Krissie: All About You Monday

I think maybe pastels aren’t as good for me as they were when I was young.
You know, I was so foggy last Monday that I wrote a post and then never hit “publish”?
Much better now, though some days (like yesterday) feel like a brown funk.
But today is better — it’s gorgeous, and I’ll go food shopping, then work on my mother’s place for a few hours, then float in the pool and listen to audio books. Lovely.
My plan for the week.
Grieve for my mother and the loss of family in a healthy way — don’t stuff it.
Enjoy the hell out of the play!
Don’t sweat the rest of it. It’ll come together.

What’s on your agenda?

35 thoughts on “Krissie: All About You Monday

  1. Housework, because my critique partner is arriving from back east and then we’re driving to Anaheim together. I can’t have her knowing that when it’s just me and my fish living here, I let things slide. : )

  2. Micki says:

    I’m going to stop procrastinating. Dammit. I could kick myself for waiting so long to get things done . . . but it’s been busy, and summer vacation schedule starts in . . . TWO DAYS! Going to get some stuff done this vacation instead of just talk shop with my fellow teachers. (-: Won’t define what, just in case my nosy co-worker finds me over here!!

  3. This week I’m looking forward to things getting accomplished that require other people, like the arrival of my new loveseat for the porch and the repair of my solar power system.

    This week I will do Zumba twice and some other cardio exercise whether pool or walking or something else low impact twice.

    I will rid my cluttered office of at least two boxes. I can see real floor space already. My goal is to eventually clear enough room and neaten things so that I no longer recoil in horror when I enter. Eventually I would also like to put in an elliptical machine.

  4. Sent off a query/submission this morning.
    I am supposed to meet my favorite baseball player (on the local team) tonight.
    My uncle’s funeral on Wednesday
    TV Stevie & I are dashing off to Tanglewood for the weekend to meet up with more of his long-lost cousins.

    Oh, and I must get the car inspected this week. (“Molly, you can’t drive this car,” said my mechanic. “You have no brakes!”)

  5. I like the jewel tones on you, emeralds and sapphires, over the pale pastels.

    Packing for Anaheim. Getting pitches ready. Laundry, laundry laundry! And writing, of course. Always the writing.

    Hugs honey!

  6. Hi,
    I just sent off my edited manuscript to be coded for sale as an e-book!!! Yes! And on Thursday, I’m taking off for a long weekend in the mountains with my husband, to see if we both still remember how to relax.
    Been a crazy year in my house.

  7. My last week at work before 3 weeks of holidays!!! DS and I are hanging around together at home next week, before 2 weeks at the cottage, so no mad preparations this week. I am doing my boss’s job as well as my own this week – makes the days fly, but also makes for longer days.

    My garden is so dry from lack of rain that my bushes and trees are visibly wilting – I’m thinking about doing rain dances at midnight (missed the full moon last week).

  8. I accomplished a lot this weekend, with the organizer and without. So I have a good base to start from for physical tasks.

    Unload the extras from the main bookcase in the front room and put them in the bedroom bookcase. Hope it’s enough.

    Begin really revising my wip. Might have to take a Writewell class or two because I’ve never gotten this far before! I’m already using one of Crusie’s posts on scenes having to move the story along. I already have a problem …. And the whole collage and soundtrack thing just doesn’t really work, although I have a little more luck with the soundtrack. But I’m not sure I have the music.

    I need to make my travel arrangements to visit Oregon in August.

    I want to become a member of a national freelancers association so I can start finding work that suits my lifestyle. I want to become a member of a couple of local associations that might lead me to businesses who need a writer or editor for their reports.

    That’s it for this week. Might actually license the car, which would be a good thing.

  9. Tricia Halliday says:

    1, 2, and 3
    Get over the fact what my soon to be ex said when I went over to talk to him about one of children. He was still asleep so went upstairs to talk to him and sat on his bed. Well he told our children that that made him feel dirty. What kind of %$££$%%^ says that to his children.

  10. Revisions, writing, revisions. Pack for the lake. Celebrate the DH’s 66th birthday. Celebrate the DDs 30th birthday. Greet the DS when he comes back from his month in Cuba!! (I have missed him so. They practically have no Internet so his check-ins have been few and far between.) Get back to yoga. Knit. Spin. Sew. Drink a little wine.

  11. Maine Betty says:

    Get the house ready for a visit from my BFF, w/o going crazy and buying stuff that I can’t afford right now. Except, maybe a lampshade.

    Then, ENJOY this visit from my BFF, we live on opposite sides of the country, so visits are only about every 2 years.

  12. stephanie says:

    This week is all about work. I have a major deadline Wednesday and my manager has been on vacation since Thursday. Sometimes it ticks me off that I’ve done all the work, but really it’s been easier to do it all myself.

    Then I get a slight respite while the rest of the office is turned upside down getting ready for the consecration of our first female Bishop in the Diocese on Saturday. Luckily, I’m just ‘staff’ for the event and my only job is to show up, be an extra set of hands and do what they tell me to do. It is an exciting event and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that all of her vestments, her ring, her mitre, and her crosier arrive on time and that they fit.

  13. Beth E says:

    My plan for the week:

    – Finish my paper on “Science and Victorian Literature”

    – Continue meeting new people here at school

    – Not worry about things outside my control(piece of cake, right?)

