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We’re putting off our big trip to the city (and Goodwill) because we’ve got a major case of freezing rain so we’ll go tomorrow. So for today I’ll go to Sally’s and do some more Christmas sewing, and tomorrow we’ll do the big shopping trip.
For the rest of the week I’ll keep working on decluttering and decorating and sewing. That’s all I want to do, all I have to do. In the meantime, I’m day dreaming about what I want to write next, so I’m actually working.
So … what’s on your agenda?

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  1. Tricia Halliday says:

    Today I am finishing personalized felt owls for my children and basically just cleaning.
    How long does it take when you finish a book before it comes out?

  2. Hmm, a busy week. Therapy. A dermatologist appointment, which, naturally, is across town almost. My yearly physical. I am making holiday cards to send, for the first time in at least a decade. I am also getting some of my to do list taken care of, like mailing packages to people that I’ve needed to mail for some time. And exercise every morning and do walking or stationary bike 2 of every 3 days this week. And cook: I have some good vegies to cook up for dinner. And given that cooking isn’t easy for me and I haven’t actually cooked in quite some time, cooking is probably the most labor- and anxiety-intense of all these activities.

  3. We had an unexpected, tragic funeral on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I got out of the story for my wip and I can’t seem to get back in.
    That’s what’s on my agenda. Getting back in to Mimi’s story.
    I love to hear that you are daydreaming the next book, Krissie!

  4. It was pretty slippery when I took the kids to school this morning, but it seems much better now. Of course I’m much further south than Krissie is. Best to avoid those slippery roads if you can.

    I’m trying to get my kids health insurance straightened out. They got dropped at the end of October, and it’s been hell trying to get it reinstated. Meanwhile, a broken arm, two cases of strep and a therapy session later the bills are piling up. Oh joy.

    • Kelly S. says:

      Ooh, thanks for the reminder! I have to prove I am married to my husband so he can remain on my work insurance. Need to look as to when that is due.

  5. AuntieJB says:

    Cook, cook, cook – I’m hosting a holiday dinner Saturday and have a family pre-holiday dinner (almost like a “warm up” for the end of the month festivities.)

    Laundry – I’m *weeks* behind.

    Unearth holiday decor – Since I’m hosting a holiday dinner I need to find a few bits of holiday decor to set the mood.

    Krissie – I notice there’s a bit of holiday decor in the background of your photos now! How cheerful.

  6. I’m working on line edits for the second book. Work, work, work, but I kind of like it. : )

    Glad to know that others clean as they think about their next storyline. I always know when I’m ready to start something new because I play loud music, rearrange furniture, and then I clean my office.

    Off to take a walk before beginning the work day.

  7. Office Wench Cherry says:

    Work, work and more work. My office is closed from the end of business Dec 21-Jan 1st (yay!) but it does mean that I need to be nearly or fully caught up before I leave. On the upside, it’s 11 days including weekends that I don’t have to think about work. And not do any early morning driving on seven of the shortest days of the year. My nerves can use the break.

    Tall Boy and I made 40 lbs of sausage meat on Sunday, twenty each of hot and mild Italian flavour. Elk with ground pork for fat. Yum. Tonight if I don’t put in a few hours of overtime I have to make the last batch of bacon marmalade.

  8. Jessie says:

    This is a busy week with lots of finishing on the schedule.

    Finish papering the main bathroom. This consists of wringing out the sponge, changing the knife blades and hold the end of the tape measure for my husband. Hopefully it will be finished around noon.

    Finish the last two radiation treatments. Again it involves me showing up for my appointments and not doing a lot.

    Make appointments for Lindy and Aubrey at the vet for annual exams and nail clipping – polydactyl cats are subject to horrible infections if you don’t keep those nails trimmed back. The nails grow into the toe pads and infect. I have to take them separately or they encourage each other to go into complete hysterical meltdown.

    Finish updating my contact list in my address book on my new laptop then decide if I am sending many cards this year.

  9. oneoftheotherjennifers says:

    Ship off the last three boxes of holiday gifts- Yay!

    Work on more Italy trip prep, which Mon-Wed this week I have arranged to be primarily my “sitting on the phone on hold” duties so that I can do McDaniel class work at the same time.

    Go to the consulate on Thursday and try to look as sweet and innocent as possible so the Italians will let us into their country.

    Friday- finish McDaniel classwork and start on the travel prep that requires two hands.

    Light candles each night. Give and receive gifts. Be happy.

  10. Now that our Holiday Open House is over and done with for another year, I need to concentrate on the rest of the Christmas preparations, including sewing/making several gifts and figuring out what to get my husband. We also need to come up with an alternative gift for DS, as his #1 choice, the Skylanders Giants for Wii set, is sold out across Canada and no assurance it will get here in time if we order it from the States.

