Krissie: All About You Monday and More

That’s the finished ipod holder (didn’t get to finish the other but I will.) First, some news. We had a campfire yesterday (not literally) and decided we can revamp Refab to make it the Revamped Refab Revisited. So look for us New Year’s Day.
Today, we still gotta decorate the tree with our lights before we set it afire. Let’s put up our intentions for the busiest week of the year for a lot of us, and how we’re going to balance things. I’m working on balance myself.

For me, this week will be all about good enough. Most of the presents are wrapped, and I don’t need to worry about not having enough. There’s a lot less under the tree, but I think everyone can handle that without a nervous breakdown. Not enough in the stockings but i can fill in with chocolate and clementines. Once the rush of Christmas is over (and that does involve a fair amount of cooking) then I can sit on my laurels and sew and think about the new book and revisions and revamping my new year.

Last one took a body blow right in the middle (July 11). But now it’s time for Bawdy Sister Krissie to Climb Ev’ry Mountain singing Christmas carols at the top of my lungs as I used to when I was four.

So. Put whatever is on your weekly agenda up on the tree and add some light to the world. I hope most of you aren’t planning much. Once the madness is over the week between Christmas and New Years is really delightful, with family around and new things to play with and lots of leftovers.

So Merry Christmas, happy holidays, eat well and be happy.

But don’t forget to put what’s on your agenda up there.

52 thoughts on “Krissie: All About You Monday and More

  1. Yippee- a revamped Refab, is just what I need.

    Merry Christmas to all. Hope it’s all about family, friends and love for everyone.

    As for me? A systematic go-through my To-Do list. It is the list of “GREAT THINGS” that will make my New Year better. Because I want a few (emotional and professional) things I’ve never had before, so I have to do what I’ve not done before.

  2. Carol-Ann says:

    Merry Christmas Refabbers everywhere 🙂 Krissie, so glad that Refab has gotten a reprieve – I’m sure we all appreciate the work you, Jenny and Lani have put in here, and I would have understood it ending, but I’m glad that it’s not, I don’t post much, but I visit daily 🙂

    My agenda is to leave work (hopefully early), get the turkey in the oven (I always cook it Christmas Eve, less to do on Christmas Day), get Little Miss bathed and into bed before I transform into one of Santa’s not-so-little elves. Family dinner with all the parents tomorrow, then tomorrow night Dr Who, Call the Midwife and Downton Abbey Christmas specials with a Tunnock’s teacake (or 3), bliss 🙂

  3. I’m headed for New Zealand on Thursday. Weds will be crazy as I get things in order for the house sitter, take down the tree, finish packing, etc. THEN I can rest for a few weeks, playing and touring. I can’t wait to see whales!

  4. Deborah Blake says:

    Today is my last big push at the shop I run. I go in a little later and stay until we close at 4, or whenever the last “oh my god is is Christmas already, maybe I should start shopping!” guy leaves. [And yes, it is always a guy. Bless they little hearts.]

    Then I come home and collapse with a glass or two of wine and the dinner one of my healing clients is dropping off for me as part of my holiday gifts, so I don’t have to cook when i get home all wiped out. Isn’t that sweet?

    Of course, I woke up with my first massive cold sore in YEARS. Thank you so much, holiday stress. Bah.

    Tomorrow is a quiet day, and I will probably finish off the last couple of minor edits my agent sent me, so we can have the manuscript all shiny and ready to submit after the 1st of the year. A friend is coming for dinner tomorrow night (roast leg of lamb with garlic and herb crust) but then I have the next day off too, and I plan to start working on the new Llewellyn nonfiction book. It is due at the end of March, and the sooner I can get it done, the sooner I can start working on the next novel 🙂

    Then it is back to work and frantically catching up with all the paperwork that didn’t get done during the busy time.

    Wishing you all a lovely holiday!

  5. Yay for Reinventing and Renewing ReFab!

    This week I’m in PA and NJ for the holidays. It’s all about spending time with family, friends who are like family and sharing love for each other.

    I’m determined to do as best I can with sticking to my food plan instead of making the holidays a license to eat badly. I’m also working in exercise when possible. This honors my commitment to myself.

    Happy season to all with big holiday hugs. Thank you for creating this community!

  6. Molly says:

    Hope everyone has a delightful holiday.

    I’m working all week — I have Tuesday off, so will have a nice dinner with family — but beyond that, it’s business as usual.

    Tonight I plan to watch Love Actually with TV Stevie and the Chromos (both of whom are safely home from college).

    That’s it.

  7. I’m so glad you’re going to reinvent ReFab. I really have enjoyed the posts and commentary this year. I’ve gotten some great personal insights out of it, too, which are helping me on my path.

