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Photo on 2013-03-23 at 22.13 That’s me in the middle of the night with a sudden brainstorm (though I did grab my glasses). That’s to fill your nightmares.
Okay, this week. I’ll get my mother’s estate bank account set up and closed and deal with all the little things left over from that. I’ll write every day, at least 200 words. I’ll continue working on my office, which is showing real signs of progress, and keep the forward momentum of decluttering. And I will Clean All Things.
Just kidding. Happiness is lowered expectations makes an excellent motto. Jenny and I both set ourselves up for failure, demanding too much of ourselves and then, of course, falling short. But I really have masses of things I need to do that I haven’t done, like getting the rest of my backlist out in e-form and keeping my website and social media stuff up to date.
And it seems like Monday’s a good day for doing business stuff. I have another blog I have to write every Monday (which I usually forget) and I may as well just put in the time.
So, for this week. Finish up my mother’s business stuff. Move towards getting more of my stuff out in e-form. Write like a fiend. Watch my eating.
And enjoy myself. Either with working on my office or sewing or crocheting or all three of those things. I think decluttering tends to be a happy process, not only because it trims down what I’ve got, but with the stuff I keep I get to enjoy it more. So many fun things to make.
Today I went to church (Palm Sunday, y’know) and then worked on making up a decorating notebook. Which meant I pulled ideas out of magazines I’d been saving for years (and I buy waaaay too many magazines), putting them into those clear page protectors in a big fat notebook (my non-virtual Pinterest) and then putting the rest of the magazines into recycling. So decluttering and pleasure at the same time. Very efficient.
And damn it, spring is going to come or I’m going to explode.
Tomorrow I’ll give a mild rant about the stupid business of publishing, but in the meantime I’ve got my work cut out for me and I’m looking forward to it.
What’s on your agenda?

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  1. Carol-Ann says:

    Clean house. Look after sick people (hubby and daughter). And be glad I’m off on leave this week, so I don’t have to go out in the snow, and can be home to look after my sick people. And Tricia, I’m with you on the snow – I’m in Northern Ireland and its just wrong to have this much snow this late in March!

  2. I’m hoping if I put it off, the snow on the drive will melt in the next couple of days (8-10 inches at the moment), and all I’ll have to dig out is what the snow plough has deposited at the top (up to 2 feet). I’m on the Welsh Border: and we’ve got deeper snow at the moment than we’ve had here for the past twenty years!

    So this week I want to get as much of the Gandhi book edited as I can (should get past half way today), and in my breaks (when I’m not shovelling snow), go for walks and read gardening magazines, so I’m full of great ideas when at last I can get back in there.

  3. Rouan says:

    I am grateful the snow is going to miss my area this time. Usually if there’s a snow storm anywhere in the US, central NY is going to get the full effect of it…eventually! We’re not out of the woods until April at least and there have been times when the ground is still covered in snow until May so you all have my sympathy.

  4. My sympathies to all of you with snow! It’s been a very weird winter and spring in Houston, with occasional winter temperatures of 80 degrees and today morning temperature of just a few degrees above freezing!

    This week is Moving Week! I send Sierra home this morning. Then I have errands and my last therapy appointment šŸ™ and I have to pack the bathroom and the clothes I washed and some last miscellaneous stuff. My friend from Seattle flies in on Wednesday. I should hear today when my exact move date is (27-29), so I can arrange with the cleaner, and then after cleaning and checkout, it’s getting on the road! After one last lunch or dinner with my closest friend here. So, life is … fast right now. But good.

  5. Yep, Krissie, Monday always seems to be my business day, although I got a ton of stuff done yesterday. A bit of a headstart, so I’m pretty organized for once.

    Sorry about the snow everyone. Hope this is the last of it for all of you. And maybe all of that snow in the UK is good for book sales. Mine are selling better there than in the US. ; )

    Starting tomorrow, my second book goes free for a few days. Want the deets? Click on my name and it will take you to my website.

