and it was wonderfully freeing. It was great to start a new tradition and we found a place that did a wonderful traditional Thanksgiving buffet. I’d have tried that this year if Sierra hadn’t invited me. I’ve never cooked a turkey, but I’m a competent sous chef, having been the family sous chef for many, many years.

    Today would have been my mom’s 73rd birthday. Luckily, it’s also a therapy day for me and we are going to talk about Mom. It might be a challenging day. But I’m up for the challenge.

    • Kelly S. says:

      Have fun with Sierra and if it is the Sierra I expect it is, have fun with E., the cats, & the bird(s) – did I miss anyone?

      Also, audiobooks are wonderful for shortening a long drive, which reminds me I need to find one to download for my trip to WI.

  8. Barbara Cameron says:

    My friend Rita had children who made her life so hard sometimes. When I found out that she died a couple of months ago I almost said something to the daughter who let me know. So I understand Jenny’s protectiveness. And I’m remembering with gratitude how a different friend of mine once called my son the Prince so I could be aware that others cared for me when I was being treated with less than respect so I could say something to him…

    It’s hard to see someone working so hard as a parent and going through so much. So glad that you have Jenny and I had my friend Eva.

  9. Since I’m Canadian, this is an ordinary week for me. My mother is celebrating with my brother and family in CA, so I’ll call them later in the week to check in.

    Biggest project for the week is to finish the arrangements for the Bake Table at the big school Holiday Fair this weekend (I volunteered to do this in September, without any recollection of how busy it gets this time of year)and my baking.

    I read a very good piece on blogging last week and realized I need to be more consistent in terms of posting (the intial flurtty has given way to “occasional” posting) As per the article’s suggestion, I am now planning on a 2-week cycle. Haven’t figured out which days of the week I will post on – that’s the next step.

  10. I sent the ipad2 off for a replacement glass yesterday after it dropped out of my handbag and the protective coverings did not save it.

    I bought a new ipad because the DH was hassling me for his own iPad now that he has discovered a) he can play scrabble on it to his heart’s content b) how fast it is for browsing obscure facts about films and other stuff he likes to know about.

    So he can have the old ipad when it comes back and I get the new one. In a case that will withstand anything….

    And getting on with the book. Am half way through the revising process, must get on…

  11. Other than the holiday stuff (potluck at work then cousin’s house on T-Day) I need to get back to the writing. Stopped the WIP to edit the first book and now my brain is fried. Completely. Can’t shake the headache/eye pain, which is just making it harder to focus.

    I also think the wreck that is my house is clogging up my creativity. The place hasn’t looked like a home since Jan when the water heater flooded the living room and we lost the carpet. I keep thinking I’m going to paint and lay down new floor so why bother putting things back where they go but this limbo is driving me nuts.

    Impending renovations or no, this house has got to get organized.

  12. Lynda says:

    I’m going to my son’s house, where I will nibble my nutrition bars and remind myself that Thanksgiving is about family, not the food. And isn’t it an amazing blessing to live in a place where there is so much abundance that one worries about how much one is NOT eating, rather than struggling just to survive?

  13. Rachel V says:

    Things are imploding for family members (sister-in-law’s father went into hospisce yesterday, niece has knee surgery next week, husband’s cousin arrested recently) but I am having a fabulous turkey day at my house and am so looking forward to the food and using my china and crystal and seeing the people that are able to come that I am going to enjoy it as much as possible. Will hit 45,000 NaNo words before Thursday. Making plans to set up my own desk soon so I will get the fun of doing that. Most of the holiday shopping is already done so all I will have to do is navigate the guilt and expectations of everyone around me for Christmas (truly the holiday I have come to loathe as an adult). What I wouldn’t give for my spouse to be willing to just let us disappear from December 24 to 26th!

  14. Jenni Mac says:

    I am off the hook for cooking this year, yay! I’m going to have my holiday dinner in the hopefully aptly named Turkeyville. Then it’s on to my brother’s for dessert and visiting. I will be missing my kids, they are spending time with their dad. I get an uninterrupted Christmas celebration for the trade, so I call it a good deal.

    This week is all about putting my self back together. It’s time for a new attitude, even if I have to stomp down to the end of my tunnel and turn on the light myself.

  15. Sometime this week, I’m going to buy a hardcover notebook and make indexes and turn it into my own language phrasebook. I don’t want to buy an A to Z index book because those never have enough pages.

    I’m good with new languages but I’ve never tested myself. I’m gonna use it to refresh my third language and then make a start on my fourth – of which I know greetings and a few other (polite) words.

    I want it to sound like me. Hence my own books, not a published one.

  16. Lois says:

    When I was a child, my mom and 2 aunts each took a holiday to host and Thanksgiving was ours. So even tho my parents and all the aunts and uncles are gone my daughters and I still make a big deal about Thanksgiving. We make an old family recipe for steamed plum pudding (which we have made gluten free but can’t substitute for the suet!). This year we are having a locally raised free range turkey (yum, I hope) and lots of the traditional stuff. So other than food shopping, prep and eating my plans for the week are to continue to try and walk everyday and do a little black friday shopping.

  17. No Thanksgiving down here, so we don’t have to worry about who’s making what, and how are we going to get DD 8 seater table through the door until Christmas … fun 🙂

    Today DH and I will be baby sitting youngest DD’s kids, ones 3 the other is 4 months, while she has a dental appointment.

    I hope to get some writing done before they get here.
    Try and stop Miff (dog, female) to stop licking the baby’s feet and every other bit of bare skin she can find. Stop 3 year old from hanging of Miff’s neck.