    Letseeee…I have to finish the Christmas stocking repairs I decided to do this year. I sewed them originally 30 years ago (and 23) just after my kids were born. In that time the white cuffs got all dingy and yucky so I decided to replace the old felt with luscious fleece. They have to be ready for when Santa shows up tonight.

    I also have another sewing project to start and complete. I’m making curtains for the DH’s greenhouse to replace the plastic sheets he put up to moderate the sun on one side. Meant to sew that a few months ago but now that I’ve got the machine out I’m going to do it and get it done before the end of the year. They’re slightly challenging because the tops will hang at a slant and not straight so I need to anchor them at the corners so they don’t slide down.

    I have family visiting. The son comes home tonight through Thurs morning. The ‘rents come Wednesday through Friday morning.

    And somehow through this I’m going to get my writing in because that hasn’t been happening and it must.

    I’m also going to get some exercise in.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a RENEWING AND REALLY FAB NEW YEAR to Krissie, and Jennie, and Lani, and REFABBERS everywhere!! Ho ho ho!

  8. AuntieJB says:

    This week I’m going to shed past anxieties about holiday celebrations with my family. These anxieties are not invited to join me in the festivities. Instead I’m going to be in the moment and enjoy the time with my family, my 92-year-old grandmother (who still lives on her own and drives and volunteers and…)

    I will also give thanks to the ReFab goddesses for their willingness to provide a forum for all of us to share.

  9. Jenni Mac says:

    I just managed to add two extra days on to my usual Christmaspalooza. Today, I host my dad’s side of the family in the afternoon and then dinner with my Mom and Step-Dad. Tomorrow, we’ll home in the morning with all the kids, Yay, and then off to my brother’s for more family time. I thought all the fun would end there, but my sister-in-law and her husband have surprised us with a Christmas visit. We’ll host them on Wednesday, maybe her sons as well. Then, it’s one more visit to squeeze in with my grandparents and aunt on Thursday, yippee. The kids go off to their dad’s for a week on Friday, and I get to collapse for a bit.

    I’m looking forward to a New Year and Revamped Refab. I would have been sad to see it end. I’ve had my own set of trials and tribulations this year, I’m ready to move on. I’ve decided this is “The Year I Get What I Want”! It’s my mantra for when I’m tempted to let the dark days overwhelm me, again. My inner ballerina is putting on her Doc Martins!

    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy to All!

  10. Alis says:

    A Revamped Refab? Yay–the best present ever! 🙂 (I wasn’t going to say anything about missing it for fear of causing someone to feel guilted, but I’m just tickled you all are going to keep at this in some format.)

    My week boils down to “Yes the kids and the DH are important, but so am I.”

    I’m going to finish wrapping this evening. I always end up hurting my back by putting it off and then having to spend 4 hours hunched over perfectly creased paper and OCD inspired handmade bows. This year I started early, and I opted to skip the bows entirely. My kids are 12 and 14–they’re not going to care about the lack of bows. So, I only have about an hour of wrapping left, and I’ll do that tonight after the offspring are banished from the living room.

    Tomorrow is Santa and Christmas Breakfast, and then… if I can stand it, I’ll let my husband invite his friends over for a game of Catan. *deep breathing* I can do this. I am better about letting people into my house than I used to be, but it’s still hard. *bleah*

    Then I’m back to my regularly scheduled chaos, which really doesn’t feel like chaos because at least it’s fracking scheduled. And writing. I will write even if I have to beat the story into submission with a 5-iron.

    Merry Christmas ReFabbers!

  11. Office Wench Cherry says:

    Yay! I missed the old, positive focused Refab. My goal for the week is to be nice to the in-laws. Wish me luck.
    Nope, I’m being positive – I will suck it up and be nice. AS nice as I can be anyway. My nice threshold is very low.

  12. Oh, happy day! Oh, happy day! Refab, refab is staying… .

    On my agenda:
    1. Take a few Windows 8 tutorials. Yes, I know! What was the crazy old lady thinking when she bought the new laptop? I think I’ve got it all working but it was a hair pulling out journey.
    2. Drive to my daughter’s place.
    3. Catsit two cats who think when I stretch out on the couch with my Kindle that it is story telling time. If I don’t read out loud they complain. I have to keep reading until they fall asleep. : ) And who started this? I know. If I ever become a grandmother those grandkids are going to be spoiled rotten.

    Wishing everyone at Refab a joyous holiday season and a spectacular 2013!