    I also need to put together the plant order for the school’s spring plant sale – a nice antidote to the freezing rain storm currently blanketing the city.

  11. Christmas crap and cleaning. And cleaning and Christmas crap.

    Pick up daughter on the weekend.

    Keep posting on blog.

    (And what in the heck is going on with WordPress today. It’s eating my comments on some sites, printing on others, and on this one I had to type all my info in again. WTF? I wanna go back to bed!)

  12. Carol says:

    Find my dining room table. It’s (sadly) become the dumping ground for (seemingly) everything in our house, and since it’s where the party buffet will be on the 22nd, seems like it might be a good idea to start unearthing.

    Year-end stuff at work: lists to make, tax stuff for the boss…

    Paris planning!

  13. Catherine says:

    Keep momentum. Stay focussed. Walk.

    Wrap presents for the birthday of my youngest daughter. 12/12/12 . I have to see if I can book lunch for 12 too. Trip to the city. Maintain positivity on road with my trifecta of holiday drivers, country/highway/city.

    Continue Christmas prep. This includes a scourge decluttering method first then a laying down or putting up of decorations where appropriate.
    Get the electrician in.
    Continue my I’m outta here trip prep in 85 more sleeps.
    Put my new exercise bike together. The box says 30 minutes. Hoping this is a WTFAB not the other one.

    Do all of the above and not get distracted by irritation from texts for coffee with a friend. I’ve clearly more than once, mentioned that I am busy with a lot of stuff plus processing my first Christmas without Mum and don’t have time for coffee. Her lack of understanding or respect for me saying I need to focus is causing me to really rethink this friendship. ‘cept I need to focus on all of the above. Plus walk.

  14. Lois says:

    Continue the sort/purge/declutter/organize. My daughter comes home in 1 week to celebrate ‘fake christmas’ – which means all the gifts bought/wrapped, tree up, 11 for dinner (when you can’t walk in the dining room right now), etc. etc.

    Plus continuing my holiday sale and customer appt.

    When this week is over I can breathe again.

  15. Write my Christmas cards to friends in other states and far off places.

    DD coming to visit so 3 year old can help me decorate the hand rail up the stairs and newel post … that should be fun. If she wants to put all the baubles on the newel post and no where else so be it 🙂

    Finish the second last scene of the book and hope I haven’t gone overboard and made the heroine look like a screaming witch who’s lost her marbles. 🙂

  16. I keep going back to what I wrote in response to Micki’s post on “Basket Case” – 7 times down, 8 times up.

    I’m working on my resilience – not taking things personally, trying to understand social graces better, working out so I’m physically resilient and studying so that I improve professionally. All informal study, mind you, so I guess I’ll be blogging it soon to keep me on track.

    Hi Refabbers.

    • Micki says:

      (-: I went back and looked — sounds like Weebles. They wobble, but they don’t fall down (-:.

      I see that Darumas are available on the US Amazon site, so it’s possible they could be shipped anywhere. Or you could make one out of a balloon covered with papier mache, and then weight the bottom with sand or rice or something. Darumas are also used for wishing . . . . Darumas are one of those weird things where the origins are kind of grotesque, but the modern usage is very hopeful and happy.

  17. Lynda says:

    Some light grocery shopping. For months, ever since I started my fast, I have had literally no food in the house except the meal replacements and some milk and Oreos for the grandkids. (I don’t like Oreos and they don’t tempt me.) Whenever family have come over, I’ve sent somebody out for Happy Meals. Today it occurred to me that I’ve proved that I can function around food, so I’m going to pick up frozen chicken nuggets and ranch dressing just so I’ll something I can offer the grands when I’m watching them. (They’re picky eaters.) This is actually a major step for me.

    Continue working on my crystal design. I think I’m beginning to get the hang of the software! Next up, actually blinging a t-shirt or two.

  18. Cindy says:

    This week is off to a bad start…

    1) Big meeting for work today. But kiddo texted me during the meeting that she got a fever and her throat hurt, so I asked my boss if I could skip on the lunch part of the meeting. He didn’t seem thrilled about it. That’s the tough part of being a working mom.

    2) Dentist appointments that might have to get canceled due to illnesses. Ugh!

    3) Need to finish Xmas shopping with non-existent funds.

    4) Get my fridge ready for repairs, emptying it, unplugging it, etc.

    5) Breathe.

  19. This week I need to pack up the gifts for my family and ship them home so that they’re there when I arrive a couple of days before Christmas.

    I just picked up my holiday cards so addressing them is the task for tonight.

    What’s really all about me this week? Zumba, Tai Chi, a hair appointment, two doctors’ appointments and a partridge, er, I mean the holiday party at work!

