Krissie: All About You Holiday Edition

Kaim’s home! First time in a year. Damn, I missed her. Too long a time to go between seeing your children. We have new rules with her, which make things a little complicated, but not enough to bring tension into the family. I think we’ll cut the tree today (one of the ones Richie grew — it’s a little uneven, not the beauties we can find at the Christmas tree farms, but it’s ours) though we got snow after the freezing rain.
My plan for the week: no more sugar. I think it makes me more emotional, so no more sneaking one white chocolate peanut butter Christmas tree, damn it. Things are pretty cleared downstairs, so the plan is:
Keep things clear.
Clean the kitchen and keep that clear.
rearrange the storage area
Clean the bedroom.
Finish christmas shopping.
Oh, that’s not for the day. That’s for the week. That’s do-able.

What’s on your agenda? We need to avoid holiday craziness.

52 thoughts on “Krissie: All About You Holiday Edition

  1. Glad your daughter is home! And glad you are going to chunk all that work into doable bits, too.

    For me, the week always begins with therapy, which tends to set the tone of the week. But as I’ve been feeling really good and therapy has been good, I’m not worried about the tone.

    I have to buy enough groceries to get me through Thursday because I leave Friday for my holiday trip back to Seattle to be with the friends-who-are-family. Three households, three nights each. It will be fun.

    Pre-pack to see if I can get it all in my roll-on or if I’ll have to switch to the bigger check-thru. Make sure I’m bringing enough to keep me warm and dry.

    Finish laundry.

    Get my hair cut. It’s at an awkward stage while I’m growing it out. I had Medusa-hair when I’d been out in the breeze on Saturday!

    Go buy some leather athletic shoes to walk in, and some water-proofer. My current running/walking shoes are not weather proof

    Tidy up a little more here.

    Call my aunt. This is a chore as she will yell at me for not calling her in nearly a year and not doing some other stuff. No wonder I don’t call her that often. She is not really family to my mind and heart, but I feel a sense of duty toward her now that Mom and Gram are both gone.

    Then take off on the airplane Friday! I’ve already held the mail and all that stuff. Just enjoy the trip and the visit.

  2. Lois says:

    Finished Xmas present shopping and food shopping. Most of the gifts are wrapped. Not the snowshoes yet. Any creative ideas?

    Must finish finding the dining room.
    Make up bed and clean daughter’s room for her arrival tonight.
    Put up tree.
    Tomorrow cook prime rib, etc. for our “fake Xmas” dinner.
    Wed. make lasagna (vegetarian and GF). Attend school Christmas program.
    Thursday – crash

  3. stephanie says:

    Lunchtime today will be spent buying a gift for Comfort to use for her class gift exchange tomorrow and going to the bookstore to check on something my mom wants to get Joy. Oh, and I need to get dh an anniversary present. I’ll get working on xmas next week. Gotta get through the end of school and our anniv first.

  4. It’s such a crazy busy time, isn’t it?
    I had to give a talk at the weekend and had been on the editing/revision hamster wheel and ran out of time before leaving for L.A. Usually I’m kind of a bit of a perfectionist. Oh, scratch that, I am a perfectionist when it comes to fearing people will be looking at me. I didn’t have time for a haircut and color. I did my own color, (it came out a deeper red than usual) and then I pushed my hair into clumps and sprayed it.
    Anyway, a ton of people came up to me afterward and told me they loved my new hairstyle, they loved the color, yada yada. It never ceases to amaze me that when I let go of trying for perfection that I hit my best notes. : )

  5. I’d like to make buckeyes for my coworkers like I did last year but if yesterday is any indication, this could take a while. There are more people in the office this year so I’ll need to make several more batches. May have to give cookies instead. (Easier and cheaper!)

    Kiddo flies off Christmas Eve for her dad’s so we need to prepare for that. Looking forward to letting her open her presents this coming weekend as I know she’s going to squeal all over the place. It’s killing me not to just let her open them early.

  6. AuntieJB says:

    A while ago someone posted a link to the UFYL (unf@&* your life)website. One of the recommendations on that website is to “put things AWAY not down”. This one has stuck with me and I’ve been able to follow it, for the most part. It helps with keeping things clear.

  7. It never ceases to amaze me that when I let go of trying for perfection that I hit my best notes.

    Love this. Somewhat Zen in its simplicity.

    It is exactly what I need to do – let go of perfectionism. Well done.

  8. Maine Betty says:

    It sounds like you aunt hasn’t called you, either, so she may yell, but she won’t have good grounds.
    Holiday Guilt Deflectors, Inc.

  9. Krissie – the first thing that struck me today was how cut you look. I think that it’s the combination of healthier habits, the white top and your daughter being home – with “guidelines” in place for all of you. And I also think one step at a time is working for you.

    How’s the voice?

    @Kate – didn’t want to post this in yesterday’s thread in case you didn’t see it but GIANT SUPER DUPER EXTRA STRENGTH (((((HUGS))))). Memory mishaps suck, but yay – Moarcookieeeeessssss! Seriously though, please try to get enough rest so you can heal.

