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Photo on 2-11-13 at 7.55 AM I’m in Jenny’s office while she’s asleep. My own computer is wonky — the trackpad isn’t working and the house ate my mouse, so here I am. Heading home tomorrow, if the bubonic plague doesn’t return and there’s not another blizzard.
I didn’t do half the things I wanted to do — no duct tape dummies or exercise tapes, not a quarter of the writing I wanted to do. But I think and hope I did what was most important (apart from a needed escape from the rigors of VT), which was make Jenny’s move a little easier. I couldn’t tote that barge and lift that bale, but I could provide moral support, technical support, a sounding board, and a useful ability to remember where things were put (except for my mouse). I imagine she’ll be sad to see me leave but relieved to have the house to herself so there’s nothing to distract her from the work she has to do.
So here’s what we (or I) do today.
1. Replace her (dysentery? diphtheria? oh, diabetes. I hate when I can’t remember words). Replace her diabetes testing supplies and pills. Since she’s been sick that’s gone by the wayside, and she has to take care of herself.
2. Return the refrigerator that doesn’t work.
3. Get the storage unit out of the garage and into the kitchen.
4. Pack.
5. Get some writing done.
6. Take a shower.
And that’s just for today. Jenny’s stubborn — I can’t make her do the stuff that’s for her, but I’m hoping it will work.

Oh, and I need to see if I can get the wireless printer working. Which I’ll do now, while she sleeps.
It all sounds good. Yesterday she painted the rest of the bathroom, working on her McDaniel’s stuff, we bought a lot of paint and curtain rods, etc., put up a blind over the glass front door (needs to be replaced). My great contribution was to screw in a couple of switch plates, but hey.
With luck she’ll sleep late. I’ll take a shower and face the new day, and tomorrow (weather willing) I’ll be home. And that’s a whole ‘nuther kettle of fish, but I miss my boys.
So. What did you do yesterday (rested, I hope, unlike us, who are marking up for time lost to the Black Death), what are you doing today, and most of all, what’s on your agenda for the week?

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  1. Spent yesterday getting the new computer settled in and then helping husband with a glitch in his laptop. Also, helped him work out a list of cars for his mom to look at–she needs new transportation. Then Downton Abbey–which ends for the season next week. Everyone’s so happy right now–I’m sure there’s going to be some dreadful, tragic cliffhanger coming up, but for now, I’m savoring the memories…no spoilers here in case you didn’t watch last night.

    Today is working on the editing gig…plus a chance to visit with Dee, who’s doing really well, all things considered. She’s got so much…grit…it’s inspirational.

  2. Well, Monday is always therapy and grocery shopping. And today it’s a few additional tasks such as copy my tax stuff and make some phone calls.

    As for the rest of the week, I went thru my to-do list and added specific dates to everything. Now I’ll know what to do every day so I can get to my move in time (possibly with time to spare) and with less stress.

    Continue to exercise and move from every other day to every day (except Saturday).

    Color my hair this morning. The roots are very obvious and quite unattractive looking.

    Try to have fun with all of it, so it isn’t all a chore.

  3. Chris S. says:

    You sound so productive! I have a rare Monday off, so of course I launched out of bed way too early. But I’ve made good inroads on that ever-increasing list of tasks labelled “To Do Later, When There’s Time”.

    So far: laundry’s done; bills are paid; important emails sent; phone calls made; lots of long-dead lightbulbs replaced. Amazing how many lightbulbs you can live without, really.

  4. Wow, sounds like you and Jenny got a lot done yesterday. I feel almost slothful in comparison. We went skating on the canal yesterday morning (the cold meant the ice was fantastic and fewer people). When we got home, DS and I made cookies for his class snack later this week (the kids take turns bringing something to share).

    Exercising on an almost daily basis last week made a huge diference in my physical and mental well-being, so I’m going to continue going to the a fitness class a couple of times a week, walking up the stairs at work and getting outside when the weather permits (freezing rain again today). I also have a couple of time-sensitive blog posts to write. And even though my sewing class is over, I’m still going to try and see if I get the dress to fit so i can cut out my fabric (apparently a top with double darts is not the best style for me).

  5. This weekend didn’t go remotely as planned, but I’m trying not to stress about that as it was still a really good weekend. This week is moving my desk downstairs and setting up a nice little writing nook area. Gathering all the piles of papers, going through them, and getting things filed and organized. Must get all the tax stuff in one place so I can get moving on that.

    There’s also a proposal to do and I need to start on book 3. (Turned book 2 in 2 weeks early. Ha!)

  6. Yesterday was a mess of things happening — like the washer flooding because the drain was backed up. The drain doctor came and pulled out a root mass that, as my true love poetically put it, looked like a dead weasel. It really did, too.

    But then last night we had dinner and movie night with friends — for one, a gourmet home-cooked meal (a Lebanese stew to die for) and Tremors, which is a delight. The rec room scene is priceless.

    But, to look ahead, it’s grading, grading, grading. Which means, by my measure, the semester is truly ON.

  7. Office Wench Cherry says:

    Today is day one of my week off and I have to do a quick clean on the house, go to the library, grocery store, hospital, bake buns and brownies, put primer on a few repaired spots on one basement wall. And finish reading one book before I go to the library.

    Tall Boy has an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday and the guy wants the x-rays on disc. The lady who did the x-rays swears up and down they all saved but we can only see one so I’m taking the disc to her to double check.

    Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are going to be painting, finally decorating the upstairs living room – we’ve only lived her for 14 months, cleaning the coat closets and bathrooms. Saturday we’re going to the city for shopping, Valentine’s supper, and then to see Shear Madness at the dinner theater for the Brunch showing.

