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Photo on 2013-01-28 at 08.12 I’ve been terrible about reporting in, but having a lovely time. Though I gotta say it’s been freezing and right now it’s snowing in NJ! Have I brought winter here? (Though when it was 7 degrees here it was minus 24 at home so I shouldn’t complain).
This is the week we (coz I’m still here) move in. I came down here for two reasons — one, to get a break and start the new book, which I have, and two, to facilitate Jenny’s moving. I thought her furniture would be here but it’s not coming until after I leave, but at least I can help with the stuff here. Hell, I washed floors yesterday (don’t let Richie hear!). Mainly because in Casa de Rental they had a showing, so we had to grab the dogs and get out.
Today we go and wait for the cable installer. I’m coming too because I speak Television. This week we’re going to find the quilt store (looking for Joann’s was a semi-failure because Joann’s was in the midst of moving but there was a great Barnes and Noble and an excellent Marshalls and a healthy Ruby Tuesday). And we may make it to Rockaway Mall. But apart from that, Jenny’s going to be painting and I’m going to be writing and bustling. Doing laundry, dishes, cooking. Such a good little housewife.
Don’t tell Richie. (Yes, I know that’s the second time I’ve said that. Don’t tell him.)
I’ve also been crocheting a lot, and I’m going to continue that. Not a very onerous week, eh?
BTW, Jenny had 51 pairs of underpants. That’s not counting what she still had that were clean. I have a gigantic drawer full and even I was impressed.
This is a very good thing since she won’t have laundry facilities for a while.
Oh, and I’m going to quilt this week. I finished the quilt top I made out of strips Jenny gave me, and now I’ve got a basted Christmas quilt I’m going to do.
Busy busy.
So, my darlings, what’s on your agenda?

58 thoughts on “Krissie: All About You

  1. German Chocolate Betty says:

    “BTW, Jenny had 51 pairs of underpants. That’s not counting what she still had that were clean.”

    Huh. Well, apart from the fact that we’re getting into TMI territory, several things spring to mind:

    1. Why count underpants? (I need not ask “who counts underpants?”, because we know who, haha.)
    2. From the second sentence it follows that the 51 prs were not clean. Which opens up a whole ‘nuther line of questioning like, um, how long does it take to get 51 prs of dirty undies? How long has it been since Jenny did laundry?? Why is she hoarding dirty undies??? Did she buy new undies instead of washing the dirty ones???? Why not just throw the dirty ones out after they had ripened a while?????
    3. Why are YOU counting HER dirty undies?????

    (Okay, you’re right, I am procrastinating here…)

    BTW, and apropos of nothing at all, until recently I also had a big stash of undies, which dated back to a couple of years after I was widowed. A friend of mine who was a widow herself told me at the time my husband died, that a couple of years after her husband died, she started buying new undergarments like they were going out of style. She figured it was part of the “starting a new life from the ground up” that happens after the initial stages of grief and acceptance have been worked through. Sure enough, a couple of years later, as I am standing at the cash register in a Hanes/Bali outlet store with a huge pile of various unmentionables, it hits me I was doing the same thing.

  2. German Chocolate Betty says:

    Got derailed there with the underwear problem.

    This week:

    1. Pack hubby off on business trip to US, so after we get all of his last minute freak-outs behind us, I can sleep with open windows for a week (yay!) which I can’t when he’s home (too sensitive to noise).

    2. BFF flying in from Montana for almost two weeks. Double YAY!!

    3. BFF will help me with some stuff for my dissertation (she is a great sounding board). She doesn’t know this yet, but she will definitely agree. ‘Cause she’s BFF!

  3. German Chocolate Betty says:

    Oh, yeah: SWIRLS, I got swirls again. Polka dots have disappeared. Even with renewed cache, still got swirls…

  4. 1. Reading through formatted version of third book. Looks good so far. Need to get it done so I can meet a pal halfway between here and L.A. so we can talk, laugh, and “do lunch” as they say in Hollywood.

    2. Exercise. The muffin top is growing.

    3. Go count my underpants.

  5. Swirls:
    The dots were on Krissie’s old server which got hacked, so when Mollie took the Krissie’s website down to save it, the dots disappeared and Lani put the swirls back up.

