Krissie: A Lovely Saturday in June

Phantom and I are out on the deck this morning. It’s cooler today, and I’d just as soon it was steamy since the pool is finally filled, but I’ll be patient. We have a very cold, deep well so it’s gonna be cold for a while, but the last three days definitely helped warm it.
What great suggestions yesterday! I’m going through with a notepad and making two lists of songs — the ones I already have on my iPod that I can move into a cheery playlist, and the ones I need to listen to and probably get. So many great ideas.
And I’ll divide it into two playlists. The “Get up and fight the world” list and the “poor baby” list, which would definitely include the Nina Simone, “Oooh, child.”
Then I’ll look at the the songs I don’t know but will probably love. I’m betting the Pink song will wow me.
It’s interesting — some of the other happy songs have emotional connections for me, so I can’t use them. We sang “Watching the River Run” at my friend’s wedding — the friend who suddenly dropped me. So that one makes me sad.
And I listed to “One” (and “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses”) obsessively when my brother died.
But ooooh, Galileo! So many many good song to be reminded of. Bless you all.

Today … I have many things to do today. Our satellite receiver’s hard drive failed so I have to plug in the new hard drive, download saved stuff, and then switch over receivers and reprogram the remote controls. A pain in the butt but it must be done.
I have baking to do as well. Bread and banana bread and lemon poppyseed muffins. With splenda and whole wheat pastry flour. More for Richie than me — as I said yesterday I’m a starch rather than a sweet person, though it is nice to indulge a little bit in a muffin that’s okay for you.
In order to get to the tv I need to clear out the living room a little bit, so maybe I’ll set a timer and declutter around it for a while.
And I think I want to write, after fighting against it for days. Not sure.
I’d love to sew, but that’s down in my dank, dark basement. I wish I could figure out a place upstairs to bring one of my sewing machines, but the place is so cluttered I can’t.
Well, hell, yes I can. I’m taking over the dining room table. Richie has two desks upstairs plus the dining room table. I’m claiming the latter for mine.
Okay, that’s a plan. Bring the mini sewing machine and set it up on the dining room table along with an iron and cutting board/iron mat.
Busy day ahead. Oh, crap, and the Duty Visit.
But still. The sun is shining, the air is soft and cool, I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Gotta count my blessings.
In the meantime, iTunes here I come. (Oh, and Amazon MP3s quite often have the same songs a little cheaper, particularly albums. I tend to use a mix of both, plus a gray market site if I’ve already bought the damned song in three different formats (lp, cassette, cd) and can’t find it).
And she shall have music wherever she goes.

17 thoughts on “Krissie: A Lovely Saturday in June

  1. Egads says:

    You can listen to a lot of songs on YouTube. It’s nice, because you can hear the entire song before deciding if you want to buy. I hope you find lots to like.

  2. I’m thinking of printing out the whole damn blog from yesterday. You know I’ll never remember which post all those songs are on.

    And, yes, go for the dining room table. Who needs a dining room table anyway? 🙂

  3. Lynn says:

    It’s too bad we can’t just make & send you mix-tapes. I guess MP3 players have rendered them obsolete, but I still have a treasured few from my formative years…talk about evocative listening experiences.

    We picked some twenty pounds of cherries off our tree this week, and so many more remain to pick today. Such bounty, such dreams of future pie.

  4. jinx says:

    I hope you tell us which new-to-you songs you end up liking, Krissie. Inquiring minds and all. 🙂

  5. Brussels sprout says:

    I can’t believe no one mentioned van Morrison and bright side of the road. Just the best feel good song evah.

  6. Kathryn says:

    Oh, yeah, I meant to add these to comments yesterday, but got sleepy & forgot. Florence again. She is fabulous live, and these 2 performances are probably her best ever. She’ll make you jumpjumpjump with her in Dog Days, and then Rabbit Heart is the encore, and everybody is still a-jumpin’. Imagine yourself bathed in that summer sunlight…


  7. Tabs says:

    I’ve been using Spotify to look up and listen to the reccomendations from yesterday and put the ones I like into a playlist to purchase later. I’ve been bemoaning my lack of my new (to-me) music lately and this was a great way to start rectifying that.

  8. Krissie, I finally took over an spot in our huge garage. It’s summer, the car doesn’t need to be in there right now. I’m using the ping pong table with my big cutting mat as my cutting table and a smaller table with the sewing machine.

    It’s so much easier when you can leave your sewing and then come back to it.

  9. ChelSierra Remly says:

    Some members on a couple of message boards where I hang out, like to suggest a word, then the next poster gives 3 songs with that word in the title. Then they suggest the word for the next list.

    I like to put that word in the YouTube search bar to see what music videos might come up. I find a lot of new artists that way.

    Have you heard of ‘BlueLagoon?’

  10. Nope. Doesn’t work. It’s telling me that I can’t save it. Will check with husband/computer dude. It’s quite possible I did it wrong.

  11. ChelSierra Remly says:

    hmm … I wonder if WordPress blocks it somehow? I sometimes highlight what I want from a page and use my PDF creator to ‘print it’ into a PDF.

  12. There’s nothing worse than having all your work spread out on your dining room table, and your in the zone, only to have to pack it all away so everyone has a place to eat. Mind you I think I’ve made family eat somewhere else a few times, it’s a novelty, but not for long.

    I love music and song. I find it uplifting. I’ll dance and giggle (in a fashion). A piece I enjoy will put me in a good mindset to write. 🙂

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