Krissie: All About You Post Thanksgiving Edition

So now that you’ve all recovered from your turkey-induced comas and shopping-induced exhaustion, we can stop and evaluate. We actually had our thanksgiving yesterday, because I wanted to change things around a bit, and we liked the difference. Mind you, I missed watching the parade, but I always used to bring my mother up to watch it and then the dog show and it would have made me weepy. We’ll see how things go next year.
I have one thing and one thing only to do, and that’s finish the book. It’s so close I can taste it (as well as the leftover turkey) but I’m not allowing myself to get Christmas-y until I do. I did drag out my Christmas clothes and go through them and pull out all the 2x ones to give to Goodwill. Hoping to make a trip there this week. And today is the first day I’m not wearing Crusie-donated clothes in about two weeks. I have a brand new wardrobe.
I’ve got a bunch of pretty stuff to pass on to Lynda (gotta get that together too).
But one thing at a time. Finish the damned book.

What’s on your agenda?

34 thoughts on “Krissie: All About You Post Thanksgiving Edition

  1. You look great in this picture. Very happy. And slim! Hope you’re staying warm up there.

    This week is back to words words words. Also need to sort out the Christmas tree issue. Pooch will likely destroy the regular tree so must find an alternative.

    Kiddo and I have committed to eating better and getting moving. We’re using the Just Dance 3 Wii game to move and loaded the house with fruit and proteins last night. If we stick to this I should be feeling much better by the first of the year.

  2. Rachel V says:

    -clear out front room to make space for Christmas tree. I have a large dollhouse my grandfather made for me thirty plus years ago stored in front of our picture window that needs to go elsewhere. Son really wants to decorate this year, so I need to make this happen soon.
    -get serious about setting up a blog and website. I am not interested in doing the work for this but know I have to in order to help promote my book that will be out spring of 2013. I’d rather write.
    -write a few more scenes for my NaNo project which was at 51,000 words last night. Really like this story, so instead of doing self-promotion research (see above), I am adding a new character and writing a funny telephone conversation scene now.

  3. pamb says:

    Krissie, you look WON-der-full!! 🙂

    Make xmas cards w/g-kids.

    Stick to reduced amount of DC.

    Go to bed by midnight. A major lifestyle change. (g)

  4. Great photo. You look happy.

    I spent all of yesterday on photoshop restoring an old black and white family photo, of Mum and kids, it was taken nearly sixty years ago. It was in an old box at home and had cracks and creases in it. It came out awesome. I made one copy in sepia and think I’ll go buy cards that hold a photo and send it off to family.

    Maybe I’ll put up some lights at the front of the house too.

  5. Redwood Kim says:

    What a meaningful gift, Robena. Might be worthy of frames, rather than just a card. After all, you made it as surely as if you used knitting needles and yarn.

  6. Redwood Kim says:

    I’m really going to focus on real foods and no sugar this week. Real food, no sugar. I can do it!
    I’m 1/3 through my annual calendar project, which I usually do not finish until the last day I can order it, so I want to focus on that, too. A month a day, and I’ll be done by next week!

  7. Kelly S says:

    You look very happy! Glad the change up went well.

    This week I’ll have to deal with some conflict at work. I have 2 quilting group meetings. I hope to get the Christmas decorations up inside. Test Wii games as commented under Terri’s posting. I also need to take some time to do something fun for me. I’m thinking quilting or reading.

  8. Kelly S says:

    Terri – I also have a wii and use it for exercise. I love EA Sports Active 2. There previous version were good too, but each one gets better. I also like Zumba and if you like the Just Dance games, you might like it too.

    I bought a wii for my mom for Christmas along with used Zumba, My Fitness Coach and EA Active 2. I got them from Game Stop during their buy 2 pre-owned items and get the 3rd free. I need to make certain they work before giving them away. But the great thing with their pre-owned stuff is that you can buy it and try it for 7 days and if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work or whatever, you can return it for the full price you paid.

  9. Get back to doing things on my to-do list, however I need to motivate myself.

    Job hunt.

