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Gird your loins, it’s now officially Advent (yesterday was the first Sunday), the other start to the Christmas holidays (I did manage to sneak an hour to go to church, then rushed out afterwards and went back to work). Fabulous ideas for Christmas presents yesterday. We’ll talk a lot about that this month, because I looooove Christmas.
BTW, I bought this t-shirt at Disneyland, on a wonderful day with Barbara Keiler, Jill Smith and others, after the RWA conference. (At least, I think that’s when I bought it). I just thought it would make me feel cozy and happy today, since that was a happy day. (And while those fools went on a scary ride I sat and waited and saw Anthony Head and his two daughters being escorted around the park).
Anyway, I got two things today. Finish the revisions and then gather loads of good will stuff. Enough to fill the back of Sally’s Subaru. Then tomorrow we take them, go shopping, and treat ourself (I want a pedicure). She’s taking care of me, bless her.
And I want/need to rearrange the living room. That’ll cheer me too.
Nothing but Good times ahead.

How about you?

27 thoughts on “Krissie: All About You

  1. Molly says:

    Write. I must do this.
    Treasurer “stuff.” I’m treasurer of my local RWA chapter and there is much to do this time of year.
    Syracuse Basketball. There are at least two games this week. GO ORANGE!
    Continue with my mindful eating.

  2. That does look like a chipper shirt. I’ve done some math that came out to mean I cannot pussy-foot around on this WIP anymore. So I spent last night freaking about how to make it work, the answer finally came, and tonight it’s nose to the grindstone.

    Try to keep the cats from destroying the few decorations I’ve put up.

    Try to enjoy the company party (I’ve spent the year planning) this Saturday and don’t let all the little curves that come send me over the edge.

  3. Great shirt! Hope it cheers you and keeps you cozy! And you saw Anthony Head in person?! *swoon*

    Ahem. What is my week going to look like?

    Do the things that have been on my list for a few weeks. I had gotten good at doing what was on my list, but now I’ve fallen off and haven’t gotten back on. So one intention for the week is to get back into that habit and accomplish at least 3 things on the list this week. Okay, two. A third will just be frosting on top.

    The next is developing this month’s new habit: cardio exercise. I’m starting with every other day, walking or going on the apartment complex’s stationary bike in our little tiny gym, for at least 15 minutes briskly. I need to get it set in my routine before I head out for my xmas trip; maybe I can get my friends to go out for walks while I’m there.

    Figure out an easy, simple lunch other than peanut butter and jam sandwiches. Those things are high in calories and fat! (Thank you, MyFitnessPal!) Whatever I sub has to be high in protein because I’m not getting my RDA of protein on any given day.

    Start finalizing my xmas trip plans with my friends, so we all know who I’m staying with on what days and when the hand-offs are to occur. Other things can wait until later, but those things are important up front, as is the “who is going to pick me up at the airport” part.

  4. Deb says:

    Sigh. Lots to do but the most important is to balance my checkbook and see which bills I won’t be paying. That $550 million lottery would have come in handy.

  5. December has become the lightening-the-load month. I’m not sure why, or if maybe I’m preparing to go somewhere, like move. Again. Maybe I just have excess energy or something. But I’m getting a ton of stuff done.

    I got a jump start on you, Mz. Krissie. I took six bags of clothing and purses, etc. to Angel View on Saturday, then I came home and became the mad paper shredding lady and just got rid of three bags full. Three! Why do I keep this stuff? Why?

    I gave two boxes of silver to my daughter. Today is about cleaning kitchen cabinets and making another trip to Angel View. And if my next edits don’t arrive I’ll keep going with the unloading and pack up the books that are in the garage…and make another trip.

    Already I walk through the house and hear the closets saying, “Open the door. Take a look. I’m really clean in here.” : )

  6. Wow, that’s terrific! Even if you don’t end up moving, you’ll feel lighter and be able to live more simply. I’m trying to get that energy. I don’t want all the work that my organizer and I did to go to waste, so I have to get reorganizing ASAP. If you could send a little of that energy my way, I wouldn’t mind. 🙂

  7. I must lie around with my foot up.
    Go to work.
    put foot up.

    the good news? I actually wrote 1021 words today. Shitty words, but words all the same.

  8. Lois says:

    I finally started to purge some stuff. If I think about it too much it becomes overwhelming. So just do what’s in front of me.

    My youngest daughter sent a challenge to meditate or do yoga for 20 minutes a day for the month of Dec. My first attempt at meditating – sat for what I thought was 10 minutes and it was only 3! Working up to 20.

  9. Anthony Head trumps scary ride any day, any time, any how!!

    For me, I keep laughing because universe proved I’m coming over all Betty at work: “Everyone wants to be me or do me.” Why else would senior managerial person create opportunity for gossip about me. She’s in power, why f- it up by trying to cut me down in front of witnesses, and getting them to join in? Tut, tut.

    But I shall laugh, for I am fabulous, and this proved it.

  10. Pam P. says:

    Anthony Head, oh, swoon.

    My goal this week is simple: I’m going to be the bitch. I’m not going to be accommodating, I’m not going to be flexible, I’m not going to be easy going. I’m not going to reschedule yoga class to meet the plumber. I’m not going to have sex when I’d rather sleep. I’m not going to push aside writing for cooking and laundry and cleaning. I’m not going to say, “It’s okay, I’ll figure it out.” I have figured it out. I’m going to be the bitch.

    I’m really looking forward to it.