  20. stephanie says:

    Joy’s ear drum burst yesterday but she says she feels fine now. Sadly, this is not our first rodeo. I thought I’d get a chance to catch up at work today or maybe make a plan for the week. Instead I played catch up all day long. We’re behind on end of the semester projects and Comfort is only in the Second Grade. And when did the ‘send a couple of bucks in for the holiday party’ turn into ‘we’re going to make you spend 2 days planning this thing then you’ll take a day off to eat crappy pizza with your kid’?

    Sorry if this is more WTF than All About You.
    My hope is that I’ll get to write tonight. Let’s hope.

  21. Kelly S. says:

    Christmas shopping Tuesday night
    Watch Arrow on Wed. I’ll wrap presents during commercials.
    Cleaning the house in preparation for family visiting this weekend for my hubby’s graduation!
    Possibly visiting Frankenmuth, MI. Big Christmas town.
    And the day job.

    • German Chocolate Betty says:

      Frankenmuth – ah yes, Bronner’s… Last time I was there I bought blinking tree-light earrings, which everyone over here thought was a hoot!

      BTW, at Bronner’s (and elsewhere) you always find among the Christmas ornaments these weird pickle ornaments, which, they claim, are “a German tradition”. I have never found them over here. Neither my deceased first husband (from Berlin) nor my second husband (from Essen in the Ruhr Valley) had ever heard of this supposed tradition. You never find them in stores, nor at the Christmas markets. Oh, wait, you do find them at Käthe Kollwitz because this shop caters to American tourists (and THEY want them, because they believe the things are “traditional German”).

      Actually, this year I did find pickle ornaments in one German chain store — but it was hanging with the glass ornaments that look like Big Macs, cupcakes, hot dogs, french fries, etc. (food is “in” this year), so one can only assume it’s the food motif driving this.

      No big deal — I just would really like to know where the pickle ornament idea came from because, in spite of over 30 years living here, I have yet to find a German who knows anything about it.

      (Sorry for the side excursion.)

      • German Chocolate Betty says:

        Well, poop…brain fart.

        Christmas shop is “Käthe Wollfahrt” — Käthe Kollwitz was one of the most famous 20th century German artists. Ack. Guess I need that second cup of coffee to wake up.

      • Kelly S says:

        I love it too, especially the exercising scenes. That actor is fit!

        Story line is good too. I’d try watching it from the earliest episodes available – the cw website has most of them and tonight is their “mid season finale.” I don’t know why, but it does mean that they may show reruns from the start over the holidays. It is a good story line. Part of each episode is a stand-alone story and part is building the main characters and reveals stuff each week.

  22. Today I’m getting back to clients (no firmed up editing jobs means no Christmas shopping), working on a fantasy book that needs some massive revisions (no, it is not ok to switch easily between past and present tense in your sentences) and writing my blog for the day.
    Then first rehearsal of tech week for The Desk Set and after all of that I’m going to need a cocktail or frozen yogurt. Still trying to decide which!

  23. Reb says:

    Swimming lessons! A workmate put out a call for people to share the cost, so I’m joining in. Been meaning to do lessons for years.

    Decorating church for Christmas. That’ll be good fun.

    And yeah, work, work, work. I’ve got a couple of deadlines before Christmas and it’s not going to be easy to meet them.

  24. Now I’ve got my future come the summer sorted, I have to catch up on Christmas – a heck of a lot of Xmas shopping to do – 6 cousins, 4 siblings, friends, Xmas cards and the DH….and my mother who has gone above and beyond this year for us in so many ways.

    And after Xmas, it’s all about organising ourselves for the big move to the Isle of Man come the summer…decluttering, shedding, clearing, sorting. Attic, Minion No1, Minion No2, my wardrobe, our books, how to smuggle out the National Geographic collection without DH noticing it’s vanished, prepping the house to be sold.

    And now I no longer have to find a job, it’s time to finish the second draft of the WIP and send it to the editor who wanted to see it….

  25. German Chocolate Betty says:

    The Christmas markets are open. I have poked around in the big one in the main square by the cathedral (we have a smaller market in the main shopping square of our district). The usual stuff, a few new things, but always lots of food and drink and nice atmosphere. As yet have not enjoyed a glass of the hot mulled wine (Glühwein), but DH and I may do this on Sat.

    House is partially decorated, need to haul the rest of the stuff out, pack away the rest of the fall stuff, and decide when we are going to get a tree.

    We actually have a dusting of snow right now, which is quite unusual in our part of Germany. We usually have relatively mild temps (we even have palms trees that survive the winters here!), and one year I planted pansies just before Christmas because everything looked so bedraggled and grey.

    Otherwise, write, write, write (dissertation).

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