  14. Rachel says:

    1. Decide if I should become a memeber of RWA and get involved with the local chapter. I have been writing hard for ten months and feel I either need to make a move in that direction and get some feedback and criticism or just keep doing it for my own amusement. I’m not a joiner, so I really don’t do well with small talk and such, which I suppose is holding me back.
    2. Prepare some new vegetables I picked up at the Asian market today; Long Choy Xin and Gai Lan. Both are green and leafy, which I like, and I splurged on a new pot today and want to put it to the test.
    3. Wash down and oil the two pieces of furniture I picked up at the auction I worked on Saturday; an oak desk chair, and a child sized drafting table. I would have bought more goodies, but my vehicle was too full with those.

  15. oneoftheotherjennifers says:

    -Let go of the anger, it punishes no one but myself. Don’t just try to push it down. Take it out, examine it, feel it, then let it go.

    -Stick to my daily schedule every day this week, which includes two hours a day to work on the rough draft.

    -Remember that I can’t take care of anyone else if I don’t take care of myself first. Sleep every night and don’t forget to eat. Put up a sign by the coffee pot to remind myself to eat breakfast, then make myself eat something every time I feed someone else the rest of the day. Eat, eat, eat. It’s important.

  16. Catherine says:

    Wine tasting tonight. One of the labels is Hedonist Bacchus something or other red. I bought a bottle of their Shiraz the other night and it was both silky and bold. Well at least that’s what my tastebuds told me.

    Probably a good idea to colour my hair before getting my passport photo. I sort of hate the idea of a non smiling photo though. Especially one that hangs around for 10 years. Mind you if that’s my biggest concern this week? Not much of a problem:)

    Pick up my new glasses. I only placed the order Friday. I got a text notification yesterday
    ( Monday here Australian time) that they’re ready to pick up. Last week the train ride to the city worked well so I’ll just do that again. It meant money saved on petrol could go on a swish cafe breakfast. I might also have time to go to a big art supply warehouse. I used to go past it when I did fashion buying for a friend. Online they have the size canvases I want. Very tempting to see if I could lug a box home.

    Otherwise it’s a week of taking advantage of the sunny weather… Lots of walking up and down hills. Might see if Dad is free for a meal again this week and feed him fish cakes. He very enthusiastically ate two bowls of lamb curry on Sunday.

    Probably a good idea to book the car in for a service next week.

  17. MJ says:

    Big work week. Write about cloud-based phone services, mining safety, dairy product distribution and whatever else people throw at me.

    Spend at least 15 minutes a day on the WIP, because I signed up for a writers’ critique group!

    Stay cool.

  18. Get contest entries judged and returned.

    Work on the two editing gigs and prepare for a third.

    Write…read a new crit partner’s manuscript (can’t wait!!)…write some more…

  19. Oh, and #4–stew and worry about my friend Dee who is on her way to Mayo Clinic to have the experts there try to figure out what the alien is growing inside her. I’m keeping the faith, but I can’t help worrying…

  20. Lois says:

    It’s my birthday this week but since I will be traveling the entire day I am going to take the following day for me 🙂
    Must spend the weekend cleaning and doing major decluttering 🙁
    Lots of follow-up to all the training I’m getting

  21. 1. Advise Krissie in the STRONGEST TERMS she should stick to jewel tones.

    2. Return to Jazzercize and yoga because foot injury has healed. Who knew you could miss mass-market music and off-kilter balance so much?

    3. Finish rewrite of application invitation letter to send out for edit to search committee. Hope those wankers (who are actually a fine, accomplished group of folk) have few to no changes so we can *finally* send the letter out to a wider world. BTW, anyone interested in editing a first-rate quarterly journal on California garden and landscape history?

  22. Kelly S. says:

    I have to finish prepping my quilts to be mailed to AQS for the show in August. Wish I could just drive them there instead.

    Host my longarm quilting group which includes cooking for many. I’ve already started as the chicken is marinating & 1 sauce has been made. Making Thai chicken with glass noodles in spicy dressing.

    Host a 2 day conference at work – code4lib Midwest with 2 other coworkers.

    Plan our vacation which starts on Friday.

    Make it to Friday.

    Determine it I’m going to Quilting with Machine in Ohio in September.

  23. Micki says:

    I wonder if you could go and observe a couple of meetings. A lot of times in organizations, there’s not a lot of small talk, it’s more shop talk which is infinitely easier.

  24. Reb says:

    Fix my shoulders, which have got bad enough that my physio told me to drop to part-time work for a few weeks. Aargh. The advantage is that I’ll have more time. So really, the next few weeks are about using that extra time to get lots of exercise. That’s about all that might fix my shoulders. Did I say aargh?

  25. Rachel says:

    Yes, I am ever so much happier when I am working than when I am expected to socialize. Give me a job to do and I am thrilled, expect me to chatter with people I don’t know and I’d rather have a root canal (and I’ve had two.). Ugh.

  26. Rachel says:

    Oh, and an FYI to anyone interested in vegetables; the Long Choy Xin was delicious sauteed with mushrooms, garlic, and a dash of Maagi seasoning. At least I think it was the Long Choy Xin.

  27. Ordered my paperbacks for the RWA conference. Hope the heroine doesn’t have a pink face like the proof copy did.

    Finish Don McQuinn’s Light The Hidden Things. What a great read. Love his voice.

    Talk to the conference coordinator about what needs doing for e-published authors.

  28. Scoop a few friends up at the airport and chauffeur them to RWA. Drag The Prince along so he can be charming and silly and carry heavy things.

    Drag The Prince down to the RWA Literacy Signing and Cherry dinner afterwards.

    Ice my back & neck, get enough sleep, stay hydrated, and keep up my daily writing schedule in and amongst all the aforementioned scooping and dragging.

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