    My underwear:
    I hate doing laundry. Hate it. So over the years, as I’ve run out of underwear, I’ve just bought more. It piles up. And since I hate doing laundry, I haven’t done it since I moved here two months ago. (I have a lot of pjs, T-shirts, and jeans, too.) Krissie, for some inexplicable reason, likes doing laundry, so when she asked if she could do mine, I said, “Hell, yeah.” (She also made great chili, went out for Chinese, babysits my dogs, and handles the confusing TV schedule thingy on the screen. I asked her to marry me, but she said no.) The multiple underwear thing is not new; when my mother asked me to bring my laundry home from college, I said, “Hell, yeah.” Then she did it and told the entire neighborhood I had seventeen bras. What she neglected to mention was that they were fabulous bras.

    Some people do not understand my genius. Or my underwear.

  6. I understand your genius and your underwear. And I HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON WITH JENNY – I hate laundry, too. I once wrote a blogpost about sleeping in a bed full of clean laundry because I never get it put away. In the comments I learned, lots of people sleep with clean laundry! I even got suggestions for making it less lumpy.

    On my agenda – laundry – yuck.
    Finding a new recliner.

  7. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I’ve still got swirls too.

    This week I have to set out my goals for the year, process a whole pile of invoices and come up with a decent meal plan for home. Tall Boy is more than happy to cook most nights but when we do the “what do you want for supper? I dunno, what do you want?” thing it gets frustrating for both of us.

    We also have to sit down and come up with a savings plan. We don’t live above our means but there are places we could save, especially in light of my trying to find a different job. I will miss the savings plan here, for every dollar I put in up to 10% of my annual salary, the company puts in $1.50. That adds up in a hurry.

    Did anyone see the show on Discovery last night about the first sighting of a live giant squid in its natural habitat? It was very cool but, then again, I heart cephalopods.

  8. I don’t mind doing laundry, even though I often don’t fold it and put it away very quickly. Means I don’t need to make room for a gazillion undies or whatever else I’m not washing often.

    That said, I have an inordinate number of tee shirts and tank tops. I tend to wear the same ones over and over, so I really have to get rid of some before I move. And there will be less need for short-sleeved and sleeveless shirts in Seattle than there is in Houston. Instead, I will have to buy a few sweaters when I get up there.

    On the agenda for this week

    Make lists of everything I need to accomplish before I move at the end of March (if not sooner). Break those lists down into daily lists. Actually do the tasks on the lists.

    Turn in my notice to vacate at the end of March.

    Finish informing people that I’m moving. I haven’t told too many people here yet that I am moving.

    Do some more job hunting and reconnecting in Seattle.

    Continue with my exercises and add some walking.

    Keep working on that cognitive therapy stuff and relaxation practices.

    That’s enough for this week I think.

  9. German Chocolate Betty says:

    Wow. Answers to everything in one succinct reply. Cool.

    Although, I have to admit, I don’t wear new underwear until it has been washed. Because they often have put chemicals on to make sure it doesn’t, like, mildew (you often see on labels on bedding, for example, wash before using). If you sniff the undies fresh out of the packaging they often smell chemical-y. Of course, you don’t have that problem with the ones hanging on little hangers — but there you don’t have a clue who has previously pawed through your knickers before you brought ’em home (or how often they fell on the floor).

    So I wash ’em before wearing. Hey, I’m a Virgo, what can I say??

    (Apologies to any ReFabbers for whom I have now provided a new source of worry…)

  10. Potty and crate train puppy. (Pippin – Pip for short)
    write. Puppy is very distracting! Write. Figure out a way to take Pip to work with me.
    Go to work.

  11. It’s very funny reading about your travels–I went into labor with Two 17 years ago this month at the Rockaway Mall! All alone in the card store looking at birth announcements, he reared back against my spine and kicked me, thus breaking my water. I’m at the Target there almost every week and I’m happy to say most of the time it’s a lot less gooey.

    It’s going to get icy tonight–stay home and wash Jenny’s underwear.

  12. Danielle says:

    Well, yes. But FIFTY-TWO pairs? Jesus, that’s seven and a half WEEKS worth of underpants.

