Krissie: All About You

That’s me about to explode. Or maybe it’s me constipated. Who knows?
It’s that time again. We’ve got our work cut out for us here. Gotta take Lani to the Newark airport and not be too depressed about it. Gotta face what we gotta face here. And we gotta start work.
Plus, stop going out for every meal. Even though we take turns with picking up the bill none of us can really afford it. So we’re going to start limiting out trips. Not that we want to cook, but there are great grocery stores here where we can buy anything we want, so no cooking is necessary and it’s still cheaper than going out.
So that’s our plan. I’ve been eating any damned thing I want (not gorging, though) and my clothes are still loose so I guess I don’t need to worry.

What’s on your agenda, my dears?

28 thoughts on “Krissie: All About You

  1. Pick up an art doily I made years ago for my grandma that I just had framed. Hang it over the couch.

    See if I can pick up a part-time retail position to bring in at least some money while I look for writing/editing work/job.

    Clean off my desk so I can get some things done.

    Enjoy the weather; get out and take some walks.

    Work on my novel.

  2. Molly says:

    Write. I need to revise yet again, but I think I may have finally nailed the conflect (with help from my friends, of course).

    TV Stevie celebrates a milestone birthday on Friday. Must buy him a gift and cards.

    Listen to as many RWA workshops as I can while at The Day Job. I just plug in.

  3. Get the invitations out for our company Christmas party. For which I’ve yet to get the final approved guest list.

    Get back to writing new book while waiting for next round of edits on another.

    Have a blast with Kiddo at the concert on Thursday enjoying the music and watching her have the time of her life. This band is known for coming out to meet their fans so fingers crossed she gets to meet them. She would be SO happy.

  4. stephanie says:

    Stop mulling and start writing.
    Await transitions at work. I suck at waiting so this is a hard one for me.
    Enjoy the nice weather while we have it.

  5. Redwood Kim says:

    Keep up the exercise momentum.

    Figure out where to spend Thanksgiving, since our normal plans got cancelled.

    Stay on track with my eating. Cut out the sugar. It doesn’t do me any good, and once I start, I just want more.

  6. Pam P. says:

    Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

    Learn to live with one less bathroom because we can’t afford to fix it now. Who needs a tub anyway?

    Pray that the plumbing in the remaining bathroom doesn’t blow a massive leak, too.

    Write anyway, because not writing is not going to fix anything.

  7. Dh and I are off today but DS is in school. So far I have organized toys and odds and sods for the kids shopping section at the school Holiday Fair; DH sorted books and we dropped 2 big boxes and a huge bag of stuff in the lobby. We’ve gone through the freezers and cleaned them out, so there is lots of room for Christmas baking and other goodies. The sun has just come out it’s unseasonably warm this afternoon and I”m off to plant spring bulbs. Later, I’m going to make shortbread cookie dough and throw it is the (empty) freezer. Tonight, I’m cutting out 2 aprons which are destined to be Christmas presents.

    Frankly, anything else that get done this week is gravy!

  8. Cindy says:

    Still adjusting to living without a dishwasher. Let’s see…

    1) Work, work and work, but it’s not that bad of a week.

    2) Follow up appointment with kiddo’s GI. So nervous about this.

    3) Balance love life with hubby and being everyone’s caregiver. It’s really hard when one person is not 100% healthy.

    4) Remember that I’m human and cut myself some slack.

  9. Get this damned IBS flare under control.

    Go to bed when I’m tired, not when my lizard brain decides it’s safe.

    Update my nom de keyboard writing website.

    Ride Storywonk’s fat orange cats all the way to my wordcount.

  10. 1) Finish polish edits on the novel and send to my agent.

    2) Do the last few outside tasks while it is still 60(today–freakish) instead of 40 and raining (next couple of days–normal)

    3) Write the blog post my publisher requested for their bookseller’s blog

    4) Nap

    Not necessarily in that order 🙂

  11. Lulu says:

    Today’s a day off from the day job, and mercy, did I need this! I have way more than can be done in a day, but a full day to get started feels like a boon.

    1. Roast the last of the tomatoes from the garden (they’ve been slow ripening in the guest room since mid-September!), puree them and can the tomato sauce.

    2. Get rid of at least one pile of stuff in the mess that is my living room (decluttering in process — means a bigger mess for a while until things get sorted and tossed).

    3. Keep listening to The Script’s new album (#3).

    4. Get out the snow gear and pack the winter emergency box for the truck. It’s snowing here for the first time this season.