  6. Mama_Abbie says:

    With my current life encompassing more nights away from home than at home, a trip to Tanzania scheduled for the end of next month and with a family funeral tomorrow thrown in for good measure, my to-do list for this week is rather like a never-ending story.

    1. Keep up with the day-job.
    2. Cancel and make various medical appointments.
    3. Go through summer clothes to see what still fits and what needs to be replaced for trip to Tanzania.
    4. Get the house back in shape after being away for 11 days, prep it for being away for another 11 days starting Tuesday night of next week.
    5. OH! And review the taxes and get them sent out.

    The fun never ends.

  7. We had 20cm+ of snow last week, on top of the 2-3 feet already onthe ground. But the temperature is creeping up above freezing and the snow is starting to melt. When it’s sunny, it feels like spring.

    The focus this week is on getting/staying organized. Mornings tend to be crankyville at my house and I discovered last week that in addition to getting up promptly when the alarm goes off (no hitting the snooze button!), as well as making my lunch the night before and organizing my clothes for the next morning improves my mood considerably. This makes it easier to wrangle DS out the door on time for school and get to work on time, without feeling like I’ve run a marathon.

    I also have a number of craft projects on the go that I want to work on this week – finish an knitted cowl, make a few cards, sew an apron for a friend’s BD gift and work on my Bead Soup creation(s). Busy but fun. Since Friday is a stat holiday, I’ll have some extra crafting time.

  8. Jen Wyatt says:

    I thought I was the only one with binders full of page-protected ideas! The hardest part for me is cutting up the magazines, hence the house full of magazines.

    My husband turns 50 today so I look forward to an evening of as-close-to-Dionysian revels as one can get on a school night!

    Happy Monday, everyone.

  9. Redwood Kim says:

    I’ve got some errands to take care of here, some of which involve finances. Crossing those off the list will be nice.
    I have new running shoes, so there goes that excuse about exercise.
    I want to cook and I want to cut down on the sugar.

  10. It’s snowing here, too, but it won’t stick; temps are too high. And today, according to Accuweather, is the last day in the 30s, and by next week, it’ll be up into the 50s during the day which means I can paint things in the garage instead of in the hallway here.

    I have to get caught up. That’s my big goal for the week, I’m behind on everything and the stress is killing me. I’ve been scraping floors lately when I get too tense, so at least I’m accomplishing something as I vibrate,but I am really, really tired of doing something and looking around and realizing I’ve worked all day and I’m still behind. That’s Bad Wolf Banquet material.

    Finish the office. A place with everything including a working printer and all my teaching notes and books would be a huge help in the getting caught up.

    Make cookies. I haven’t baked since I left Ohio.

  11. I found a used stove on Craig’s List so I’m having that delivered tonight. Tired of having only 2 working burners and both are the smaller ones.

    Must get the tax stuff together.

    MUST START THE BOOK. I gave myself 6 months to write book 3 in the series and as of the end of this week, I’ve already pissed away the first month. Grant it, I’ve been editing book 2 and writing a proposal all month, but still. Must get words on the page!

    Kiddo flies out this weekend for spring break. Must keep her as calm and relaxed as possible since going to her dad’s gives her major anxiety.

  12. More fun with Grandboy today, plus Sister PJ and I are meeting up with our niece for lunch. I’m not thinking about anything but the last couple of days with my sweet boys (Son and Grandboy), so life is good here.

    Had a wonderful meet-up with fellow writers and ReFabbers, Elizabeth Eldridge and Kay Keppler last night–I’ll write a blog post and include pictures when I get home. Wine and tapas and great conversation. Lots of fun!! I highly recommend ReFab Meetups.

  13. This is a busy week for me. I just got back from a 72-hour trip to Montreal. I had a blast, saw my favorite singer, had dinner with friends and generally hung out. Plus I arrived the day after all the snow, so we had generally beautiful weather, cold but clear and not a lot of wind.

    Now that I’m back, I have to do laundry and straighten up the house. I just got back yesterday and with the jet lag, I didn’t do much of anything but my place looks like it exploded. How do I do that in less than 24 hours?