    {Not that I’m judging you, of course. I’m just mind-boggled.}

  13. I don’t like doing laundry, but I don’t like having lots of clothes either, so laundry it is. Did the handwashing yesterday, dried it all. Lucky me, for today it rained!

    GCB- totally with you re washing before wearing new. NO WAY am I wearing a “just bought” item. Ugh. Gives me the creeps just thinking of it.

    Skye – you go girl!!

    My list – get ahead of ALL of my admin and paperwork. By a long margin. Like 3 weeks ahead so I can work in advance and keep saying yes to any invitations.

    Keep saying yes to invitations. Went to something on Saturday night that I’d been second-guessing myself on earlier in the day. HAD A BLAST. Want to keep feeling that way.

    Start gym properly. No namby-pamby wishy-washy nonsense. Twice a week minimum. Or else! Or else no library for me- said in Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi voice.

  14. I once had an allergic reaction to a blanket that hadn’t been washed. Now I wash everything before I wear it. (Well, not everything. I bought this top I’m wearing only yesterday and it hasn’t been washed, but most things.)

  15. You look so happy and Jenny sounds (and looks!) so happy and that just makes me even happier for the both of you. I can totally see why Jenny asked you to marry her. A good wife is hard to find, though not as hard as finding a good husband.

    On my agenda for the week is moving along on revisions. Started reading the MS over the weekend and thankfully, I love it. Not nearly as rough as I thought. Should be no problem hitting the deadline. (Knocks on wood, throws salt over shoulder.)

    Kiddo has an appointment tonight then HS orientation stuff tomorrow night. (Still can’t believe I’m going to have a kid in HS.) Then I have something exciting on Wednesday but can’t talk about it yet. Oh, and last night I got to see my first cover. Can’t wait to share and actually see it on a book. At which point, I’ll likely faint.

  16. Cindy says:

    I HATE laundry. I let it pile high before I do it. So we have TONS of everything, jeans, socks, undies. That way I can do laundry once every couple of weeks and nobody runs out of anything. A lot of the time I wash it and dry it and put it in a “clean” hamper and we live out of that. It makes me feel like a horrible mom/wife, but whatever. I HATE laundry.

  17. I got a fungus outbreak all over just from clothes that had been boxed up for winter. The doctor said I didn’t want to know what lurks under my bed over the winter. “Wash everything that has been stored for more than a month and never, ever wear anything fresh from the store.”

    I cure just about everyone who wears stuff fresh from the store by having them put the article of clothing in the sink with a little soap or shampoo, let it soak 5 minutes, squeeze it a few times and then look at the water. Even white men’s shirts in the plastic bags are dirty.

  18. My fun for the week:

    1) Find my son’s birth certificate -again-(I put it somewhere “safe” till I could put it back in the safe deposit box)
    2) Go through boxes and boxes and boxes (my world is in chaos) to find my son’s badge thingys he needs for his Eagle meeting.
    3) Try and get all the financial shit I need together so my son can apply for college.
    4) Hopefully, if I’m lucky, I will also have time to finish my monthly boxes and also put Christmas away.

    And I get to do all this with my reinjured back screaming at me with every move. *sigh*

  19. Lynda says:

    First thing I have to do is take my modem into the cable office and exchange it. It took me a couple of weeks to realize that my intermittent “server” problems were, in fact, due to my eight-year-old modem finally giving up. I’ve found that if I unplug then replug it, about half the time it’ll start up again. Sometimes it’ll run happily for days, sometimes only for a few minutes. But today I’m finally going to get it replaced. While I’m at it I’m going to get a new remote for the living room system because the buttons are the old one are getting very quirky, and just changing the batteries doesn’t fix it.

    Other than the errand to the cable office, I need to go get a shingles shot and schedule my annual mammogram. And I’m still expecting at any moment to hear that my new granddaughter has arrived.

  20. Kelly S. says:

    I can empathize! I’m lying flat on my back after it decided to give out yesterday. Hope you feel better soon!

  21. Kelly S. says:

    DH and I do the laundry together about every 10-14 days & it gets put away right away. Ironing happens when talking with the folks.

