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Photo on 2013-10-28 at 10.30 Okay, okay I overslept. We stayed up late watching a marathon of the British “Life on Mars” which is so wickedly good it ought to be illegal, and the I couldn’t fall asleep. It was after four when I eventually conked out, so I’m late and evil and Crusie and I are having a great time.
She woke up earlier and she’s baking pumpkin custard and sugarless brownies and chili for tonight, and then she’s going to clear off the couch so I can write and look out at the water (always a good thing — I write best by water).
Once I got here Jenny went and did her Princeton thing (remind me to talk about Princeton sometime) and I dogsat. She came back and we did some yarn shopping and ate at Kathy’s (Saturday). Yesterday we went to Marshalls’ (hey, I live in the Boonies and we love to shop) and came back. I managed to write close to 5k words on Friday, 4k on Saturday and even 2,400 yesterday in between going out, a long nap, and finishing up Life on Mars. Crusie’s been feeding me very well, and today stay home and look at the water and write while Crusie catches up on things.
Tomorrow is a free day, Wednesday I take her to the eye doctor, zip over to Livingston to visit my cousin, and then we come back for my last night. I leave early Thanksgiving so I can get back in time for my grandson – my new shortcut keeps me on empty roads (in NJ during rush hour!!) so I can leave when I want and my only concern is Albany.
I’m being self-indulgent with the food, but not insane, and I get back home and finish the book in a white heat (please god).
So, what’s on your agenda?

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  1. Jen Wyatt says:

    After you finish Life on Mars, you must watch Ashes to Ashes. That police chief reprises his role and it’s an excellent show, too.
    Now I really wish I had the soundtracks to both shows.

  2. Thanks for clearing that up, Jenny–I had to look at my calendar and make sure I hadn’t missed a couple of week. It’s entirely possible!

  3. So this week is a little hairy because I’ve got two big editing gigs to get done and that means late-night or early morning writing. Plus, I need to get to the gym at least 3 times this week and start on the goodie bags for the IRWA Retreat that’s coming up in a couple of weeks. Also have two lunch things that I HAVE to do and I want to get over to Dee’s at least once this week. All in all, busy…

  4. jinx says:

    It all sounds fun fun fun, but what’s the news on the Cottage? How does it look different to new eyes? I want an update!

  5. Kieran says:

    You look really, really good. Now I have to look up “Life on Mars.” Yay for having so much fun!!! 🙂

  6. Lynda says:

    You do indeed look amazing. I’m delighted that you and Jenny are having such a good time together, but I will admit that I’m jealous of the brownies and pumpkin custard and other goodies. I will be driving up to Sacramento yet again on Wednesday. While I’m not crazy about having to make the trip again so soon, Ricky and Kelly and the baby are coming down from Nevada, so this will be my only opportunity to meet my new great-grandson. An event like that is worth any drive. I will be coming home again on Thursday, and after that my plan is to hunker down and do some nesting and play with my toys. Lots of sewing to get done!

  7. Cindy says:

    The British “Life on Mars” is fabulous. We watched it years ago when it aired on BBC America. Time to re-watch it.

  8. You look relaxed and happy. I think NJ, and Crusie, are good for you. Glad the writing is going well. I had a little breakthrough this weekend and managed about 3K each day. With any luck I’ll get the rough draft finished before leaving for Australia. Then it can gel while I’m away, plus I’ll have all of those travel hours to think up something new. : )

  9. Add me to the you look fabulous crowd. Sounds like a great time.

    I’m still in house reno mode. Waiting for 2 calls – one to schedule measurement appt for new back door and another to install the carpet. (Got the painting done yesterday!) Need to finish edits on book 3, get to work on short story, and then charge ahead to book 4. Okay, that’s not all this week.

    In fun news, kiddo and I have another concert this Friday. So happy this one isn’t on a week night! Oh, and give out candy on Thursday. Looking forward to seeing the munchkins in their costumes.

  10. As Roben said, you look great! Being with a favored friend/sister can be so rejuvenating!

    This week for me is all about getting back on track with my to-dos and job hunting and starting to exercise and walk again. We are in the virtually unrelieved gray times now in Seattle (today is a rare sunny day and I’m almost giddy with it!), so I simply MUST start finishing things and taking better care of myself and Find A Job!

    And resume teaching my housemate to crochet and help her through her first project (probably a simple afghan, which won’t show the differences in tension so much as she’s getting better at that), start my own cool project, and at least reread the novel so I have some idea of how to proceed for revisions.

    Sounds like a lot. Better get started. 🙂

  11. Carol says:

    1) Must finish revisions on WIP and get it to my beta reader – slightly overdue on that…
    2) Exercise, eat well, and avoid the Halloween candy.
    3) More household organization…

  12. Debby says:

    Sometimes you just have to say “What the hell!” and stay up all night watching TV or reading a good book, then sleep late the next morning/afternoon. It is essential to retaining one’s sanity.
    You look rested and happy, so there you go!
    Enjoy the visit, the brownies, custard and chili (now I want to bake and cook).

  13. Kelly R says:

    I am flying to Hawaii on Friday where I will spend 4 days hanging out with my cousin and holding her new baby. Granted I have to work like crazy the rest the week leading up to the trip, but still, it doesn’t get much better.

  14. Kelly S. says:

    The time with Crusie sounds fabulous for you both!

    This week I plan to start exercising beyond walking again. Did it tonight and am already getting sore. Limit Halloween candy to no more than 3 pieces a day but will really aim for less. Read the library books I have checked out. Make progress at work. Spend the weekend quilting.

  15. Micki says:

    (-: You do look rested and happy! I’m glad!

    Thursday is sneaking up entirely too soon, and I want to carve my jack-o-lanterns before it turns into All Souls’ Day. And pumpkin seeds . . . I want pumpkin seeds.

    I’ve been looking for my keyhole saw, and I don’t know where it is. I guess I’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way with a butcher knife and the fruit knife. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be good enough.

    I want to watch some Key and Peele (I got the first season on DVD) and make up some yo-yo Christmas trees while I watch, too. Holiday mode is ENGAGED. Bring on the holiday cookies!

  16. Bernie says:

    Thank God for BFF’s! I am so fortunate to have a couple so that one or two are busy one is usually free. My high school BFF and I just met up Sunday for lunch and she said the nicest thing… I had a falling out with a family member a few years ago and we are tentatively testing out the waters and emailing and my BFF asked if I was ready to see my family and I said no, emailing was quite enough for now and she was wonderfully supportive which I commented on and that she never even asked for the details of the falling out and she said “I don’t need to, you always try to see everyone’s side to a situation and have always been very fair so I am with you” talk about unconditionally support and friendship and to have someone believe in you no questions asked. If I could find that in a man, I would consider dating again. 🙂

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