  11. Last week, I attended a discussion with John Helliwell, a Canadian economist, who is one of the authors of the “World Happiness Report.” Not to oversimplify the findings, but income is only one of several factors that contributes to human happiness – social connections, especially having someone to count on in difficult times is a stronger predictor.

    This weekend is our annual Holiday Open House and as I am tearing around getting ready (decorations still in boxes; house messy; food not prepped yet), I’m going to to focus on the happy bits (bringing people together, sharing food and conversations). Could be my mantra for the holiday season…

  12. Figured out my slump issues. (Depression, anyone?) Gotta sit in front of my light box Every Damn Day! Keep noise in the house. Keep moving.

    Stay caught up with reading my bloggies and post my own. Got one up last night, gotta start thinking about the next one. Keep moving.

    Start working on the critters’ habitats (they are sooo bad) and start Christmas on the house. Keep moving.

    Go to bed before midnight, dammit!

  13. Got an early Christmas present. Parents of a good friend of my daughter’s from college offered to come and get her and take her to their house for a week! Which means, I get a childless week!!!! 🙂

    Her friend is planning to move to California in January and wanted to see her before he left. Parents were so good to her when she was at school in Myrtle Beach, letting her use their pool, inviting her to cookouts all the time, letting her play with their dogs.
    She’s happy.
    I’m happy.
    Need nothing else this week.

  14. Lynda says:

    Tonight I’m watching the three grandsons while their parents actually get to enjoy a dinner/movie date for their anniversary. Other than that, my only real plan is to keep working on learning the embroidery and crystal design software I shelled out big bucks for awhile back. Part of the reason for buying it was to be able to make gifts for people, and Christmas is fast approaching. Why does software always make more sense in the classroom than at home?

  15. Catherine says:

    I have to maintain focus this week getting through a bunch of travel related stuff which will make a trip next year possible.

    I also need to book the car in for a service and hope my mechanic can fit me in. His schedule gets very full at this time of year. It’s making sounds that are not usual.
    We’re supposedly having a bad year for termites. So I need to ring the termite guy.
    I have a few things that need fixing around here, so I need to make a list, ring for quotes, schedule.
    I also need to do border patrol with one sister who if not watched will stomp all over my boundaries and leave me a dry shuddering husk. She was intensely needy before Mum died. At the best of times she has a twisted view of the world and creates strife. This lead up to the first Christmas without Mum is hard enough. I need to put the contact details of a grief counsellor in a card and keep it in my bag to give to her. I’m just not able to help her process her grief and mine.
    I’m booking a facial.

  16. Deb says:

    Love, LOVE, your goal. I might have to print it out and post it around my house. And give a copy to my mother.

  17. YAY getting stuff done! I had bad computer juju last week and am now writing this on a shiny new MacBook, so first thing to do is finish migrating onto this machine. Then finish building shiny new website for a friend who’s revamping her consulting business. Then clean my desk. Start a new crochet project. Meditate. Stretch. Write.

    Oh, sleep, too. Sleep is good 😉

  18. Kelly S says:

    My plan is to go to work as scheduled, work on Christmas stuff (wrapping gifts & figuring out the last few items), hopefully quilt and/or read a novel. Volunteering at church this weekend. Perhaps even exercise once this week, but probably not.

  19. I just had a great 2 hour chat on the phone with my agent and worked out all the revisions that need to be done on the current ms before it can be sent out. Yay! Of course, now I have to do them. Argh!

    In December, when I run a shop…


  20. Thea says:

    Ooh, ooh! Over at Food for the Thoughtless, Michael Procopio has a list of foods good for lifting depression, including a gorgeous photo of a yellow beet and orange salad. Certainly would cheer me up. Put those meds into you, and try a few veggies too.

  21. Jessie says:

    I am not sure what MyFitnessPal would think of this but I love RyeCrisps with a little mayonnaise and sardines(in water) and maybe a few chopped bits of chopped green onions. Also if I am having peanut butter on toast or RyeCrisps to have sliced apple with them -tasty. I am not particularly focused on nutrition because I don’t believe in fixating on what you can’t eat. So I am probably not the person to be giving dietary advice. Also boiled eggs with salt and pepper bring the protein level up. And a few slices of cheese with apple is also good and easy.

  22. Jessie says:

    You might want to rethink about having sex -unless it has gotten to be really bad and maybe you should rethink who you are having it with. After 2 surgeries and radiation therapy coming up, sex has gotten really scary but still seems to be okay – if sparse. As a friend of mine said at age 55 “At the current rate I am having sex, I’ll maybe have it three or four more times before I die”. Not the way you want to look at end of life..

  23. Micki says:

    My “easy” lunch is a can of sardines, some broccoli that has been defrosting all morning, and some yogurt with jam (it’s homemade yogurt, so no extra sugar).

    One thing you can do is make up some lunch at the same time you make your breakfast. It’ll ensure that you actually cook two meals, but you only mess up one set of dishes. Bento boxes are a really cute and fun way to get out of a lunch rut.

  24. Micki says:

    I am going to get my front foyer cleaned out this week. Everything else is gravy, but if the foyer isn’t de-booked, there will be no place to put the Christmas tree.

  25. Reb says:

    Great shirt!

    Exercise, as usual, made a bit trickier this week by a sore leg.

    Phone one friend and try to get together with another. I like the idea of focusing on connections.

    In the last couple of weeks I’ve taken to sitting round in the evenings and weekends and reading, instead of getting on with the heap of stuff I need to do and want to have done. And some I even want to do. So I’ll try to break that habit before it really is one. I guess tonight was a start in that direction – I worked very late instead. Not quite what I’m aiming for!

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