    Next Monday is a holiday here and I’m not doing anything then.

    • Office Wench Cherry says:

      Whoo-hoo. Crossed the hospital visit and the book reading off my list. Off to the grocery store. Sad that I’m so excited for it.

      • Office Wench Cherry says:

        Brownies are cooling, bread dough is rising, x-rays were found, hair appointment was made, quick cleaning has been finished, grocery shopping is done, prescriptions were picked up and now for the last episode of Warehouse 13 season one. I realized that I have to wash the wall before I prime so that goes to tomorrow.

  8. I found the mouse. The kitchen unit has been moved into the kitchen along with an ancient sewing machine cabinet full of old attachments and an instruction book that Krissie grabbed (she’s a sewing slut). I have my meds and I’ll find my testing supplies so that’s off her list. Shower and packing, she’s on her own, although the contractor still hasn’t shown up to put in the outlet for the stove, so we may eat out. You can only eat microwave food for so long before your eyes start to cross. Then I work for the rest of the day on McDaniel to catch up. The rest of the week, really, with time-outs for naps and unpacking the odd box (they’re all odd). The goal is to get everything unpacked this week before the storage units arrive.
    But first a nap. This virus really does kick your butt hard.

  9. Today, I cleared out two boxes worth of books I am never going to read again from the fiction collection, catalogued a load of literary criticism, cleared out two old printers, toasters, a kettle, an iron and a couple of antique DVD/VCR players into the car ready for the dump tomorrow.

    And I went for my first run in over a week in the sleet and it was beautiful and energising.

    I’m going to go and read a book now before supper. A well-earned rest;-). It’s Stories edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio and I’d highly recommend the collection.

  10. I lost a few days to some kind of bug. Last night I stayed up to watch the entire Grammy Awards, and absolutely loved the show. Slept late. Between that and the bug, I’m a tad foggy-brained, which I think is a lot better than froggy-brained although Kermit is pretty smart. : )

    This week. Get back to eating sensibly and increasing my exercise. January was a slip and slide month. Write new words on my current manuscript instead of spending three hours revising, writing two new words, and then closing the document. So I guess that’s being held accountable on three levels. Off to exercise.

  11. Carol says:

    1) Work on the new patio / seating area I’m creating at the front of our house – now that the rosebushes have gone to a good home I can do next steps. It’s a weekend job but I get to dream about it all week!
    2) Squeeze in some exercise to make up for having to skip two regular exercise commitments due to scheduling stuff
    3) Clean house since my bestie is coming down Friday for a quick visit.

  12. Catherine says:

    This week I need to kick it up a notch.
    I need to get a new travel sim for my phone so I don’t have a massive bill due to roaming charges .
    Try to get all direct debit bill payments coming out of the one bank account. There was a mistake made when setting these up and I’ve settled for years. It’s been ok. Will be easier consolidated though.
    I need to pick up my back up glasses. I’ve been able to get the same style as what I have now, but in tortoise shell instead of soft khaki.
    Look at whether buying an iPad or iPad mini will be easier than lugging my laptop 10000 miles. Does anyone prefer using the mini over the standard iPad? At the moment the cheaper price is it’s main selling point for me.
    Book a haircut.
    Book a pest professional.
    Continue organizing things out of archive boxes downstairs.
    Do a practice packing of my bag.
    Possibly clean the oven.

  13. I had a good day yesterday. Read Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich. Hated 17 so much I didn’t by 18 or 19. Skimmed 18 from the library. However, she is back on her game for 19. I really enjoyed it.
    Today – had to do some zero regrets work and some willwriteforchocolate business.
    Going to pool class at six.
    About to make veg soup that will last a few days and maybe veg shepherds pie if I find a good recipe.
    Rest of the week – write, work, gkids, pool, lather rinse repeat.

  14. Kelly S. says:

    work, exercise, eat healthy, and sleep

    bonus items would include:
    * putting furniture back into the office now that hubby has the laminate flooring in.
    * quilting the top that will be auctioned off at ALA annual
    * taxes

  15. Micki says:

    There is nothing like a shower after a bout with illness. I’ve been fighting a cold for two days . . . the doc says it’s a cold, anyway. The cough has been around for weeks and weeks, and this weekend has been nosebleeds . . . . So maybe that’s my plan today. A nap, hot shower, a hot bath, followed by another nap.

    I am really going to have to get into gear the rest of the week, but I’ll think about that tomorrow (after I get my schedule).

    • Micki says:

      Totally failed at personal care, but I got my homework done and went to bed at a decent hour. The rest of the week is going to rock. (yay!)

  16. KimCz says:

    I have a bunch of stuff that needs to be done but I am focusing on three goals for this week, anything else is a bonus.

    – Walking, I have to get back to walking everyday

    – I want my current project all set by Friday.

    – I have to get the house straightened, hopefully by Tuesday. It’s driving me batty in it’s current cluttered state.

  17. Reb says:

    Plenty of work, bugger it.

    My 2-minutes a day plan’s still going well. German, photography and exercise for at least 2 min a day, every day. Mostly it’s been more like an hour a day each. 🙂

  18. Massive and huge amount of writing to do this week. Blogging, outlining, new pages, the works. But first, a soundtrack for Chasing Fireflies that’s less than 20 songs. The current playlist is over a hundred. Yes, I have commitment issues.

  19. I finished the last chapter and decided I don’t like the tone in the last half. I wagged yesterday and told my guilty side I needed to so that my subconscious could work at the problem … It worked 🙂

    As soon as I’ve had my one and only caffeine coffee, it’s head down bum up and rewrite the end.

    Then, will I won’t I get my hair trimmed…nah. 🙂

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