    Make real food to eat, more than cereal and sandwiches. I lost almost 3 lbs last week, even with Thanksgiving and desserts! So I need more protein, less fat, fewer calories, and continued exercise. I don’t move into added exercise until December.

    Maybe at least make a plan for revisions. Use some of the stuff I’ve been reading to break the story into scenes and work on them one at a time. Or something. Just work on the damned novel revisions in some way.

  10. Lulu says:

    You look much happier and more relaxed in today’s photo, Krissie! Yay!

    I need to:
    Get to the gym & get back into the regular exercise routine, something like I had back before the plantar fasciitis kicked in.

    Finish the Christmas cards so I can mail them on Dec. 1, that’s just this Saturday, so no more procrastinating on the final glittery bits.

    Start making room for the Christmas decorations and the visitors we’ll have over the holidays.

  11. Cindy says:

    So glad Thanksgiving is over…that was a ton of cooking! But now Christmas is just around the corner. Yikes!

    1) Work – so much of it.

    2) Fasting Barium Swallow for kiddo tomorrow. She & I are dreading it. (positive thoughts please)

    3) OBGYN appointment to discuss a uterine fibroids they found a month ago. Fun, fun!

    4) Do something about my weight!!

  12. Two weeks of classes and one week of finals and the few days following to finish the grade crunch. I’ve got tons of grading to do since after the first couple days of break, I did nothing school related at all. I did a lock down in my sewing room and finished a table runner and did up a couple dozen bookmarks to put in my Etsy shop. I finished sewing up sampler blocks, worked on my flannel rag quilt. All in all, it was a complete vacation from all things school. I feel wonderfully refreshed, if somewhat hysterical about how much grading I have to do over the next three weeks.

    So, for me, it’s all about grading. Think the Rawhide theme: “Grading, grading, grading, keep those essays moving . . .”

  13. My brains leaked out my ears when I fractured my leg so while I know I should be working on writing books, working on the McD class and promoting my self, all I can seem to do is sleep and muddle through the day.

    There’s no gas in the tank.

  14. pamb says:

    Healing takes energy, which we learned in spades this year while my dh recuperated.

    Fwiw, we found he needed more protein than usual to increase stamina & rebuild muscles.

    And do the exercises to keep as much muscle as possible!

    Hugs! You will feel better. 🙂

  15. Lynda says:

    You’re looking great, and you sound really chipper. I’m glad your revised Thanksgiving plans worked so well for you. I’m also delighted that you’re wearing an all-new wardrobe. God knows you deserve it! A lot of people in my weight-loss class are saying that they won’t get new clothes till they’ve reached their goals, but when you drop as many pounds as I have, that becomes impractical. I tried buying some cheap jeans to tide me over, but I discovered that I hated them. No matter what the size, they fit badly, are unbecoming, and make me feel grumpy. I don’t mind baggy tees, but I’ve learned that good-fitting pants are a necessity. So I’m switching back and forth between two pairs of jeans that are the current right size, and when they don’t fit anymore, I’ll get some new ones, even if I only wear them for a couple of months before I have to replace them. It really does make a huge difference in one’s attitude.

    Have a great week! I’m so glad the book is almost done. That’ll be a huge lift for your spirits!!

  16. I never thought of checking the pre-owned games at Game Stop. We walk by the one at the mall all the time. Thanks! I’ll be stopping in there soon. I have really bad knees so not sure I could do the Zumba but it might be worth a try.

  17. Carol says:

    1) Start scanning family photos, which will become Christmas presents for the sibs
    2) Check the scarf stash to see if I’ve got presents covered, and if not, crochet something
    3) Now that Thanksgiving is over, re-energize my good eating habits.

  18. Looking good Ms Krissie. You do sound much more up beat today. On the one hand, holidays can be lovely. On the other hand, they can be incredibly stressful for myriad reasons. Good for you for changing things up a bit.