  13. Jill says:

    The chaos started Saturday. Daughter, son in law , and 2 grandgirls , other daughter and 1 grandgirl (3), grandson all came over. Dinner at local restaurant. Took the older 2 grandgirls to the annual outdoor Living Nativity play then to DQ. Everyone left either Saturday or Sunday morning. Then I cleaned and did laundry, still had time to read . Today we go to above mentioned daughter, sil, 2 grandgirls.Younger daughter meets us there. Christmas Eve dinner and Mass if we can get in the parking lot. Then presents ! Chaos. The girls are 11 and 6. After the girls are asleep (we hope) Santa’s elves assemble toys. We spend the night .This had been a tradition we have kept for many years.
    Joe and I come home and spend a quiet week . I fixed 3 different kinds of soup and we have breads to sustain us 🙂

  14. Mama Abbie says:

    Got all the Christmas prep finished on Friday at midnight, because early Saturday morning we left for our magical Christmas tour.
    A lovely Saturday and first half of Sunday with DD and DSIL.

    Now at my Mom’s with the rest of the family. I am stuck on-call for work, so I can’t go out, but there isn’t much work to do, just must be instantly available in case of problems…so really, forced relaxation, enjoying DH, Parent and Sibs….and some REALLY excellent food.

    Only thing that would make it better would be a walk, but I can do that tomorrow.

  15. Barbara Cameron says:

    Delighted to hear the wonderful news about Revamped Refab Revisited or whatever you may call it..

    My agenda:

    I have one gift card to pick up — they weren’t able to process them the other night…then stop by the bank for the crispy money gifts son and his wife and my grandkids on that side like…

    Then I have to wrap the few gifts I bought for the other kid and grandkid. At least I get to buy some grandkid toys since he’s too young to ask for money.

    I am determined to have a good time at the Christmas Day celebration we’re having at the ex’s house so the son/wife/grandkids who will be doing a lot of driving that day won’t be stressed by two house visits … I am NOT going to be depressed when I come home at what Might Have Been if ex had woken up sooner about our relationship.

    Then the rest of the week will be quiet as I catch up on the current book deadline and some online class grading. Should be a good week. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and holiday season!

  16. Cindy says:

    So happy for a revamped Reinventing Fabulous! I’m looking forward to spending more time with this great community in 2013.

    I’m looking forward to a fun and easygoing week. Today I’m baking cookies with my 12-year-old…later making a fairly easy meal. Tomorrow will be easy as well just 2 people coming over. And the rest of the week I’m off work just lazying about with my kiddos. 🙂

    Happy holidays, everyone!

  17. So glad to hear Refab is reinventing…wonderful news! Anything we can do to help? We’re always here.

    Today is cooking beef stew with Son and playing with Grandboy–then dinner with friends here at Son’s and watching WHITE CHRISTMAS because, after all, what are the holidays without Bing? Tomorrow is a lazy day until it’s time for us to go to the hotel by the airport. Flying out early on Wednesday morning, so staying near the airport seemed easier for all concerned. Kids have enough on their plates getting dog to the kennel, packing and getting grandboy ready to travel without worrying about getting Nanny and Pops to the airport at an obscene hour of the morning.

    Our time with them continues since we’re all flying back the snowy Midwest so that Great-grandma and all the cousins and aunts and uncles can meet little grandboy. Good news for DIL and Son is that he managed to use his skymiles for first class seats for them. Way better experience, I hope! We’re meeting at the airport at home and get to have them with us for a couple of days before they move on to her parents’ house. So “goodbye” is really only “see ya later!”

    Merry Christmas, Refabbers! Enjoy! Enjoy!

  18. WOOHOO!!! Looking forward to R-Cubed in the New Year, if you couldn’t tell.

    Today is baking Xmas-ish cookies with my college roomie and her 8 yr-old daughter, wrangling the dogs while they play with said daughter amidst cookie dough, and laughing. The rest of the year is committed to getting said roomie’s website finished and live, setting some doable exercise and writing goals for the next few months, and of course, writing. Huzzah and Happy Holidays to All!

  19. merrymac says:

    Merry Christmas, Refabbers! I love the iPod holder and wish I was talented enough to have done those for stockings for the nieces. We’re very happy with the campfire decision and breathing a sigh of relief. I kept hearing Leann Rimes singing, “How Will I Livvveeee Without You?”. Now I can let that go. Christmas Eve service is tonight at seven. There’s one at midnight, too, but Scrooge says if I want to go to that one, I’ll have to go alone. So seven it is. Tomorrow there’s some cooking and merriment and lots of gratitude. Off to put the “Love, Actually” dvd on.

  20. I was sitting here, feeling all sour because Christmas for me means cooking (not my favorite activity – too many critics). And I don’t usually get any great presents unless I buy them for myself. And that’s just no fun.

