Krissie: All About You

Photo on 8-19-13 at 7.21 AM On the road again.
My plan for the week is to enjoy being with Crusie, crochet, write, maybe even hike down to her lake and swim in it. You never know.

What’s on your agenda?

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  1. Susanne says:

    I’ll be working through editorial markings. Man, I must have been sleeping during grammar classes.

    I’ll continue my walking and swimming. I had such a good sleep last night 🙂

    My mother suggested I stop baking for a while, which makes me laugh cause we all know what she’s saying.

    Hey Krissie — maybe some skinny dipping? There’s something so smooth about lake water. Have fun with Jenny.

  2. Rouan says:

    I’m working 3 days this week and then I’m off to the New England Women’s Herbal Conference in NH. I can’t wait to get there and meet up with people who share my interests. 🙂

  3. Start building my new website after yesterday’s snafu. Enjoy the sun, which has just reappeared. Have a day off (I’m losing sight of weekends as I try and compensate for helping Mum to entertain visitors, and get as much done on the website before I start the day job again next week).

  4. Office Wench Cherry says:

    Driving three hours round trip to do some banking today but I’m also going to visit my mom a bit and drop some things off at the library.

    Tomorrow I’m baking biscuits, jalapeno corn bread muffins.

    I also have to, weather permitting, finally get my roses in the ground. Hard to do when their new bed is full of water – and clay. Lots and lots of clay so I will be packing lots and lots of bagged top soil.

  5. Lots to do at work this week – I’m driving DS back and forth to tennis camp this week (DH did last week), so less biking. Since biking to work is my stress-reduction strategy, I need to be mindful and get outside as much as possible. Easier with such gorgeous weather.

    Two weeks until DS starts middle school – need to start getting back into regular routines and continue to help prepare him mentally for this big transition, without totally freaking him out.

  6. I’m flexing my fingers and clearing my head. Today I start the edits on book #4. My editor had needed a little more time due to a family emergency. She asked for a week. Thank goodness, because a week ago I would not have done a good job. Funny how life works out, isn’t it?

    Hope you and Krissie have a great time.

  7. German Chocolate Betty says:

    Got a nice bonus (not huge, but nice) for this year. Am taking the money and investing in my future (smile).

    I talked my boss and dept head into giving me 2 weeks of freedom to try to get as far as I can on my dissertation which has been staggering along for, oh, WAAAY too long.

    With the bonus money I’ve rented a small holiday apartment in the middle of nowhere and on Sunday my husband will deliver me, the dog, my computer and my books, documents, drafts, etc. at the apt and LEAVE ME IN PEACE for two whole weeks. Well, he may come for a “visit” the following weekend, but essentially I need not worry about anything except writing. And I can do it at my pace and at the times that I want (without worrying about bothering DH or DS or having to get up to go to work tomorrow). Also: no social obligations planned by hubby. I will eat what I want when I want and if I feel like sleeping ’til noon and writing until 3 a.m., well, I just can! WOOHOO!!!

    So the coming two weeks are truly “all about me”!

  8. I really need to work full-time on my part-time job this week because I am behind in getting the work done. I didn’t do any work on two days last week due to life scheduling weirdness, and didn’t manage to work this weekend. So big push this week and hope I manage to be Wonderwoman.

    Also have to seriously address my to-do list because there are things that are way past their need-to-be-done date.

    Plus, I’m going to two networking events and I need to continue to look for and apply for jobs because the one I’ve had a couple of phone interviews for is far from a slam-dunk. If I can get an in-person interview, I have a much bigger chance because that’s where I tend to shine. So, fingers crossed I get that interview!

  9. MJ says:

    Write about banking and batteries and high school and charitable giving.

    Re-hang cabinet doors…only two more cabinets and two windows left to paint.

    Swiffer, before the floor flotsam arises into a…dustnado?

  10. Today, took Minion 2 to see The Wallace Collection, a fantastic house near Oxford Street that was left to the nation about 100 years ago. It is full of art and curios – daggers, full suits of armour, a room full of Boucher naked ladies, loads of Napoleonic memorabilia etc etc. We went round at lightning speed to suit 10-year old attention span, and he also ate his first Quarterpounder and Choc milkshake. He did not like them. Score.

    This week, we are crossing our fingers that we will actually finally exchange on the house we are hoping to complete on next week on the Isle of Man. We’ve been nomads since 7 August, camping out at the DH’s parents…we’ve all managed to keep our cool and behave well to each other, but the smiles are slightly strained around the edges.

  11. Go shopping with DIL for Grandboy’s school needs and then go back to get the kid at nursery school–his first day. Mom and I cried when we left him, Grandboy was thrilled to be with other kids in a new and exciting venue. The kid’s a trouper, Nanny’s a big old softie…

    Flying home tomorrow. I’ll miss my little guy so desperately, but I’m also ready to go home to my big guy ’cause I miss him too!

  12. I’ve been nibbling around the edges of the last dozen or so scenes of my garlic story, instead of chomping down on them, and I really want it to be in complete first draft by the end of this month, so this week is all about getting my head more deeply into the story and hitting my K-a-day word-count quota again.

  13. Big ole prayer meeting thingy on Saturday and Junior Philospohy one day “camp” on Sunday. Therefore, must do ALL work by Thursday.

    Hopefully go see Pacific Rim on Wednesday. Yayness. Really want to see it on big screen.

  14. Lois says:

    I know you will have a wonderful time! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

    I will continue to catch up from all the company. Lots more laundry to do.

    I am going back to the gym.

    Swimming as often as I can.

    A bunch of filling and sorting for work. And phone calls.

  15. I saw Pacific Rim on Saturday and I LOVED it! It’s visually stunning and they give the standard adventure/end of the world script an excellent go! I loved it so much I may buy the DVD when it eventually comes out. I hope you enjoy it too.

  16. Terrie says:

    Well, the have to do is get ready for classes that begin next week. That’s going to take up a goodly amount of time. So the other side of that is also try to enjoy this last week of not teaching and letting myself wallow. Well, that and deal with health issues.

  17. Micki says:

    Looking good, Kate! (In the “isn’t life odd?” category: did you know that when I google Kate George now, the first million hits or so are all about the royal family? I exaggerate. “Kate George books” comes up on the recs really fast, though.)

  18. Micki says:

    I got lots of little things done last week. So, maybe by the end of the week, with a little effort everyday, I’ll have my sewing projects done, and the weeds on both sides of the driveway pulled, and the veggie plots weeded and mulched so I can start next spring with bare dirt.

    I hope you guys have a great visit!

  19. Kelly S says:

    Looking forward to stories from NJ.

    This week we will hopefully find and fix all the things we broke with the new website. Also start the process of figuring out how to finish moving the content into a new platform.

    Exercise. I’ve slacked off for two weeks and am seriously annoyed that in 2 weeks I can gain back what took 12 to lose. Totally not fair.

    Relax. The project took a lot out of me and now it is time to regain work/life balance.

  20. Jill says:

    My plan for this week is to avoid the Lamar Free FAir as much as possible. This annual event is huge (for us anyway) I usually help set up the arts and crafts on Thursday. I may have to work at the Rotary hamburger stand on Saturday.

    First I have to recover from a motorcycle injury to my eye. Somewhere on our 1800 mile, 7 state trip last week I got a tiny piece of grit in my eye. Went to our optometrist yesterday and today the gritty feeling, oozy stuff, irritation and pain are better.

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