    My agenda got blown to bits by my back going out. I’m nearly 3 weeks into an exercise program and that is derailed. Trying to work from home. Missing my quilt guild’s quilt show board meeting tonight. Right now, this week will be a surprise. I do hope I can hire a person at work before the week ends.

  22. Clean, warm laundry fresh out of the dryer is almost as good as a puppy to snuggle with in bed. I don’t mind doing laundry – I like the sorting and dosing for results, I like the bundles of clean fabric, but I HATE folding and putting it away. I also hate seeing baskets full of clean laundry because I keep thinking I need to toss it all in the wash and get stressed. No win.

  23. Rachel V says:

    My weird underwear thing; I went out and bought a lot of ‘pretty’ underwear after I signed my book contract. I’m sure there is some meaningful symbolism there.

  24. Rachel V says:

    Survive. I had a horrible skin rath develop over the weekend; red welts, blisters under the skin all over my neck, shoulders and torso. I’ve had shingles and this felt like it only it was all over my body rather than just one side as is the case with shingles.
    My doctor’s office, bless them, got me in this morning and my doctor took one look at me and said “That is AWFUL!” Uh, yes it is awful because I have spent forty-eight hours trying not to claw my skin to shreds. She also wasn’t sure if it was a viral infection that my body is overreacting to or if it is an allegic reaction to something. So now I have drugs and am supposed to go to the ER stat if my throat starts to close up. Fun times!

  25. Beth E says:

    That’s awful. My son had something that sounds pretty similar a few months back. Turned out to be an over-the-top allergic reaction to mold. Took three trips to the ER, with super allergy meds and steroids to get things under control. Fortunately, there have been no additional flare-ups since the initial one. On the plus side, he’s now an excellent mold detector.

    Hope you’re not home alone and there is no trip to the ER in your future.

  26. Jen Wyatt says:

    I say we come up with a sing-a-long sea shanty along the lines of 99 bottles of beer on the wall to celebrate Jenny’s prodigious panty collection.


  27. KellyR says:

    Ugh. That’s terrible. I can empathize, two weekends ago as I was battling a sinus infection I broke out in hives all over my torso. I mean to the point that my back was pretty much one big welt. Cause unkown. Probably a separate virus from the sinusitus. Enormous doses of prednisone got it under control. Can you soak in an oatmeal bath or will that make the blisters sting?

  28. Chris S. says:

    I actually like doing laundry. Laundry and washing dishes — the two household chores I rather enjoy. Laundry because you can do other things while its going on, and dishes because… well, what kid doesn’t like playing at the water table, right? Also, you can listen to music as loud you want while doing dishes. At least, in my house.

    I don’t iron, though. If I can’t shake it out flat from the dryer, forget it.

  29. Catherine says:

    I’m waiting for the power to come back on…there is something like 200 000 people in my corner of the state who are without power. We’ve had an enormous amount of rain and high winds in the wake of ex cyclone Oswald. Although it’s projected to be 5 days without power I consider myself lucky. I’ve only lost a big jacaranda tree. I’m not in an area that floods. There has and is a huge amount of damage happening due to flooding. We have one town, Bundaberg, in particular copping some damage. A few days ago they had small tornadoes come through. Now they have water coming through at 40 knots and the water is expected to peak at 9.5 metres tonight. There has been so much debris in the river theyve been using helicopters to help evacuate people. There are fears the that some of the old Queensland timber homes built on stilts could float away.
    I’m lucky that eventually the rain and wind eased enough to get down to Dad. He still has power functioning. My daughters are ok too. So this week is a bit of doing what I can here and waiting to see where I may be able to help out. Last time we had flooding I was able to help with baking meals for emergency crews and people cleaning up. It was all coordinated via twitter.I just need to check what roads are clear. I’ll check in with the organizers and see what I can do. Eventually I’ll be able to get home and air it out and get back to normal routines. I’m really glad we’ve had good communication in regards to electricity restoration times. I’ve been able to clean out my fridge already. That’s a job that would of been really nasty in a few days.
    I think I’m very lucky. It makes me wonder how people are doing all around the in the wake of extreme weather.

  30. jinx says:

    No! Missed it! And I’m bummed. I’ve seen the still photos, which were magical. I’ll have to go study the Discovery Channel website to see when it repeats. Thank you!