  10. Cindy says:

    “It never ceases to amaze me that when I let go of trying for perfection that I hit my best notes.”

    I love this and need to really try to live by this.

  11. Brene Brown in The Gifts of Imperfection says that only when you allow yourself to be imperfect are you authentic. And when you are authentic, you tend to attract others to your authenticity.

  12. Cindy says:

    I got the presents for my coworkers wrapped, and the nephews and niece all done. And they look so pretty too! Michael’s was having a sale on all things Christmas, and I had a coupon, so of course I bought stuff, and I spent more than I intended, but not too much. 🙂

    My company’s Xmas party on Wednesday. Yay!

    Kiddo’s follow-up with her gastro doctor on Thursday morning, and fridge repairman coming Thursday afternoon. Can you say busy day?

    Wrap kiddos’ Christmas presents on Friday night possibly so they start being tortured till Christmas.

    And on the weekend…get a present for my parents and a little something for hubby.

    Lastly, clean all the things.

  13. My pre-Holiday All About Me week goes something like this:

    Taking my nail tech and hairstylist, both of whom are also friends, to dinner tonight.

    Complete the last little bit of straightening up around the house. I’m loaning my house to friends for a week while I’m on vacation. Bonus for me is that they’re watching my dogs at home while I’m gone!

    Pack my suitcase and get on out the door at the end of the week. Love flying up to Jersey and PA for the holidays and seeing many family and friends!

  14. My week is sooooo easy–finish packing tonight, get on a plane for Son’s around noon tomorrow and fly. Spend holiday week cuddling Grandboy. Take no work, only reading for pleasure, and play, play, play for seven days. I can totally do this!

  15. Stephanie – thanks for the reminder to to check in with DS about his class gift exchange. He’ll remember eventually, but not until 7:45 on the morning of…school starts at 8am.

  16. I finished up my gift shopping on Saturday, so this week I’m making a couple of gifts, finishing up and mailing Christams cards, wrapping, and baking a few more cookies so there are enough to give to DS’s teachers this week. We’re going out of town for most of next week and despite parental pressure to arrive on Saturday, I’ve decided we’ll take our time getting organized and if we don’t arrive until Sunday, so be it.

    Compared to most years, I’m pretty relaxed about Christmas. Of course, this could change, if it turns out my mother requires emergency eye surgery – I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

  17. Lulu says:

    Anybody have a good suggestion for a coworker gift? We’re doing secret santas and the person I got is a quilter who probably has everything quilting-related possible (including a $12k quilting sewing machine). She likes Hallmark movies and has 3 grandchildren. Our price range is $20. I’ve already given her a little handmade package with biscotti and a coffee card to her favorite coffee hut. Other suggestions? TIA!!

    Other things to finish this week: mail my brother’s gift (I mailed everything else last week) and finish writing/addressing cards. Alas, it looks like the tree won’t be decorated until next weekend.

    I’m going to try doing some random kindnesses this week, too. I need to be more active about adding good to the world. So when little things aggravate me and I find myself getting cranky, I’m going to stop and remind myself that life has been pretty good to me overall.

  18. Let’s see: finish up school work. Then do the yearly evaluation that we need to do. Then relax. Play in the sewing room. Read fun books. Look forward to next week and the Christmas get together.

    And take some time to ponder. I definitely need some ponder time.

  19. Hrm. Prepare for hip procedure without freaking out and Eating All The Things, or not sleeping. Finish a clean, working draft of my friend’s website before hip procedure. Get enough sleep. Drink enough water. Eat fruits and veg. The rest of the usual 😉

  20. Redwood Kim says:

    I need a teacher present and two more gifts from the girls to each other. And then I’m done. Except for food for my family…. Ugh.

  21. Lynda says:

    So glad your daughter is home!! Enjoy the visit!! My plan for this week is to assemble presents as they arrive from Amazon and get the ones for the Sacramento grandkids back into the mail. Plus, I have some crafty stuff that must also be done, to be included in that package for the grownups. But I think the only present that’s likely to be late is the one for my mom, because I’m not sure when it’ll be delivered here. I don’t know that that will make much difference to her, since she’s still in the hospital and in a generally Grinchy mood, anyway. But I’ll try.

  22. Beth E says:

    My McDaniel classwork is done and I’m off work until January, so my only plans for the week are to enjoy having College Boy home.

  23. Catherine says:

    Continue to clean and try to beat the heat by working early morning and night. Get my car serviced tomorrow. Go to the physio, walk home before it gets too hot. Depending on the size of the car bill determines some other things to do. The basics of my week are also affected by my tv malfunctioning tomorrow. The manufacturers are sending me a new one but have told me the transport company will call me. I haven’t heard from them yet so it leaves me fairly close to home on a week where I’d really like to dash about as needed. On the bright side this gives me more time to focus on getting the house looking good. Bake in the cool of the night. Walk when it’s coolest too. I still have the tree to put up ( too hot yesterday) and gifts to wrap. I need to continue to make a ton of ice and buy in sufficient supplies of tonic water and limes too.