    But then as I was reading the comments I felt my spine stiffen. By golly, these little elves want to eat all day then they can help me cook. And they can complain all they want. They will help. Hah!

    My present to myself.

    • You go, Kate!! I’m sending you vibes to make it go as smoothly as possible with the hope that at the end, they all come to say thank you for the previous years you did it.

      Word of assvice? Don’t be critical when they make mistakes (they might, right? I did, still do) so that nobody gets all made and says, “well, why’d you ask me to do it anyway?” (I do that too… Wait, what… *Insight* Dude. I’m getting to old for this shit – said in my best Danny Glover voice.)

      Love and hugs to you.

  21. I am taking this week slow. Cooking a lot today and tomorrow, back to work on Wednesday, but I’m not rushing anything – not rushing the holiday, or rushing my writing, or rushing meals. Certainly not rushing too fast toward January. Hugs Krissie – I’m so glad you gals decided to revamp!

  22. JenniferNennifer says:

    Ah, this is what I wanted for Christmas, more Refab.

    Did more baking than usual this year, so the last two days have been busy, but hopefully it is all just eating and hanging out from here.

  23. Eileen A-W says:

    Yay for more refab – revised is good. Right?!? I'”m still trying to recover from teaching the week before winter break. I did get good news today as my A1C was lower than it’s been in a couple of years. Still in the 6s, but unexpected. Leaving tomorrow for Las Vegas to spend some quality time with my 83 year old mom. She doesn’t act like she’s 83, so we will be running around do lots of things. My brother said he thought I might be putting a crimp in her social life, but she will just drag this 50-something daughter along for the ride. Being away from the over crowded house that was barely large enough to raise 4 kids in but now holds 3 grown children, hubby & me might be good for me. Give me a refreshed look at thinkgs when I get back in time to start teaching again. I hope everyone enjoys their holiday celebration however they spend it. 🙂

  24. Lois says:

    What a nice Christmas gift – more re-inventing! Thanks 🙂
    Merry Christmas everyone.

    I spent today in my PJs. Only had 2 gifts left to wrap. I have a coffee cake to bake tonight or early tomorrow (with lots of experimenting to make it GF and dairy free) and a cake to bake tomorrow. Visiting my daughter’s in-laws tonight. Mass at midnight. A lazy morning tomorrow then out to see MIL and FIL and to daughter’s for dinner.

    Then back to work – must make some $.

  25. Stephanie says:

    I love the idea of Re-fab TNG:)
    This season has been so different. I’ve done no baking. There are no cookies or fudge. Come the New Year we’re eating more fresh food/ real food. Also, less TV after the kidlets go to bed. Dh can study and I’ll write. And for the kids , they need to move toward self-sufficiency. I need to stop reminding them to do stuff.
    These are some of the plans I have in mind so far, sling with ‘lose 30 ponds’.

  26. Micki says:

    What good news (-:! I have a lot of revamping, refabbing and revisting that I need to do in the new year!

    DD brought home two friends for Christmas Eve, so I spent the last three days dunging out the house. I am Quite Pleased with the results (because I refuse to look too hard at the corners, LOL!). If I can tackle 20 to 40 minutes every evening until New Year’s, downstairs is going to look good!

    Tonight is all about finishing the things I didn’t get done yesterday (but hey, I got a lot done yesterday, so I’m not whining!). Frost the Winter Cookies, do up the gingerbread house, and clean up the cereal corner of the kitchen. (And something in the piano room — anything in the piano room!)

    (-: Everyone’s home, so I’m going to enjoy it. Oh, and we’re instituting “Game 15 minutes” for the holidays — 8 p.m., we’ll play a quickie game of cards or charades or pictionary or whatever. If it goes over, it goes over, but I’m hoping we’ll enjoy it and have a few laughs.

    Happy Holidays, everyone! There’s something to celebrate almost every week from now until Valentine’s Day (-:.

  27. Beth E says:

    Yay for Revamped Refab Revisited. Great news to start the day.

    My intentions for the week are to enjoy being off of work and having College Boy home. The house is decorated, the presents wrapped, and holiday parties finished, so there is nothing that HAS to be done. It will be a week of lounging about, watching movies, reading, and pampering. Oh, and opening a few presents tomorrow.

    Happy holidays to all.

  28. Oh, add me to the list of so happy to hear ReFab will in some form or another still be with us. I do love this place!

    Plans for the week:

    Enjoy time with family Christmas Day (will miss my eldest son but he’s taking advantage of cheap air fare on Christmas Day to fly to Europe with his girlfriend — he’s going to have a wonderful time!)