    5. Mentally gear up for the rest of the work week and the trip to visit relatives for Thanksgiving.

  12. Lynda says:

    1. Get out of the house. The way I’ve been living this week, you’d think I was agoraphobic, and I’m not.

    2. Work on organizing the sewing room, now that my darling oldest son has put up the shelves for me. It’s actually possible to walk in there without tripping over boxes! At this rate, who knows, I might do some real sewing.

    3. Haul the bags and bags of too-big clothes to Goodwill. These are just the things that I’ve worn forever and can no longer wear. I haven’t begun to address the walk-in closet that can’t be walked into. Of course, it still has my beloved’s clothes hanging in it, and he’s been gone three years. That’s the trouble with walk-in closets: if you never go in–I basically live out of my dresser–it’s far too easy to forget the stuff that’s there.

  13. G and T says:

    It’s time to come to terms with my expectations about the correct amount of work I should be doing on a given day and hold that line. Also, it’s time to come to terms with procrastination habit, which drives my guilt habit.

  14. For me this week I must:

    Stop tinkering the first scene of my book to death for class and write new pages.

    I’d fallen into the habit of eating a few more carbs than I should so as of today I’m back on the straight and narrow.

    Keep up with the family (as in me and the dogs) walking plan.

  15. Jessie says:

    1. Finish polishing the copper (I have 47 pieces in the kitchen alone).
    2. Polish the silverplate lids on my cigar jar collection (easier than the copper).

    Somebody tell me why I thought collecting things that needed to be regularly polished was a good idea. Why do I have to be such a magpie. But I do love them when they are done and all glittery.

    3. I walked 3 miles last week and seemed to do something to my foot (what – you reach your sell by date when you turn 65?) but not use that for an excuse not to get back out there and walk some more.

    There. That’s all the virtue, I can stand for one week.

  16. oneoftheotherjennifers says:

    -Finish the Hanukkah shopping, and wrap all eight gifts for each of the six people who get them. 48 gifts for six people. Christmas is so much easier. Wrap it all and mail it off to the Babba in the area, who will distribute it for me appropriately at the right time.

    -Start the Solstice shopping. Four people, four gifts, mostly food. Should be easy, but one eats nothing spicy or crunchy or sweet, one is vegan AND diabetic, one eats no carbs, one only wants fish but is tired of the salmon or trout I send most years. Two live in Canada, and if I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for shipping I need to get it sent in the first week of December. It’s crazy to me that there are areas of Canada where NO ONE will do even two-day delivery.

    -Work on the Christmas gifts we are making. Start planning the Christmas shopping to begin next week. Start hand-making each individual Christmas card- this year, my daughter can do this on her own! Yay!! God knows if I had known she would see this as an absolute necessity for life, I’d never have started doing it when she was young.

    -And, oh yeah, homeschool my daughter, run classes for other homeschoolers, organize the details for being away from home for six months, visit my mom in the hospital, work on my own classwork, exercise, and prep for out-of-town visitors who arrive next weekend. With their dog, who dreams of eating my cat. Of course.

    • Kelly S. says:

      Hmm, you remind me of a posting I made months ago and have only made partial progress on. However, you have deadlines so I believe you will do it!

      Dogs are wonderful creatures but as I am allergic to them, I do not appreciate it when their people bring them along to my home and neither do my cats. Hope the visit it short. 🙂

  17. Kelly S. says:

    This week is work as always. Quilt guild on Thursday night & going to a concert on Friday night with the hubby. Cooking and baking and planning for the holidays. A class with the guild’s guest speaker on Sunday.

  18. Jill says:

    Dropped off 26 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, 2 turkeys to the Good Samaritan shop, at church-food for Good Samaritan and toys for orphanage in Tijuana. Went to a funeral , laundry & dusting, finished 2 Christmas stockings, worked on a tree skirt for PEO auction. And other stuff.
    Tomorrow GYN appointment and Veterans Lunch at Rotary. And other stuff.

    Krissie, are you taking the new dose of meds ? Is that working, or not so much ?

  19. Micki says:

    Hmmm. Hibernate.


    Seriously, write. Pick up my daughter. Go to other daughter’s cultural day (play, musical performances, other art displays). Stop dreading stuff.

  20. Watching illustrations evolve for a rhyming children’s book I wrote years ago, and read out to my DD, who laughed and thought it was worth doing the illustrations for 🙂

    Write as much as I can. I set a deadline for myself, which is the end of the month.

    Walk every day and enjoy the warmer weather.

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