    My cousin and his wife are in town from Nashville, so I will have dinner with them wither tonight or tomorrow. Always a good time.

    Other things on the agenda are to do my taxes; grocery shopping and cook some things for the week and start back with my work-out routine. I gotta say that the exercising I’ve been doing really helped with the travel. I didn’t suffer any jet-lag in Montreal and most of what I suffered yesterday was due to lack of sleep the night before. Plus walking around in snow (and ice when the day’s melt refroze at night) was a lot easier this time. In general, I felt stronger and more balanced. This is good wolf stuff!

    Most of my evenings will be taken up with watching TV. I have too many shows! The Voice is back, plus NCIS; the finale of FaceOff; Arrow; Vampire Diaries; Project Runway (only because a friend of Bob’s is competing. Go Stanley!) and Elementary. Not to mention Income Property and Cousins On Call and just everything on the Velocity channel. There’s too much good stuff on TV!!! I’m looking forward to summer when the regular season is over and I can watch DVDs of True Blood; Game of Thrones…it’s a wonder I ever get off my butt.

  14. stephanie says:

    I have a deadline at work that I’m up against and I’m still waiting for material from other people. And today is a snow day so the office is closed. One less day to get the material in hand. The snow has been beautiful so I’m trying to look at the silver lining there.

    I’ve totally screwed up on my Lenten practices but as Easter arrives I’m hoping to streamline my projects. I have a bunch of things I’m interested in right now and I need to be sure to carve out the time to write. My attention span for the writing has diminished significantly and I’m not entirely sure why.

  15. Carol says:

    My to-dos for the week all revolve around having 25 people over on Sunday for our annual (31 years!) Easter extravaganza:

    1) Clean, clean, clean
    2) Finish weeding the front beds, plant spring-y stuff and veggies
    3) Menu planning
    4) Wing thoughts into the universe for excellent weather on Sunday, as right now there’s a 40% chance of rain (which means a 60% chance of not-rain, of course) so I’d like the storm to shift east before it makes it to LA, please.

  16. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I need – desperately – to find a way to manage my irritation at people who are so hidebound and stuck on the rules that they can’t use their brains. Case in point – I have an invoice that is for a capital expense but the guy who needs to approve it won’t because it doesn’t have a stamp with all the information. It has a work order and is signed by the company employee who ordered and oversaw the work but since this employee isn’t the outside consultant in charge of the project he doesn’t have a stamp. All the information that is needed to pay this invoice is on it. It is perfectly legitimate but it’s not going to be paid promptly because it doesn’t have a green stamp. Seriously. I love working for a big company. ::headdesk::

  17. Kelly S says:

    Goal for right now: stay awake. Goal for tonight, get more sleep.

    This week is the standard: work, exercise, eat healthy, sleep.

    Bonus items: Quilt Show Board meeting, UAB meeting, sew binding on a quilt & hopefully a sleeve and label that still needs to be made, and finally volunteer at church for Easter.

  18. Jessie says:

    Despite weather projections, we are on day 3 with no rain so instead of all the errands I was going to run, I am going to plant the stuff I bought last week (wow, how cool am I !), also the stuff I bought last year (oops). That’s today’s goal.

    This week:
    – Walk 4 more times
    -Go out to Costco preferably when Easter madness is not in full swing
    – Take books to the used book store for credit.
    – Take donations in to the thrift store and look for a new sports coat type jacket to wear with jeans.

    If I get all that done, I will work on sanding my kadai on which 15 years of having an orchid or two displayed has taken its toll of the finish.

  19. Lynda says:

    After rummaging around till 5:00 this morning, searching for my official certified birth certificate, I am determined that this is the week I finally go in and apply for my first-ever passport.

  20. Kieran says:

    What does that mean, scraping floors? I thought it was a metaphor or something, but maybe you really ARE scraping floors.

  21. Cindy says:

    Getting my butt in gear.

    1) I’ve already scheduled an appointment with my Neurologist about adjusting meds.