    Make everybody lunch and get them to eat it. Maybe pumpkin soup with homemade bread. I’d better get stuck into making the bread 😉

  18. My daughter is cooking TG dinner. Her first in her new house. I get to supervise, hopefully from the couch. : )

    Other than that, just need to double-check copyedits, and the blurb, tagline, etc. for the 2nd book and get that back to my editor. 3rd and last in the series is being read. Should get an actual release date for the 1st one any day now. Then the real fun starts!

    Had a massage yesterday in readiness for getting back on the road again. Must do that more frequently. I feel fabulous today.

  19. Lulu says:

    Two full days at work, then flying down to Calif on Wed for family gathering. We don’t usually do TD & Christmas there for a slew of reasons, but Dad’s not doing so well (he’s a frail 84) so I’m trying to be a responsible adult and making the best of it.

    Husband is driving down, working at sites along the way. So he’s taking a half case of our favorite WA wines plus some of our homemade apple butter, etc. that I packed up for gifts and survival. Don’t know if our grown son will be able to fly in from Seattle. Sure hope so.

    I still need to arrange a dog-feeder, since my usual dog-sitter isn’t available and the dog is too big to go as carry-on luggage. Darn it. Not that I’ve ever flown with a dog, but Ella would be a great help & distraction on this trip.

    And there’s yet another field mouse invasion underway at my 100-year-old house. At this rate, my house will be more expando-foam & steel wool than studs-and-sheet-rock in another month.

    • Kelly S. says:

      Thank you! I am calling my cat sitter as I type this. Need her for the holidays. Cats don’t travel well, typically. Plus my folks are allergic.

    • German Chocolate Betty says:

      Lulu, if you end up having to resort to mousetraps, use peanut butter instead of cheese. They can’t just snatch it and run. (Maybe you knew this already?) We used to have problems with field mouse incursions every fall and had to refine our strategies. Our cats should have been helpful, but weren’t always, ’cause those mice are smart!

      • Yup, we’re peanut butter users too if it’s necessary. Usually our cats take care of things, but sometimes they bring them in to play with them and then the little suckers escape. Mouse poop everywhere!

  20. Anjemon says:

    1.) Get to the gym 3 times. This will be mostly logistics.

    2.) Work on my Christmas presents. I have one I need to design that has to be done by the beginning of Dec. And it snuck up on me.

    3.) Have a great time with my family. (This isn’t hard, I love my family)

  21. Micki says:

    Thanksgiving Labor Day here on Friday, so if I get the turkey out of the freezer tonight, I’ll cook it up on Saturday. Not a big deal here (except for me), so I’ll probably make a pumpkin pie and serve the turkey with some baked sweet potatoes in caramel. (-: Simple, really.

    My daughter wants to stay at school and study for a big test . . . I can’t really blame her. And Christmas falls a day before we get out of work for the big New Year’s Holidays (I have to work the 25th, 26th and 27th), so it’s not going to be a big holiday year for us here.

    Maybe we’ll go all out on New Year’s.

  22. Kelly S. says:

    Well, there’s the day job 3 days this week. A drive to WI to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I hope to get most of the Christmas shopping done & get the Christmas decorations up before next Monday. Considering I don’t like most of the traditional Thanksgiving feast foods, my diet shouldn’t suffer too much but for a lack of veggies.

  23. Office Wench Cherry says:

    This week I have to shove all my annoyances and crap aside and be there for Tall Boy. He’s having a lot of work issues and is really not happy with things. No one seems willing to commit to anything. He was supposed to have a meeting yesterday to outline the responsibilities and other details about his new job and it never happened. He doesn’t even know if they want him to stay there any more. Makes me angry. I told him this morning that I’d stand beside him and snarl if he needed me to.

    The district manager is a hard guy to get along with – will walk past you in the hallway, look right at you and not acknowledge your presence kind of guy. The kind who thinks that it’s his way or the highway, regardless of what the company’s policies have been in the past – and still are. The company TB works for is a major employer and supporter of the town we live in and the manager doesn’t seem to want to get behind that. He wants the men to only use certain suppliers, certain support companies – regardless of service or price. He’s really throwing his weight around and it’s getting ugly.

    We live in a small town (2000 people) that serves two industries and if the manager gets his way and stops using the local people, the entire town is going to suffer. The town is in the middle of nowhere, people are very clannish and if the manager succeeds in pissing off enough people no one is going to want to work for the company – or everyone will be out of business and there won’t be anyone to work. I think he thinks that he can break the backs of some of the bigger local companies and then they’ll do what they’re told but he’s wrong.

    And then there’s a witch hunt going on behind the back of one of the senior guys. This guy might not be 100% lily white but I think the basis of the witch hunt is that more of the staff in the area like and support him than the manager. I’ve never known the guy being hunted – who happens to be TB’s boss – to do anything that hurt the company or the community, maybe just take a gift that’s slightly more valuable than the company would like – and usually those gifts wound up in the hands of a person lower down the food chain or in the cupboard waiting to be a prize in a charity raffle or something like that. Please note that I do not like this man so for me to feel that he’s being railroaded is saying something.

    Given TB’s health issues and his inability to get things like insurance on loans and whatnot we’re both really loathe for him to leave this company. We are both very sorry that he took the other job last year and we moved. Very, very sorry.

    So, that’s my foreseeable future – supporting and snarling.

  24. Jill says:

    Not doing turkey, marinated brisket instead. 1 daughter home, 1 daughter and husband and 2 kids at her inlaws. Grandson cannot get away (in Army). So just 3 of us. NO shopping unless it is online. Nice and quiet until the 2 grandgirls get here Thursday night.

    Happy Thanksgiving !

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