  24. Catherine says:

    Gah heat affects my brain…the tv malfunctioned yesterday. I hope it’s not also a future event. I’d normally not care so much but I’ve really been enjoying Grimm, and I can do exercise DVDs under the fan. I need to put the exercise bike together too. I found the instruction booklet daunting last week.

    This week I’ll also likely be driving to the city and picking up my daughters at the latest on Christmas eve. Then we have the trip back with the youngest daughter’s border collie hanging out of the car. His tongue lolling smile seems to brighten up people driving around us.

  25. Jessie says:

    As I am reading this it occurs to me that for our “all about me” things this week, not one of us in really planning on doing anything for “Me”. It is all about what we have to do this week for “them”, i.e., family, friends and others. This is good and selfless but I am going to give more thought to what I need to do for “me”. Of course, it will have to wait until the holidays are past.

  26. Carol says:

    Get things together for Saturday’s tree-trimming party.

    That’s about it. I’m pretty far behind on that, so it will occupy my free time.

  27. Deborah Blake says:

    My kid is coming home for her birthday (she’s a New Year’s baby, although she’s my step-daughter, so I missed the actual event–lol). Haven’t seen her since October last year, so I’m very excited. We talk a couple of times every week, but it’s not the same. Yay for having your daughter home.

    I work in retail, so er… I run a local artists’ cooperative shop with 50 artists and craftspeople, so it’s not like crazy-mall-retail…but it is still pretty crazy.

    I’m just trying to make it through until the end 🙂

  28. jinx says:

    Penguins. Newsprint tummies (classifieds or something with tiny print) and black detailing. Gray feet and the rest is up to the design of your favorite species. 🙂

  29. KellyR says:

    Schools out! So… I need to clean all the things so I can put up the tree. Wrap presents. Deliver presents. Bake if I have the energy (I’m not putting pressue on myself over this one. I love to do it, but I won’t let it be a chore). Xmas with all my sibs, my mom and my neices and nephew. Yay!

  30. jinx says:

    Home- and/or family-oriented books with happy endings. I’m loving the sort-of YA, sort-of adult romances of Eva Ibbotson, which are out in nice trade paperback editions. Reluctant Heiress has a good bit of sewing in it. And wrap it in cloth with a lace doily on it, so she can make something with the wrapping, too.

  31. Eileen A-W says:

    I told my senior IB math class today that we needed to accept imperfection. This from their perfectionist teacher to a class of perfectionists. We had a good laugh over that. I really need to survive this crazy week before winter break. I did most of my baking over the weekend so all I have to do is take youngest shopping for his present as he has to pick out the right equipment for his snowboard. Oh and get the holiday cards out in the mail before I leave next week. No matter how early I get everything ready to mail out, I can never seem to get them mailed before break begins. One of these days I will start doing things for me. Not sure when that will happen.

  32. It’s late and you may not see this, Sure Thing, but my cast is off – I’ve got a walking boot I can take off at night. I had a fabulous nap – two hours!

    I’m thinking things are getting better.

  33. Kelly S. says:

    99% of quilter are fabric addicts and will love to get more regardless of their stash size. Go to a quilt store, not Joann’s and buy her fat quarters of fabric you find to be gorgeous and/or batiks. They tend to run between $2.50 and $3.25 a fat quarter (which is a piece of fabric 18″x22″ approximately which is 1 quarter of a yard. The skinny quarter would be 9″x44″.). Buy as many as fit the budget.

  34. Kelly S. says:

    Where are you that the weather is hot? Got room for an extra guest? It’s currently 35F (2C) here in Michigan.

  35. Kelly S. says:

    Make it through the week at work. Only 4 more days to work this year!

    Had my family Christmas gift exchange over the weekend while the folks were here, so no more cleaning. Well, that’s not true. i still need to put the guest room back in order & laundry will happen. There are a few gifts to wrap still. End of year giving needs to happen. Plus hubby needs to write the Christmas/Year in review letter so we can print it & mail it. Might not happen until after Christmas.

    Quilt guild is Thursday night so that will be fun and for me.

    Meeting with a friend who wants updates to her website and then working on said updates.

  36. Micki says:

    Um, hide in a corner and just come out for food and water?

    Kidding . . . the lights will lure me out, and I actually got the foyer cleared out, and the boxes of Christmas stuff in it. So, stop procrastinating on my classwork, get everything in by 10 p.m. tonight, and then tomorrow start wrapping presents and baking the cake for a solstice birthday.

  37. Catherine says:

    It’s a long flight but I’m on the east coast of Australia about half way up …subtropics. Yesterday was dry heat over 100 F , today humidity…and about the same heat.
    2C and being able to wear layers sounds really nice right now. Except I have succumbed to my rescue plan …bombay gin and tonic on the back verandah with lime…pizza is in the oven. And a storm is it might cool off some.

  38. Viviana says:

    Hooray for happy family reunions! That name Kaim is so interesting and lovely. If you don’t mind my asking, what does it mean?

  39. Pam P. says:

    Does it go anything like mine? Once upon a time, I was heavily drugged and misspelled my daughter’s name on the birth certificate. 🙂

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