    2) Scheduled an appointment with my Gynecologist about a hysterectomy consult. I’m still iffy about this. I’m leaning more towards it. I have an enlarged uterus (really enlarged uterus, pushing on stuff) and I have a lemon-sized fibroid, so I really should just quit being a baby and do it. It’s the what will my life be like afterwards that keeps me from just doing it.

    3) Get Kaiser to refer Kiddo outside network to the right specialist.

    4) Start eating right. I got some inspiration for this, and I’m ready.

    5) Getting a free facial from my sister-in-law today. Yay!

  22. Jill says:

    Hospital Board meeting tonight. Dine out Wednesday with HOG Chapter friends. Bridge Thursday. Church Thursday,, Friday, Saturday (Holy Week). Dinner at friends Saturday night. Drive to Olathe Sunday for Easter with the kids. No cooking for me. Yay !
    Read The Fallen: Rebel. šŸ™‚
    Read the Earl is Mine and the EArl with the Secret Tattoo

  23. Jill says:

    Krissie, your CPAP mask is a lot bigger than mine. I started out with one that made me look like DArth Vader, now it is just a pillow that fits over the nose. The docs insist that I wear the thing. Seems there is a connection between sleep apnea and Afib.

  24. THE Jenny said: Iā€™m behind on everything and the stress is killing me.

    To which I can only reply, “Yeah.”

    Last week I threatened to report today on the thousands of things I intended to do for the week.

    Well, I allowed myself to write something on Bel’s story 5 days out of 7, so that’s good.

    I corrected the tax numbers reported to my son [which requires the tax guy to redo much of our taxes, sigh, I’m such a financial dunce], so that’s one stressor gone.

    I made huge strides in the attic/office/guestroom/storage closet. Now it’s tidy enough that I can see what to do. Next comes a huge decluttering/discarding/reorganizing.

    And I forget what else I was going to do. But some stuff got done. Now for next week!

  25. Darth Krissie in da house!!!

    I’m back! Normalized on new lower Cymbalta dose and everything, mostly. This week is organizing my bathroom, setting up new budgeting stuffs, and starting to work as a thought partner with a startup. Spring hath sprungeth šŸ˜‰

  26. I gathered the paperwork and numbers for my taxes and sent everything off to the accountant. Hoorah for me!

    This week I have some fun things to anticipate so anticipate I shall!

    I heard about something called t- shirt quilts so I researched online. I found a few companies including one that makes quilted pillows. I am overjoyed! I have half a dozen tees that dolphins painted for me over the years. They’re all far too big for me to wear now so I am delighted that I can have them made into a pillow!

  27. Cindy,
    It seems like everyone I know who’s had a troubled reproductive system, who finally did the hysterectomy, was thrilled afterward. We’re talking seriously thrilled. No more pain/bleeding/repeated doctors appointments. I’ve been astonished at how happy they are.

  28. Jessie says:

    I had two biopsies last year for an indeterminate spot in my uterus, both indicated that it was not normal but not pre-cancerous. After the second “this isn’t normal but …. , my gynecologist and I opted for a hysterectomy. And guess what, it turned out to have stage 1 cancer hiding around it. If we had done something just a little earlier and caught it just a fraction earlier radiation would not have been necessary. If it isn’t normal, get rid of that sucker.

  29. KellyR says:

    Cindy, I didn’t have a hysterectomy, but I did have my ovaries removed about 2 1/2 years ago. The hot flashes are irritating, but other than that, I don’t miss them at all. Life is MUCH simpler now.

  30. Lois says:

    So glad I had mine. It seems everyone I know had something odd/painful/etc. happen in the first two weeks post surgery but after that just tired for a few weeks. Make sure you schedule a month to heal. I stopped having chronic migraines which was a lovely unexpected benefit.