    I’m going to enjoy learning from the Craftsy classes I signed on to: I’m a quilter on a mission. I will learn how to free motion quilt. Yes, I will.

    I’m going to enjoy spending time with my sweetie who is taking the week off.


    I have to ask: what are the ties on the iPod cover for? Do they tie around a belt loop? In any case, oh my gosh, that is just so darn cute!

    Happy Holidays to one and all!

  29. jinx says:

    We have reinvented Xmas Eve dinner by going all Jewish and getting takeout Chinese food for dinner (and later, leftovers). Talked over what would be most fun to do while eating, and decided it would be watching a couple of episodes of Big Bang Theory, which we did, and it was very fun.

    Mike’s off from work all week, while I need to go in every day except Tuesday to help prepare & ship masses of things for training sessions that are going on in multiple locations starting right after New Years.

    So at work it will be organize, bustle about; organize, bustle about; organize, and bustle about; while at home it will be rest, relax, & restore, punctuated by a big orgy of present opening tomorrow. Yay presents!

  30. Merry Christmas! So happy to hear there will be a Revamped ReFab. We just weren’t ready to lose this place. I put kiddo on a plane this afternoon so it’s me and the critters until the weekend. No family around and no presents left until maybe my family mails some down here. I’m on a deadline so I’m taking advantage of the quiet time to push through and get as close as I can to THE END.

  31. Reb says:

    Yay, refab lives! I’m relieved and delighted.

    It’s Christmas Day here already and we’ve spent it with just the two of us, being very lazy. I slept in, then spent the morning reading, then threw together gourmet sandwiches for lunch. Now we’re munching homemade truffles, which i didn’t even have to make myself, and I’ve got a gourmet stew in the oven that’ll be a late dinner. It’s a hot summer’s day and we’re soaking the heat up in the conservatory. Relaxation is us.

    After today, I’m going to sort out some financial stuff I’ve been putting off for months. I’ll do it this year, honest I will. And then we’re going to a hippy comunity-building camp for 5 days over New Year. That’ll be … interesting. I’m holding my nervousness at bay by telling myself that if it’s too woo woo, we can escape and sneak off to the beach.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  32. Kelly S. says:

    Merry Christmas!!

    Today we drove to IL, went to our old church for the Christmas Eve service and had dinner with dear friends at my FAVORITE Thai restaurant.

    Tomorrow is Christmas with the in-laws. There has been some hard feelings this year so hopefully all will get worked out.

    Then we will run errands, see more friends and visit our eye dr before heading home on Thursday.

    More traveling on Saturday to Ohio for the huge extended in law gathering. Then two days of quiet until going back to work.

    Also want to get Christmas letters/cards addressed and mailed and a vacation booked for March.

  33. I really wanted to find my niece a cute iPad bag with shoulder straps, the kind that she could wear, for her Christmas present. I was astounded to discover that they don’t exist. It seemed so obvious. Alas, I’m not remotely crafty so I won’t be making her one.

    Agenda for this week: well. I think maybe my goal will be to make it through a day without crying. Not every day, just one of them. I realize that’s a pretty low-level goal, but still, it will be an astounding success if I achieve it, so I’m aiming there. That said, I did finish a very fun project/present this evening, so yay me.

    And yay that Refab will stay in some form. I have commented sometimes (more than on any other blog, I think, but I tend to be a lurker) but probably not often compared to most. Still, I do read every day and often come back to check for more comments. I’m glad y’all will still be here.

      • Aw, thank you so much! That’s so nice of you to say. I know (I think) from other posts that you’re not from the US — have you commented on my blog as Carol/Cat? If so, I wrote you a present. Well, you and Judy a present. 🙂

        If not, I bet Judy will share. (Which is fine by me. It’s a just-for-fun. If Amazon would let me post it for free, I would have.)

  34. Kim says:

    I am really excited for Revamped Refab Revisited. I really wasn’t ready to let go of this blog or community. It’s been a rough year on my end too. So very grateful for the time spent on here by Krissie, Lani and Jenny, especially with all of the many issues they’ve dealt with and are dealing with.

    Merry Christmas, Refabbers! I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.

  35. This week is all about visiting and being a good friend/family/guest. And napping apparently; I don’t know if it’s just tiredness from all the being with people 24/7 when I’m not usually or the weather, but I am kind of tired. But happy.

    So, my this week is visiting here. On the 27th, I change houses again and hang with my BFF for 3 nights, then come home on the 30th.

    In the meantime, I am trying to see if I can handle the weather as I’m considering moving back here. It is obliging now, after the first day and a half, by raining and blowing and being generally quite cold.

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