  31. Micki says:

    Underwear as a symbol of a new life start . . . (-: I wonder if I could jumpstart things if I got some new undies?

  32. Micki says:

    I’d heard about the flooding and wondered how things are. So glad you are able to find the bright side of things; hang in there.

  33. Micki says:

    Well, last week I got my two-week rotating menu set up, so in theory, I’m on autopilot as far as the cooking goes. (Tonight: ramen with homemade broth — love homemade broth because it takes five minutes to throw together, and then I get to zone out for 30 to 60 minutes.)

    I need to get to bed on time this week — no more “one more chaptering.” In fact, no more books after 8 p.m. Maybe I’ll try crocheting before bed instead of reading. (Wah!!! I wanna book, and it’s very hard to fit them in these days.)

    At work, send in an order for 50 sheets of construction paper, and then I should be set until well into mid-February — maybe beyond. (-: I love my job!

  34. Catherine says:

    Thanks Micki. We had bad flooding at about this time of the year two years ago. A lot of people have only fixed their homes in the last few months. I wish I could do more than bake and donate. The sad thing it takes ages to recover so maybe I can help out a bit further down the road.

  35. I feel like I have drawer deficiency now. I only have 6 pairs of underwear, ( can someone please tell me why its a PAIR of underwear?) 3 bras, and a week’s worth of socks. I lost a lot of weight, and I was determined not to buy any more until I absolutely had to. And then I became broke. So I make do. And I was fine. Until I was told of the abundance of panties in other people’s clothesbaskets. Now I feel underprivileged and I am ashamed of my panty-less condition. *hangs head and stares pitifully at her under-stashed underwear stash*

  36. THANK YOU! Right back at you! What really annoys me is that last night it was acting like I was going to be ok but then this morning I could barely get out of bed. ARGH!

  37. Barbara Cameron says:

    If your throat feels like it’s closing up call 911. Don’t try to get to the ER in a car unless a family member is driving and the ER is like a block away… paramedics can begin giving you treatment the minute they get there unlike you being in a car…

  38. Jenny has a habit of accumulating laundry, and the downstairs here (where the laundry is) is slightly creepy. I didn’t count dirty undies (which I didn’t pay much attention to, just shoved everything into the washer). It was when I was folding the stuff that the undies pile began to mount, so out of mild curiosity I began to count. And I know she’s not the only one here who buys new undies when all their other ones are buried under laundry. How do you think I got at least thirty.
    I’d suggest having a regular laundry day would be a good way to refab ourselves but Jenny’s got so much more interesting stuff to do, plus she’ll have to go to a laundromat, that i expect when I come back, if I take her stuff to the laundromat myself (which is quite possible) I’ll find 104 pairs of undies). But I won’t count ’em till they’re clean.

  39. I don’t like putting it away. And I’m not crazy about doing it at home, but there’s a great laundry room downstairs, so it’s fun. I used to love doing laundry, and I still hang things out in the summer when I have a perfectly good dryer.

  40. Rachel V says:

    Darn it! I wanted to see that but our cable box is angry and unresponsive. I also love cephalopods and have a pang whenever I see their little carcasses in the fish case at the grocery.

  41. Rachel V says:

    Thanks for all the kind thoughts and advice. The Prednisone seems to be helping and I can eat and breathe so yea for me!

  42. Amie says:

    I’m right there with you. If something is wrinkly, it just goes back in the dryer. I bought an iron three years ago when my SIL stayed with – she was moving from out of state and had job interviews. Well, she ended up not needing to use it and the box still has never been opened.

  43. Amie says:

    I never thought of that. My two favorite things at one time. I usually watch TV, but then I have to pause if I have to count or something so I don’t miss what’s going on. Wonderful idea πŸ™‚

  44. Amie says:

    OK – I just did 10 minutes of research (thank goodness for google). The most common answer that made sense is that underwear, and pants, were originally made in two parts – one side for each leg and then belted in the middle (think chaps). Eventually, they were joined together at the top but we still use the same phrase when we talk about them. Here is where I got the info from:

  45. romney says:

    In the UK “underpants” only describes men’s underwear. So I have visions of a drawer of trophies!

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