  31. You don’t need to quilt them to make them into pillows. Just use a fusible web to fuse them to some muslin to stabilize the stretchy fabric, and then stitch it into an envelope pillow cover (which makes them easy to put on and take off, for washing, or just for variety, if you make a bunch of them and want to rotate them out). It’s really simple sewing. I found a tutorial here:

    Try it with a t-shirt you don’t care about, just to get the hang of it, and you may find you can do it yourself and save some cash.

    If you go to my blog, linked in my name above, I just put up a pic for you of a pillow I made out of a t-shirt my niece gave me. Any questions, my email is at the blog.

  32. KellyR says:

    Okay, last week I successfully quit drinking soda of any kind. I had to go cold turkey and it was brutal. But I did it, yay! So this week I am making sure that I’m drinking 8 glasses of water a day, minimum. Also, work as much as possible because there is overtime available and my contract ends April 8th. That’s enough. There are a million other things, but those two are on my “must do” list.

  33. German Chocolate Betty says:

    Ha! I really had to laugh at this, Office Wench!

    I worked for one of the biggest companies in the world (read: something 450000 in 190+ countries at the time I was there). The bureacracy was phenomenal. We once tried to get a new initative started — we were supposed to have the interested customers commit themselves in writing to participate, but we were not supposed to have anything in writing. Or sign anything.

    My forehead is still flat from the deskpounding….

    (We did, however, prevail and it is now running in some 14 countries. At some point, someone wakes up and says “duh” and you can get things done.)

  34. My goodness! I didn’t know we had so many from the UK here (well, not sure if Ireland is part of the UK). I guess we’re all suffering from this endless winter.

  35. She really is scraping floors. There’s black gummy stuff down on the floors — presumably leftover adhesive from linoleum or something. There’s hardwood beneath but it’s too beat-up to save, so she’s going to get the gummy stuff off, fill the cracks and then paint it. At least, that’s what I think is the plan.

  36. Oh, I like Stanley. He’ll be one of the finalists, though he was kinda snotty to Patricia last week. But he repented, and I know reality tv gets slanted toward drama.

  37. You’ll be fine afterwards, Cincy. And since you’ve had babies they can probably do it transvaginally (I think that’s what they call it) rather than slicing you open like they did me. If you’re concerned about sexuality (I heard a rumor about no more orgasms after a hysterectomy) I’m still at full roar. I took longer to recover but that was because I had borderline ovarian cancer so they had to go through and make sure everything was clean. Lost a lot of weight, though.

  38. I record Project Runway. Bob and I watch the opening bits where the challenge is set up, then we fast forward through alot of the design room scenes because, really, who cares? I like to see the finished project and how it looks compared to the sketch.

  39. Cindy says:

    Thank you all for the responses. And yes, Krissie, I am worried about the joy of sex after the procedure. I feel a lot better after reading everyone’s replies. I have a follow-up on 4/11.

  40. Jessie says:

    Kadai is a small tray/table about the size of a place mat and about 2 inches high. If you look at Japanese prints of interior scenes in the background you sometimes see a bonsai (or flower arrangement) on a small table in front of some kind of decorative scroll – usually calligraphy. Mine is rosewood and looks at the moment like it came through the late unpleasantness in Japan.

  41. Amie says:

    I couldn’t stand that when I worked for a big company. I would end up getting statements with late fees, which the company would refuse to pay. Those were fun phone calls. I’m so happy I work for a small company now!!

  42. Amie says:

    Congrats!!! I quit drinking Coke last March and have since lost (and kept off) 27 pounds. I drink water and an occasional chocolate milk. I’ve had 2 or 3 pops since then (no Coke, it’s like crack for me) and I was sickened by the sweetness and hiccupped every time I took a drink. It is soooo worth it šŸ™‚

  43. Micki says:

    LOL, if I write my goals for the week on Thursday, it looks like I got a lot done! Is it cheating?

    Did get the kids’ passport renewals started — both the US and the Japanese side. My oldest is eligible for the adult 10-year passport this time. !!

    Nothing else accomplished besides miles on the car. And some pictures on pinterest. I would like to do a little cleaning, and organize the tupperware before we have guests for Easter weekend.

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