    Having awakened with a migraine almost every day last week, I am focusing on drinking lots of water and my diet. I got up early for 2 weeks to walk my dog and felt way better, so I need to go to bed earlier and force myself outside. A blogger I read was trying 15 mins a day of sewing per day, rather than trying to set aside big blocks of time – I am going to take the same approach and do something creative/crafty everyday this week. As we head to the longest day of the year and Christmas, I need a mental booster shot to keep myself centred.

  19. Lois says:

    I got on the scale and it was not a pretty sight. Thus getting my eating back under control is a big priority.

    Moving a bunch of stuff from my home office to my town office. It will be there for my holiday sale and what doesn’t sell is not coming home. I desperately need more room and less mess. This will free up some of the dining room too, I hope.

    Adjusting to snow everyday. I hate winter driving. I need to suck it up for the next couple of weeks and then after Xmas redo my schedule so I do not have to drive to town everyday.

  20. Anjemon says:

    I don’t feel that stressed yet, but I still have a lot of things to do.

    1.) Most importantly is a photo book. I bought a Shutterfly coupon to for use with my Mom’s Christmas present. But that means I have to order by Dec 4, which is a week away and boy are there a lot of photos to add to the book still! At least I have next weekend.

    2.) Think up present ideas for my family.

    3.) Think up my Christmas list. So many of the things I want are not really applicable, either too big/expensive or too small.

    4.) Finish baby blanket. My sister is due on the 12th and I was hoping to have it finished by then. But if I don’t get to it, it needs to be done by Christmas.

    Basically, PRESENTS.

  21. This week I need to complete an assignment for McD and produce some pages in my manuscript.

    I want to continue the great progress I had with weight loss over the last week. (I’d been in a bit of a slump.) I feel like I flicked on a motivation switch and can be much more scrupulous about cutting out the carbs I’d allowed to creep back into my daily food plan.

    I also need to finalize a couple of Christmas gifts for family and work on my cards.

  22. Micki says:

    Has she done the barium thing before? If so, well, then she knows what she knows. If not . . . the barium is not delicious, but they didn’t have me drink the full cup. It was OK. Then they put me on the chair, and it was kind of like an amusement park ride really. Up and down and to and fro. So, if she likes the teacup ride, she might enjoy this, too.

    And the most important thing is that it will be done, and it won’t take too long. Best of luck!

  23. Micki says:

    (-: I want to find my motivation switch. Then everything else will be easy. Simple guilt just isn’t cutting it anymore.

    Easy goals: make delicious, yummy things with turkey — the kind of things I’ve been craving all year long because I really like turkey. Turkey and cheese sandwiches sound like a good start. Turkey soup with homemade egg noodles sound like a winner for later in the week.

    I will get my X-mas lists in order, and online stuff bought before Dec. 1.

    I’m going to copy my scenes down onto index cards, and work that way with my new, refined goals in mind. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.

    I’m going to find the index cards.

    I’m going to find a pen.

    That works.


    Oh hell, I’m just going to do what I can, and celebrate everything.

  24. Maine Betty says:

    Yes, because the gas is going to the bone-knitting! I remember feeling that way when I broke my wrist, but be as kind to yourself as you would someone else, and take it easy.

  25. Cindy says:

    We are having it done now. It’s her 3rd. This one is with small bowel, so we have to wait for up to 2 hours? And with her nausea it’s the pits, but it will be over with.

  26. Kelly S says:

    I also have bad knees. Zumba didn’t have a lot of jumping so that was really nice. The second one has much better graphics.

  27. Eileen A-W says:

    Krissie you are not only looking good you also sound upbeat. My agenda is to avoid stressing out over my high school students as it’s too far until our 10 day “winter break” for every one. I need to finish up my holiday letter and get it mailed out. It usually doesn’t go out until after school is out but this year I’m spending half my break visiting my 83 year old mom. I really need to get the treadmill cleaned off and back to walking. I’m feeling “fat” and the exercise would be good for that, the stress & my heart problems. Kate take care of yourself with that broken leg. It takes time to heal as I well know having broken my wrist twice. I’m a klutz, nothing more need be said.

  28. Micki says:

    Oh. So the fun part is probably not that fun anymore, and the icky part is just that much more icky. Hope it went well, and found something very useful!

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